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    Maaya Ishino [Approved; 3-5]

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    Maaya Ishino [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat May 16, 2015 11:26 pm

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Maaya Ishino (真礼 石野)
    Nicknames: (Optional)
    Appearance Age: Early-20s
    True Age: 160
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 137 lbs

    Character Information

    Maaya is someone who is only somewhat confident in herself. She feels she is average or slightly below average in all aspects. But she isn't down on herself all the time. That's what makes her different than most people who end up disliking themselves. Maaya wants to better herself. There is only one thing she feels she might be above average in. Maaya is a hell of a cook. As the thirteenth child of the Ishino family, she isn't given the limelight her siblings are. She's also known to be "left out" of family meals, so she ends up having to cook for herself. And she experiments a lot with ingredients. Sometimes, a cook will help her out, so she almost has professional-grade teaching.

    Maaya reacts to pain differently than most people. She'll get right up, get herself healed, and then go back to what she was doing. Pain is a motivator. Not in the sense that she would scream "yes, whip me more!" Maaya winces from pain, but accepts that all pain is a result of something she did wrong. She won't cry. She'll wince and retreat, but she won't wail out. She accepts her punishment and moves on.

    Maaya's dream is to be a mother. Her own mother barely spoke to her, and even forgot her name. Maaya wants to be someone who remembers her child. She wants to love the child and practically smother her in love like her own mother didn't. It's not uncommon for Maaya to be found reading books about motherhood, and she keeps a small notepad filled with potential names. But as she doesn't know her future husband, it's hard to figure out what a good name would be.

    Character Background:
    Maaya Ishino is the thirteenth child and last daughter of the Ishino family, one of the Four Noble Houses. Maaya was the last to be born before her mother was declared infertile. There were complications in Maaya's birth that caused that, and because of it, both of her parents had a small distaste for the newest addition to their family. Her father barely smiled for her as a child, and did not do so at all as she grew. Her mother never once smiled at her. Maaya was never breastfed, as her mother stated "I don't want that parasite eating from me any more." Maaya was never loved by her parents.

    Only her oldest four siblings seem to have any distaste towards Maaya. The rest seemed to like her even. However, Maaya was never quite shown around like the rest. She was "forgotten" from parades and galas, and she would be ill whenever an event was happening at the Ishino manor. She didn't realize that her parents actually poisoned her to keep her away. In the private eye, things were no less hard for Maaya. From a young age, her father would slap her if she messed up on even something simple.

    Maaya heard the laughter her other siblings got, but she herself never got any of that. Eventually, she was allowed to enter the Shinigami Academy. Actually, she was moreso forced to. For six years, the Ishino family forgot about Maaya. Maaya was not allowed to join the Gotei, in fear that she might grow more powerful than her own parents and might come for revenge.

    Upon graduating, she was brought back to the family. When she came back, not a single person greeted her. Her mother was leaving for some event, and Maaya greeted her. Her mother asked "Who are you?" and continued walking. Maaya returned to her life of solitude, and she was practically sealed away. That was until recently, where she was given a chance to "redeem" herself for her failures. Maaya was chosen to be sent to the Saionji family as a potential wife to the head. She was given a stipulation that if she did not succeed, she would be unable to marry with the Ishino name. To her, that meant that she would be unable to marry...

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:
    Kidō & Kaidō: Maaya isn't exactly a god with Kidō. But she's not necessarily bad with it. She's actually pretty good with binding and healing someone for someone of her level.
    Hohō: Maaya's second-best skill. Again, not some god. Although she isn't necessarily great, Maaya does use less energy to do what she can do. This gives her ample room to grow at her own level, if she could be taught.
    Zanjutsu: Maaya is decent with a sword. She'd much rather go into combat with Kidō, but she believes her skills with a sword can keep her alive.
    Hakuda: Maaya is not very good with Hakuda. Part of it is that she was never taught any sort of self defense before becoming a Shinigami. The other part is that a few of her professors were slightly afraid of hurting her, so her Hakuda lessons were the same, but her sparring was at a lower level.
    Other Weapons: N/A


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Maaya's inner world is a mock-up of the Saionji manor. Certain rooms, places Maaya has not seen, are sealed off. The difference is the fact that the lights in the manor are a dull red, and it makes every little spill look like blood. Maaya's old bedroom is where Shinotte resides, always sharpening his blade.
    Zanpakutō: Maaya's Zanpakutō takes the form of a white-handled katana. The actual blade is actually a rather small portion of the metal of the sword. It has a small cutting edge, but it is very rigid. It is also noticeably heavier than most other Zanpakutō. The tsuba is decorated in a pair of lightning bolts going in a circle around the blade.
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Pulse


    Shikai Name: Shinotte (心追手; Heartseeker)
    Shikai Appearance: Maaya's Zanpakutō's blade turns red, and it almost looks like solidified (but not frozen) blood.
    Shikai Abilities: Shinotte has only one ability so far. Whenever it cuts something, the cut basically becomes a homing beacon. With the command of "hunt," Shinotte's blade extends, and the blade begins to seek out the cut. The blade extends for up to 100 yards. When it finds the cut, Shinotte pierces the cut again, in whatever direction the blood is flowing. It never pierces more than the depth of the original cut. Example, if Maaya cuts off someone's arm while in Shikai, the blade goes upwards in the arm but only for how wide their arm was. It travels at a speed of Maaya's speed +40 and can turn at Maaya's agility +20. Faster than that, and Shinotte probably can't catch you.


    Bankai Name: Not Yet Achieved
    Bankai Appearance:
    Bankai Abilities:

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    Better Red than Dead

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    Re: Maaya Ishino [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun May 17, 2015 12:39 am

    Natural Skill Sheet: 90

    • Durability: 12
    • Endurance: 21
    • Speed: 16
    • Strength: 16
    • Agility: 25

    Racial Skill Sheet: 88

    • Hakuda/Hand-to-Hand: 10
    • Hohō: 15
    • Kaidō: 20
    • Kidō: 33
    • Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill: 10

    Updated on 6/29/2015 for: Upgrade

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    Re: Maaya Ishino [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Serenity on Sun May 17, 2015 12:51 am

    Application Checklist

    • Name [X]
    • Appropriate Age [X]
    • Gender [X]
    • Appearance Present [X]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
    • 15 sentences for personality [X]
    • History is 15 sentences [X]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
    • Powers are not in First Person [X]

    Comments/Notes: Beautiful woman; I feel bad for her.
    Tier: 4-5
    Natural Skill Points: 60
    Racial Skill Points: 60

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    Re: Maaya Ishino [Approved; 3-5]

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