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    Post by Dai on Mon May 18, 2015 4:30 am


    Basic Information

    Name: Miyo Mochizuki
    Nicknames: The Archive
    Appearance Age: 19
    True Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 116 lb


    Regular Appearance:
    Miyo Mochizuki Hanekawa_Tsubasa_full_994368
    Miyo Mochizuki Hanekawa_Tsubasa_full_1400080
    Miyo Mochizuki Hanekawa_Tsubasa_full_1820488

    Alternate Personality:
    Miyo Mochizuki Black_Hanekawa_full_783772
    Miyo Mochizuki Black_Hanekawa_full_1397295
    Miyo Mochizuki Black_Hanekawa_full_1541326

    Character Information

    Personality: Miyo has difficulty interacting with people most of the time. She isn't sure how she could actually approach people, which leaves her open for embarrassment in most situations. Her social skills are weak, and she oftentimes finds herself stressing out over the smallest of things where others are concerned. She feels like she's insulted someone? She'll worry about it until they tell her otherwise, and then her own fears will keep her worrying anyway. She believes that people are all out to get her, even when they really aren't. This isn't to say that she is incapable of making friends or believing that someone is kindhearted, it's just a lot more difficult for her over most people. She doesn't quite understand why she has such difficulties when it comes to dealing with other people, or why she feels like she can't inherently trust others. She doesn't quite know about the programming that her powers have pushed upon her. She knows about her powers and what they do, of course, but anything regarding their purpose or what they do to her mind is something that is lost to her.

    Miyo's heart is enraptured by books, especially fiction. She loves being able to discover and learn about new worlds, especially with how much she understands of the material world that she lives in right now. She is completely and blissfully unaware of the existence of spiritual beings--even though she teaches some of them--and whenever she sees one she is usually convinced that it is just another human, even if they tell her otherwise. There is nothing within this material world that she does not know about: if someone were to try and prove otherwise, well, clearly they're trying to mess with her. She's stubborn when it comes to her opinions, and even more stubborn when it comes to the sanctity of her mind. While she is most of the time friendly and kind to people around her, Miyo has a particularly vengeful streak when someone tries to attack or modify her mind. She finds that part of her body to be the most sacred to her, and will even get aggressive against a friend who tries to change that. She's killed people for this before--though she doesn't remember that.

    While that is one part of Miyo's personality, there is a shift that occurs when her mind and body are in danger. When her appearance physically shifts to a white-haired being, her personality shifts as well. She becomes more aggressive, willing to do what she has to in order to safeguard her physical and mental security. She also seems to get somewhat more sexual in her actions, so people have questioned whether or not this personality has something to do with Miyo's own repressed thoughts and feelings. She's honest to a fault, telling anyone who asks her the truth without obfuscation of any kind. The fact that she respects those that Miyo has absolutely allied with further proves this point--even if that person is potentially ruining her way of life, she is careful to not injure them enough for it to be mortal. Of course, if that person is clearly doing this on purpose, she likely won't hold back. Don't ask about the ears. She doesn't know either.

    The fact that Miyo looks about as old as the rest of the school students she teaches is a touchy point for her, and one she'd rather you didn't remind her of.

    Character Background:

    "You're more of a fool than I had originally assumed," he grinned, blade lowered at the woman's throat, "had you not simply accepted my offer, we would be somewhere, outside of England, free from those men who want your mind." the sharp edge of the sword touched against pale flesh, creating a light line of red. Her eyes remained defiant, and her lips remained closed, "What would you have me do, eh? They think you a witch. I had the way to make them believe that your intentions were not to harm--all I required was your servitude." She spat at that, "Come now, your eternal servitude for your life--and the preservation of that thing inside your head? I think it's a grand trade." Her figure trembled, and she lowered her gaze to the ground. He would not see it, but behind the man rose a pair of Norse Warriors, axes in hand, preparing to swing. She slowly turned her gaze back up to look him in the eye, and spat out words filled with vitriol.

    "Go to Hell."

    The Archive has been a staple of humanity for its entire existence, from the very first man realizing that he could think. A repository of all of man's knowledge and wisdom, the Archive has only ever found its place within the minds of a special family of humans. Essentially, it could be said that the Archive itself is the first power that humans ever gained of their own; something which the user oft takes pride in. The Archive has been present within the minds of many, from queens to revolutionaries; people who believed that they could make a difference in the world with the knowledge that they held. And yet, no matter how hard they tried, the differences that they made were through their own power, rather than the power of their knowledge and thoughts. Today, that power does not reside within the mind of a woman seeking power--no, it has taken its hold on the mind of a history teacher. A particularly complacent, socially awkward one at that.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:

    Insanely fast reading speed.
    Superhuman intelligence.
    Capable of many tasks at once.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:

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