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    Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

    Hiragi Yoshiya

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    Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Mon May 25, 2015 9:30 am


    Basic Information

    Name:Kobayashi Arata
    Nicknames: Mr.Reliable
    Appearance Age: Young man in his 20's.
    True Age:24

    Character Information

    Personality: Arata's first name means fresh, and from everyone who has met him, that is the best description that could be conferred to someone with his personality. He is a breathe of fresh air, the metaphorical shoulder you wish to lean on when your outlook on life starts to dim.  Most consider him a motivator because of his energetic demeanor, his vibrant personality, and his overall love of life is an admirable trait to be envied.  

    His title - Mr.Reliable - as banal as it is embarrassing(Arata will frown when people call him this), is an apt description of who he is as a person. His generosity is not measured by words.  If you need that science report done by tomorrow? Arata will stay up the entire night, studying every conceivable source in order to ensure that the report is not only done on time, but written in a way that both matches the individual without arousing any suspicion.  If you were hungry yet you forgot to bring your school lunch, that's fine. Arata had one prepared for you already. The list goes on to the point of making him an errand boy or a fool's fool but this is how Arata is and always be, in mind, body, and soul, a compassionate man who wears his heart on his sleeves.

    However, he isn't blind nor foolish to emotions and understands that there are those who abhor interaction. If frustration with his kindness is voiced from the beginning, and rules are laid out for Arata to follow, he'll follow them down to the book. His happiness matters, no doubt, but the happiness of others gives him a personal joy that isn't easily explained.

    On the other hand, Arata is a contradiction in that while he will waste no time allowing others to voice their frustrations, It's nearly impossible to pry many words out of him when his feelings are concerned . He loves being their shoulder to lean on but when his own emotions are a subject of conversation, he'll quickly change it as if he were trying to avoid the bubonic plague. Arata possesses one secret he has hidden ever since he could comprehend it.  He hides it from everyone yet people who know him closely are aware of it. It's obvious to his closest friends yet his loved ones have been kept in the dark about it for years...

    Character Background:

    Raised in Tokyo Japan, Arata was born to an upper class family, consisting
    of three sisters, two brothers, and Arata himself. His father and mother divorced 5 years after he was born, so in many ways, Arata was raised by his sisters and brothers, while his mother maintained a steady income by touring the world, displaying her musical prowess to those all throughout the world who would eagerly listen.

    Arata would watch his mother on the television, playing the violin with such delicate grace and flawless skill that in those moments he developed an intense love for musical instruments.  

    He would beg his sisters to let him hold their own violins but they were often dismissive of Arata, believing that he didn't possess the attributes or patience necessary to even play an instrument.  As such, they brushed him off until Arata confronted his mother.  Although she was jubilant to learn that her son wanted to pursue a career in music, she was at crossroads about how her time could be split, teaching him how to play an instrument, providing for her family, and the other trials that came with being a mother, so she decided to make a deal with Arata. If he could split some of the duties around the house with her such as cooking and cleaning, she would teach him or at the very least, enlist a teacher to him how to play an instrument of his choice. Arata readily accepted the proposal without hesitation.

    From that day forward, Arata's sisters taught him his way around the kitchen.  His first few tries at a meal, were a blunder to say the least but with repeated efforts Arata developed a culinary prowess that made him the envy of the family.  At twelve years old, he had established himself as "Mr.Reliable", lovingly given to him by his sisters. Whatever the family needed, Arata would do his best to provide it. And so, as the years grew by, Arata's life took a exponentially interesting turn.  His mother without his permission, would arrange for him to be married to a woman from a royal family, and... due to his otherworldly musical talents, he was given an invite to teach music at an academy... for spiritually powered humans? Things couldn't get anymore unusual... but if it was an excuse to get out of this arrangement orchestrated by his mother... he just hoped everything would go as smooth as possible...

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:  

    Culinary Extraordinaire:  As a child, Arata was taught mostly by his mother on the art of cooking.  He developed a knack for watching her, reading your everyday cookbooks, and watching television to tune in to the world's greatest culinary experts. And as the days went by, his skills grew exponentially. Forward to the current day and Arata's culinary skills are so admirable that he is hired to prepare food high class parties, weddings, and political gatherings. He takes pride in it almost to a fault. Arata will work tirelessly until the correct flavoring is found; Preparing a meal and failing to satisfy his recipients will leave him frustrated but not to the point of lashing out. He'll merely make sure his next meal is greater than the one before.

    The Compassionate Musician:  Above all the traits that Arata values in himself, none come closer than his talents as a musician.  Arata loves music, believing it to be a personal therapy that no psychologist can even compare to.  To be sure, Arata despises musicians who merely play music in order to make a living. His taste in music is vast. He loves anything from opera to jazz, rock and roll, and so on and so forth.  More than his love of music, however, is his love of playing music. He'll buy an assortment of music notes, lock himself in his room and write out songs, hoping to impress his closest friends with songs he wrote himself. Additionally, his instrument of choice is the guitar, but he is an equally proficient pianist as well. There are other instruments Arata is fond of, but his skill with the guitar, keyboard, and classic piano is incredible.  He was taught how to play music by his mother, who was an accomplished pianist in her time.  Don't be surprised to see Arata carry around an acoustic guitar and play a song in his free time, even at lunch hours at school.  

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power: None

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample:

    Shirasaka, who had expected the worst, now found herself dumbfounded by the serene kindness with which this woman had greeted her. Though having no particular perception of how teachers were(since they varied from class to class), the young girl had already resigned herself to negative thoughts, believing wholeheartedly that the course of her day would travel down a grim path.  A small shade of red gathered within her gentle cheeks, as she inhaled the air around her before regaining her composure, what little was left of it.

    When entering a foreign environment such as this, appearing so nervous as to be on the verge of a panic attack, Shirasaka's anxiousness was certainly not unreasonable. From the small briefing she was given before entering, Shirasaka was still awestruck.  

    Among every single student housed within this location, each held a phenomenal power that could change landscapes and warp reality, power that could be used for the greater good or malevolent acts of cruelty, should the student lack moral guidance. Amazement was clear in her expression as she lost herself once more, within the thought of being around men and women who could very well save the very universe she lived in.      

    Was Ms. Stone one of those people? Even if she were not, this woman was a knight in shining armor who had, with a single strike of her lance, nullified much of Shirasaka's worry.  If other teachers were as kind and understanding as her.... then perhaps... she would not fall prey to the same fate she experienced at her last learning facility.  The way she formulated things within her imagination were quite strange indeed.  In any case, staring mouth agape like this might ruin her chances. Upon realizing that, she quickly decided to speak, though her tone was still very much timid.  "A-ah! Y-yes! I've been looking through many of the classrooms to see which one is best suited to my temperament. The fact that I've been enrolled here is still hard to take it in. T-this school.... is for superhumans, humans who are great people. I'm not a great person.... and I do not believe i can do anything worthy of being granted permission into such a prestigious school.  Maybe that's why those students pushed me.... they probably felt the same way..."

    She wrapped her hand around Natalia's, shaking it ever so softly.  It was the first time she had ever felt warmth from anyone else other than her mother.  Although it might have been a normal handshake to Natalia, the contact to Shirasaka was magical.  Everything was seemingly going good so far... however, Shirasaka had long since known to keep a pessimistic view towards a good thing. For, what might appear to be good to others where in reality, thinly-veiled lies. She wanted to get escape from that line of thought, so for the first time, she decided to stay optimistic.  She chuckled at the idea. Shirasaka the optimist. Didn't have a bad ring to it...

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    Hiragi Yoshiya

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    Re: Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Sun May 31, 2015 6:13 am

    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility:4
    • Durability: 1
    • Endurance: 0
    • Speed:5
    • Strength: 0

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control: 0
    • Weapon Skill: 0
    • Unarmed Combat: 6

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    Better Red than Dead

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    Re: Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun May 31, 2015 7:23 pm

    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Two in one year? Blasphemous! Just kidding, good job, man.
    Tier: 5-5
    Natural Skill Points: 10
    Racial Skill Points: 6
    Hiragi Yoshiya

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    Re: Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:56 pm

    Filled out the skill sheet!

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    Re: Kobayashi Arata [APPROVED, 5-5]

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