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    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:04 pm


    Basic Information

    Name: Kawakami Reira
    Nicknames: Her particularly favorite nickname is Rei, and more often than not, will request that others address her by this name.
    Appearance Age: Early twenties.
    True Age:18
    Weight:~It's a secret~
    Appearance: (A picture will suffice here, otherwise a paragraph on their overall appearance and another on their clothing)

    Character Information

    Personality: Reira is a kindred spirit whose entire soul expounds nothing but compassion. Possessing a love of life unparalleled by most, she is an individual who rarely laments on the struggles of her life, believing that each day presents a better outcome and that if someone truly chooses their own path, can bring about those possibilities through being an enduring spirit. She is rarely seen without a playful vigor; those that know her intimately claims that there has never been a moment where she has definitively gone through a phase of depression. Of course, it is necessary to note that Reira's love-of-life demeanor doesn't manifest through rowdy playfulness or hyperactive tendencies but rather through motherly affection and elegant calm.  

    Her compassion can be a sort of bane at times because she tends to always want to find the good in people. She is trustworthy but expecting naivete from her is a futile exercise.  To be sure, she can easily detect a person's motives through their own demeanor, as she is a very strong believer in the operation of aura.  

    There are times where she can be strict, however. She will not simply allow others to make excuses for themselves and although she is known to coddle others, even she believes that a small touch of tough love can allow an individual to tap into their maximum potential.  As her demeanor is more akin to that of a mother, Reira is known to take people under her wing, and at times, invite them over to her house, though she rarely does this with males as that would invite suspicion of the highest order in a school environment. Yet for all her compassion, there are many layers that still have yet to be discovered...  

    Character Background: Born to a middle-class family of three daughters and one mother in Kamiyama Japan, Reira was built mentally from a certain age to be humbled by her surroundings. Experiencing city life was rare for her, her mother was unusually protective of her daughters to a point where she never let her them travel too far without her permission. They had to be under her watchful eye.

    Of the three, Reira was the most reserved and would often watch as her sisters went on adventures, engaging in rebellious adventures that often made her mother want to chain them down in the house. She never went through with such actions but Reira knew that her sisters were a headache.

    To alleviate some of the pressure off of her mother, Reira offered to take on the role of caretaker, thereby allowing her mother's workload to ease little by little. It would be here, that the young girl developed a motherly nature which would manifest throughout her entire life.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills: (These are skills that do not require the use of reishi to use: Martial Arts, Weapon Usage, or something as simple as cooking.)

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

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