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    Basic Information

    Name:Alexandrine Delacroix
    Nicknames: Alex
    Appearance Age: Early 20's
    True Age:20
    Weight: 110lbs/50kg

    Character Information


    [Alexandrine: The Almighty Soul of a Warrior]

    Alexandrine is foremost, a maiden of the battlefield whose soul is engraved with the conviction of a guardian bound by unwavering determination.  From the beginning, ever since she was born, the foundation of her conscious has always originated from a desire to protect.

    Alexandrine - Defender of Mankind - indeed it is a rare occurrence wherein a name flawlessly illustrates the existence of the individual. Honor, compassion, valor, devotion, charisma - Each are representative of the virtues she carries herself with on the battlefield.

    An honorable warrior with the heart of a charismatic commander, Alexandrine displays the virtues of a knight who exudes valor on the battlefield. Companions who pledge their loyalty to her are never without guidance from the defender of mankind.  She leads with her words and actions, yielding no inch before her opponents.

    Though none many deny her virtues, Alexandrine is well aware of the world she lives in - indeed, her anachronistic ideals hold no weight in a world where betrayal is more common than loyalty, where deceptive trickery is favored over solid well-meaning values.  Honor is but a relic of the past.

    If one wishes to survive on the battlefield, it is imperative that they emerge victorious. Those who fall in battle die a miserable, nameless death, devoid of any glory. She will rarely raise her sword in the name of murder yet possesses a frighteningly pragmatic viewpoint on the nature of conflict.  There are those that deserve to die. And that torturous, unmitigated truth tortures her spirit without end. Remaining steadfast in her own system of beliefs  - reassuring herself that she raises her sword to protect those from harm that cannot be protected - is all that holds together the balance of her sanity. At the end of her path, she may be a hypocrite but the Defender of Mankind will never regret the path she chose for herself...

    [Alex: The socially awkward lover of knowledge]

    Alex is a significant if not complete departure from Alexandrine. if Alexandrine is the fearless warrior, Alex is the archetype of the classic foreign exchange student.

    She is commonly known to keep to herself in various situations and is quiet almost to the point that one could possibly forget her presence.

    Despite this, when she does talk, she rarely stutters even if she is nervous. She'll mumbled under her breath instead in soft breaths.

    To get Alex to open up, you have to be willing to accept her reserved nature. She won't react in a hyperactive manner to any one thing.  In fact, she may even write down her replies if she isn't committed to talking to someone just yet.

    To be sure, the best way to get Alex to open up is to be patient with her.  When that happens, Alex opens up and is known to be talkative when you speak with her on things. It can be something she likes or she can be persuaded to enjoy what that person may be into as well - within reason, of course.

    Alex is known to be a lover of literature.  In a way, one can assume that Alexandrine is Alex's ideal of an epic hero - whose honorable exploits span entire pages. There conjecture would hardly be incorrect.   Alexandrine is indeed a version of Alex who speaks with conviction while she speaks with timidness.

    Another method to bringing out Alex's talkative nature is well cooked meals. As she comes from a home where everything was commonly a well-cooked meal, she becomes smitten with those who know their way around the kitchen. Befriending Alex isn't hard but it does require patience. She has to feel comfortable around someone, know what they enjoy, how they operate.  A well-cooked meal will have you receiving multiple hugs from our peculiar heroine.

    Apart from her humble nature, Alex is an avid seeker of knowledge, particularly of other cultures. It is not uncommon to see her ask others of their origins, the history of where they came from.  Alex is amazed by the world she lives in. She wishes to experience every wonder imaginable.  And so, she continues her journey, eager to feast upon every wonder in this vast expanse...

    Character Background:

    Born in the the capital of the region of Upper Normandy, in the city of Rouen on the river of Seine, Alexandrine experienced a highly privileged life.  Born as the daughter of a sailor who became infatuated with her mother during the event of a L'Armada, Alexandrine was always at the center of attention in her small family. An only child since birth, her parents were known to spoil her almost to a fault.

    In fact, even though she no longer lives in her room, any child could come there to lose themselves in lots of toys, dolls, and even candy.

    Her mother, a devout christian by nature, was involved in much of the process of naming her daughter and what arose from her thoughts was Alexandrine, an elaborated french form of the name Alexandra - defender of mankind.  Though originally wishing to name her Johanne, her husband thought the name of Alexandrine was perfect and so it was decided.  Alexandrine had never really enjoyed her name all that much as it often entailed her being heckled by other young children. In time, however, the name grew on her and she carried it with pride.  

    As her parents were always travelers by heart,  Alexandrine never really settled into any one school, eight years of her life was spent in Rouen, where she was tutored by the best educators her parents could buy. She often felt uncomfortable around many of them, as she was deathly shy of meeting new people at her young age.  It wouldn't be until she met a woman in Germany by the name of Sibyl that she found a tutor to comfort in. Sibyl was Alexandrine's second mother, one who enchanted her with a love of reading and acting. Sibyl was so animated, so charismatic that every moment was around her was never a dull one.

    When she was at the age of thirteen, and her parents decided to move again, this time to experience the wonders of America, Alexandrine implored her parents to bring Sibyl along, even if they had to pay for a house with four rooms!

    Her parents were reticent towards the idea at first but in the end, they trusted that Sibyl would bring no harm to their tight-knit family, as she was the bigger sister figure that Alexandrine could truly benefit from.  

    Alexandrine would spend three years of her life in america with her parents and Sibyl, but within that she felt an oddity in the way her body operated.  She could see things that no normal human could see with the naked eye.

    Her body was abnormally fast and her strength was definitely nothing no normal girl possessed.  She confronted Sibyl about this before her parents.

    Sibyl possessed her own spiritual power but had no idea that her interaction with Alexandrine led to the young maiden developing her own power.  Putting her heart at ease, Sibyl assured Alexandrine that she was still a healthy, beautiful woman, with a special gift.

    Alexandrine with aid from Sibyl would later confront her parents on the matter and though they were perplexed, her mother thought of it as a Gift from god, unaware of the history of Fallen in the world.

    Sibyl requested that she apply into an academy she taught at where she could develop these powers and use them for good, and while the idea was met with some skepticism from her father, the mother once again acquiesced to her daughter's wish.

    Sibyl and Alexandrine boarded a plane to Japan, where Sibyl and her would take residence while Alexandrine attended the academy. By the age of twenty, Alexandrine's powers had developed at a significant rate.  Her spiritual ability stemming from a desire to protect her loved ones, manifested in a four-winged cross symbol engraved within her back.  

    In her first battle at Hephaestus Academy(when she was nineteen years old),  the spiritual energy that laid dormant in her body was released, enveloping her body in a battle dress woven with resplendent spiritual armor and gauntlets.  As she was about to be defeated by her opponent, a flag of ancient make appeared with in her hands, and as she swung it forward,  deflected the finishing blow.  It is from here that she would spend the next year developing her powers, slowly becoming attuned to the nature of the soul of a warrior in her very own body. It was because of this that Alex was created, and now, her journey only continues from here.  

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills: N/A(Plan on updating this immediately once the application is approved.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power: (N/A)(Same as with Trained skills, both will be updated immediately upon approval)

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: N/A

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