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    What Have I Done!? [Private]


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    What Have I Done!? [Private]

    Post by Snopy on Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:05 pm

    Guilt. Horrible guilt. The horrible conscience rending guilt. The lack of oxygen to her brain must have damaged her reasoning, because looking back on it there was nothing but guilt that she could feel. Even 2 weeks later the feeling would not subside. The beautiful young woman feeling such soul crushing guilt was none other than Jessica Simpson? What? Yuri Yukawa? But I don...Why yes, Yuri Yukawa. Mixing up of scripts aside, Yuri could not get over what she had done to her poor teacher. At the time nothing seemed to be wrong with it. Her teacher Fujiko had just saved her, and seemed to be depressed about a recent break up. The lack of oxygen caused by almost drowning had to be the reason Yuri thought it'd be a good idea to make a move on her teacher. "Make her feel better, at least for a little bit." Yeah, truthfully there was nothing WRONG with them enjoying it except for the fact that she wasn't gonna actually date Fujiko if given the chance. Why? She'd get the poor woman fired if they got caught that is why! She couldn't do that. She seemed like an absolute sweetheart and if she got fired because of Yuri she could never forgive herself. Still, Fujiko gave in as much as Yuri did, so in order to try and keep her from actually wanting more, at least Yuri hoped, would be to make as little interaction as possible. She was a teacher though, one of her teachers, so that made it a tad hard. Juuuuust a tad. Even worse, was Yuri needed to get swimming lessons from this woman. Last thing she needed was to fail a class because she avoided her teacher. For the last 2 weeks of classes, she had made sure to specifically get help from other girls in the class, so when Fuji-sensei went to help her she could say she was already taken care of. Her responses were always cold and abrupt. Effectively, she avoided saying anything that didn't explicitly need to be said to a teacher. It was better this way, at least she told herself that. After 2 weeks she...hadn't really made any progress at all. She still couldn't swim, and while she may have been a tiny step closer, asking whomever she could catch quickly to help her wasn't getting her very far.

    Thus, on this unfortunate afternoon, after most classes had let out, a Friday no less, she had to meet with Fujiko-sensei for those proper swimming lessons. Yuri made her way silently to the now abandoned pool, her swimsuit covered up by some rather covering pieces. She knew that wouldn't mean much since she'd have to take off the clothes, but she wanted to minimize Fujiko-sensei's exposure to her body. With a body as hot as hers, the imagination can only make it look worse...right? Yuri tried telling herself that, and that soon Fujiko wouldn't even be interested in her enough to succumb to such a scenario as weeks earlier. Yuri kept a perfect poker face. She had learned how to do so from her parents, as it was important to their, and eventually her, career. It should serve her swimmingly today. Upon arriving at the pool, she looked around. No Fujiko. She had gotten here first, which meant a few moments to try and relax. Yuri sat at the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water. She was on the shallow end, so if she fell in she wouldn't die. She fixed her hair up habitually, before realizing she should probably not be trying to look her best. Granted by now it was too late and her hair was fixed up all nice and perfect. She sighed as she stared across the pool. The look on her face was almost sad, of course the moment Fujiko came into her line of vision it'd snap into a poker face. To take advantage of someone like she did...maybe she didn't do anything terrible based on the scenario, but even then the principle was still there. There was a reason she never teased boys and girl's with partners, and the same logic should apply to her broken-hearted teacher whom she couldn't reasonably go out with.

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