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    As It All Stands...

    Post by Tsubine on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:46 pm

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    December 23rd, 2015

    The Arrancar known as Lasciel was a stealthy one. Her ability to gather information allowed her to figure out the best friend of Daigoro Ito, a man she wanted to destroy. The Shinigami Kaminari Hatakeyama was kidnapped on one of her first solo missions in the World of the Living. She was then held captive, tortured, and poisoned in order to get information about Daigoro and lure him in to rescue her. Upon realizing Kaminari was taken, a group of Kaminari's friends came together to get Kaminari back. The group consisted of Daigoro Ito, Kei Makabe, Midori Hayashi, and Genpaku Arishima.

    The group arrived in Hueco Mundo to find Kaminari was somewhere within a labyrinth of tunnels. There were four paths they had to take and chose to split up to cover more ground. Kei Makabe went up against an adjuchas level hollow that took the form of a snake and defeated him. Midori Hayashi faced Brew and a hollow under it's control that burrowed like a mole and was able to kill them both without much injury. Daigoro Ito traveled the farthest and faced Lasciel herself, defeating her as well, but he was poisoned heavily and fell unconscious. However, he would not fall to that bitch.

    Genpaku Arishima found himself quite a bit of luck on this day as he was the one who found Kaminari. He was able to avoid battle as the arrancar he was going to fight had mysteriously been killed moments before his arrival. When he found Kaminari, she was beaten and broken. She lost a massive amount of blood and was not reacting at all to healing Kidō. When discovered on one-knee, hunched over the dead body of Lasciel, Midori found that Daigoro was not reacting to Kidō either. The group rushed back to the Soul Society to figure out that the poison used prevented most forms of healing.

    After days of healing, surgery, and analyzing the poison, Kaminari finally woke up. However, it was quickly noted that the poison was much more potent in Daigoro's veins, almost as if it was designed for him. Midori later realized that her theory was right. It was designed for Daigoro. Because of this, even when the poison was removed, Daigoro did not wake up for another eleven months.

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