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    Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] Empty Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3]

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    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Ryuunosuke Asakawa
    Nicknames: None. Don't even think about it.
    Appearance Age: Early-to-mid 20s.
    True Age: 1750
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 160lbs
    Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] Appearance
    Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] Appearance2

    Character Information

    Ryuunosuke might seem like an asshole. He might seem like he doesn't care. But unlike many of my other descriptions that start out like that, Ryuunosuke actually cares. Ryuunosuke isn't a hardass without a heart. He's a steel tootsie pop with a molten center. You might feel his warmth through his cold exterior, but he's not a bad guy on the inside. Ryuunosuke keeps up his appearance for the fact that it IS an appearance. It is what they see him as. It is what everyone should see him as. He's not what all Shinigami should be. He's more of what he believes that a Captain-Commander should be. Ryuunosuke acts as a pillar of support. He's not the backbone, but the gilded armor that protects everything the Gotei stands for.

    But how is Ryuunosuke an asshole? Well, to begin with, he's a man of few words. Only a few people can get him to say more than a couple of words. Other than that, Ryuunosuke always has this look of disapproval on his face. This isn't directed at anyone. He'll speak up if that's the case. He also has a habit of criticizing (sometimes overly so) people. This especially comes into play when it comes to the Zankensoki—the 4 Shinigami fighting techniques. He'll openly and harshly tell you if your stance in Zanjutsu is off, if your energy flow is wrong with Kidō, if you use too much force for a throw in Hakuda, or if your footing in Hohō is too loose. He's most likely better than you are, so he knows what he's talking about. And even if he isn't better, he still knows more than you do in just about every case.

    Ryuunosuke does not talk about his early past. You also won't find any data on his early past in the Great Spiritual Library either. It's all "mysteriously" missing or corrupted. If someone knows about his past, he will shut them up about it. If they try to speak it, they end up dead. That's just how Ryuunosuke works. Bringing up his early past is a great way to see that he is still human on the inside. He flares up into a rage and could instantly bring out the big guns—high level Kidō or even his Shikai. He's not one to take jokes on the matter at all, and his early past is a subject anyone who has served under him directly knows all too well.

    Character Background: NOTE: The Chapter in the spoiler is not meant to be known by anyone. If you want your character to know this, talk to me.
    The Beginning of the End:

    Ryuunosuke Asakawa was born many, many, many years ago in the World of the Living, but he died at a very young age due to war. He is among the older of the Shinigami currently still around. He was re-born in District 80 of South Rukongai, known as Sokan (染樺; lit. Stained Birch). Don't let the people from Sokan hear you refer to Zaraki as the "toughest district." People from Sokan and Zaraki are always at odds with one another. Sokan citizens claim they are stronger while Zaraki citizens do the same. It is a good thing the Seireitei is in the middle of them, or there would be war. Sokan was much like Zaraki. There was just one difference. There wasn't some magnanimous person that came out of there to become a Shinigami. Few lived long enough to see such a dream come to reality.

    Ryuunosuke was one of the few that did. And he didn't do it on his own. Someone from District 44 of West Rukongai, Bensei (弁成; lit. Petal Growing), was captured by Sokan residents. She was abused in ways that the young Ryuunosuke didn't understand. But he knew he didn't like seeing her like this. She wasn't one of them, so why should she get treated like one of them? And then, she exploded with energy—practically literally. Her reiatsu was enough to push the men away from her. The only one that could stand was Ryuunosuke, but he was frozen. He could feel the pressure, and he just stared at her. Covered in blood and other fluids, the woman tried to force out a smile... and then grabbed Ryuunosuke's hand as she ran.

    The two ran into a forest, where she introduced herself as Misaya Tsukabe, Ryuunosuke did the same. He asked why she took him with her while she cleaned herself off. She replied "Because you didn't join in." She explained that she was captured while trying to find her older brother who died alongside her. She said that he'd always know what to do, and she needed him now that she was in the Soul Society. Ryuunosuke was about to leave when Misaya told him that he wouldn't be able to go back. They'd think that he did this to run away with the girl. So his only choice of action would be to come with her.

    Reluctantly, Ryuunosuke agreed. They returned to Bensei and had a quiet life there with just the two of them. Ryuunosuke only had the skills to do manual labor, but they had a living. While there, Misaya taught him to read and write. She did so beautifully, as if she was a master at it. And so he learned how to write like she did. He had beautiful, flowing marks that were more feminine than masculine. Ryuunosuke did not notice it at first, but something odd kept happening. When someone called out for "Ms Tsukabe," it took Misaya a moment or two to catch that they were talking to her. Only Ryuunosuke was allowed to call her by her first name.

    They lived together for about a century before it all crumbled. He returned home and was greeted with a sword and several armed men in black kimono inside of his home. A man in clothes fancier than Ryuunosuke had ever seen was yelling at Misaya. Ryuunosuke fought past the first few guards while trying to get to Misaya. He was only a few feet away when the rest finally stopped him. Misaya looked to him with tears in her eyes and apologized. That was when she revealed her name was not Tsukabe, but Shitsumu. It was written the same, but pronounced differently. And the Shitsumu family... was one of the Four Great Noble Families along with the Saionji, the Ichinose, and the Nakahara. Misaya was the heir at that time and she had been missing for years.

    Misaya wanted nothing to do with the life of nobility. She apologized for keeping it from him, but Ryuunosuke's eyes were wide in shock. The head of the family finally motioned for the Shinigami to take Misaya away. She screamed for Ryuunosuke to help, but he didn't fight. She had lied to him from the very beginning. So he didn't resist. He just went limp. The head of the family left Ryuunosuke alive with some gold as "thanks for keeping Misaya safe." Ryuunosuke remained silent as the woman he loved left his life for good.

    Ryuunosuke heard nothing of the Shitsumu for about three years. Misaya was on his mind constantly, but he wasn't going to see the woman that lied to him like that. When he finally heard something on the Shitsumu, it was not good. The family manor had been destroyed in a fire. The entire family had died in their sleep from the smoke and falling debris. The Shitsumu was no longer a noble family (as it no longer existed), and another family, the Ishino, were to be put into its vacant position. But the politics didn't matter to Ryuunosuke. He had let Misaya die. He clutched the ring he was planning to give her the day she was taken away so hard that it actually bent. He knew then that he had been a fool. He wished he would have fought back, even if it was for naught. But once he remembered what had happened, he knew he would have to be stronger to prevent that from happening again. And so Ryuunosuke enrolled in the Shinigami academy.

    As a student in the Shinigami Academy, no one studied as hard as Ryuunosuke did. He was constantly approached by teachers and even members of the Fourth Division so they could tell him to eat more. He was skipping meals just so he could have more time to practice. And it paid off. He was one of the lightest Shinigami to ever graduate, but he also set many records some of which still stand today. He wasn't a prodigy. He just studied hard enough that people thought he was. Ryuunosuke's body never fully recovered from his time in the academy, and he's been a bit lighter than normal ever since.

    Ryuunosuke was initially placed within the Sixth Division, but he immediately transferred out. He was not going to serve under a noble. Instead, he was placed in the First Division. Most of his duties involved paperwork and being an officiary for some events. Ryuunosuke is actually ordained to marry thanks to his time in the First Division. It took him a decade or two of doing those types of task for him to start building up the iron heart he is known for. His time in the First Division de-sensitized him. He saw in-fighting. He saw people squabble over the most petty things. And all Ryuunosuke could do was remain neutral.

    When Ryuunosuke attained his Shikai, he could tell that it was... different. When he spoke to his Zanpakutō spirit, he understood what this power was born out of. He wanted to change his past. He wanted to go back and do it over again. But time itself wasn't going to let him. So he was going to have to manipulate time itself to his will. So that was going to be how he was going to have to live his life. His Bankai was further proof of this. The moment he attained it, he despised it. The second time he released it, Ryuunosuke was the Lieutenant of the 1st Division around 260 years ago. Ryuunosuke was in a fight with an Arrancar, and so he needed the temporary boost of his Bankai. This allowed him to win... but at a cost.

    He reversed his age to the point to where he was physically a third seat. But when Ryuunosuke began to train again, he realized the ease of it because he knew how to do certain things already. He was thus able to get back to his old strength within only a few years, and he was then able to get even stronger. It was not long after that he was promoted to being the Captain-Commander. This was an honor he accepted, and it only furthered his steel exterior. But inside of him, a fire still raged.

    Ryuunosuke saw a spark of life within a member of his division, however. He was a young man who was becoming an up-and-coming star of the 1st Division. He was a force of personality with an iron will. He might have been a bit relaxed at times, but he was still a dutiful and honorable man. And Ryuunosuke took interest in him. When the previous Lieutenant left, there was a vacancy. And so Ryuunosuke asked the young Tsubine von Zarkonheinz to take the vacant position. The eager young man did so, and for the next 40 years they fostered a close friendship. In truth, Tsubine was the only "friend" Ryuunosuke thought he had. And when Tsubine finally was able to defeat Ryuunosuke in a duel near the end of Ryuunosuke's service as a Captain, Ryuunosuke took this as a sign that he needed to get stronger again. Ryuunosuke passed the mantle of Captain-Commander onto Tsubine soon after the duel. But the night before he did that, Ryuunosuke activated his Bankai—and reverted himself back to his former abilities as a Lieutenant. He left his Zanpakutō behind under Tsubine's care and disappeared to the World of the Living...

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:
    Asauchi Crafting: Ryuunosuke has the ability to craft Asauchi. These are the 'blank' Zanpakutō given to entrants to the Shinigami Academy. The user eventually imprints their soul onto the Asauchi, forming a Zanpakutō. Ryuunosuke does not get 1,000 Zanpakutō either—he only has the one, thankfully.

    Weaponcrafting: In addition to his ability to craft Asauchi, Ryuunosuke has the ability to craft swords, bows, spears, etc. If he can visualize how a weapon should be crafted, he can make it. He can not make firearms and overly-complex weapons however.

    Spiritual Weapons: Ryuunosuke has the ability to perform Konsou without a Zanpakutō. He can use his body or other weapons he has created.

    Dense Reiatsu: Although Ryuunosuke has Reiatsu equivalent to or superior than a high-level Captain, it is actually much denser. This makes him 'feel' more powerful than he actually is.

    Aging Resistance: Ryuunosuke has a natural resistance to age-affecting effects. If something were to cause him to become older or younger, it is instead halved. If it were to age him to the point of death, he would instead ignore the effect altogether. He also ages at 1/4 the normal rate for a Shinigami.

    Various Weapons: He may not carry them all the time, but Ryuunosuke has a collection of weaponry. He most notably has a longbow with arrows capable of performing Konsou.

    Sekkiseki Fiber Gloves: Ryuunosuke wears tekkou—Japanese fingerless gloves—that have small bits of sekkiseki stone interwoven. It isn't enough to hamper his fighting abilities (save for Kidō, which is slightly weaker while his gloves are on). What it does is completely negate his Reiatsu unless you are within 50 yards of him. Even long-range detection will not pick up his Reiatsu. It effectively creates a barrier around him that prevents him from being detected that way. Within that 50 yards, his Reiatsu is as strong as it normally would be. This is what has allowed him to evade the Gotei 13's detection.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] ZanSpirit
    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Ryuunosuke's inner world is a long hallway. At one end is a door that is the only entrance and exit. It is a stark red that is heavily contrasted by the white and grey the rest of the room has. At the other end is a massive clock that is slowly ticking. This is Ryuunosuke's "clock of life." One hand shows where he actually is, and the other shows where his body is. Currently, there is a good distance between the two. If put onto a normal clock, the "actual" hand would be at about 5, while his "body" hand would be at about halfway between 3 and 4. Along the walls are clocks of various shapes and sizes and colors. Each one represents someone Ryuunosuke has met. If a clock stops, that person has died. Some are still going at it, while others have long since stopped and only collect dust.
    Zanpakutō: Getsumei Sazanami is a regular katana. It has a simple cross guard, with an open frame much like a four-pane window. It has a bronze guard, with lavender hilt-wrapping, and a white sheath.
    Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] Zan
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Ripple across the water and disturb the peace of the still world.


    Shikai Name: Getsumei Sazanami (月明漣; lit. Moonlight Ripple)
    Shikai Appearance: Getsumei Sazanami's blade begins to glow white. That is the only change in Shikai.
    Shikai Abilities: Getsumei Sazanami gives Ryuunosuke a +30 to speed and agility and a +20 to all other stats.
    Eikōtome: (映光止; lit. Reflection Light Stop) Eikōtome is the main ability of Getsumei Sazanami. Twice per post, when Getsumei Sazanami touches an object, its time "stops" for a single second. The object turns a dull grey during that second and it halts moving and affecting the environment around it. This does not apply to living things. But it does apply to weapons and energy-based attacks. If it is a weapon, it becomes immovable for that single second.


    Bankai Name: Shingetsu Nisshoku (新月日食; lit. New Moon, Solar Eclipse)
    Bankai Appearance: Ryuunosuke Asakawa [APPROVED, 1-3] Bankai
    Bankai Abilities: Shingetsu Nisshoku is incredibly unique. It is born out of Ryuunosuke's desire to change the past but the world's unwillingness to let him. Instead, it forces him to take upon the form of his past to make sure that he can not make the same kind of mistakes. Shingetsu Nisshoku literally reverts Ryuunosuke's body to the age he was when he last used his Bankai permanently. This does decrease his stats permanently to the level they were at when he last used his Bankai (-15 to all stats currently). He can train them back up to normal, and he will in fact have an easier time doing so. This is because his mind remains the same. He effectively has the knowledge of how a technique works without the physical capability to do it. It is much easier to learn that way, and he effectively does not have "wasteful muscle memory" as he puts it. Time, however, has a hard time calculating this. For every 100 years he has been alive, Ryuunosuke has a post that he gains a +120 to all stats as time flows around him, and his body is thus enhanced. Currently, this is a 7-post duration. At the end of it, Ryuunosuke's physical body turns to what it was when he last released his Bankai (around fifty years ago). Time looping is an option, but it is not a healthy or even viable option. Going back to a different version of himself takes its toll on his mind. Repeated use of his Bankai could even leave him brain-dead. Even seventy years later, Ryuunosuke still has random headaches.

    Shingetsu Nisshoku: Mangetsu Keiji: (新月日食: 満月啓示; ; lit. New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Full Moon Revelation) This is the "true ability" of Shingetsu Nisshoku and the reason Ryuunosuke literally ditched his Zanpakutō for years. This ability is powerful. So powerful that it actually affects the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, the Soul Society, and the Dangai Precipice World at the same time. This ability reverses time itself for a single minute. This gives everyone a one-minute foresight into the future. This allows mistakes to be undone. Deaths to be avoided. Battles to be won. This also comes with a price. Shingetsu Nisshoku destroys itself when it is done. Ryuunosuke loses his Zanpakutō and his ability to bond with another Zanpakutō once this is over. This also halves Ryuunosuke's maximum lifespan to 1,000 years. OOC Note: This IS meant to be a plot power, obviously. It's not going to be something thrown into any random thing.

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    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [x]
    • Appropriate Age [x]
    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 15 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Powers are not in First Person [x]

    Comments/Notes:  I shall be watching this character.  Don't break the universe please, it's very hard to bug fix.
    Tier:  1-3
    Natural Skill Points:  230
    Racial Skill Points: 230

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