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    Kirai Tsumagi [APPROVED, 1-5]


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    Kirai Tsumagi [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Silim on Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:37 pm


    Basic Information

    Name: Kirai Tsumagi
    Nicknames: None
    Appearance Age: 17
    True Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1.75 Meters
    Weight: Medium

    Kirai is a thin teenager, looking a bit sickly thanks to his pale skin. His hair is grey to white, with his eyes being red, to go with the almost full albino look that he has. He usually just wears school uniforms while at the academy, but in private is known to actually prefer kimonos and other lighter clothing, which doesn't rest heavily against his skin. His hair is roughly shoulder length and part of it is usually kept in a short ponytail. Another notable feature are his slightly longer than normal canine teeth, giving him a fanged grin at times.

    Character Information

    Personality: Kirai follows a rather old motto about a lot of things. "It's not bragging if you can back it up". To call him a bit full of himself is being generous - generally, he sees himself as the proven elite of the entire academy, not really thinking that anyone is his equal at all. Thanks to this big helping of confidence in his strength, he's not above telling even the most brutal and ruthless of other students or people outside of the academy just what he thinks of them plainly - in other words, he can be quite rude. He isn't exactly the most studious person, but also not an idiot - he can tolerate someone not knowing something, but willful ignorance makes him irrationally angry and can send him into a ranting tirade.

    That's also one of his personal weaknesses. He's so sure of his own strengths and advantages that seeing someone equal to himself - or better - is incredibly infuriating to him, as are people who refuse to be impressed at all by him - or even worse, those who ignore him outright. That can make him quite irrational and irritated, clearly showing how immature he is in many, MANY ways.

    His immaturity also gives him a certain appreciation for anything heroic. He likes to imagine himself being the hero of his own story - clearly, his chance to save the world is right around the corner. After all, there's nothing else to do with powers like his BUT save the world! Its only natural, in his mind. So in a way, he treats academy city as his own training ground for becoming a superhero, like in the comics he still loves to death. But there's one really, REALLY big thing in his way of training to be a real hero.

    Kirai Tsumagi is lazy, irresponsible, addicted to sweets, and takes enough naps each day to make a cat jealous. He's one of the biggest goof-offs and lazy guys around - lethargic a lot of the time, hyper the remaining 5% of the day during which his show-off qualities take over. While lethargic and relaxed, he's completely fine with just bragging, too - he won't even humor most requests to back himself up if he's tired enough. His terrible mood-swings can even lead to him going from competition-desiring to completely and utterly bored within the same sentence, as he quite possibly has some psychological issues he refuses to let anyone look into.

    The source of his lethargy, oddly enough, is actually the very reason for his boastful side - his telekinesis. The side-effects have ruined his actual dream - he can never fulfill it, and knows it. That has left him quite empty, so he tries to fill that hole with daydreams of heroism and lots of sugar and sweets to improve his own, often a bit foul, mood. It can thus be questioned if he is ACTUALLY a dick to people with his 'stronger than you' attitude because he wants to be, or because he feels obligated to be like that.

    Thanks to his more depressed side, his sense of humor is morbid, to say the least. He'll often joke about how horrible situations are and the numerous ways they're about to get worse, makes jokes about death and the end of the world regularly, and can sling sarcastic answers all day long. However, there's one kind of person that makes him drop any act of humor and boasting and turns him deathly serious - gun-toting crazies. Raise a gun near him against an innocent, and said gun will beat you unconscious - he despises those who take by force and threat, and even worse, those who would murder for material gain.

    Something that often takes Kirai off guard... is being treated normally. People making fun of him or looking down on him because of his boasting is expected, people in awe of him is something he WANTS... but someone treating him like an everyday guy, striking up a conversation, just being friendly and normal? He has no experience with that. It can take him completely off-guard, revealing a slightly dorky and stammering guy who has obvious social anxieties when faced with people who consider him 'normal'.

    Character Background: The Tsumagi were always a prestigious family, running their own successful company over many generations - definitely on the richer side of Japan, through a lot of hard work and shrewd business politics. Possibly not always legal, but certainly effective - just what you'd expect from such a family. Kirai was supposed to be the next in line, as the son of the current boss, and was thus enrolled into expensive private schools, in addition to getting the best home tutors money could buy, from the day he could read. Despite that, he didn't lack affection in his life, either - his father would always take some time out of his day for words of encouragement, spending some time with the family, and just being a general nice man around his family. In a way, his life was perfect.

    Well, except for a tiny problem. Kirai was a Fallen. Not that it became instantly obvious, no - nobody paid attention when a vase next to a toddler fell over, since he probably just accidentally pushed it. That he did so with his mind, well, nobody would come to THAT conclusion instantly... But yes, he was virtually born with power, which was further formed by the dogma of his family that they had followed for generations. "Strength of Mind" - a cunning mind would always outwit any opposition. Applied to his Fallen powers, Kirai developed powerful telekinesis from an early age.

    It really only made itself known in middle school, since his powers were still growing slowly at that point - after all, his body was busy actually growing up, there wasn't too much energy available to be devoted to evolving a brain that could throw someone through the room. But there, it happened that the son of a rival company boss, who happened to be older, tried to pick on and bully Kirai - which ended with said bully having his head stuffed into his own, now floating, bag, with Kirai just grinning at the whole scene before going back to reading his comic book.

    Obviously, he was expelled almost instantly. Thanks to the connections and money of his parents, he avoided any shady organizations who'd like to catch a telekinetic youth, but now the only real option was to homeschool him - something that can clearly be blamed for his social anxiety in 'normal' situations around others of his age that persists to this day. His parents tried to 'ignore' his 'little problem' like one might ignore their son coming out of the closet, but throughout his teenage years, Kirai just grew more and more powerful without even really trying. Not to mention, his desire for studying went downhill faster and faster - the days were dull and boring.

    At least until his parents managed to bribe him by also allowing him to learn how to play instruments. Guitar, keyboard, drums, bass - Kirai learned them all, studied composition, how to create music, how to write his own songs... And with that, his telekinetic development halted, as if it was stopping just before a threshold, while he and his family simply assumed floating smaller objects for a longer time or a sofa for a few seconds were the maximum his powers could reach.

    But even that changed when Kirai, now sixteen years old, inspected a building together with his father. Their company was in the construction business, and while his passion was music, Kirai still expected to one day take over his father's company. They were just inspecting the basement floor when the entire structure, a skyscraper in halfway done progress, was hit by an earthquake - one too strong for the building, and it came down on them, already underground. Kirai would've died there, if his mind had not reacted fast enough - but it was as if something in him snapped. The threshold was gone - and as his eyes turned blood red, his hair lost all color, and his skin became pale, Kirai threw out his telekinetic might against the crushing rubble, saving himself, his father and his foreman in a small bubble of telekinetic energy.

    When they were finally rescued, hours after the accident, Kirai was in horrible shape. Rushed into the hospital, he had to have brain surgery immediately - multiple blood vessels had burst and were threatening to crush his brain like a pressure valve about to burst. Recovery was a long, grueling process - he had over-exerted his brain so much that it was a miracle he even survived. While his soul and body grew used to this new stage, he'd have epilepsy and possible psychological damage from the event for the rest of his life - not to mention the trauma of feeling how his power was killing his body while buried alive.

    All in all, he made a pretty good recovery. His body was now permanently weakened - but what did it matter, when he could just use telekinesis for virtually everything now without breaking a sweat? To him, it destroyed his world. Kirai's world had been music - it was what kept him interested in other things, his grounding force. Without it, he just... stopped caring. He'd never be able to sing a full, real song without his voice breaking off - he'd never be able to play on a stage without having an epileptic fit. His telekinesis made sure of that... But it was also AMAZING. All he really found joy in was using it - distracting himself with the power that saved his life AND ruined it in one fell swoop.

    Eventually, his parents agreed to enroll him into the Hephaestus Academy - there, he quickly rose through the student rankings, before being offered to join Judgement. The school was the perfect distraction and perfect place to daydream... Maybe there was a hero in him after all. Only one way to find out: Act like one. There was another saying he knew, that his father looked down upon and said was the tool of lesser men, but Kirai found it more appropriate to use it for now.

    "Fake it till you make it."

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:
    • Nose for Trouble: Perhaps its reading a crapton of comics and "life inspiring art", but Kirai always seems to have a nose for conflicts he wants to be a part of. Truthfully, he's just really good at knowing which places might be hotspots for conflict, and he almost patrols them looking for it.
    • Really Good Cook: When Kirai isn't scarfing down tons of fast-food and snacks, he's actually an insanely good cook. He just doesn't like cooking only for himself.
    • Geometry Whiz: It takes a lot of quick calculations to throw a car correctly, and Kirai is actually really good at quick, rough math in his head and remembering the likely throwing arcs of things, or when something seems utterly unstable, for example.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power: Kirai is a telekinetic, based on the desire of 'My Mind is Strength'. This allows him to use his mind to levitate objects, fling them around, and even throw them with high force. The strength of his telekinesis is directly related to his Reiatsu levels and the amounts of energy he is currently using, so no concrete amount of force can be given. All telekinetic attacks are invisible, but they can be felt with spiritual senses, meaning they still have travel time and can be dodged just like any other spiritual or physical attack. Being invisible is an advantage, but not an unbeatable one. This is the breakdown of techniques using telekinesis:

    • Sphere of Influence: The Sphere of Influence is a passive power that is basically an invisible spiritual power bubble that surrounds Kirai, in which he can exert his telekinetic power. This sphere shifts and moves in size. The larger the sphere needs to be to allow for his telekinesis, the more energy said telekinesis will use up. For example, flipping a lightswitch in a room from a distance would be incredibly easy. Spread out over an entire street to influence all of the cars in it at once would require insane amounts of power in comparison simply to keep up the sphere of influence. Despite its name, it doesn't have to be in the shape of a globe, but is a rather malleable, shifting field. Those with spiritual senses will now that they've entered the influence of something, but not of what. Kirai can shift the field intentionally to be only around his own body by concentrating to suppress his powers.
    • Telekinetic Lift: The most basic of abilities allows Kirai to lift up something with his thoughts and Reiatsu, to move it around at a slow pace as required, or even jerk objects around faster at times. This ability doesn't work on living matter or souls. The weight of the object determines the amount of energy needed to perform a lift. Lifted objects can be used to bludgeon someone by jerking them to the side, but the speed of objects usually isn't fast enough to actually be dangerous unless said object is particularly massive or big. This power allows Kirai to 'feel' whatever his mind is touching, though extreme hot or cold can't hurt him through it. Telekinetic Lift can, in theory, grip onto the clothing of someone to lift them on it - however, the grip isn't strong enough to resist any force of a living being or soul being struggling to be free from it, making it impossible to do much with this aspect, as even someone who gets surprised by the power will probably instinctively jerk themselves free within a fraction of a second. Telekinetic Lift can't affect 'bonded objects', such as Zanpakutō, at all, since they can only be truly lifted by their wielders.
    • Telekinetic Push: The ability to knock into something with an amount of force proportional to the amount of energy used. Tapping someone on the shoulder with an invisible hand, or flipping a lightswitch? Minuscule. Punching someone in the face with enough power to fling them across the room? That will take just as much power as it would for someone with the strength to do so normally, just that the effort exerted lays on his mind and Reiatsu alone instead of being split between body and Reiatsu. This power can be used on living beings and souls, and even be chained into each other like a flurry of punches at times. Pushed objects can, if flung with enough force, cause serious damage. Objects that are currently under the effect of Telekinetic Lift can be pushed with extra force.
    • Force Cage: Kirai focuses his energy into one point, creating a field of invisible but powerful energy right around an opponent in an attempt to force them to stay put in place. Physical objects can't pass through the field normally, and both he and his target have to remain stationary while it is active. Someone with great physical strength can break the force cage, as can someone capable of manipulating energy on a grand enough level to simply slip away. While Force Cage is active, it constantly drains Reiatsu from Kirai, who can tighten the grip of the Force Cage to deal minor damage. This skill is mostly meant for emergencies to hold out until reinforcements arrive, though, and can't really be used to damage someone in any real capacity.
    • Force Crush: Kirai grips an object hard to crush down on it with as much force through spiritual energy as he can to compress it down into a ball, making it more useful as a projectile. Force Crush can also be used directly on someone, but can be felt even easier than other telekinetic moves, and as always, it is force vs strength to determine the effect of Force Crush.
    • Debris Attack: Kirai simultaneously grabs and throws multiple small objects around the enemy and throws them at the same time, to pelt them with attacks from all sides.
    • Self-Telekinesis: By grabbing himself, Kirai can float freely through the air without problems.
    • Telekinetic Crash: Kirai grabs the nearest big object he can lift and throws it in a high arc to flatten his opposition. The opposite of Debris Attack in that it is only one big strike, but much more devastating if it hits.
    • Choking Grip: One of the few abilities that directly affect the enemy's body. Kirai focuses his Sphere of Influence onto them exclusively, attempting to grip their throat and levitate them upwards. This attack can be broken with physical strength, a simple burst of Reiatsu, or barrier Kidō (and any equivalent technique someone might have). All in all, spiritual beings have a LOT of ways to escape this attack before they get their breath choked out of them. Someone who is far weaker than Kirai, though, will find this a very dangerous attack.
    • Blow Away: The other direct attack. Kirai becomes physical for once, collecting his Reiatsu into the palm of one of his hands and thrusting it towards an opponent that is getting to close and personal for him. A great amount of blunt force is fired forward to bludgeon the opposition away.
    • Dance of Blades: A very dangerous attack. Kirai grabs anything sharp he can with his mind, possibly also breaking easily broken things, such as glass, with telekinetic pushes in the process to obtain ammunition. The sharp objects become a swift moving whirlwind of razor cuts, directed by his mind like a remote controlled storm of blades. Speed and size of the whirl can be modified freely, allowing to encircle an enemy as a way of capture or to generate a thin whirl to act like a drill of blades.
    • Telekinetic Catch: An ability that only works on those that are currently in 'free-falling'. In other words, if someone falls out of a window, or even just stumbles, Kirai can grab them with this ability to softly lower them to the ground or even stand them back up, as long as they're within his Sphere of Influence. This ability is a supportive one, meant to both save bystanders and even enemies that were knocked out while in mid-air. As long as someone remains unconscious, Kirai can move their bodies around more freely, rather than just sit them down on the ground, as they lack the will to resist in that moment.

    Possible Side-Effects: Telekinesis is a powerful ability, but it isn't easy to use. It requires incredible feats of the mind, meaning the users brain burns energy much faster than normal. This requires the intake of a lot of high energy food that can be quickly metabolized. His blood sugar levels can fall quite fast if he doesn't have those, causing terrible headaches that block his powers. His overly sensitive brain also makes him susceptible to migraines caused by quickly changing weather or pressure zones. Any overuse of telekinesis, such as expanding his sphere too far or lifting something far too heavy, will strain his brain and can cause him internal bleeding. The warning signs go: Nosebleed, tears of blood, blood from the ears, in order, and finally, brain damage up to complete neurological failure (in other words, his brain can cease function completely, killing him). The constant need for high sugar levels also mean he isn't exactly physically fit, and often not eating well at all.

    The constant high tax on his brain also has other unfortunate side-effects. Kirai suffers from epilepsy and can suffer extreme seizures if subjected to too many triggers, such as bright flashing lights in many different colors, or a simple sensory overload in any other way.

    Furthermore, the stronger his Reiatsu and telekinesis become, the more his body weakens. He has trouble running for more than a few steps, if that at all, his eyesight could use a bit of a fix at times, and he's more prone to injury when hit. Cuts take longer to heal, a broken bone would take even longer than normal, and if medicated in any way, dosages need to be carefully controlled to not poison him by accident. He doesn't seem to mind all that much - mostly because he uses telekinesis for even the most mundane of things - but it is a definite handicap that slowly cripples him. One minor part of this weakness has slowly eliminated all color from his body, turning him deathly pale, giving him grey hair and red eyes, which, together with his simply slightly sharper canines, make him look like he stepped out of a vampire movie, despite his powers having nothing to do with blood.

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

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    Re: Kirai Tsumagi [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Silim on Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:36 pm

    Notes: Meant to be a member of Judgement, the student police of the Academy. Request to allow for cap-break on Reishi Control, with self-imposed lower caps on Durability, Endurance, Weapon Skill and Unarmed Combat.

    Natural Skill Sheet: 210 (200 spent)

    • Agility: 50
    • Durability: 10
    • Endurance: 20
    • Speed: 40
    • Strength (affects Telekinetic strength): 80

    Racial Skill Sheet: 126

    • Reishi Control: 80
    • Weapon Skill: 1
    • Unarmed Combat: 45

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    Re: Kirai Tsumagi [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:58 am

    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Cap break is denied. We do not allow exceptions to that, I'm afraid. His app is approved though.
    Tier: 1-5
    Natural Skill Points: 210
    Racial Skill Points: 126

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    Re: Kirai Tsumagi [APPROVED, 1-5]

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