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    Normal Afternoon [Closed]


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    Re: Normal Afternoon [Closed]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:32 pm

    For Ayumi, this wasn't mechanical. This was an emotional exchange between herself and Snopy. Even though she asked for it, by allowing him to see and feel every part of her, Ayumi had given everything that made her pure to Snopy. She could understand if it meant little to him or was just another fling with a woman, but for her it was important. So when she asked for that kiss and received it, the two of them connected with the same type of intimacy, at least for Ayumi. She returned the kiss, following his lead with each one received. As their lips connected, Ayumi couldn't fight moaning into the kiss. His thrusts still filled her core with desire and the kissing enhanced that.

    The kissing intensified as Ayumi felt his tongue slide in over her own. As their tongues danced, Ayumi ran her fingers through his hair. Snopy broke the kiss and asked a question. Ayumi answered simply by leaning upward toward him and reconnecting their lips in another passionate kiss. And with that kiss, he began to pound his hardened rod harder and deeper into her womanly cave. She never wanted him to slow down and because of it, the ecstasy her body was experiencing began to raise faster. Her core was warming more and more with each thrust, becoming so hot and overwhelming to her senses that she fell back into the bed and broke the kiss she tried desperately to keep.

    "Ahh..." she let out an airy moan, groaning in pleasure as she brought her hand down to rest right above her nether region, the other placed on her breast. She began matching his rhythm, rocking her hips into him with each of his thrusts. Her body reacted instinctively to the bliss he was causing her. She found herself moaning loudly, wanting more and more. The sensation was heating up even further and another unfamiliar feeling began to increase within her. "It's gonna happen again..." she said and looked downward, watching him slam his long shaft into her wet walls. He said he was close and Ayumi looked up to him, unsure exactly of what he meant by that. "I-I can.. feel it..."

    Ayumi's body tensed even more beneath him as the feeling of pleasure was almost at it's limit. Her pussy tightened nicely around his cock, fitting around him like a nicely made glove. The wetness her lady lubricants caused made it easier for him and better for her as they went on. "I-It's coming... I'm coming." Ayumi shouted and grabbed onto Snopy's shoulders again, though much more gently. Her body convulsed, her eyes shut tightly, her jaw clenched, her muscles tensed, and she moaned loudly. The few moments that this lasted felt like heaven and her body relaxed once more. Her chest heaved up and down as she caught her breath, having once again experienced a new euphoria.  


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    Re: Normal Afternoon [Closed]

    Post by Snopy on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:31 pm

    Ayumi accepted the kiss with glee, and even if this didn't mean anything romantic, he couldn't tell. Still, even if this didn't turn into a love relationship, there were other things being shared. Trust, affection, these things were still very much there in one way or another. While flings typically lacked these qualities, for these two, they seemed strong. Even if it was only 2 weeks, she was too sweet not to care about in some way. When he invited her back, she came right back. That made him happy. Had she not come back, he might have gone back himself. This whole thing was way better than he could have hoped. One hand cradled her cheek as their tongues locked. Eventually though, he overwhelmed her senses, and she fell back. Thus, he returned his focus to his thrusts. He found the sight of her more and more pleasing on it's own. It always was, but it just seemed so much sweeter now.

    She began to match him with her hips, and that only made it worse. Part of him almost felt numb, but numb wasn't quite right. He could feel all of it, it all felt amazing. It was more like other sensations were being blocked out. He was fucking her insanely hard at this point, his cherry splitter suddenly being squeezed by her womanly nook. She didn't even have to say it, he knew it was coming again. He was at his limit too, the timing was almost perfect. It became easier to thrust as her vagina became wetter, so he went on her harder and harder. As she shouted she was coming, he knew he was too. The pleasure shot through his body as her body locked up. As she came to orgasm, that is when he hit his limit and ejaculated straight into her, filling her up. Her pussy continued to clench, as if it was trying to wring it out of him. After a few seconds, he stopped and just allowed himself to lay on her. He figured by now she'd probably be ready to stop, but if she wasn't she was going to have to give him a minute. He was breathing heavily now, the thrusting taking a lot of energy by the end. "Ayumi..." He spoke slowly, catching up with the whole situation. His thoughts slowly coming back to him. Even though they had stopped for the moment, he leaned in and kissed her again. She really did taste as sweet as he had hoped. After a few moments, he slowly pulled out, various fluids dripping on the sheets as he did so. He merely laid there for the moment. "That...was amazing."

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    Re: Normal Afternoon [Closed]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:44 pm

    The moment was perfect. Ayumi wrapped her arms around Snopy as he laid on top of her. They both took their time to catch their breaths and rest. She turned to him when he called her name and was gifted yet another kiss, one that she happily returned and graced with the sweetest of smiles. A few moments passed them by and Ayumi was actually feeling delightful. Snopy pulled himself out of her and Ayumi shivered from the tingling sensation it caused. She could feel something warm, but wasn't sure what it was and didn't have the energy to question it. "M'hm..." Ayumi replied quietly. Her eyes shut and her arms lay limply around him. Her body was relaxed and tired out. Her breathing evened out and she fell quiet. Ayumi had fallen asleep beneath the warmth of the first man she has been able to trust in years... and the light smile she held in her slumber showed that she couldn't be happier.

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    Re: Normal Afternoon [Closed]

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