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    Shinigami Vs Quincy


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    Shinigami Vs Quincy

    Post by Serenity on Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:52 pm

    Years of Oppression
    Years: 230-622

    The Quincy's power has always destroyed the hollow instead of exercising it's soul and sending it back into the Soul Cycle. The repeated use of Quincy powers to kill hollow began creating a strong imbalance, forcing The Stabilizer to appear more than the Gotei 13 liked. When finding out why this was occurring so frequently, the Shinigami attempted to negotiate with the Quincy and forced them to cease hollow hunting. This angered the Quincy and tensions began to form between the groups.

    There were a few battles between the Quincy and Shinigami, but each time the Shinigami came out on top. The Gotei began implementing strict rules on the Quincy and heavily monitored them. For years, the Quincy were being held back and oppressed by the Shinigami, but the imbalance was slowly corrected. In the year 616, a strong leader of the Quincy came forward and brought his people together with the plan of removing the Shinigami from their lives and allowing them to use their powers.

    Ignoring the consequences that their powers caused, they rose up and a war was fought over two months between the Shinigami and Quincy. Thousands of people were killed, casualties weighing heavily on both sides. When the Captain Commander of this time decided to step in, the tides changed and the direction of the war leaned toward the Shinigami victory. The Captain Commander was able to stop the fighting and return the Quincy back to their strict lifestyles, but changed a few things for them.

    The Quincy were no longer not allowed to use their powers completely and were allowed to train among themselves. They were not allowed to go on hollow hunts and could only kill hollow if they themselves were personally threatened. The Shinigami were to take care of the souls and hollow that invaded the world in order to keep the balance. It took some time, but the Quincy agreed to these rulings and the Shinigami ceased their heavy monitoring of the Quincy, but still keep an eye on them

    The Race's Relationship: Quincy and Shinigami relations rarely to never go beyond basic politics. The two races highly dislike each other for various reasons, though they do respect the others abilities as fighters. However, among the ranks of each, the different races often insult the other and demean them as a whole. It can often be frightening for one person of either race to encounter multiple of the other. Bullying and forms of violence are not beneath the individuals of either of the races.

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