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    Kurai Hiryuu [Approved, 0-2]


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    Kurai Hiryuu [Approved, 0-2]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:00 am

    Arrancar Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Kurai Hiryuu
    Nicknames: Cero Espada
    Appearance Age: Mid Twenties
    True Age: 1200
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 145


    Character Information

    Personality: Kurai is probably one of the worst people to go against in a battle. Her lack of any substantial empathy makes her a brutal warrior. She is not held back by honor or loyalty. She would blast her own men if they got in her way, even if she prefers not to lose her minions. This is why they're often wary about her, but no one has the courage, strength, or power to go against her. Kurai won't back down from a challenge and rarely gives second chances. Someone back sassing her or questioning her decisions might get them killed, even if they had a valid point to whatever it was they were saying. Kurai doesn't give a fuck about anyone anymore, and the one person that could control her is dead.

    In the heat of battle, Kurai has proven to be merciless. She doesn't sit back and wait to fight. She wants to get down to business and find herself a good challenge, so people who try to talk her down will be ignored. The only time she'll listen to someone is if they've proven themselves a good fighter and a challenge to her. There is no reason to speak to the bugs she is about to stomp on. Their cries of mercy and their speeches about morality don't interest her. The only thing beyond fighting that does interest Kurai is actually tea. She enjoys having a cup of tea every single day and doesn't feel right if she hasn't had it. If Kurai hasn't been able to drink her tea, she'll fight harder and faster just to get to her tea.

    Kurai has a bit of a weak spot, a surprising one actually. She doesn't like harming kids. She will if they have to, but would prefer them getting the fuck away from her. She's not nice to them, doesn't take care of them, but she won't blow one up for her own entertainment. What she does do for her own entertainment is sneak peeks at naked men and women. It's just a hobby. She is no stranger to the sexier things in life and has no problem being in someone's face about how attractive she finds them. She can sometimes be a little lude too, often spouting off shit about how she'd like to get with them. If you could describe Kurai in two words, it would easily be the seven deadly sins of wrath and of lust.

    Character Background: The years before her status was gained do not matter. She began life as an Arrancar 1189 years ago. The moment she had the power to do so, this woman stepped out into the world of the living and caused as many problems as she could. She went through Japan to start fires and destroy villages. She made her way to Europe and rampaged through towns. One day, she came across a young girl that was crying her eyes out. Kurai originally planned on walking passed her and not giving half a damn, but the girl looked up to her and Kurai realized that the child could see her. "Can you see me?" The girl nodded and Kurai became interested. No other living creature had seen her before.

    The girl was named Aileen and her mother had been killed after being accused of practicing witchcraft and black magic. They forced Aileen to watch it to teach a lesson so she wouldn't use magic. Aileen had attempted to explain that she had never seen her mother do it, so she didn't understand. During their conversation, a woman saw Aileen talking to 'someone' and immediately accused the child of speaking with the devil. The child was grabbed and dragged away. Kurai felt protective of the child and followed. It wasn't an hour later that they had the small girl standing on a large amount of wood and tied to a large post. A man spouted some bullshit about 'God' and set the wood on fire.

    "Uh. No." Kurai stepped rather casually up to the fire and stepped up to Aileen. "Want your revenge?" Kurai asked. Aileen looked up to her in shock. "Do you? You said these people did this to your Mom, right? Do you want to avenge her?" Aileen nodded. "Alright... Repeat after me." Kurai told her to stare and smile out into the crowd. Kurai burned the ropes behind her and freed the child. This startled the entire village and they began to back up. And doing as Kurai said, the child repeated these words, "You kill in the name of your god. You accuse my mother of black magic and take her from me... You are all the sinners. Your religion brings death!" Kurai engulfed the entire village in fire.

    Aileen had her revenge and Kurai was satisfied with another destructive event. Kurai protected Aileen until she finally found a village for Aileen to stay in. Aileen did as Kurai said again and lied to the villagers. Because of that, she was allowed to stay here. Kurai stuck around, having become slightly attached to the child, but when Shinigami began showing themselves around the area, Kurai had to leave. Without saying anything to Aileen, Kurai returned to Hueco Mundo to recuperate and let the heat die down. Once she was ready, she would return to the World Of The Living and start all over. She felt it was safe a little under thirty years later, when the Shinigami finally stopped searching for her.

    When Kurai heard of some stuff starting in a town called Salem, she made her way over there very quickly. She watched the mindless slaughtering as if it was her favorite TV show. She noticed one or two of the people actually saw her standing there, but her red hair made them avoid her, which was even more entertaining. During one of the days a large amount of people were to be hanged, Kurai muttered something to herself. "If only you people realized that your god and devil don't even exist..." and a child heard her. When the child asked about it, she confirmed and said she was technically dead, so she was proof. She absolutely crushed his soul and left that place like she exited a good movie.

    When the World of the Living became boring, Kurai returned to Hueco Mundo. She fought random hollow out of boredom and moved up to fighting full fledged Arrancar. One day she picked a fight with the wrong one; it was the first challenge she ever had, but it was also the only one who took her down. The woman was her opposite. Kurai was a fiery red headed bitch with the power to complement it. This woman, Ana, was an icy white haired witch with the power to complement it. Being defeated by her caused Kurai to train more and more until she was strong enough to challenge Ana again. The two met again, but had no real desire to fight. They knew it would only be destruction for everything around.

    Ana and Kurai nodded respectfully to each other and accepted the fact that they just weren't going to fight. They ended up walking side by side throughout Heuco Mundo for quite some time. They developed a mutual respect for each other's power and beliefs, but also gained a strong friendship. They cancelled each other out, quite literally with their ice and fire. Ana became the only person that had the ability to calm Kurai down. When Ana formed the Espada with the intent on starting a war, Kurai followed her lead. However, when Ana went to start her plan by attacking a Captain in the World of the Living, she was unexpectedly killed. With that heavy loss, Kurai decided to plan her own war on the Gotei.

    Racial  Abilities and Traits

    Mask Fragment: Kurai's mask fragment takes the form of a thick choker around her neck. It looks like teeth wrapping around her neck. It covers her throat and acts like a piece of armor.
    Hollow Hole: Kurai's hollow hole is located in her throat, under her mask fragment, so it's often assumed she doesn't have one. It's also about three inches in diameter.
    Hollow Level: Vasto Lorde
    Unreleased Abilities:

    • Cero/Bala: This is not something that Kurai messes with too much, but she has a single cero that she uses. The cero is bright green and is shot out of her mouth. When it is fired, this cero is absolutely massive. The amount of pressure and power behind it is overwhelming and that is why she rarely uses this ability in the first place. It's destructive capabilities are exponential.
    • Hierro/Regeneration: As per said rule, an Arrancar can have both, but one must be dominant. Kurai dominant one is Hierro. It is extremely difficult to get through her skin because of how strong it is. Many swords have actually broken on her skin when she's allowed someone to take a strike. Her Regeneration does exist and is helpful at times, but it's half as powerful as her hierro is.
    • Weapon Skill: She doesn't fight with a weapon, but if she ever needs to, Kurai is definitely no slouch. She has ever ability to fight with a katana as any person who has trained in this aspect.
    • Unarmed Combat: Kurai is extremely good in hand to hand combat. It is her number one choice for combat and can destroy most opponents. Her skill in martial arts is self-taught, but just as efficient as someone who has trained for years upon years of their life.
    • Sonido: This ability being equal to the shinigami technique of flash step, Kurai is a master with Sonido. She doesn't train to much in it because she usually doesn't need to. It's always come naturally and she's not often out done by anyone she fights when she uses the technique.
    • Immense Reiryoku Control: This woman is very strong. The amount of Reiryoku she has can seem unlimited. Luckily, she has very, very good control over it. She can hold it in enough that it doesn't affect people as badly, but it's still kind of there. Because of this, the next ability exists:
    • True Heat: Her Reiryoku is extremely hot. Touching her can cause someone to quickly pull their hand away. People often don't like being near her because of how much heat she emits from her body. When she's controlling her Reiryoku, it's only in a fifty foot aura around her. Funnily enough, when Ana was alive, the two of them were able to completely cancel each other's auras out.

    Fire Control: Whether released or not, Kurai has the ability to create fire and manipulate it through her will and mental commands. She does this by collecting her reiryoku and igniting it. The more reiryoku she pours into it, the more fire that is created. She can also control fire that is already created by infusing her reiryoku with it and using it to manipulate the fire. Without releasing her Zanpakutō, she can only do this for a short amount of time. Of course, this also depends on what types of abilities she chooses to use. Any 'large' or 'major' attack needs to be in her released form. But if the attacks are on a smaller scale, she can use it without having to move into her Resurrección. Kurai can also use abilities with her Zanpakutō, such as throwing fire from the tip of her blade and other minor attacks.


    Original Zanpakutō Appearance: A katana with a black handle, fiery red sheath, and a golden colored guard that wraps upward around the handle. The guard wraps like golden fire around Kurai's hand.
    Resurrección Name: Zenshin sukēruāmā (Body Scale Armor)
    Resurrección Release: Sukēringu sa reta kemono no yoroi o kidō shimasu (Armor of the Scaled Beast)
    Resurrección Appearance: Upon release of her Zanpakutō, Kurai's resurreccion surrounds her body in a black and red colored armor. The armor is 'light' (meaning it's not heavy or bulky), but extremely durable. The pieces of her armor include: chest plate, gauntlets, boots, and armored pants. Her upper back, lower stomach, and knees are all not covered by her armor.

    Resurrección Abilities: Kurai's abilities are enhanced while her Zanpakutō is released. Upon release though, her body releases a massive amount of Reiryoku that acts as a heated knock back. Anyone who is within fifteen feet of her body will be blown back and burned. Anyone who is within thirty feet of her body will be burned, while anyone outside of that range will be fine. Within that thirty foot range, the air is extremely hot and some items have the ability to catch on fire just by her stepping on them (such as grass, paper, and woods... obviously any other flammable object counts here as well). Kurai's body is hot to the touch, so any time she touches something, it burns.

    Fire does not affect Kurai while her Zanpakutō is released. She cannot be damaged by fire at all. She can even jump into an erupting volcano and not be harmed. The armor grants a +70 to her strength, +40 to durability and +50 to her speed. This happens because the armor uses her Reiryoku to rapidly enhance her body. From there, Kurai uses her normal abilities to fight, but every single physical strike that she attempts shoots out a burst of fire that reaches up to ten feet in the direction in which the strike was implemented. This means that a punch shoots fire straightforward, but something like a roundhouse kick will send a crescent shaped burst of fire out toward her opponent.

    Segunda Etapa

    Segunda Etapa Name: Sukēringu sa reta kemono no katachi (Form Of The Scaled Beast)
    Segunda Etapa Release: Hi no kemono o mezame saseru (Awaken, Beast of Fire)
    Segunda Etapa Appearance:


    Segunda Etapa Powers: Kurai's power is truly pure destruction. Some people try to say that fire can also represent 'love', 'life', or 'energy'. Not with Kurai. With Kurai, fire represents destruction and power. That is why her Segunda Etapa is her entire body turning into a massive dragon. The problem is, this takes a while. While her Zanpakutō is already released, Kurai begins absorbing in any heat and fire that is around her. She pulls enough heat in that the ground around her starts to freeze. This fire and heat that she pulls in begins spinning around her body until it forms a large sphere. Once the sphere is formed, it condenses down farther and spins around her body at such a high rate that getting within fifty feet of her sphere will start to cause burns; getting closer makes it worse. After a round of posting, the sphere suddenly stops it's spinning and the fire freezes in mid air; this is a warning that something is coming. A second later, the fire blasts outward in a radius of one hundred feet, blasting anything and anyone back, the heat causing burns. With that, Kurai has transforms into a dragon.

    Dragon Form Size and Skills: Massive. Her head is about five times the size of a normal person. Her dragon form stands sixty feet high and one hundred and twenty feet long: this excludes her tail. Her tail adds an extra forty feet onto her size. The dragon form gives a +100 to durability, +110 to strength, -20 to speed, +75 to endurance, and -20 to Agility (all from base abilities). She gains a fire breathing attack that reaches fifteen hundred feet away from her. Luckily, this is normal fire. Nothing about it is enhanced to burn hotter or anything like that. The pressure behind this attack is quite massive though, able to push down heavily rooted trees and push heavier objects from their place. Because of the amount of Reiryoku it takes to pull these breath attacks off, she can only perform four per thread.

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    Re: Kurai Hiryuu [Approved, 0-2]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:02 am

    Natural Skill SheetSkill PointsAbility ModifiersPosition ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill PointsAbility ModifiersPosition ModifiersTotal
    Hierro/Regen (1)8060140
    Weapon Skill206080
    Unarmed Combat8060140

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    Re: Kurai Hiryuu [Approved, 0-2]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:06 am

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    Re: Kurai Hiryuu [Approved, 0-2]

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