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    Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-2]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:08 am

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz
    Birth Name: Tsunejirō Bitomaru no Negishi Kikuoka (菊岡|常次郎|美杜谷|根岸)
    Nicknames: Tsu, Seiryuu, Jirō
    Appearance Age: Mid-20s
    True Age: 610
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 191 lbs

    Character Information

    Tsubine isn't necessarily anti-social, but he is distant. He believes in a professional distance between himself and subordinates. It was one of the lessons Ryuunosuke Asakawa taught him. He finds that maintaining some sort of distance between him and the other Shinigami gives him an air of authority. However, Tsubine is not entirely fond of it. He didn't really have a choice in becoming Captain-Commander. He also doesn't know of anyone else who is currently suitable for the position. The closest would be the 6th Division's J Saionji. No one else fits the bill. Because he's the only one for the job, he has to make sure that the Gotei is ran the best it could be—even if his social life suffers.

    Tsubine, when he feels like there is no need for a professional boundary, is a decently cheerful guy. Sure, he's snarky and a smartass. Sure, he's good a smooth tongue. But the guy is half fun to be around. He's been known to occasionally throw a party for the Captains. He doesn't go to a random party, but if he's invited, he'd go. If it's an open invite, meaning anyone could show up, he doesn't go. Tsubine wants to feel like he's wanted somewhere if he goes, not just "Oh, I'm the Captain Commander I can go anywhere."

    Tsubine has some honor to him, but he's not the type to ask for a one-on-one duel. In fact, a one-on-one "honorable" duel is where he's weakest. He wants to fight on his terms, not someone else's. He wants to fight where he can use the terrain to his advantage. Tsubine's the type to throw sand in an opponent's eyes if need be to win. Because victory is his goal in a fight. Not honor. Not glory. Victory. There's a time and a place for honor, glory, and that sort of thing. He just hasn't found either of those.

    Tsubine is a man of determination. The mere way he walks shows he is a step above the rest. This does not mean he is some prodigy or a genius. No, he really never was either to any prominent degree. Rather, Tsubine's walk, his air, his simple aura is that of someone who would bash into a tree with a sword until his hands bled profusely from splinters and blisters alike.  He is a man of his word. If he says he will learn an impossible technique by a certain time, he will do it.

    The only thing higher than his determination is his devotion. If Tsubine cares about someone, then it would be like two people are competing on how much they care. Effectively, Tsubine is fighting with himself on who cares more about someone. His friends and comrades-in-arms are all, for the most part, his most loyal companions. He will never betray them, nor will he lie to them unless it is a truth that would harm another companion. And even then, it takes hours for him to decide whether to do so or not.

    But there is one step above that kind of devotion in his life, and that's the devotion he gives to someone he loves. Not as a friend, but as a lover. Tsubine has loved only a few times so far, and none of it was a true love. If that person asks him a question, he will answer it as soon as he can to the best of his ability. There is no 'I don't want to talk about it.' He considers falling in love to be the intertwining of beings, and one must know about the other to do so.

    Although his devotion and determination are of high level, there is one innate problem with either. That is getting him to the point of that devotion and determination. He is not lazy, but Tsubine does feel (or know) that some things are just a waste of time and effort. If someone is not worth his time, then why should he bother becoming friendly with them? He won't be an ass, but do not expect him to be excited to see you pass across the street.

    Tsubine is a dominant person. He's a bit selfish and doesn't like to share. He'll look like you just kicked a puppy if you take food off of his plate without asking. Tsubine wants a lot, and when he has what he wants he doesn't let go. This is especially true when it comes to women. If you hit on his girl, he'll punch you. You try to get rough with his girl, he'll cut off an arm or two. You hurt his girl? You die. He's not afraid to show when a woman is his. This is his girl. There are many like it, but this one is his.

    Character Background:
    Tsubine was born in the 64th District of the East Rukongai, Sabitsura. Sabitsura was rural and it was hard to find footwear. Even as a child, Tsubine didn't have any. His mother and father were simple folk, but they died not long after he turned six. He wandered and was injured multiple times during his young life. He has a scar on the back of his neck where a gang member almost cut his head off. That story is where his story begins.

    Tsubine was saved by a former Shinigami while he was face-dirt in the ground. His savior was a middle-aged blond man with one hand. He used Kidō and saved the young boy, taking him to District 41, Seihou. It was a rural community that lead up a hill. The hill was in a clearing which gave it a clear view of the night sky. The man's home was near the  top of the hill. It had a glass window that showed the large expanse above them. Tsubine remembers staring up at the sky while he recovered.

    Helmut von Zarkonheinz was the man's name. He had been discharged after losing his hand, and he was glad to retire to somewhere mostly peaceful like Seihou. Helmut raised Tsubine like his own child. Helmut eventually returned to the Soul Cycle and Tsubine was forced to be a breadwinner. He did a few odd jobs here and there, and eventually made his way into a small street gang. There, Tsubine learned how to use a sword properly. The gang was a vigilante gang. They would patrol about four districts and deal with any problems that came up that the Shinigami wouldn't handle. In order for them to recognize one another, they each got a tattoo of a dragon on their left arm.

    Tsubine became known for his skill with a sword, and eventually other gangs became wary of the vigilantes. However, the Shinigami didn't like these thugs taking their job. Though it was decently far out, Shinigami still wanted their own control. And so, the Gotei 13 stormed the base of the Vigilantes. Through about two hours of bloodshed, Tsubine was the only member of the gang to remain alive. The Shinigami slaughtered the gang, and they took Tsubine to the Seireitei. There, he was presented with a choice. He could join the Gotei 13 and work off his sentence or go into a prison he had no hope of breaking out of. Begrudgingly, he took the first option. He returned to Seihou only once to say his goodbyes. He told a single person to join when they got old enough.

    Tsubine was put into the 11th Division, and he got the nickname Seiryuu from his story. It was hard to find someone who didn't know of Seiryuu, the former vigilante. The 11th Division was almost perfect for him. He made a few friends, and one of them has stuck with him to this day. This was his Captain, Lilith Antonovich. She became Tsubine's confidant and closest friends. Eventually, Tsubine's power brought him to around Lieutenant-level. Tsubine was promoted to be Lilith's Lieutenant. He liked being her Lieutenant, although there was one minor complication. Tsubine began to have feelings for his Captain. Knowing how wrong it would be, he decided against asking her out. After the 1st Division's Lieutenant was killed in action, Ryuunosuke Asakawa, the Captain-Commander, approached the young man. After a long conversation with both Lilith and Ryuunosuke, Tsubine was sent to the 1st Division.


    Tsubine, as a Lieutenant, was awkward at first. He had actual authority and respect. He was the second in command of the 1st Division. He, a street punk, would have never thought he'd be at this point. Tsubine had no idea what to really do. So he watched Ryuunosuke. The first thing Tsubine learned was that this guy was silent. It was annoying, as Tsubine would have liked to get to know his Captain a bit more. It wasn't until Tsubine finally asked him what he should be doing that he and Ryuunosuke actually talked. Turns out, it was a bunch of nothing. The First Division was sort of a nexus of administration, communication, and legislation. And as the higher ups, they didn't have much to do unless something major happened.

    And then, something did happen. In 1764, an Arrancar leading a group of Hollows broke into the Soul Society. They were wreaking havoc around the Rukongai. The 1st Division was put into action, and Tsubine got to see how integral his position was. He gave orders on where Divisions would go. He listened to information and relayed what he felt was important. Ryuunosuke interjected only twice to contradict Tsubine's messages. Within six hours, the Arrancar was taken down. Tsubine had gone out and fought alongside some of the other Shinigami, although he did not land the finishing blow. It was notable that at this point, this was the first time anyone had seen him in the field as a Lieutenant.

    In 1891, Tsubine recieved a notification of a rogue Shinigami. It was odd, as the energy was not recognized. Other divisions had tried (and failed) to locate this Shinigami. Tsubine was tasked with it as there wasn't anything major going on, and he had the appropriate power level to do so. He was suprised to see a young boy. Not a man, a boy. He was slicing a Hollow in half. Tsubine raised an eyebrow and poked the kid on the shoulder. They spoke, and Tsubine realized this kid had no idea what he was. And then the kid said he couldn't leave. He had ten more. Tsubine shrugged and said fine, and he helped the kid track down ten Hollows. He watched the kid, and although untrained, he had power. It was impressive. Once the tenth was gone, Tsubine dragged the kid to the Seireitei. Genpaku Arishima was the kid's name, and Tsubine learned quite a bit about him. After getting him arranged to go into the Shino Academy, he explained everything to Ryuunosuke—and that Genpaku was someone to look at.

    In 1907, Tsubine met the woman who would change his life the most. It was a raid on a bandit hideout. The bandits had caused too much of a ruckus, and Tsubine was called out to handle the situation. After clearing out the base, Tsubine made his way to a prison-like area. There, a woman stood chained to a wall. She had hair ragged and long, but she was alive. Tsubine rushed over to her and lifted her body up as he undid her shackles. As her wrists bled, Tsubine tore what he could from his Shihakushou to stop that.

    Tsubine also tore part of it to form a blindfold. "I should take you out to dinner some time. Get you a nice and proper meal... You need some meat back on your bones." He began to walk her out, and used the end of his Zanpakutō to peel and slice a Mikan. "Is it that bad? I don't remember how I should look!" She puffed out her cheeks and then bit into it. Tsubine carried her all the way back to the 2nd Division's detainment center, and did not leave until the 4th Division arrived to treat her wounds.

    Nearly half a day later, Tsubine was woken up by members of the 2nd Division. They explained the woman he brought in wasn't responding to any questions... and instead has requested him. Tsubine rose from bed, grabbed another Mikan and a knife. He said to let him handle it, and Tsubine went to see this woman. "So you wanted to see me again, did you?" He asked, pulling a chair up to her cell. "Of course. You, I like. The others are mean and ugly."

    Tsubine liked this girl. She had spunk, and he liked spunk. "I'm glad you seem to like me, otherwise me coming down here would be wasted." Tsubine began to peel the Mikan and handed it to her. "You seem to be a nice person too, just caught up in some bad situation. Do you know why you were down there?" That hit a nerve, apparently, and she went into a corner. "I'm nice? I'm not nice... I was down there to be punished. I did bad things and bad things happened to me. It's my fault." Tsubine tried to press her for more questions, but did not get a response. He stood up, and said one last thing before leaving.

    "Whatever bad things you did, I'm sure you can atone for them... But I haven't felt an ounce of evil coming from you so far. Besides, you like me, you can't be a bad person." The woman stood up and came up to the cell door... and poked his forehead. "You have a bit of an ego, don't you?" Tsubine smiled and sat back down. "It came with the years, but I got you out of the corner didn't I?" The tension lifted and Tsubine was able to ask her about everything she knew about the hideout. Unfortunately, she did not know much. As he began to leave, he told her to apply for the academy. She had spunk and potential.


    In 1934, things changed for Tsubine. The Captain-Commander, a man Tsubine respected, was bested by his subordinate in a duel. Tsubine gave the man a scar on his face, or rather complemented one already existing there. Within a week, the man retired and disappeared, leaving the Gotei 13 to Tsubine. He also left Tsubine his Zanpakutō, saying that it was better in his hands. Tsubine, in order to prevent an uproar, decided to go the 13 Divisions and introduce himself.

    In 2015, Tsubine went to the World of the Living with the Third Division Captain. They were there to deal with a large threat. An extremely powerful Arrancar had been detected. Tsubine went himself, as he had a feeling he should fight this one. Despite his lieutenant's protests, Tsubine left. On Earth, he met Ana Valencia. The cold bitch was ruthless and powerful. She killed the Third Division Captain without going into her Resurreccion. Granted, it was a surprise attack. The two fought with Tsubine and Ana releasing their full power. Although severely wounded, Tsubine was the one to survive. He returned to the Soul Society after confirming she was dead thrice over. Tsubine spent two weeks in the 4th Division recovering before he was finally released. He now has a large scar over his chest where he almost lost his heart. He specifically requested for the scar to remain.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:
    Hakuda: Tsubine is decent at Hakuda. Although he is not the best in the Gotei, he is still about average for someone of his age, power level, and position.

    Hohō: Tsubine is decent at Hohō. Although he is not the best in the Gotei, he is still about average for someone of his age, power level, and position.

    Kaidō: Tsubine, as a man who relies on offensive techniques, is not compatible with Kaidō.

    Kidō: Tsubine is above average with Kidō. Although he could not lead the 5th Division with his skill, Tsubine is still one of the better Shinigami when it comes to Kidō. He specializes in Kidō that use a medium (usually a Zanpakutō), such as Hadō 78 Zangerin, Hadō 11 Tsuzuri Raiden, Bakudō 39 Enkousen, and the like.

    Zanjutsu: This is what Tsubine is most known for. Tsubine is perhaps the greatest swordsman in the Gotei 13. He uses a sword like another person might move their finger. It's second nature to him, and he has the scars to prove it. He uses a sword one-handed usually, and when it comes to using two hands, only a select few can withstand his attacks. Tsubine knows most, if not all, of the Zanjutsu techniques.

    Sakusei Kidō (改造鬼道; Created Kidō): Sakusei Kidō are custom Kidō. Tsubine has a few, although again, not as much as the Captain of the 5th Division would.

    • Ryōko—Nenshōrai (竜怒—燃焼雷; Dragon Rage—Combusting Lightning): This is closer to a modified Byakurai. However, its end result is different enough to call it a separate Kidō, mainly due to the increased power. Nenshōrai is more unstable than a Byakurai. It travels in a roughly straight line, although it zigzags and jumps around during the travel due to it being unstable. Upon reaching its max range of 500 meters, the bolt explodes. If it comes into contact with something before reaching the max range, it explodes as well. However, the explosion from contact is roughly 1/3 the size of the explosion from max range. Equivalent in power to Hadō 6.

    • Ryōko—Sōren Nenshōrai (竜怒—双漣燃焼雷; Dragon Rage—Twin Lotus Combusting Lightning): Although it shares a name similar to Hadō 73, Sōren Nenshōrai is nowhere near as strong. However, it is much stronger than the original Nenshōrai. When Sōren Nenshōrai explodes, it sends out four additional Nenshōrai blasts directly up, down, left, and right from the explosion. These do explode as well, although they do not create more duplicates.  Equivalent in power to Hadō 33.

    • Ryōko—Kaenkōgyō (竜怒—火炎鉱業; Dragon Rage—Flame Mining): The user casts the Kidō from a free arm. From their arm, energy takes the form of a black dragon. It spins as it fires forward, drilling into the targeted area. Objects that come into contact with the dragon will burn like they were struck with Hadō 54, Haien. However, it takes a longer time for it to burn as it is burning more. Equivalent in power to Hadō 54.

    • Shōchoku(詔勅; Imperial Edict): Shōchoku is a special Kidō Tsubine created for privacy. It allows him to seal off a single room from outside viewing. The room becomes completely soundproof and any view inside from the outside is obscured by golden energy. When activated, the Kidō looks like golden talismans that wrap around each of the walls to create the barrier. It lasts for up to 12 hours. The room has to have four walls, a ceiling, and a floor for the Kidō to work. Destroying a wall will break the barrier. Equivalent in power to Bakudō 26.

    Reiatsu: Tsubine's reiatsu, as the Captain-Commander, is extremely strong. He has excellent control over his Reiatsu, allowing him to interact with even low-ranking members of the Gotei 13.

    Other Weapons: Tsubine carries around a tantou in his jacket. It is well made and can also be used as a catalyst for Kidō that require a Zanpakutō as a medium.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Tsubine's Zanpakutō spirit takes the form of a man in golden armor. The helmet is vaguely lion-shaped.  Although the helmet conceals his face, his voice sounds as if it were not there. He carries around a large spear as his main weapon. However, he also carries a pair of swords on his waist. An interesting thing with the spirit is that even if the wind is not blowing or is in hurricane force winds the red fabric flowing from the back of his helmet always gently sways as if it were in a calm breeze.

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Tsubine's inner world takes the form of a large castle. It is situated on a large plateau in the middle of a canyon. When someone enters, they enter at one of the three bridges. The castle itself is large enough to be a maze in and of itself. However, the central feature of the castle is the large throne room. This is where Tsubine's Zanpakutō spirit resides. When Tsubine is not present, he is on the throne. When Tsubine is present, he is standing beside the throne. The castle always has sounds of bustling activity. However, there are no other beings in the castle. It just sounds like there are.


    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Obey (従う ; Shitagau)


    Shikai Name: Shin'nyo (真如; Absolute Reality)
    Shikai Appearance: Tsubine's Shikai mainly changes the appearance of his sword. It becomes a golden katana with a dragon motif. Tsubine's eyes glow while in Shikai.

    Shikai Abilities: The main ability of Tsubine's Shikai is Seiha (制覇; Domination). Seiha is a sphere around 15 feet in diameter that can be moved around. The sphere is mostly invisible. Only a small shimmer of energy where it intersects an object is capable of being seen. Tsubine has total control over the inanimate objects inside the sphere. This can be everything from a rock to a car. He can bend it, move it, melt it, etc. He can not completely make something disappear, but he can rip it into tiny pieces. If a person is inside of the sphere, then Tsubine can not manipulate the person or anything on the person. Thus, he can't pickpocket or undress someone with Seiha. Tsubine can move the sphere around at a speed rank of 50.


    Bankai Name: Ryōjō Shin'nyo (龍城真如; Walled City Absolute Reality)
    Bankai Appearance: When Tsubine releases his Bankai, he holds his sword downward and then speaks its name. As it releases, the world ripples once for 400 yards in either direction. This is visible from above and below. It doesn't make people ripple. When the ripple passes through someone, they do feel a momentary sense of nausea. It is like if someone is on a boat and a large wave moves the boat up and then it comes crashing down—without the actual movement. At the end of the ripple, a large golden wall phases into existence. This wall is made of energy, but can not be seen through.  Tsubine's sword also undergoes a large change. It is no longer a katana, but a dazzling sabre of gold and silver. Wisps of reiryoku dance along the edge. It's like putting something hot outside on a cold day.  

    Bankai Abilities:  In Bankai, Seiha is changed to Zettai Seiha (絶対制覇; Absolute Domination). There is no longer a movable sphere. Instead, the point of the release works as the center for a 400-yard circle. The perimeter of the circle is walled off by fluctuating golden energy. At the top, it looks like an aurora with how it moves. The walls extend 600 yards high before cutting off. However, the full height isn't seen until someone tries to go over it. As someone goes higher, the wall appears to be just above what they can get to. If someone passes through the wall, they will take damage. It is like passing through a mid-level Kidō. The same rules as before apply. Tsubine can manipulate inanimate objects, so long as they are not on a person.

    If someone is at least one full tier beneath him (1-2 or below) and they too create a zone—such as a pocket dimension, arena, etc.—Tsubine can take control of that zone as well. This will not remove any buffs they give to the owner of the power, but Tsubine will not receive any negative debuffs from the zone itself. He can also manipulate it as if it were his own territory, allowing him to shape the zone to his will.

    It is to be noted that this is not all there is to Tsubine's Bankai, although he does not have any access to any further powers at this time. This means if he trains enough, it is possible for him to unlock an additional ability.

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    Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-2]

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    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

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    Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-2]

    Post by Serenity on Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:25 am

    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: +30 to Zanjutsu, +50 Strength, +40 Endurance, +60 Durability, +30 Speed/Agility. Don't forget your Head Captain Bonuses.
    Tier: 0-2
    Natural Skill Points: 290
    Racial Skill Points: 290

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    Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-2]

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