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    Midori Hayashi [Approved, 0-4]


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    Midori Hayashi [Approved, 0-4]

    Post by Serenity on Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:13 pm

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Midori Hayashi
    Nicknames: Captain Hayashi
    Appearance Age: Mid 20s
    True Age: 1210
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120


    Character Information

    Personality: If Lilith Antonovich is the "Mother of the Gotei" then Midori is the older sister. She's the one that you can come to for advice and you know it'll stay secret. She's the one that also has no problem telling you how it is and pointing out when you've screwed up. She's also the person that if you're being messed with, she'll protect you. Midori sticks up for the little guy and guides them along the best she can while trying to be the moral compass of the Gotei 13 as well. She has recognized that during stressful times, people do not see straight. When someone's judgement becomes clouded, Midori does her best to bring them out of it. Midor doesn't like seeing people fall from grace, so she tries to prevent it.

    Midori is known for helping those in the lower seated positions and even sometimes holds practices for Kidō for all Gotei members. Midori is a generous person, so she doesn't always hold her squad above the others when it comes to learning Kidō; however, healing Kidō, or Kaidō, is something she will never give lessons for to non-Fourth Division members. This may sound selfish, but it's not. Midori has noticed the way her Squad members are treated because they're not combatants. Midori's goal for the Fourth Division is to show the rest of the Divisions who they're begging for help when a hollow is too powerful for them. When someone gets stabbed through the lung, guess who you're calling? Your life is in their hands.

    Midori is a confident woman. She gets along with just about anyone and isn't even nervous when talking to a man she might like. With her type of personality, you'd think that she has gone pretty far in certain private subjects, but she hasn't at all. Midori has not even kissed a man within the last two hundred years. She's never had sex either. She was brought up in a time that having sex before marriage was horribly frowned upon and she hasn't been able to shake the mindset. Modern times confuse her and make her feel extremely awkward. The only thing she accepts about them is the clothing. The old style clothing she was once used to is just way too uncomfortable. She has no problem showing a bit of skin.

    Midori doesn't go to the world of the living at all because of how modern times are. This isn't about young girls getting pregnant at thirteen because that is kind of normal for her. In fact, it's more about the technology, highly revealing clothing, disturbing music, the thick and dirty air, and even the coarse language that always seems broken and offensive. Midori's own language has become more modernized, but there are still times that she will slip up and talk differently. The only music Midori has ever admitted to liking is the Celtic Woman, a group of girls who sing beautifully and don't walk around in short-shorts and hooker heels. Midori will always prefer the modest approach, even if she likes showing her bust.

    Midori is a calm, level-headed woman with a lot of self-control, but everyone has that tipping point. Midori has not hit that tipping point in years. She does not like feeling anger and tries her best to mentally keep it back. She'll think of things she likes, calming music, or some joke someone told her before she allows actual anger to come forward. She can get depressed, frustrated, or annoyed, but she needs to completely avoid anger. When Midori gets angry, she's not the sweetheart that people know. She turns into an over protective big sister who just watched her younger sibling get beaten up by multiple adults. In other words, she's pissed and will have no problem murdering you. It's quite the jump, so don't anger her.

    Midori likes everything to be clean and organized. She's not completely OCD about it, but certain things do drive her insane. She'll straighten up someone else's workspace if it's been messy too long. She did something like this, with unforeseen results when Daigoro Ito lost his wife. Midori went over to help him, having always found him kind. She kept his clothes and apartment clean, and she made sure that he was fed. He was so depressed that she couldn't handle seeing him like that. Over time, Midori developed feelings for Daigoro, but after he fell into a coma that she thought he was never coming out of, she allowed herself to move on. When there is something that Midori cannot heal, she often gives up on it.

    Character Background: Midori does not remember her entire life before the Soul Society. She has broken memories of being homeless, and some other scattered images float through her mind from time to time, but otherwise she remembers nothing. Midori spent the first three hundred years of her life in the Rukongai. She lived very close to one of the main gates that the Shinigami came through and often got glimpses of them. It wasn't until Midori was told she had some potential to be a Shinigami that she even thought of joining them. However, she was convinced to and enrolled in Shino Academy. Midori had a hard time there. She was not a strong combatant, but her knack for Kidō and Kaidō were pretty high.

    Midori graduated after eight years, which was two more than the norm. It was embarrassing for her, but she stuck it out and ended up being placed pretty high in the Fourth Division. Midori sat at Fourth Seat for two hundred years before being promoted by one. She then sat as a third seat for three hundred more years before being Lieutenant. She never was interested in being promoted, but she had gotten skilled enough in Kaidō that it was needed. When her current Lieutenant retired after getting pregnant, Midori was quickly promoted to Lieutenant. By this time, Midori's Kaidō had actually rivaled her Captain's. Her Captain was becoming more and more frustrated with her because of it too, so things became awkward.

    Midori avoided her Captain because of the dirty looks she was getting. However, she did not stop training herself and studying Kaidō like crazy. She studied Kidō just as much, but her passion was to help people and Kaidō was perfect with that. Midori was one day called when a new Captain, Kazuo Saionji, had been hurt badly. Her Captain admitted to everyone that Midori was better than her, so they needed to call her fast before Captain K. Saionji would bleed out. Needless to say, Midori rushed over and within moments of arriving, Midori had closed all of his wounds. After Kazuo was out of harm's way, Head Captain Asakawa pulled her aside and told her to work on her Zanpakutō, which surprised her, but she did.

    Ten years later, Midori proved that she had bankai. She had not mastered it just yet, but she proved she had it when a massive group of Shinigami had been taken out by multiple hollow. She went and used her bankai to heal them all and after that was promoted to Captain. She had outshined her Captain and everyone else that had ever practiced Kaidō. Midori gladly took the spot from her Captain and had switched places. For five years, there was quite a lot of tension between her and her new Lieutenant. Even Head Captain Asakawa realized what was going on, so he had the Seventh looking in on them to make sure things were settled. That didn't go on for much longer because her former Captain committed suicide.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:

    Overall Ability: Though Midori does not enjoy battle, she is not a slouch in any way shape or form. She's quite the capable fighter that relies mostly on speed and agility to get the job done. Over the years she has been in the Gotei, Midori has trained herself to not be hit and to be able to take that hit if someone is able to land it, so she's pretty up there on durability as well. She prefers to fight at a range and with Kidō, but will fight short range if forced. Luckily, she's pretty well-rounded in Shinigami styles.

    Kidō: Though this is not her best skill, this is her second best. Midori's control over her reiryoku is pretty much mastered and because of that she can use every commonly known Kidō. She has not bothered with creating or altering Kidō because most of her skill there goes with Kaidō.

    Kaidō: Midori is the most powerful healer that the Gotei 13 has ever seen. There has been absolutely no one that could match her in skill, control, and ability for at least eight hundred years, and it's like that her skill outclasses even those who came before that. Midori's ability to heal and restore the body to it's regular form is off the charts and beyond impressive. She can restore reiryoku and even convert other forms of energy into Reiryoku for the purpose of healing. She's a true master of energy control. Midori has a plethora of techniques that she has personally developed for healing. Some concentrate on healing others, but many concentrate on healing herself. Why? Because who heals you if she's dead?

    • Tenkei: (天恵 [Heaven's Blessing]): This is a Kidō seal that Midori has placed on her back. Upon the removal of the seal, it instantly releases an amount of reiryoku into her body equal to her tier. It collects reiryoku over time and stores it away within the seal. Once released, it returns the energy to her, allowing her to continue healing people or even continuing a battle that has been going on for some time. This is used in case of emergencies and takes toll on Midori's body. If used, she must leave a small amount of reiryoku in the seal to avoid this effect. If she does not, her body will collapse under the pressure after her reiryoku has been used up or an hour after it's initial release.

    • Kassei-ka sa semasu: (活性化させます [Rejuvenation]): This is a piece of Kaidō that allows the restoration of someone's reiryoku. It lasts for three minutes, returning 75% of their reiryoku if they are resting and 30% of their reiryoku if they are still fighting. This can be cast on someone at a distance and takes the form of a green flower on the back of their hand. Throughout the duration of this Kaidō on a person, any pain they're feeling is numbed, but it returns after the three minutes has passed.

    • Futatabi toritsukemasu: (再び取り付けます [Reattach]): This is a special Kaidō that forces a person's cells to sort of re-sew themselves together to reattach a limb. It takes a few minutes to complete depending on how long it's been since the detachment. Midori can reattach a limb that has been severed within the last 72 hours. The person will have a stitching-like scar around the area once healed.

    • Tamotsu: (保つ [Keep]): This Kaidō actually preserves someone in order to keep them from dying. It only lasts for an hour, unfortunately, so it doesn't allow enough time to discover some cure or anything. It's mainly to prevent people from  bleeding out. It keeps their heart beating, their blood moving, and keeps them in a coma-like state. It is also used on body parts in order to prevent a limb from dying.

    • Kō doku: (抗毒 Anti-venom): This Kaidō removes all biological foreign invaders from the body. This is mostly used for poisons, but has proven to help fight things like the flu and colds. This chance is not instant since the stuff it fights moves through the blood stream, so the Kidō lingers for some time. Moving much will cause this Kaidō to work slower than it's meant to, so someone who is under it's effects must lay in bed. Throughout the duration, the person glows in a faint light green color.

    • Hīru nagabikimasu: (ヒール長引きます [Lingering Heal]): This Kaidō is similar to rejuvenation because it lingers for three minutes and the body's pain is numbed. Instead of restoring someone's reiryoku, it restores their body. It begins healing them by closing wounds through accelerating the body's healing processes exponentially. This can also be cast at a distance and takes the form of a white flower on the back of someone's hand. If effected by rejuvenation, the flower forms on the opposite hand.

    • Baransu o torimodoshimasu: (バランスを取り戻します [Rebalance]): This Kaidō acts like vitamins. It takes a while, but it is used to rebalance someone's body, allowing different nutrients to lower or raise to normal levels. High cholesterol, low blood sugar, or vitamin deficiencies are taken care of.

    • Itami nashi surīpu: (痛みなしスリープ [Sleep Without Pain]: This Kaidō puts someone to sleep similar to the way of a certain Kidō. However, it heavily numbs the body so that when Midori is performing a surgery, they aren't feeling it. It's her own version of a powerful and more efficient anesthesia.

    • Itami no keigen: (痛みの軽減 [Pain Reliever)]: This Kaidō numbs the body just enough to allow someone to function. It's used similar to the way normal people use Aleve or Tylenol. After the pain is numbed though, it doesn't return for at least a week. This Kaidō lingers in the body that long for minor stuff.

    Hohō: In combat overall, Midori is above-average in comparison to most Captains. However, that is not because of her skill in Hohō. She can shunpo as well as any other Captain, but the other techniques are not something she dabbles in. She only moves quickly in order to keep up with her duties.

    Zanjutsu: Midori did what she needed to do to pass her classes at Shino Academy. She's not a combat person, so she concentrates her strength away from fighting. However, since she became a Lieutenant, she realized that she had to get better. After being told to work on her Zanpakutō by the former Head Captain, Midori worked on her swordsmanship. She knows how to use a sword very well now and one or two techniques within the Shinigami's sword art form, but not much more than that.

    Hakuda: Midori has a problem throwing a punch, but not because of her skill. She doesn't like the idea of her body striking another person to do damage. Do not expect her to try and fight in this manner, but she will if she must. If she is to fight, Midori would prefer not to be short range. It will normally be with Kidō. If forced short range, she'll release her Zanpakutō and attempt to use it to fight. However, if that doesn't work for her, Midori has a single Hakuda technique that she designed for this.

    • Senshi no tebukuro: (戦士の手袋 [Gloves Of The Warrior]): Midori wraps her fists and lower arm with Reiryoku to make them more durable. Most of her reiryoku is concentrated at the end of her fist. Upon impacting anything, she releases the reiryoku that is concentrated there. It bursts outward in order to create an explosion effect. The amount of pressure the explosion causes varies heavily based on who she is using it on and whether she wants to slow them down or turn them to ash.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World:
    Midori's inner world is a beautiful world of permanent night. It has forests, valleys, and mountains all around and everything seems to be blue or bluish-green within this world. The only place that isn't is a small fire that moves from area to area depending on both Midori and Enjeru's mood. Once she is summoned into this world, Midori will have to find her way through the blue darkness to get to the light, where she will speak with Enjeru and ask for help and/or guidance. Enjeru really is a great guide for her.


    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Jumyō o Setsuyaku (Conserve Life)


    Shikai Name: Jinsei no Enjeru
    Shikai Appearance:

    Shikai Abilities: Midori's shikai allows her to surround people or objects with barriers that seemingly increases the healing processes of any living thing within them. It isn't just healing though; it's a reversal of time. Midori has the ability to alter the times surrounding objects, forcing them to rapidly increase or decrease in age. She can also stop time on an object or person, freezing it like a statue within the barriers. When this is done, however, the barriers she puts around them are unbreakable. This means that she or anyone else cannot freeze someone in time and then stab them in the back while they can't move. A living being within the barriers has the ability to fight any aging processes done to them. They merely have to force their will over her shikai. It sounds difficult, but it's not  as hard as you'd think. From the inside, the barriers on not unbreakable. Shattering the barrier is the easiest way. Another is merely out running it. Once outrun, it shatters. The barriers move to a speed equal to Midori's, so just be faster than her.


    Bankai Name: Shiroi Hana no Fīrudo (Field of White Flowers)
    Bankai Appearance:

    Bankai Abilities: Midori stands still to activate her bankai after choosing her location carefully. Upon activation, a bright blue pillar of reiryoku shoots up to eight hundred feet into the air and then spreads out in the shape of a dome. The dome can reach up to a mile in diameter. While the dome is forming, flowers begin to grow beneath it. Once the dome is created, the flowers float into the air and anyone within the dome that is breathing the air or being touched by the flowers has their bodies healing processes increased by five hundred times their normal amount. This is done by reversing time, the only thing her bankai can do. This allows wounds that would normally kill someone within seconds to heal in just as long. The body will be restored to it's uninjured state at an unbelievable rate and restore people's energy. This dome does not heal anyone Midori considers an enemy. Once her bankai is sealed, the healing ceases and there is no continuing effect. For this to works, Midori must stand still the entire  time her bankai is activated. If she moves, the dome shatters and the healing stops. There are no scars left over if healing by her bankai.

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    Re: Midori Hayashi [Approved, 0-4]

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    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsAbility/Other ModsPosition ModsTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsAbility/Other ModsPosition ModsTotal

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    Re: Midori Hayashi [Approved, 0-4]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:19 pm

    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Because of how strong of a Bankai this is, no more can be added to it. Any further advancement must be to natural/unreleased abilities and Shikai. Oh, and have a +80 to Kaidō, +50 to Kidō, +30 to Speed, +40 to Durability, and a +30 to Endurance.
    Tier: 0-4
    Natural Skill Points: 270
    Racial Skill Points: 270

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    Re: Midori Hayashi [Approved, 0-4]

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