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    Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]


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    Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]

    Post by Serenity on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:46 pm

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Lilith Antonovich
    Appearance Age: Mid 20s
    True Age: 940
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 145


    Character Information

    Personality: If Midori Hayashi is the big sister of the Gotei, then Lilith is the Mother of it. She has gotten into the habit of taking on all of the highly dangerous missions for her squad. Normally Captains are the last to be called, but she prefers to be the first. Because of how badly hurt she got, Lilith does not want anyone to go through what she's gone through. Even with Midori Hayashi as the Captain of the Fourth Division now, Lilith does not trust the Fourth Division to be able to heal everything. Her life was ruined over a botched healing and she'll die before that happens to someone else.

    This is something that the current and previous Captain Commander know about her. If there is a dangerous mission, they know to look to her first for it. If it doesn't seem that dangerous, she'll let it go to someone else. She just doesn't want to take the chance of someone dying for stupid reasons. In fact, Lilith doesn't entirely like the way the Gotei handles missions, so her squad acts differently. Lilith doesn't take chances. Captains throughout the Gotei seem to think that they're so powerful that they're above everyone else. Lilith believes that the strong should protect the weak, not send them to die.

    Within the Seireitei, there is this status quo surrounding the high ranking members of the Gotei 13. Captains are treated like gods to a degree; those of noble lineage even more so than the others. They do "no wrong" and crossing them is amons the worst things you can do. Bumping into one on the street could have you thrown in jail. Lilith has no problem going along with this "holier than thou" attitude. She'll take advantage of the high reputation Captains have any day of the week. She enjoys the awestruck expressions people have when they recognize her, or even just the emblem she wears.

    Lilith is probably one of those most protective and possessive women in the Gotei. There are others who can try to claim otherwise, but they probably won't beat her. They may feel it more or want something more than she does, but they can't do shit about it if she wants it at all. She will use her position and strength to get what she wants, not caring to intimidate those below her. She's a Captain and among the most powerful and respected people in the Soul Society, so she deserves to be catered too. Lilith has it in her head that if she wants it, she can take it unless you can take it from her.

    Luckily, Lilith doesn't want much. Her possessiveness doesn't come into play because she's very plain and simple in most things. Even her home isn't filled with much. She doesn't have many extra clothes or any other items that one would have. She doesn't care for them. The most that she splurges on herself is the stuff she has in her workout room, and even then she goes to the gym for most of that stuff. The most people have to worry about Lilith's possessiveness is with people. If she ever says that "you're mine" line to you, there is no going beyond it. There are two living that have heard it.

    The first is Kei Makabe. Now, saying the "you're mine" line, does not mean that she wants to fuck you or have you as a slave. It means she likes you, will protect you, and will support you through every decision you make. It's like claiming you as her child or lover. Kei has been claimed as a child, her one and only daughter at the moment and it has been that way for years. The other one that she has claimed is Genpaku Arishima, a feisty little ball of adorable angst that she couldn't help but claim. This man/boy is her son. She loves both of them and no one, seriously no one, is allowed to hurt them.

    There is only one person in existence right now that knows one of Lilith's secrets. She is completely ashamed of it and makes up for it in different ways. Lilith cannot have children because of injuries she previously received. This realization made her more angry and violent, so for a long time she took her rage out on other people and hollow. This calmed down a bit when she met Kei and ended up caring for the girl like a daughter and then Genpaku came into her life as a son. Those two are able to fill the gaping hole that was created when the doctors told her she wouldn't be a Mom. They were wrong.

    Lilith likes people who don't give that much of a damn about her rank. She does not tolerate disrespect or underestimating her or her Division, but someone who actually talks to her normally through a casual situation is someone who interests her. This is how people get close to her, by just doing it! She enjoys the fearful looks she gets from some people, but those that don't fear her are the ones that she shows respect to. The people who have done this are Genpaku with his anger, Tsubine with his flirting, Kaminari with her energy, Kazuo with his friendliness, and Joshua with the same color hair.

    The extremely tough and scary Lilith Antonovich is actually a very playful person and somewhat of a trouble maker. She has the courage to do things most others wouldn't, like grab onto a Captain's hair because she felt like it or even grope some of the other hot female Captains. She won't do this in front of Gen or Kei, but there are likely rumors going around about it. It's also known that she has no problem playfully picking on just about everyone she knows. It's never meant to be hurtful, though she learned not to play the "size" card with Kaminari. Even Lilith walks away from that little spitfire.

    Character Background: With how long Lilith has been alive, there are only so many memories that matter to her. Lilith can tell you that she was born in the World of the Living, but won't give you details of her past since she remembers very little. She remembers that she lived somewhere in Europe, but does not know where. She can tell you that she was poor, sickly, and died before ever getting married. She does not remember her Father or her Mother. She doesn't remember whether she had siblings or not. Most of all, she doesn't even remember whether Lilith Antonovich is actually her real name.

    Her time in the Rukongai was shorter than most people who move on to the Gotei 13. Within twenty years, Lilith was actually asked to join the Gotei 13. When a group of Shinigami were on a mission, they noticed her immense amount of reiryoku. They compared her to the strengths of their Lieutenants. Lilith was not interested in joining some army and turned them down. However, they later returned to find her with one of their Captains, who convinced her to enroll in Shino Academy to figure out whether she'd be up for it. Lilith would have normally turned them down, but this man was extremely hot.

    His name was Kenshin Tokuma and he was the new Captain of the Third Division. Taken in by his good looks, Lilith enrolled in the Academy on the condition that he would give her private lessons at least once a week. She said this was because she didn't want to go in not really knowing anyone and Captain Tokuma agreed. For the six years that she had to enroll in the Shino Academy, Lilith and Kenshin became close; Lilith developed a crush on him. She graduated known as the strongest students to have ever come from the Academy and was immediately put into a Third Seat position for two years.

    Lilith wasn't one to hold back. She enjoyed battle to a degree that people feared her. She pretty much used everyone in the Eleventh Division as punching bags until the Lieutenant challenged her and then she kicked his ass too. Lilith had a massive amount of brute strength behind her and the immense amount of Reiryoku that she head learned to develop over the years was easily Captain level. After defeating the previous Lieutenant in battle so easily, Lilith was promoted without the need for unlocking her shikai, which she thought was impressive. At least, that is what Lilith had thought.

    It took a couple of years for Lilith to realize that she had obtained her shikai, but had been ignoring her Zanpakutō's call. During a rather difficult battle in the World of the Living, Lilith was pushed to the limit against three high powered Arrancar. She was fighting to protect her squad-mates when she heard a voice that felt familiar. In a single moment that felt like an hour, Lilith connected with her Zanpakutō spirit and was able to understand how her power worked. Her Zanpakutō spirit had given her a piece of what she could do over the years to prevent her from dying, but she needed more power now.

    In that instant, Lilith gained the full release of her Zanpakutō's shikai and a massive boost to power along with it. Within moments of her shikai activation, Lilith easily defeated the three Arrancar and returned the members of her squad to the Soul Society for treatment. Upon entering the Seireitei, Lilith's power boost was quickly noted. She was approached by the Twelfth Division so many times for testing that it was easily harassment, but had no problem punching the Captain in the face to get them to fuck off. Needless to say, after getting punched they got the point and left the Lilith the hell alone.

    When she got her shikai, Lilith could not help but brag to Captain Tokuma. He was a man who liked power and respected those who trained for it. She had become powerful enough to catch his attention and they even began flirting with each other. However, after a mission into Hueco Mundo everything changed. Lilith was surrounded and distracted by six of her fellow Shinigami getting their asses handed to them. When one went down, she dropped her guard to take a look only to be slashed by an Arrancar's Resurreccion given claw. When she returned to the Seireitei she was healed, but not well.

    Lilith was told that she would no longer be able to birth a child. There was too much scar tissue and conception was near impossible. Even if she were to become pregnant, carrying the child to term would kill her. When Kenshin Tokuma found this out, he regretfully told her that he wanted to be a Father and now there was no way for that goal to happen with her. Lilith too wanted children; it was one of the things they had in common. However, she understood that with her his dream would be shattered and so she let him go. Ten years later, he was married to another woman and Lilith was destroyed.

    Training, fighting, and killing were the only things that kept any sort of smile on Lilith's face. She turned her Captain into one hell of a sparring partner and went on as many missions as she could. Most of her fellow squad-mates were pretty much out of the job because of this. It pissed them off, so many tried to challenge her, which only fed her ability to fight. She even allowed up to ten to gang up on her at a time, but was never defeated by them. Out of boredom one day, Lilith decided that she wanted to be Captain. She challenged her Captain, Reijiro Gensai, to a fight to the death for the Captaincy.

    In that battle, Lilith seemed to take every ounce of frustration and anger she had felt out on Reijiro. He had been known to pick on her for being a woman warrior and made fun of her when she could no longer have a child. He often said things like "we can't even call you a woman anymore" just to hurt her. And so, after a one hour battle and the destruction of an entire arena in the Eleventh, Lilith killed Captain Gensai by punching him straight through the heart. He died before his body slid off of her arm. Lilith wiped her arm off with his Captain cloak and named herself the new Captain. No one argued.

    For the passed six hundred years, Lilith has been the Captain of the Eleventh Division. The beginning of her Captaincy was interesting since she was immediately approached by Captain Kazuo Saionji, the younger brother of the two noble house Captains. This guy was funny as hell, wanting to stick together because of the "new Captains" thing, which was fine with her. They partook in a humorous conversation about how the two would fight together, with Lilith being in your face and Kazuo being rather stealthy. Though they aren't very close, the two remain very friendly toward each other.

    It was five years later when Lilith ended up meeting Captain Hayashi as well, but there was tension between the two. Kazuo went on his 'new captain's stick together' thing and introduced the two. Lilith called him out at wanting to befriend every hot female Captain that comes around, but it wasn't like anyone could blame him. It took a long time for Lilith to warm up to Midori. Lilith had felt betrayed and wronged completely when her body couldn't be healed enough to have children. It lost her a major goal in life and the man she loved left her all in the same day over it. Lilith couldn't help her hostility.

    A few years later, Midori finally got up the courage to ask Lilith about it. Lilith explained her situation to Midori, the Captain of the Fourth now being the only person to know that Lilith cannot have children. Midori understood Lilith's anger and made a promise that she even said she might not be able to keep. Midori was going to try to figure out a way to reverse Lilith's condition. Even though she thought it impossible, Lilith did not understand how great of a healer Midori actually was. She never allowed it to get her hopes up, which is good, because Midori still hasn't found a way to help her have kids again.

    Around 440 years ago, a man joined her Division. Lilith never paid too much attention to the lower levels of Shinigami in her Division and left that to her Lieutenant. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen death, she did not have a Lieutenant at this time and was doing all of the paperwork herself. When she first met Tsubine von Zarkonheinz, Lilith was immediately flirt with. She didn't really care about the flirting from this playboy and she made that known, but that didn't make him stop. He even started flexing in front of her! Needless to say, Lilith became interested and automatically liked him.

    Fifty-Two years later, Lilith had promoted Tsubine to her Lieutenant. She saw what the man could do and he had his shikai, so it was entertaining as hell to have him around. She never really reacted to his flirting since her mind was still elsewhere in the heart department, but she didn't mind the ego boost at all. Unfortunately, he did not stick around for long. The two had become close and right as Lilith was getting a little closer, god damn Ryuunosuke had to swipe Tsubine out from under her. Tsubine was promoted to the First Division's Lieutenant and Lilith was, once again, left without one for years.

    Around 280 years ago, Lilith was given a strange little mission about a young girl who kept freaking out when Shinigami tried to bring her in. No one else wanted to deal with the wild one, so Lilith went out to find her. When Lilith did find her, the girl looked feral, dirty, and just half-dead in Lilith's eyes. When Lilith approached, the girl actually snarled at her. That was interestingly cute. Lilith took whatever hit she had to to calm the girl down. After a while, she was able to get her into an embrace and she calmed down enough to give her name, though was paranoid about what may have been around them.

    Lilith carried Kei home and got her cleaned up. While helping her settle, Lilith noticed a hell of a lot of wounds scarring over on her arms and legs. It looked like the poor girl had been tossed around a lot, though something was off. Lilith wasn't one to pry into someone's life when they weren't that close and Kei must have gone through hell, so Lilith let it be. Kei was shy and kept her distance, but Lilith noticed her inching closer each time Kei thought she wasn't looking. It was extremely cute. Lilith sat on the couch and let Kei get as close as she would by not looking so the poor girl wouldn't scoot away.

    Once Kei got as close as she wanted to, Lilith didn't look at her. Instead, she put an arm around the child and pulled her in with the simple words of "You're safe." Within moments, Kei had fallen asleep in Lilith's arms. Lilith didn't move a muscle. She let Kei sleep and ended up falling asleep themselves. Sometime in the middle of the night, the two moved and laid down normally with Kei clinging to Lilith's side no differently than you would see a daughter to a mother. When Lilith woke up, having woken up first, she saw that and knew in that moment that she had her little girl. Kei was now her daughter.

    Speaking of gaining a child... Around 123 years ago, Lilith got another surprise. She got an application for a rather young Shinigami to join her Division. It was a gutsy thing to ask for, but Lilith accepted the application. When the boy was supposed to show up, Lilith expected a bit of an uproar. Tsubine and Lilith were still in contact, so she made sure he knew what was about to happen within the Eleventh. When Lilith heard the fighting, she decided it was time to make her appearance. She walked out to see four of her men knocked out and the rest contemplating their next move.

    Oh hell yeah. Lilith couldn't help but laugh at the scene. She walked up to the kid, her arms crossed and stared at him. He was an angry one, and little, so of course Lilith thought he was the cutest thing since kittens and puppies. Lilith snatched the boy up by the back of his shirt and carried him off. When she turned, it was just in time to see Tsubine arrive. Lilith commented on the boys adorableness and held him up to Tsubine like a prize won at a fair. Genpaku obviously did not like the treatment, but Lilith wasn't exactly the type of person you could stop, no matter how much you wanted to.

    The funny part about this all was that Tsubine recognized the kid. When Lilith saw this and realized her Division were all paying very close attention to this conversation, Lilith put Genpaku down and crossed her arms. She faced her Division and popped a smile that was more than enough warning for the rest. Lilith and Tsubine stood behind the small Genpaku and stared out at the other Shinigami. They were seriously considering whether attacking Genpaku was the smart thing to do now. With Lilith and Tsubine standing there, and Genpaku having already kicked ass, everyone just seemed to back off.

    Years later, after Gen and Lilith got closer, Lilith asked Genpaku about his scars. He said he'll tell her about his if she will tell him about hers and she agreed to it, but wasn't sure what he meant. He explained about his scars and then asked her about her eye. Lilith felt guilty as hell in that moment and it showed on her face. If she had known he meant her eye, then she would have stopped him there. Lilith sighed and lifted her eyepatch to show that her eye was completely intact. She explained to him that she didn't know that her eyes is what he meant because her eye isn't a damn scar.

    Recent Events: With most things having been peaceful, of course someone had to fuck it up. Lilith was okay with this, but not everyone else was. Kaminari Hatakeyama had been kidnapped and so Kei and Genpaku both went on the rescue mission to get her back. Lilith would normally have gone, but the two of them felt determined to do this on their own. When Midori said she was going, Lilith made her promise that Kei and Gen were coming back safe. Midori told her that she can't promise something like that, but she did promise they would come back alive and Lilith was forced to accept that.

    When they returned from the mission, Lilith was among the first to know. In fact, people told her quick enough that they couldn't even report on the well-being of Kei and Genpaku. Lilith rushed to the Fourth to find both of them outside the room Kaminari was being treated in. She stayed with them until they were told Kaminari wouldn't wake today. When Kaminari did wake up, Lilith showed up a few minutes later and Gen was the only one there. Lilith enjoyed pointing out that Genpaku and Kei had risked their lives over her getting drunk, which did make Kaminari feel guilty. However, Lilith wasn't mean.

    The fact that this girl meant something important to both Kei and Genpaku was a lot. It meant Lilith had a softened heart toward her immediately. Lilith stuck around for as long as Gen was there, doing what she could to show support. Lilith quickly took a liking to Kaminari for a few reasons. Firstly, she was funny as hell. She was so talkative, even while hurt and had a lot of energy to spare. Secondly, she was close friends to her son. The third and most important reason, Lilith saw that look in Kaminari's eyes. This girl actually had pretty apparent feelings for Genpaku. Lilith was okay with this.

    During Kaminari's kidnapping, there was something extra going on in Lilith's mind. She kept it hidden extremely well, but the man she had loved for years had been killed in the world of the living by an extremely powerful Arrancar. Tsubine was able to kill the Arrancar, but not before Kenshin, the now former Captain of the Third Division, had been killed. Though they had not been lovers for some time, Lilith's feelings for Kenshin had not wavered much over the years. She even partly blamed Tsubine for his death since the Captain Commander should have stopped it. Since then they haven't talked.

    It's a year after Kaminari's kidnapping and things within the Gotei were a little unsteady. A girl named Yua showed up through Kei to inform them that the current Lieutenant of the Second, who had been in the Twelfth originally, had created the poison that kept Kaminari down and even kept Daigoro Ito in a coma for months. Lilith looked into it to find out that the poisons were extremely similar and obviously made from the same original concoction. Finding this out, there was a meeting called to confront the issue, bringing Kei, Tsubine, Yua, Kurisu, and Kazuo together to discuss what the hell was going on.

    It was the first time in a year that Lilith and Tsubine had actually spoken to each other. When the meeting ended, Lilith kept the Captains present to continue talking about it, which was a decision she will regret to the end of her life. After that ended, she found Kei's Zanpakutō on the ground. Using an ability she knew how to track with, Lilith found her in the sewers having been attacked by the current, soon to be former, Lieutenant of the Seventh Division. Needless to say, Lilith is now up on her rage and is extremely ready for battle. War was coming, whether it be within or outside of the Gote 13.


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    Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]

    Post by Serenity on Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:00 am

    Shinigami Template

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:

    Monstrous Levels of Reiryoku: The amount of reiryoku Lilith actually has is within the normal limits that you can compare to a Captain Commander. However, her reiryoku always feels like it's almost double what it actually is because of the heavy and monstrous nature to it. Lilith's reiryoku is just immense in its natural state, which is why she had an eyepatch created to lessen it's effects around people by half. Lilith has very little ability to control the release of her reiatsu, so when she was walking passed people that were similar in level to her, she was making them pass out and social interactions were difficult if you weren't Tsubine. The eyepatch halves the effect of her reiatsu on people by breaking it down or "eating" it at the same rate at which it regenerates or is released.

    If she's releasing her reiatsu, the eyepatch goes into overdrive. It's common to have it be overwhelmed and disintegrated while in battle. However, while the eyepatch is on, it is holding Lilith back quite a bit, preventing her from using all of her energy. This is mainly to prevent her from crushing her own Division out on missions; however, when she's fighting someone alone and they send up being a challenge, she can take it off and fight at full power. If Lilith's reiatsu is being released, the heavy nature of it often crushes the ground around her, which is why one thing she has mastered is the ability to use her reiryoku to create a flat surface beneath her feet. Her own reiatsu is a problem if she's moving at all, so she needs a flat surface to make sure that she doesn't trip over crumbling ground.

    Durability, Strength, and Speed: The amount of reiryoku in Lilith's system has enhanced certain aspects of her body greatly. Because of its heavy nature, it does not allow her to become faster or more agile. Instead, it makes her stronger and harder to hurt. Lilith's reiryoku makes her bones denser and her skin harder to pierce. Now, her reiryoku doesn't speed her up, but Lilith is naturally fast in the first place. She has no problem just running to get from place to place. She's even been caught running next to a speeding bullet train during a few of her missions in the world of the living. In fact, she races them on purpose in order to see if technology has gotten faster or whether she has. Lilith has a natural flat +80 bonus to both her strength and durability and a slight +30 bonus to speed.

    Hakuda: Lilith decided to train in Hakuda over seven hundred years ago and has kept up with it since then. She would be considered a master of it, however, it is not something that she uses often. Lilith is less technique in her fighting and more eminent destruction. She doesn't care much about having to out maneuver someone when they're usually not strong enough to cut her in the first place. Lilith turns to Hakudo when she's decided that the enemy she's facing is worth putting a bit more effort into. If she does use Hakuda, her mastery of it is much more than surprising to most.

    Zanjutsu: Lilith started training in Zanjutsu with Kenshin up until he left her and then trained alone until Tsubine offered his help. Tsubine knew she wasn't going to learn much alone, so he began training her, even well into her Captaincy. Her mastery of zanjutsu is impressive, but it's not crazy good. She's more of a fist fighter and only pulls out the sword when she's using her Zanpakutō. Even then, Lilith doesn't usually need to implement much technique when she's fighting someone. Even though her technique is now great with zanjutsu, she only uses it when she decides they are worth it.

    Hohō: Lilith is naturally pretty fast, but that doesn't transfer here. Lilith is decent at Hohō, but she is no Kazuo or Genpaku by any means. Lilith's ability to Hohō, or use her speed in any real technique is probably around an average Third Seat's level. It's a little embarrassing at times, especially when it's pointed out, but when she can bench press a fucking mountain, speed doesn't feel like an issue.

    Kidō: With the lack of control Lilith has of her reiryoku, Kidō is not exactly something that she's good at. There are a few spells that she can do and those consist of Byakurai and Sokatsui. These are two where energy releasing is not that hard for her. However, when she performs these Kidō, they are extremely destructive. The pressure around them can make a person faint if they're not powerful enough to handle it, even if the Kidō doesn't touch them. The blasts are just that powerful.

    母のマーク Haha no māku: The Mark of the Mother is a permanent seal that can be put on a person, providing Lilith with a few important effects against the one she has marked. Since the seal is permanent and these effects cannot be taken away, Lilith has to be extremely careful with who she puts it on. The first person she ever put it on ended up abandoning her and so she felt every effect listed below for years after her heartbreak. The mark is invisible to everyone except Lilith and those she is actively showing at the time. For her to show them the mark, she has to be touching it or around it. If she does so, the mark will glow in a bright red and the form of The Celtic Motherhood Knot:

    Effects of the Mother's Mark:

    1) Lilith can track a marked person like they've left signs and breadcrumbs everywhere, but she has to actively be wanting that. The trail is to guide and the signs are to show images of what occurred. The trail forms in a light red glittery trail, similar to the quest trail you get in video games. The signs are faint images of what was occuring, showing semi-transparent outlines of the situation within five feet of the marked one. So, if they were in a ranged fight, all Lilith would see is the outline of the one marked in a fighting stance, attacking, defending, or something like that. In close range, Lilith will be able to make out the opponent. The seal pretty much takes 3D pictures and shows Lilith where to go.

    2) The second effect that the Mark gives is a sort of empathic ability. The people she has marked won't feel anything from her, but she can feel their intense emotions as long as they are within the same realm as her. Lilith will not be able to sense someone in the World of the Living while she is in the Soul Society. The types of emotions she can feel from them are always intense ones: elation, rage, despair, and terror. These are the only four emotions she can sense because of how strong they are. When Lilith does sense them, she immediately knows who it's coming from and whether she is needed.

    3) When Lilith marks someone, it means that they are connected to her in a very special way. The easiest comparison is that of a Mother and her child, though true love can be a good comparison as well. The meaning behind the mark makes it where Lilith cannot physically harm those marked. She has no ability to damage them unless she chooses to draw her sword. The seal prevents them from feeling physical pain caused by her and won't let a bruise, cut, or any sort of injury take place. If Lilith decides to punch a marked one, she'd break her hand, giving the phrase "This hurts me more than it hurts you" a new and more impactful meaning. This also means that if Lilith draws a sword against them, her intent is to kill them, and her shikai abilities still come into play like they normally would.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Embrace


    Shikai Name: Eien no Bo 永遠の母 Eternal Mother
    Shikai Appearance: There are no physical changes or any extra visual effect that occurs upon shikai activation and her shikai abilities are immediately implemented as she pulls the blade from its sheath.

    Shikai Abilities: A Mother is a woman who is willing to fight and die for her children. No matter whether the children are born of her womb or adopted through bonds of the heart, a Mother's love is unconditional. She should guide and support her children in everything they do. She should protect them from anyone and anything that wishes them harm, but know when to let go. When they do well, a mother should reward them and when they do badly they should be taught a lesson. And even when a child deserves to be disciplined, it is never fun for a mother who loves her children to have to punish them in any way. When a Mother's children are hurt, scared, or upset, it's up to the Mother to take on that burden in order to help her children succeed. This is what Lilith's shikai embodies.

    For the following effects to take place, they would have to be marked by Mark of the Mother. Lilith's blade must also be unsheathed and they must be within twenty miles of her while in the same realm.

    A Mother's Guidance: When a marked one is doing anything, the guidance creates a red image of some sort. It can be as simple as a line or a full blown landscape. The image will represent something that the marked one must do or see to accomplish their current goal or stay alive. The image can give a quick warning of an incoming attack or show a failure of thinking. For example, if a marked one is about to take a path that would get them killed, a giant sign saying "not this way" could show up in front of them. For her shikai to react, Lilith must already have the information. Her shikai cannot predict the future, so the guidance is always about what she knows or has already experienced herself.

    A Mother's Support: A marked one gains a +60 to endurance. However, this number is a flat bonus, so if there are two marked ones within the specified area, the bonus is halved and it continues to be shared among any marked ones. This is the only spell that has a 1 mile range instead of twenty.

    A Child's Discipline: This is not an automatic effect. This effect only occurs if Lilith whacks a marked one with her blade. It isn't meant to be harmful, but similar to a mother spanking her child when they've done something wrong. When Lilith does this, the marked one is immediately stricken with a -15 to all of their natural stats. This effect only goes away when Lilith sheaths her sword.

    A Mother's Burden: Lilith's Burden allows her to have 50% of the physical damage and 80% of the elemental damage done to a marked ones transferred instantly to her own body. It also gives her marked ones a 50% resistance to any mental attack and negates half of all debuffs on the marked ones. All damage transferred to Lilith will be based on the marked one's durability, not her own. However, she does gain a +20 to durability, strength, and endurance for each marked one within the twenty mile zone to allow her to put up a decent fight against her own opponents. Lilith's Burden also gives her a numbing effect to let her to ignore a great amount of pain for the sake of her marked ones.


    Bankai Name: On'na ienaga 女家長 The Matriarch
    Bankai Appearance:

    Bankai Abilities:


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    Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]

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    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsAbility/Other ModsPosition ModsTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsAbility/Other ModsPosition ModsTotal
    110 points not being used.

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    Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Additional bonuses: +20 to Zanjutsu, +40 to Hakuda, +10 to Hohō
    Tier: 0-2
    Natural Skill Points: 290
    Racial Skill Points: 290

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    Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved, 0-2]

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