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    Post by Dai on Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:55 am

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Solas Foiche
    Appearance Age: Late 20's
    True Age: 1672
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 56kg
    Appearance: (A picture will suffice here, otherwise a paragraph on their overall appearance and another on their clothing)

    Character Information

    Personality: Despite the adverse changes in her circumstances and appearance, Solas' personality has changed very little from when she was last party to the Gotei 13. Her previous childishness has receded a lot, though, replaced with something a bit more mature and subdued. That is not to say that she doesn't quite frequently break back into her playful, childish nature, no, it's more a case of Solas' mind being a bit more focussed and straightforward than it used to be. As a result, she can come off as quite thoughtless at times, especially when her personality is switching between two very different processes of thought. She has one of these “Ah, fuck it” attitudes, where she’ll think about something for a half-second, before simply choosing to go ahead with it and do so without actually thinking it through. This sort of decision can generally lead to her getting in even more trouble, and even lead to the pains of others at times. She’ll usually apologize... usually.

    That said, even with her newfound maturity, she is still exceptionally quick to anger and it's worse than it used to be. If one gets into that situation with her, they will find that Solas can be... extremely scary. Not just creepy scary, but to the point of one shitting their underwear from the pure rage that Solas emits. It’s not just a temper tantrum; it’s pure, unbridled, rage. Because that’s Solas’ prerogative. If she gets annoyed with you, she will most likely bite your head off in anger. This anger can vary, of course, depending on the way you’ve treated her; it can vary from simple “RAWR I AM ANGRY”, to things such as actually turning around and cutting the thing off that men use to reproduce. She’s only done that once, and that was because he touched her in a place that she didn’t want to be touched. While this still occurs in something of the same way, the difference involved is that she is far more aggressive than she was and, while likely to get even angrier, also shows her anger sooner rather than later.

    Now, Solas does have a rather bad problem. This woman is, and will always be, a narcoleptic. Narcolepsy is a pretty common disorder, where the body just randomly decides that it’s going to fall asleep. Sadly, this happens rather often with poor Solas, who has generally started to take it in her stride. If she feels that she is about to fall asleep on the spot, she’ll turn around and call out to the nearest ally of hers, in an attempt to get them to catch her and stop her from injuring herself by landing roughly on the ground. Of course, this does have the problem of affecting her duties, at times, so she tends to let those working with her know; she’s quite open about it as a matter of fact.

    Yes, that is another one of Solas’ traits. She is exceptionally open to those around her, and unfortunately, it can be her own downfall at times. This openness leads her to tell things to others that most people do not need to know; her weaknesses, her strengths, her loves, her losses, her fears, anything that defines her, Solas will most likely tell those she trusts. While that may be well and true, her trust is, unfortunately, extremely easy to gain, especially if you manage to prove yourself to her. Of course, it’s also very easy to lose. Solas has issues with trust, at times, and if someone seems to fall short of these expectations of trust that she’s put on them, she can very easily, and very coldly, cut them off from herself. Sadly, she’s also extremely forgiving, so cutting someone off from betrayal... doesn’t always last that long.

    Despite all of her traits; her childish naivety, her uneasiness around men, her annoyingly frequent tantrums, Solas is a good person to have as a friend. She’s loyal to her friends, and she’s friendly; as well as being happy to mix with those that are lower than her. If you’re down, she’ll be happy to give you a nice hug, if she’s happy, she’ll share that happiness with everyone. Solas is, quite certainly, a very childish and cheerful Shinigami, even with all the negative traits that she has. It is really quite interesting to see how this woman develops, and it will be interesting to see how she reacts to other situations.

    As for her stature on sexuality, well it’s quite plain and simple to say that Solas Foiche is completely and totally, 100% homosexual. She has said it many times, especially to humorous effect. She doesn’t hate men, but she seems to find a lot of them rather vulgar, preferring the touch of the fairer sex. It seems to be a rather strange preference, but a preference nonetheless.

    Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

    Racial Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities: (Does your character have any special abilities when they are not using their Zanpakutō? This is for things like Shunko.)
    Other Weapons: (What type of weapons does your character carry other than their Zanpakutō?)


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (A picture or five sentences)
    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: (OPTIONAL: A picture or five sentences)
    Zanpakutō: Before becoming a permanent release Zanpakutō, it appeared as a regular katana.
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase:


    Shikai Name:
    Shikai Appearance:
    Shikai Abilities:


    Bankai Name: Maelstrom Manifested
    Bankai Appearance: Simply put, the Bankai of Solas Foiche manifests as a swirling torrent of Reiryoku around her, partially obscuring and fragmenting her image.
    Bankai Abilities:

    Infrasight: Firstly, Solas' [Unfettered Vision] ignores all large sources of Reiryoku that are anything resembling eruptions of such, making the initial weakness of it being unable to see through large releases of energy moot. That said, even putting on her glasses will not remove the effect until her Bankai wears off, meaning that she will always have a headache from it. This may eventually diminish her concentration enough that it becomes a detriment.

    Maelstrom: The Maelstrom makes it impossible to use anything remotely spiritual in Solas' presence, forcing you to fight her in close combat or with projectile weapons that do not involve the usage of spiritual energy. If you do use it, the energy is almost immediately taken into the Maelstrom itself, adding to its strength and, with it, Solas' own power. The Maelstrom increases Solas' Strength, Hakuda and Kidō by 20. This bonus is increased by 2 every time the Maelstrom takes in energy from an outside source, be it allied or enemy. This allows it to break any caps imposed and does not actually have an upper limit (technically). That said, there are always weaknesses to such a thing. Firstly, the higher the power of the Maelstrom, the more it begins to affect her mentally. She slowly stops relying on Kidō and begins almost completely relying on her hand-to-hand combat. Her mind eventually reaches a point where it cannot contain the violent energies of the Maelstrom and it eventually breaks, when the bonus is increased to +100. Upon breaking, Solas stops and the Maelstrom fades. She won't recover from the mental breakdown for some time. If it were possible for Solas to 100% resist the breaking of her mind, she would not have an upper limit.

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