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    Arishima, Genpaku [Approved; 0-5]

    Post by Genpaku on Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:22 pm

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    ||Personal Information||

    ||The Basics||
    Arishima, Genpaku (Family, Given)

    Soul Society, Gotei Thirteen, Division Ten

    Captain of Division Ten

    ::True Age::
    143 Years Old [128 Years Dead]



    ::Known Residences::
    Tenth Division Barracks Appartment, Seireitei
    Ariake Family Mansion, Seireitei

    ::Physical Description::
    Genpaku stands tall for someone in his approximate age bracket in the World of the Living, or at least he did back when he was alive.  His height and lithe build makes many think him lacking muscle mass at all; this is wrong, as Genpaku in surprisingly good shape.  Or, if you know how much time Genpaku spends training maybe it isn't surprising.  His hair is the color of platinum, which he keeps short so that is doesn't get in the way.  His eyes are a deep emerald color.  He generally dresses in normal shinigami attire, including his Captain's haori when it is needed.   He has been known, however, to leave it behind on occasion when he is in a hurry.   He rarely is ever appears in public without a top however, not wanting to explain the scars that cover his upper torso.   Some of these scars poke out at his collar bone and around his wrists, but they are the smallest pieces of a much larger tapestry that covers his chest and abdomen.    These scars can not seem to be healed away as easily as most; they are scars of the soul, imprinted on him when he became a Shinigami by the Hollow that killed him.   There was a time when they were red and angry looking, but now they are healed.   Healed, but ever present.  His features are softer, reflecting his kinder demeanor.


    61.325Kg (135lbs)

    ::Visual Reference::

    ::Positive Aspects::
    Genpaku possesses a drive that few others possess, let alone can comprehend.   It is his drive that has pushed him beyond the wildest expectations of those he has interacted with, and beyond his own per-conceived notions of his limits; part of this is because Genpaku is never satisfied with where he stands in terms of power.   Do not mistake this for a hunger for power, however, as it is nothing so twisted or self-absorbed.   Genpaku seeks the power to protect; he possesses a compassionate nature that combined with several of his other traits has served to both motivate him and drag him down.   He is not the type to watch another suffer; either by making himself the butt of a joke to raise the spirits of those around him or taking more direct action, he seeks to help others.   This goes double for those he calls his friends.   There was a time when Genpaku was a loner among Shinigami, when he actively fled from their company.   Those days are now long past him, though he has been known to enjoy his own company from time to time.   While he is generally a relaxed and open individual, he makes true friendships with others only after time and thought.   For those he calls his friends he would go to the ends of the earth for.   He is an incredibly loyal person to his friends, and to Soul Society.   His loyalty is not tied to some sense of duty or honor, nor to his family's heritage; instead, Genpaku recognizes that Soul Society is the only place that Souls of the common man may go with certainty.  

    Genpaku carries himself with a relaxed and outgoing attitude; many have mistake this for naiviety from his young age.   Many believe him stupid because he lacks age.   He is neither of these things, and those that know his story know why.   The reality is that Genpaku possesses a razor sharp intellect, which he does not neglect to use though in subtle ways.   His is the mind of a learner, and combined with his drive it has served him well by allowing him to learn, understand, and modify techniques in ways that few others have.   There is another side to Genpaku here, a fierce and decisive side that is only really seen when there is a situation where he must take control.   This is most commonly seen when Genpaku is in the battlefield, as he will call out orders and plans with little waste.   He will turn his intellect on the plans and movements of the enemy and strike to the heart of it.   When he has determined a course of action that he feels he must take, he will do so with precision and decisiveness.While he may have been "raised" in combat and unease since becoming a shinigami, or maybe because he was, Genpaku seeks the simpler things; time to be with friends, calm days to enjoy, happiness.   One could say he seeks the life that was taken from him all those years ago, the childhood he was never allow to finish.   They may even be partially correct.

    ::Negative Aspects::
    Genpaku is an incredibly self-critical person, his drive to improve himself playing against him in this aspect.   He is generally the first to find fault with himself, the first (and sometimes only) person to blame himself when things have gone wrong.   He constantly thinks himself too far behind those he wants to protect, too weak to be of much note.   His modest outlook on his own capabilities is likely a piece of this thought process, and so the cycle perpetuates.   He focuses on the things he's failed to do rather than on anything he has accomplished, thus leading to the self-doubt in his own capabilities.

    Beyond the self-criticism, Genpaku has a tendency to occasionally fall back into his insular persona.   At such times he generally seems to shy away from company, usually with some reason to explain why.   He keeps this decently well hidden however, maintaining a happy facade as he goes about his day.   The cheer never seems to quite reach his eyes however.   Once alone the facade drops, and Genpaku falls into brooding and training.   When in these moods Genpaku has trained hard and long enough to injure himself.   Its usually hard to detect when this mood has settled in, since Genpaku has some reclusive tendencies that crop up from time to time for little reason.   Truth be told, he does simply enjoy his own company from time to time rather than the company of others.

    Finally, Genpaku is still young as far as Shinigami are concerned.   Though he keeps it in check generally, he does possess a temper that can be ignited to disastrous effect.   Mostly, this can be dangerous because Genpaku does possess a decent quantity of power and any power wielded without the temperance of control will result in tragedy.   The quickest way to bring this about would be the endanger or harm those close to Genpaku.   Doing so generally will not result well for anyone involved, however.


    Beginnings[1888 – 1891]
    Surrounded by dark and fog Genpaku Arishima died August 12th, 1888.  His death was a gruesome on, like that of the rest of his family; it left scars not only on his body and mind, but his very soul.  He generally does not talk about the events of that night with people, and even those close to him have likely only heard the story once.

    In those dark hours, a Hollow struck Genpaku's family.  It had stalked the young boy and family at large for days, having sensed the latent spiritual energy that hung around the family and in Genpaku particularly.  A rather sadistic Hollows it murdered Genpaku's family, consumed their souls, and used their bodies like puppets once he returned.  Genpaku caught on and attempted to flee; he may as well have tried to fly for all the good it would do him in the end.  Let us leave the rest of the details by the wayside, for they add little to this condensed tale.  Despite the intervention of a Shinigami in the matter Genpaku passed into death.  Yet, this is barely the beginning of our story, as so many endings end up being.  As Genpaku fell into death, a voice called out to him; the voice of a Zanpakutō.   Genpaku wouldn't know that for many years after, nor would he know the source.  He didn't need to know these things though; this voice, this man, offered him the power to avenge his family.  Using that power, in an explosion of rage and speed, Genpaku destroyed the monster that had taken everything from him.

    As the dust settled, the other Shinigami attempted to make sense of the situation and bring Genpaku back to the Soul Society.  Genpaku refused, stating that his work here wasn't done.  Before the other Shinigami could take him, Genpaku fled with enough speed to lose his pursuer.  He mourned, and nearly came to a stand still before he was reminded of what had to accomplish.  Over the next three years Genpaku was sighted by various Shinigami around Japan, always in conflict with a Hollow and always on the move.  He had made a vow, a promise to the spirits of his family that he would slay one thousand Hollows before he allowed himself to move on.  He would in fact complete this task, but not without road bumps.

    To begin with, Genpaku discovered the fate of those souls devoured by a Hollow when he encountered his brother as a Hollow.  The battle was long, and led to the second major complication; a Shinigami by the name of Tsubine von Zarkonheinz.  Up until this point the Shinigami Genpaku had ran into had been either low seat or unseated members, neither of which applied to Tsubine.  Genpaku had been ordered captured if possible, but Tsubine had been present for the conflict prior.  Rather than attempt to bring him in directly, Tsubine learned the reason for Genpaku's resistance and opted to see the final stages of this hunt through.  Once the task was completed, Genpaku was brought to the Soul Society.

    Understanding and The Academy[1891 – 1893]
    Genpaku had not know this before, but the fact that he had been 'born' with two Zanpaku-tous was apparently a rather rare trait.  This was something was noted and commented on much in those first few days once he had arrived in the Soul Society.  He was kept under guard for the time, since he had resisted arrest as it was, but the details soon came to light.  Genpaku was the last living heir to the Ariake Noble Family, a minor noble house that had consumed itself in civil conflict before being leveled by his great grandfather.  Said grandfather had vanished into the Human World, and no trace of him had been found until Genpaku's emergence onto the scene.  Given this information and the pair of Zanpaku-tous, it was theorized that Genpaku may well have been in possession of two sets of Shinigami powers.  With that all in the open, the question of what do with Genpaku was finally put forth.  Despite what amounted to a wealth of practical combat experience, Genpaku lacked the several foundation skills to actually enter the Gotei.  So it was decided that he would have to enroll in the Shino Academy.

    In many ways the Shino Academy was a great boon for Genpaku.  After nearly three years of fighting spiritual monster, being completely out of his element, and being anti-social he was introduced to something strangely familiar; school.  It was a world he could get his head around, a thing that in a twisted way made sense to him.  No matter where you go, school remains the same; he was the new kid in a new city, and there were many who took offense to his presence.  Yet, this simply made things more familiar to him.  Genpaku mainly kept to himself, as he was still in many ways in shock from the loss of his family and the discovery of the spiritual world.  It had been his drive and will that had kept his feet moving forward before, but with his task complete he had become aimless.  With his admittance to the Shino Academy he had goals again.  While there were conflicts and people that resented him, there were also those that Genpaku would meet and eventually form lasting friendships with.  It would take time though to break through the shell of isolation he had built around himself.

    All said, it took Genpaku a year and a half to complete his training at the Shino Academy.  His instructors believed he could have passed the exams after the first year, but Genpaku had declined to take them.  While he had believed he had not learned everything he could from the Shino Academy yet, subconsciously he was loathed to leave what had become a familiar environment to him.  Something in him pushed at him however, and rather than wait for the second year's exams to roll around he requested to take them mid-season.  He couldn't tell why, but he felt his time at the Academy had come to an end.

    Hard Knocks [1893 – 1907]
    Upon graduation from the Shino Academy Genpaku requested to be placed in the Eleventh Division, despite warnings of doing exactly that.  His motivations for doing so were largely selfish, and he didn't bother to explain them to many people.  In short though, Genpaku was still very much an angry individual.  Barely half a decade had passed since the violent death of his family, since his world had been completely ripped apart and stitched back together.  While his skill in combat had been tempered his attitude was very much that of a teenager angry with the world; so he went looking for a fight.  What better place to do so than the Division most known for it?  To the surprise of many, his request was approved.

    Which led to Genpaku's first day in the Eleventh Division.  Predictably by the time Genpaku had come within fifty meters of the Division grounds the jeers began.  Surprisingly though the first fight didn't really start until he'd made it through the gate.  This could likely be a result of Genpaku being used to this from some members in the Shino Academy.  The fight broke out none the less; and this is how Genpaku official met Lilith Antonovich.  Lilith found several division members unconscious, and a few more thinking twice about rushing in at the little ball of anger that Genpaku was.  Apparently, she took a liking to that.

    Over the next decade and then some Genpaku earned a grudging respect from his Division mates as he worked through his own issues.  He found in Lilith someone willing to back him and encourage him; in short, he found a mother.  That may well have played a large piece of helping him come to terms with what he had gone through and move past it.  However, such wounds take time to heal.

    Seeking a Name and a Purpose[1907 – 1927]
    Given the time he needed Genpaku began to push past his self-imposed isolation and began to take stock of the world he was really in now.  Namely, he began to look into what he wanted to do with this second life he had been pushed into.  Additionally, he began to look into trying to find the name of his first Zanpakutō.  Despite many telling him it was not that easy, he had determined that was where he wanted to start; he, at this point, had a pretty good idea of who he was looking for when it came to the Zanpakutō spirit.  The man who had appeared to him when he was dying, and whose words had forced his feet to move when he had almost let them fall still.  Unfortunately though, that man had been absent for years now and no voice had called out.  With no other choice, Genpaku focused on his training and worked towards that goal.

    With these thoughts in mind, Genpaku requested a transfer to the Eighth Division.  He explained the situation, and believed that the Eighth Division had some of the best relations with the other Divisions and he wanted to expand his abilities further.  To do that, he felt he needed to gain a base in those skills before he tempered them in combat.  From there, he began to truly pursue the first name while wrestling with what he wanted to do.

    He found that name nearly two decades later; it seemed like a long time to him, and yet it was so little time to find such a thing in terms of a Shinigami's life span.  It was found during a solo patrol when he was ambushed by a powerful Hollow.  For all of Genpaku's speed and skill, the Hollow was able to defend and press back.  Things were dire for the young Shinigami; then a voice called out, a conversation was had, and a purpose was found.  His first Zanpakutō's name was Raiden, and he existed to protect Genpaku.  He was the one that had awoken when the Hollow had taken everything from Genpaku all those years ago, but he would not be satisfied serving one who sought power with no purpose or reason.  Genpaku found both the name and his purpose in that fight; reminded of the events a quarter of a century past, Genpaku found that he did not want to see that past repeated.  He slew the Hollows in the opening moments of releasing Raiden.  He returned to Soul Society, taking in what the discovery of this name entailed.

    Primarily, it had confirmed for Genpaku something that had been theorized when he had first been brought to the Soul Society.  The second blade that hung at his hip had not reacted to the name he had been given, and so it seemed true that he did indeed possess two sets of Shinigami powers.  While this was useful information, considering the fact that those powers were largely dormant meant he simply had more work to do.    Truthfully, the more important discovery was the purpose that Genpaku had found.  With that purpose, he knew what Division he wanted to become part of.  However, that brought up a conundrum in the young Shinigami.  He knew he had the strength the seek out a seated position, even before he'd achieved Shikai.  Up until now though, he'd avoided pursuing a seated position to enable him to move around and easily train with other Divisions and shore up the weaknesses in his fundamentals.  Here though, Genpaku made a decision.

    Branching Out and the Sudden Storm [1927 – 1930]
    Raiden was a Kidō based Zanpakutō and Genpaku was of the opinion that Kidō was one of his weakest fields of combat, so it seemed a good place to start.  He requested a transfer to the Fifth Division, and was granted it after some delay.  He made his goodbyes in the Eighth, but made sure to maintain contact with those he had developed some camaraderie with.  He'd avoided bringing up the fact that he'd found the name of one of his Zanpaku-tous, and saw no point to change that practice when he switched.  Given his general lack of practice in Kidō, hiding his strength was not a particularly difficult task in the Fifth Division.  His focus and directness meant that his interactions with his fellow Shinigmai were usually more business-like, though he made attempts to be outgoing.  The truth was that, even now, he had not fully broken out of his shell.

    During his time in the Fifth Division Genpaku attempted to branch out and work on his healing Kidō as well.  However, he found that members of the Fourth Division were reluctant or outright unwilling to teach anything about the subject because of the Captain's feelings on the matter.  After the first few attempts fail, Genpaku found a way to approach the head of the Fourth Division, Midori Hayashi.  He inquired after her reasoning and after learning it continued his attempt to learn the arts of Kaidō.  Though it took a great deal of persistence, and maybe just a hint of bribery, he convinced her to make an exception.  It turned out that Genpaku had a knack for healing Kaidō, and if he chose to focus on it he could go far.  He took this into consideration, but explained that at that time he wished to learn more of the general Shinigami arts.

    Things got complicated a few years later.  It wasn't supposed to be to dangerous, as far as missions went.  But the information was wrong, and the group of Shinigami walked right into a Hollow they had no business fighting.  It ambushed the group, and it nearly took out the entire patrol in its opening attack.  It left only two Shinigami alive; Genpaku, and a female Shinigami he had seen around the Division from time to time.  It turned on her, and in that moment the shock of the initial attack broke and anger rose up in Genpaku.  He had known them long but these were his Division members, his fellow Shinigami, and he had not been able to do a thing to stop their deaths.  With that thought, the second voice called out stronger than it ever had before and Genpaku was brought face to face with Fujin, the spirit of his second Zanpakutō.  She existed to protect what Genpaku wanted to protect, and he latched onto that thought.

    In a flurry of wind and speed, Genpaku stopped the Hollow from finishing off the girl and pressed it back.  He defeated and purified the Hollows, and that's when things got more complicated.  During his time training with the Fifth Division, he'd also trained with the Fourth in the arts of Kaidō and he put it to use stopping the girl from bleeding out.  That girl was Kaminari Hatakeyama, and Genpaku found out her little secret; that she was not even a member of the Gotei.  They argued, but eventually came to a truce.  He'd hold her secret if she kept his; he was still not interested in taking a seat position if he could help it.  Even as he made that deal though, something in him stirred.  Something about that statement was not correct.  He could not dwell on it though; Kaminari fainted, and he rushed her back to the Fourth Division for healing.

    Strength Unveiled; The Tenth Division[1931]
    The events in Rukongai had revealed the power Genpaku held, and though he didn't know it more than a few people were in the know of it.  Still, Genpaku remained within the Fifth Division for close to a year before he decided he'd learned enough to do what he wanted from here.  More to the point, Genpaku had decided where he believed his power could best be put to use; Genpaku set his sights on the Tenth Division.  His thoughts were simple on this end; the Tenth Division was the division most concerned with the Human World, and so they were the ones on the front lines.  Genpaku had decided that he did not want to see what had happened to him repeated, and that he wanted to do his part to protect the world from the monsters that stalked it.

    This time around however he opted to seek out a position within the Division.  Armed with his skills and the names of his Zanpaku-tous he sought out position after position.  Before the first week had passed, he had claimed the third seat of the Tenth Division, at which point he opted to go for broke.  He challenged the Vice-Captain for his position.  To some people's surprise, but not to everyone's, he came away with the victory and the Vice-Captain seat of Division Ten.  One of the youngest Shinigami's to have ever accomplished such a feat, Genpaku settled in to make connections with his new Division.  And eventually, to make friends.  It was his time, fully settled into the Division, that would eventually break Genpaku out of the loner mindset and bring back the happy person he used to be, at least for the most part.

    Striving Forward [1931 – 1948]
    Genpaku settled into his new duties as the Vice-Captain of Division Ten, and began to make connections with those in his Division.  Beyond these things though, there were other important thing he began to work on.  Primarily, Genpaku began the hunt for his Bankais.  He was cautioned heavily against such action by his Captain, who feared that rushing headlong into such training was only setting the young Shingami up for disappointment.  For better or worse, Genpaku had never been very good at backing down from a challenge.  When it became obvious he was going to try for it, his Captain relented and offered advice.  He sought help from his Captain, and from his previous Captains.  He read information in the libraries he was able to get to.  And he trained.  Genpaku trained harder than ever before as he began to draw mastery of his blades from himself.  It was during this time that he began to research and develop the Kyoumei and Shinkoru techniques that would eventually become staples of his combat capabilities.  However, these techniques were immensely dangerous to develop and so care and time would be needed.

    Despite his Vice-Captain status, Genpaku frequently took patrols that took him into the Human World.  Often, he requested to be attached to other shinigami or groups of them.  In doing so he began to form even greater bonds with his Division mates.  While his demeanor slowly became gentler where people were concerned, there were some whispers of concern where Genpaku's hatred towards Hollows and their kin were concerned; not to say that anyone had warm feelings for them, but Genpaku possessed a hatred for them above and beyond what most had.  Then again, that would be understandable.  Largely, this time was a time for Genpaku to truly settle into the Division he would call his own and break the last of the shell around him that kept others away.

    The Doors of Fear [1948 – 1953]
    It took time; then again, it took far less time than anyone would have believed.  Genpaku's hunt for Banaki had ended, but in many ways it had simply begun in 1948.  In short, through his constant training and research Genpaku had discovered how to summon forth his Zanpakutō spirits and had sought out his Bankais.  That power would not be gifted however, but instead earned.    To claim that power Genpaku was faced with having to overcome a foe more powerful than thunderstorms, than raging monsters and crushing power.  A foe that had reduced others to hollow husks, driven people to the edge of insanity, and eroded away the will of great men and women.  Fear.

    This time, it was Fujin who's name approached first.  Genpaku has kept the details of that event to himself, but what is known is that he simply vanished for a span of several days.  When he returned he was thrash, a bruised and bloody ruin with broken ribs and a broken arm.  For all that though he was smiling.  Fujin had confronted Genpaku about a fear that rested deep within him; the fear about his own inability to defend the people he had grown close with.  The fear of his power not being enough.  However, in truth this was not a fear that Fujin confronted Genpaku with in the hopes of making him overcome it.  Fujin, a piece of Genpaku's soul and his native Shinigami powers, understood that those feelings were a thing deeply tied to Genpaku and so it was not a fear that could be overcome.  Instead, it was a fear that he needed to see for what it was; that was the only way that Genpaku would begin to work through it.  For Gekidou Fujin, that was enough because without that knowledge it was possible that Genpaku would grind to a halt.  She needed him to move, to flow like the evermoving wind.

    While not as outright violent as Gekidou Fujin had been, Reikoku Raiden was more stern.  He despised a different fear that had taken root in Genpaku.  The fear of loss.  Raiden forced Genpaku to face that fear, that he would lose those close to him, head on.  While Fujin dealt specifically with Genpaku's fear of his own inability to act Raiden targeted that choice of inaction.  He stated that if Genpaku lived in fear of loss he would bring about his own ruin.  That such a fear was meaningless; either you had the power to stop that loss or you did not.  Either way, you must try.  If you let the fear hold your feet to the ground, you were as good as dead.

    Taking His Place [1953 – Present]
    With the discovery of his Bankais in very short order, Genpaku began to work on mastering them.  Otherwise, life continued on roughly as normal for many years.  It wasn't until 1987 that the next, and arguably largest, change came.  Genpaku was promoted to Captain of the Tenth  Division.  Easily the youngest Shinigami to have been offered the position, the appointment caused waves for some.  Generally, however, the Shinigami of the Tenth Division had no qualms about this appointment; Genpaku had proven himself a capable leader who cared for the mission of the Tenth Division and its members.  He had also proven he had the strength to hold the position, even if he didn't quite believe it himself.  Since then he has done his best to lead the Division and maintain his happy demeanor, vigilant for threats to the World of the Living or to those near him.

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    Re: Arishima, Genpaku [Approved; 0-5]

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    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    ||Combat Information||
    ||Hohō Techniques||
    ::Natural Speed/Agility::
    Genpaku has always been a fast runner, and ever since turning his abilities towards the arena of combat he has emphasized his speed and agility.  His speed is great enough that he is able to keep up with most beings using Shunpo or its equivalents without resorting to it.  Beyond just his speed, however, Genpaku has great balance, reflexes, and control over his body.

    ::Shunpo(Flash Step) Mastery::
    Of all the techniques Soul Society and the afterlife have offered him, Genpaku has spent the greatest amount of time working on his natural speed and Shunpo.  He has great control over his Shunpo’s distance, and is easily able to use it in rapid succession to create “clones” as he moves, much like how Ichigo did the same when he first released his Bankai or Soi Fon did in the battle against Aizen Sousuke(in the canon anyway).  It takes little to no effort for him to use Shunpo because of his extensive training.  He has developed mastery over the ability that he is able to perform it off of his hand or even his head, though the range on such variants is lessened.  With a normal, single Shunpo he is capable of traveling up to a full mile.

    ::Senka(Flash Blossom)::
    Senka is the act of utilizing a Shunpo to travel behind an opponent and strike them in the Saketsu(Chain Link) and Hakusui(Soul Sleep), effectively sealing their spiritual powers.  Typically, this technique is performed with the Zanpakutō and can be fatal.

    ::Ubuge Senka(Soft Flash Blossom)::
    Genpaku does not like using Senka if he can avoid it, preferring to use this modified version while unarmed to channel energy into the target, temporarily disrupting the flow of energy at these central points.  This can be overpowered by a large outpouring of power from these central points, effectively jump-starting the system again.

    ::Utsusemi(Molting Cicada)::
    An advanced movement technique used primarily by high ranking Onmitsu members, the user moves at high enough speed to leave an afterimage, which can appear to have taken damage.  While the technique sounds simple, it is hard to master.

    ::Mure no Utsusemi(Swarm of Molting Cicada Cicada)::
    An advanced version of Utsusemi where the technique is used in rapid succession up to 3 times, creating afterimages with each iteration.  Genpaku is able to do this because of his naturally increased speed, but using the technique to its maximum will put unneeded strain on his legs and body.

    ::Sattou Semi(Rushing Cicada)::
    Another variation on Utsusemi, this technique is not specific to Genpaku, though he is the only one who currently knows it.  Effectively this technique is used in mid-movement, resulting in an afterimage that continues on the path of movement for a period of 4 seconds before vanishing.

    ::Doyadoya(Sound of Many Footsteps)::
    A modification on the fast moving shunpo seen in use by Soi Fong, Kurosaki Ichigo, and so on this technique requires Genpaku to move at higher speed than normal, adding a second step to his Shunpo’s typical 1 step.  When he does this, he forces a small amount of his reiatsu into his feet and out, creating a small scale sonic boom.  Normally such a thing would give away one’s position; the purpose of it in this technique is that Genpaku uses several of these shunpo’s while staying in close proximity, effectively vanishing from sight from most beings.  The sound serves to confuse the target before he goes in for the strike.  Understandably this technique can be quite draining if used too much.

    ||Hakuda Techniques||
    ::Dense Reiryoku::
    Genpaku's reiryoku has a few special properties, direct results of his body housing two distinct sets of Spiritual Power.  Primarily, Genpaku possesses the capability of purifying Hollows with his unarmed attacks, be they from the hands, feet, knees, etc.  He gains a +10 bonus to his durability, and his durability is considered 50 points higher against piercing and slashing attacks.

    ::Hakuda Mastery::
    In life Genpaku studied martial arts, and once he died he focused primarily on them after his formal training began.  He has undergone extensive training to any and all he could find to spar/train/practice with, has researched the known and old Hakuda techniques in the Great Spirit Library, as well as creating several of his own techniques.  His specialties are close quarter combat striking as opposed to submissions, taking advantage of his natural speed, dexterity, and flexibility.  Additionally, Genpaku possesses the ability to purify Hollows through his unarmed attacks without the need of consciously exerting power.

    ::Ikottsu(Single Bone) and Soukottsu(Double Bone)::
    Incredibly powerful unarmed strikes, seen in action by Yamamoto when he fought Wonderweiss.  Ikottsu is a single fisted strike while Soukottsu is a dual fist and has substantially more power.

    ::Tessho(Iron Palm)::
    An open palmed strike that possesses immense power, Genpaku prefers to use this to his closed fists because the open palmed strikes possess less power.  That is not to say that, when Genpaku wants to, the strike is weak.

    ::Narusho(Echoing Palm)::
    A step beyond Tessho, Genpaku forces reiatsu into his hand and strikes, unleashing the energy directly into his opponent.  The energy attempts to hinder the flow of energy through the enemy's body.  The effectiveness of this can be increased if critical points are hit.  A significant increase in power will dissipate the energy.

    ::Myakusho(Pulse Palm)::
    An altered version of Narusho, this strike effectively collapses the effect of Narusho into a single pulse that rushes through the body.  The purpose of this strike is to attempt to stun the target, rendering it helpless for a brief moment.  The stun lasts for no more than 1 seconds regardless of tier.  A sufficient amount of power being released or present can override this effect or lessen the length of time.

    ::Sasusho(Piercing Palm)::
    Also an altered version of Narusho, this technique focuses on dealing internal damage and injuries by simply forcing energy through his strike without the intent to hinder, only harm.  Strikes using this technique can cause massive internal injury to organs and so on if too many attacks are taken.

    ::Assaitaiho(Crushing Cannon)::
    More of a counter than an offensive technique; effectively, Genpaku uses a combination of a flying knee or kick and a Shunpo to apply tremendous force against his enemy. More often than not, he uses this if one of his kicks is caught, aiming to crush whoever caught said kick either into the ground or the wall.

    ||Kyoumei (Resonance)||
    ::General Description::
    Kyoumei is Genpaku's answer to his inability to normally access both sets of Shinigami powers present within him. He was told by his Zanpaku-tous that accessing both of them was impossible and extremely dangerous. However, Genpaku saw something different. Through trial and error(which in all honesty nearly killed him... twice), he discovered that he was unable to access them both because they had separate reiatsu signatures. Different wavelengths if you like. As such, they did not meld together. However he was able to interact with both sets of shinigami powers, albeit independently of one another. He concluded that this was because his reiatsu was a sort of alloy, made up of both sets of Reiatsus from the powers. Kyoumei is effectively the warping of his reiatsu to incorporate both powers, allowing him access to his full power. This has several stages of progression, detailed below.

    ::Kanipo; Kyoumei no Omoi (First Step: Resonance of the Mind)::
    The first step of Kyoumei is the unlocking of the barrier that separates Genpaku's separate Shinigami powers, and melds their reiatsu's with his own. This was the hardest for him to attain, taking nearly 80 years after he discovered the names of his Zanpaku-tous, but is the easiest to maintain as both of his Zanpaku-tous remain sealed in this state. Releasing one or the other does not interfere with this, as he is simply channeling the power into the blade and allowing it to meld as it normally would. While he is able to hold this level of Kyoumei indefinitely, he prefers not too as he is not able to control his reiatsu effectively and thus it is dangerous for those around him as well as making it virtually impossible for him to hide.  During this time, his reiatsu manifests as an emerald power surrounded by crackling lightning, and is immensely powerful.

    While Kyoumei no Omoi is active all of Genpaku's abilities are brought to their maximum, but he loses the extreme reiatsu stamina he held before as he is now accessing both sets of powers instead of one at a time.  While active, Genpaku gains a +25 bonus to all his natural skills except his Endurance stat.

    ::Kyoumei No San Kokoro (Resonance of Three Minds)::
    More of an extension of Kyoumei no Omoi, Kyoumei no San Kokoro is the further melding of spiritual energies between Genpaku and his Zanpaku-tous. Beyond the ability to utilize both sets of Shinigami powers, this stage allows Genpaku to release both of Zanpaku-tous to the Shikai level. He is capable of maintaining this state for a great length of time, but finds little reason to do so. However, this is the first step of Kyoumei where Genpaku begins to run into repercussions for its use; upon de-activation Kyoumei no San Kokoro Genpaku experiences muscle tension and headaches. In addition, once he reseals Kyoumei (if it has only been released to this level) he is unable to release either Zanpakutō for the remainder of the thread and day(RP/real time). It took Genpaku remarkably little time to advance to this stage once he discovered Kyoumei no Omoi(only five years). He trains with this level every day to lessen its drawbacks, though he does so in subtle ways so as no to accidentally harm weaker division members.

    The further levels of Kyoumei have not yet been manifested or perfected by Genpaku, and as such are not combat capabilities he truly possesses. They are listed below for clarity and will be unlocked at a later date.

    ::Daniippo; Kyoumei no Shinjou (Second Step; Resonance of the Body)::
    The second stage of Kyoumei is one of Genpaku's most potent combat abilities. At this stage Genpaku is capable of utilizing his Shinkoru ability on both of his Zanpaku-tous simultaneously in a similar manner to what Baishin was able to accomplish in the Sealed Sword Frenzy OVA. Under normal circumstances Genpaku must have been at Kyoumei no Omoi for a full post, though it is cleaner for him to be at Kyoumei no San Kokoro. The reason for this is because the absorbtion of one's Zanpakutō is not merely a physical strain; Genpaku must keep his mind seperate from the minds of his Zanpaku-tous lest he fall into the same trap that Baishin had. This ability is not a stealthy one; Genpaku must flare not only his own Reiatsu but the Reiatsus of his Zanpaku-tous. Once the three Reiatsus sync the Zanpaku-tous deconstruct into energy and Genpaku absorbs them.

    The advantages of this ability is rather obvious; Genpaku's greatest strengths are in unarmed combat and speed. By absorbing his Zanpaku-tous in their Shikai states he is capable of channeling the abilities of his Zanpaku-tous through his body. Additionally, Genpaku is capable of combining the abilities of his Zanpaku-tous, just as he is able to when they are not absorbed. Several abilities, however, are slightly altered once absorbed and are listed below.  Additionally, Genpaku gains a further +25 bonus to all Natural Skills except Endurance.

    Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds) & Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
    These abilities are instead infused into Genpaku's aura, and extend out only a few inches from his person. The abilities are otherwise unchanged.

    Ittaiheki(Burst Zone)
    This ability is upgraded in that it no longer seals Fujin after use; instead the aura of razor winds that surround Genpaku when Fujin is absorbed are used and dissipated by this ability. The aura will reform 1 post later.

    Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
    Whatever surface Genpaku is using covered in electricity. Otherwise Raiden's abilities function as normal through this change.

    In addition, Genpaku gains one new ability in this form.

    Aura Burst
    Genpaku flares his aura, charging the already wind-infused aura with electricity before releasing it in a burst of destructive power far stronger than Ittaiheki. Additionally, because the aura is imbued with electricity it will apply a stage of Sekkai. However, using this ability causes Genpaku to lose access to all Shikai abilities (disregarding the passive abilities) for two posts, and he loses the ability to use this power for seven posts.

    For all of this, there are major drawbacks and dangers to using this stage of Kyoumei. The most drastic danger Genpaku faces is the potential for him to fall into the same trap as Baishin; namely the potential for Genpaku to fail to keep his mind and his Zanpakutō's separate. If this were to happen Genpaku would likely fall into madness and unleash destruction on everything around him. This is, however, not an incredibly likely event provided Genpaku's mind is not directly attacked or he does not use this ability while in a wrecked state of mind. He has trained hard to make sure this kind of event does not come to pass. The more likely and relevant dangers of this stage is the intense wear on Genpaku's body from the powers he is exerting. The longer Genpaku uses this stage the greater strain he places on his muscles and mind.

    Additionally, once Genpaku seals this stage of Kyoumei his Zanpaku-tous return to their sealed states. He will be unable to release either Zanpakutō past their sealed states after sealing Kyoumei no Shinjou for the rest of the thread. He will also be unable to activate this state of Kyoumei for three days. Depending on the extent of the use of this power, Genpaku may also suffer muscle damage, exhaustion, and in severe cases unconsciousness.

    More information on Shinkoru can be found further down.

    ::Sanbanippo; Kyoumei no Reikon (Third Step: Resonance of the Soul)::
    Kyoumei no Reikon is the highest stage of Kyoumei that Genpaku has ever actually activated and he has only done so a handful of times in the confines of the bottom floor of the Underground Central Prison, known as Mugen(Nothingness), to insure he does not harm or kill anyone from the amount of spiritual pressure released. Only those closest to Genpaku know of Kyoumei, and even fewer have seen this stage of it. Genpaku is only able to enter this state if he has had Kyoumei active for at least 3 posts, and he must be capable of activating Kyoumei no San Kokoro. This stage allows Genpaku his most destructive ability; to release one of his Zanpaku-tous to the Bankai level while maintaining the other at Shikai. He is freely capable of melding the abilities of his Zanpaku-tous in their respective states while at this level to devastating effect, to the point that he fears he could destroy large portions of Seireitei if he were to ever use it in its confines. While in this state Genpaku is capable of using Shinkoru on the Shikai level Zanpakutō; however, doing so presents the same risks as before only elavated due to the nature of Zanpaku-tous in Bankai and such.

    While this grants Genpaku amazing destructive potential, their are serious dangers to the form to Genpaku. Besides the fact that the form drains a large amount of energy while in use, Genpaku faces greater risks the longer he remains in said form. The first five posts he remains in this form he will face only greater taxation on his mind and body, and if he drops out of Kyoumei no Reikon before this five post mark he will face extreme exhaustion, the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past sealed for the remainder of the thread and a day beyond, and be unable to move to any state above Kyoumei no San Kokoro for five days. If he remains within Kyoumei no Reikon for 6 to 7 posts, he will face the same drawbacks but be unable to release either Zanpakutō for three days past. If he remains for 8 to 9 posts, once sealing he will also be out of energy and will likely pass out in a short amount of time for the remainder of the thread and a day after. At 10 posts and beyond, Genpaku faces all the previously stated drawbacks with 2 more days tacked on, will immediately pass out for five days, and will suffer severe muscle damage.

    ::Koukiippo; Zekkou Kyoumei (Final Step; Perfect Resonance)::
    Beyond the stages that Genpaku has discovered and mastered/begun to master, he has theorized the existance of a step beyond his current maximum. He has also theorized that he could attain the stage if he pushed himself for it; however, he also knows that if he is right there are immense drawbacks to unlocking and using the form.

    Genpaku is correct in their being another stage of Kyoumei beyond his current maximum. This form allows the pressure of both of his Bankais to be released, and grants him access to all of their abilities simultaneously. He is capable of activating this form only after experiencing extreme duress (such as the loss of a close friend or similar event) and if he has has Kyoumei activated for a certain amount of time: 6 posts for Kyoumei no Omoi or Kyoumei no San Kokoro, 4 posts for Kyoumei no Shinjou, or 2 posts for Kyoumei no Reikon. It may technically be possible for him to enter the state regardless of the length of time Kyoumei has been active, but before the listed times it will result in mental trauma.

    However, there are massive drawbacks to this form. Firstly, the sheer amount of strain put upon his body and mind to hold these two powers in unison is absurd, and only gets more so the longer he holds this form. If he retains this form for 1 post, he will face only extreme exhaustion upon sealing it again and the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past shikai for the remainder of the thread. 2 posts will result in the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past sealed for remainder of the thread and for five days after(real time) and have very little energy available afterwards. 3 posts will see damage to his muscles, a lack of energy, and the sealing of his Zanpaku-tous for two weeks(real time). 4 posts will see him lose his Spiritual pressure for three days(real time), his Zanpaku-tous sealed for two weeks(real time), and major damage to his muscles. 5 posts will see him unconscious for a week in addition to those other drawbacks.

    Beyond that, and the negatives becomes more extreme. At 6 posts, his Zanpaku-tous will be sealed for 3 weeks, he will be without spiritual power for a week, his muscles will damage severely, he will be in a coma for a week, and he will be unable to enter Bankai with either of his Zanpaku-tous for an additional week(real time) beyond the previous seal. At 7 posts and beyond, he begins to run the risk of death from the strain on his body, mind, and power unless given immediate medical treatment after sealing this form.

    These drawbacks are in addition to any drawbacks sustained from other forms of Kyoumei and combat.

    ||Shinkoru (Synchronize)||
    ::General Description::
    Shinkoru is an ability that Genpaku has rediscovered, developed, and to some degree mastered. He discovered the possibility for the technique by going back through variuous archives, reports, and stories. Effectively this ability allows for the temporary absorbtion of one's Zanpakutō, consequently allowing the user to channel some or all of their Zanpaku-tous abilities through their bodies. For someone like Genpaku, who is far more talented at unarmed combat as opposed to Zanjutsu, this is an invaluable ability.

    While the ability is rather straightforward in description, learning it is anything but. It took Genpaku decades to work out the mechanics of the technique, and even then he was only able to begin using it as proficently as he does because of close work with his Zanpaku-tous and their energies from before. Beyond the difficulty in learning the technique, it poses a huge danger; absorbing your Zanpakutō doesn't just mean taking the physical body into yourself, it means re-absorbing the spirit of your Zanpakutō into your own. This has the potential to go horribly wrong; too much mental stress while attempting to keep both psyches seperate can result in the two(or more) personalities melding, violently. [An example would be Baishin. However, he isn't being mentioned as it is currently unclear whether he exists in Broken Blade's cannon]

    In Genpaku's case, he is capable of absorbing both of his Zanpaku-tous at one point or another. Several of the abilities from his Zanpaku-tous undergo slight variations upon absorbtion.

    Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds) & Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
    These abilities manifest around his person, effectively becoming a part of his aura. The power extends out only a few inches from his being, however; otherwise the abilities remain unchanged.

    Ittaiheki(Burst Zone)
    This ability receives an upgrade in the fact that it does not seal Fujin. Instead, what happens is that the aura of razor wind he received rushes outward, pushing enemies away. The aura reforms 1 post later.

    The Sekkai ability generally requires wounds for the electically charged spiritual energy to invade the enemy and produce the reaction time deteriorating effect.  When absorbed through Shinkoru however merely being struck will be enough to induce the effect, albeit at half the potency of normal.  If a strike is able to break skin, the full effect will be applied.

    Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
    Whatever striking surface Genpaku is using is covered in electricity instead of his entire being. That is the only change.

    ||Zanpakutō Information||
    ||Inner World||
    Genpaku's inner world takes the form of a large stone arena near an unnamed ocean. The weather above said arena varies from stormy to calm, but there are usual large clouds somewhere in view. The wind rushes around and through the arena, but its not hard to guess why.

    ||Raiden (Thunder and Lightning)||
    ::Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance::

    ::Sealed Zanpakutō::

    "Pierce the night! Raiden!"

    ::Shikai Description::

    ::Shikai Abilities::
    Sekkai(Untimely Interference)
    Once released, Raiden gains the ability to alter the reaction time of enemies it cuts. It must break the skin for this effect to come into play. The first time a successful cut is landed on an enemy, they're reaction time is dragged down to the average human reaction time(.215seconds). After that, each successive cut increases the reaction time by 1.25times, capping out at 1.6secons maximum. There are several ways for this effect to be negated or abolished; a substantial increase in power(such as with a release to a different stage), not being struck by Raiden for several minutes. or if Raiden is returned to its sealed state. Not being struck by Raiden for 3 posts reduces the effect by one stage. Stages are marked below.

    Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
    Raiden coats itself in electricity to amplify the damage of its strikes by 40% and to amplify the effects of Sekkai. While this is active, the rate at which Sekkai stacks its ability increases to 1.5 times per hit. In addition, enemies wearing metal based armor draw electrical tendrils from Raiden as it passes. This do only light damage and do not apply a stack of Sekkai. This ability remains active for as long as Genpaku decides to channel reiatsu into it, though leaving it active too long can become costly on his reiatsu reserves.

    A projectile attack where Raiden releases a pulse or wave of reiatsu enhanced electricity. Taking a direct hit from this attack deals electrical damage, burns the area it struck, and subjects the primary target(or first target to be hit) to Sekkai as though Hiraishin was active. The effective range of this attack is up to 100 feet before the energy dissipates. Depending on its strength, a direct hit upon a hollow's mask may shatter it and cleanse it as though it was struck by the blade.

    Banrai can only be used after Denko has been utilized. A loud crash like thunder is released from Raiden; this sound wave is amplified by Genpaku's reiatsu and deals sonic damage to enemies within 20 feet of Genpaku. This attack ignores material barriers such as walls unless those objects are soundproof. In addition, the target may be thrown off balance by the attack due to equilibrium originating in the ears. The sound wave is capable of cracking or shattering hollow masks depending on the strength of the hollow.

    Sekkai Stages
    The rate and reaction times for Sekkai are listed below. Entries in () are with Hiraishin active.
    Initial: .215 Seconds
    2nd Strike: .269(.323)
    3rd Strike: .336(.484)
    4th strike: .420(.725)
    5th Strike: .525(1.09)
    6th Strike: .656(1.60)
    7th Strike: .820(1.60)
    8th Strike: 1.02(1.60)
    9th Strike: 1.2891.60)
    10th Strike: 1.60(1.60)

    :Bankai Name::
    Reikoku Raiden(Relentless Thunder and Lightning)

    ::Bankai Description::

    ::Bankai Abilities::
    Though Reikoku Raiden blackens the visible sky, only a specific area of the clouds actually acts as Genpaku's bankai at any given time. This area is a half mile radius centered on Genpaku, which will move to follow him as he fights and moves about the battlefield.

    Enhanced Speed/Reiatsu
    Once Genpaku has released Raiden to Bankai his speed increases substantially, granting him a +40 bonus to speed and agility. In addition, his spiritual pressure increases as is expected with a release to Bankai. In this state, his Reiatsu feels like the air during a summer storm.

    Raiden(Thunder and Lightning)
    Denko becomes Genpaku’s main attack once Raiden is released to Bankai, though the attack is now in the form of a lightning bolt fired from above. The bolts combine the effects of Denko and Banrai into a single attack, aimed with Genpaku's will. He is capable of unleashing several of these bolts at a time, each of which is easily quadrupled in power as compared to Denko in Shikai state. This attack can apply a stage of Sekkai as well, treated as though Hiraishin is active.

    In Bankai Genpaku attains an immunity to electrical based attacks as well as retaining immunity to Banrai.

    Haiden(Distribution of Electricity)
    Haiden is a technique that Raiden gains when it shifts into Bankai. By striking Genpaku with a bolt of lightning, Raiden gives the opposite effect of Sekkai by increasing the flow and speed of the impulses sent through the nerves. This increases Genpaku’s reaction time by a factor of 1.5. Unlike Sekkai, this ability cannot be stacked any higher than the initial application.

    Soshi no Raikou(Element of Lightning)
    Genpaku strikes himself with Raiden, infusing himself with electrical energy. By doing so, he can either channel Raiden's attack through himself to change the directions and angles the attack can come from, or attack with enhanced melee strikes. During this time, Genpaku's speed and reaction time are bolstered by an additional 1.5 times. However, this ability can only last 3 posts, after which Genpaku must wait 6 posts before using it again. Additionally, Genpaku drains himself of vasts amounts of energy during this time; activating the ability more than twice during any one fight is incredibly dangerous and could lead to him passing out, injury, or if he pushes too much even death.

    ||Fujin (Goddess of Wind)||
    ::Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance::

    ::Sealed Zanpakutō::

    "Howl through the worlds, Fujin!"

    ::Shikai Description::
    Upon release, Fujin's blade shatters before reforming as a blade made of cyclonic wind.  (An image will be provided in the future.)

    ::Shikai Abilities::
    Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds)
    When Fujin is released to Shikai, the blade shatters and is replaced by a blade make of high density, high velocity wind that shreds instead of cuts. The blade in incapable of blocking material objects such as blades, but is also incapable of being blocked by such objects. However, if it comes in contact with flesh or a similar substance, the result is the scouring and shredding of the surface as the twisting razor winds scar said surface. Depending on the direction of the swing and the surface it hits, the 'blade' is capable of removing limbs. Hits to the chest will leave deep gashes that may destroy bones or sever organs, depending of course on defenses and so on.

    Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
    Fujin's blade is not as fixed as it seems to be. The blade itself is made up of the razor winds that spin at cyclonic speeds in a confined area, while the area immediately around said blade is whipped about, Fujin's influence seeping out into the air around the blade. This effectively means that the air directly around the blade can cut as well. However, the damage isn't as severe as a direct hit from the 'blade'; it will still leave gashes along the surface however.

    Aori Shini(Reaping Gust)
    With an investment of reiatsu, Genpaku can release a burst of scything winds in a direction. The attack is a cone in front of Genpaku, extending outwards up to 40 feet. The attack appears as a field of moving wind blades that slice and dice most things caught in the attack. After extending the 40 feet the air pressure decreases, no longer capable of cutting but possibly able to force enemies back. All effects of the attack dissipate after 60 feet.

    Kirukaze(Air Cutter)
    Similar to Reaping Gust, except concentrated into a single blade of air. With a swing of the 'blade' a blade of high pressure air flies forth in the direction of the swing; this attack is capable of cutting through buildings and multiple enemies if they do not get out of the way. The air immediately around the blade and extending out 3 feet from both sides of the attack is focused into a high pressure ridge that can push enemies away. The attack dissipates in much the same way as Reaping Gust.

    Tokuteikiatsu(Cyclone Shield)
    By holding Fujin point down and channeling Reiatsu into her, Genpaku is capable of creating a spinning barrier of spiritual energy and wind around himself and those near him. The shield acts as a semi-sphere if he is on the ground or a sphere is he is in the air, and has a maximum diameter of 15 feet. This shield is capable of deflecting projectile based attacks if it is kept below a diameter of 9 feet. Beyond that threshold, the projectile attacks are only thrown off course slightly. This is all based on the power of the enemy of course. The shield is not solid, but does act as Shredding Winds detailed above. For the duration of the ability, Genpaku is unable to use any of Fujin's other abilities, and must continue to channel energy into the blade. In addition, the enclosed area has minimal oxygen as most of it is being drained out to the shield.

    IttaiHeki(Burst Zone)
    A seldom used ability at best, this move does not damage to enemies caught in it. Genpaku draws energy into Fujin, then releases both the blade and Shikai, the result being a literal explosion of air pressure. This explosion pushes most anything away from Genpaku that is not an ally of his to a distance of 40 feet away. However, this returns Fujin to her sealed state, and limits her release to either Shikai or Bankai for 2 posts.

    :Bankai Name::
    Gekidou Fujin (Raging Goddess of Wind)

    ::Bankai Description::
    Genpaku is encased in a set of green armor with translucent wings.
    (A Picture will be provided in the future.)

    ::Bankai Abilities::
    Fujin(God of Wind)
    As the name implies, Genpaku gain complete control of the winds directly around him that is readily useable. He is able to infuse that wind with Reiatsu and form different objects or shapes. He is capable of recreating any of his Shikai abilities because of this, and those abilities are amplified

    Enhanced Durability and Strength
    Gekidou Fujin's appearance as emerald armor is not for show; once released to Bankai Genpaku's Durability increases against all forms of attack as the armor is enhanced with spiritual power as well as the physical armor itself yeilding a +60 bonus to durability. Genpaku's strength also is amplified by roughly 1.5 times in this state.

    Flight/Speed Increase
    The wings on the back of Gekidou Fujin are not simply for decoration; in a place where flight would not normally be possible Genpaku is capable of using them to keep himself aloft. In addition, the wings manipulate the air around Genpaku, reducing drag and air resistance to increase his overall speed and agility by 1.5 times his norm, making him one of the fastest Captains.

    Kazefumu (Step On Wind)
    While using a Hohō technique such as Shunpo, Genpaku's body can literally becomes wind for the duration of the movement. He is insubstantial during the movement, becoming solid once he has reached his destination. If he is scattered during this motion (by another wind controller), he instantly solidifies once more in place and ceases movement.

    Reiatsu no Arashi (Spiritual Pressure of the Tempest)
    In Fujin's Bankai state, Genpaku gains an aura that covers the area serving to aid allies and hinder enemies. In this form Genpaku's reiatsu rushes around in the aura, which extends up to 60 feet, assaulting enemies with air pressure which serves only to slow enemy movement down. Weaker enemies may actually become immobilized by this ability depending on thier strength. Genpaku's allies gain a benefit from this aura as they are propelled by the aura, this speed increased by roughly 1.5 times.  Genpaku does not benefit from this ability.

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    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
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    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: +20 to Speed, +20 Agility, +25 Hohō, +25 Hakuda, +10 to Endurance... All of this being given for natural talent, trained experiences, previous battles, and because I said so.
    Tier: 0-5
    Natural Skill Points: 260
    Racial Skill Points: 260

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