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    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] Empty Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:04 am

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Sosuke Aizen
    Appearance Age: Early to mid 30s
    True Age: 1121
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 185

    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] AP3_zpsmmdarxao

    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] AP2_zpspig1fxub
    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] AP1_zpsbl4q5f5f

    Character Information

    Personality: Sosuke is one of the more charismatic Captains of the Gotei 13. He's very friendly and has a welcoming look about him. He is known not only in the Seireitei, but throughout the Rukongai as well. He's very easily liked because he's always very calm and collected. He never seems to get angry with someone, though there are times he becomes frustrated. He is an extremely intelligent man that seems to be good about almost everything he does. He's a true natural. When someone wants to get better in a certain style, but want a teacher who won't be too strict, Sosuke is who they come to.

    Sosuke is one of the more helpful Captains as well. He always seems to have time for anyone and never blows anyone off because because he's too busy. Even if he is busy, he'll stop and talk to someone who needs advice because he finds his students to be more important than paperwork. He is the type of teacher that will confront his students on their grades when they're failing, but reward those who work hard to excel. Some students he has had to give extra attention to make sure they pass. Tsubine von Zarkonheinz was a perfect example. He dragged that man to class asleep a few times.

    Sosuke does his best to help out in the Rukongai. He understands that the place isn't the richest of the Soul Society, so doing what he can to help out is part of his hobbies. This is one of the reasons why he is well known throughout the Rukon. Sosuke has actually helped with the building of a lot of places out there, some of it was done using his Zanpakutō. When using his Zanpakutō, he is able to get creative, which is something he loves. Sosuke is a creative person and appreciates the arts more than most. He has shown this in his writing and painting. Sosuke's published a book and multiple articles.

    Sosuke is a very charming man who is as good with his words as he is attractive. He is a very sophisticated, refined, and poised gentleman. He knows exactly what to say to someone to make them swoon or persuade them over to his side. Of course, this goes off on women much easier than it does other man, but that doesn't mean he can't speak to his brethren as well. Sosuke knows he is attractive because of how many women flirt with him; he's been proposed to on multiple occasions. He enjoys the extra attention and loves seeing women go crazy over him. Luckily, he doesn't show it much.

    Sosuke may enjoy the extra attention he gets and may even invite it at times, but he doesn't show much of an ego over it. In fact, he finds the attraction some have to him very cute. He has not ever led a woman on though, so people haven't had to worry about having their hearts broken. He is too loyal to do something like, but he has always claimed his loyalties to be with the Gotei. There are some people who question whether this is true or not, but he has not shown disloyalty to the Gotei, even when the incident years ago occurred. He is just in permanent denial about his love being a traitor.

    Sosuke had once been ready to be a Father. He has always loved the idea of being called Dad, but after his pregnant wife vanished Sosuke has a hard time being around children for too long. He does lover them and enjoys games with them out in the Rukon every now and then, but too much time with them brings up bad memories and others that never were. To this day, Sosuke is still hoping that his wife and daughter will turn up at the gates to the Seireitei so he can prove his wife innocent and finally meet the little girl he loves so much. Even though he's never met her, his love is unconditional.

    Sosuke is a planner. He doesn't do anything spontaneously, even though some things may seem that way because he kept them a secret until their occuring. He prefers things to go exactly as planned and unexpected events can throw him off.  Sosuke does not like surprises; the only kind of surprise that he has learned to accept is a surprise party and even those bother him sometimes. This does not mean Sosuke doesn't like parties. He loves them. He is the type to get some of the Captains, Lieutenants, Seated Members, and students together just so people can get to know each other and have some fun.

    The creative side of Sosuke Aizen comes out in one more aspect than his writing or upgrading the Rukongai. Sosuke is very musically inclined. Not only does he play the violin, flute, piano, cello, and harmonica, but he also dances rather well and has a good singing voice. Most of that he worked for, but he was a natural at dancing and he was blessed with a smooth voice that caters to audiences who like pop, R&B, and even opera. Because of their likes, Sosuke has become good friends with fellow Captain Okitsugu Fujiki. The two of them have become very close and often enjoy music together.

    Character Background: Sosuke Aizen has been a member of the Gotei 13 for over a thousand years. He started off very young, pretty much a child in the eyes of everyone else who was a member at the time. He took all six years to graduate Shino Academy before he officially joined up. Sosuke worked his way up in the ranks, starting off unseated in the Second Division. He was always small and quick in his younger years, so his stealthy abilities were well suited for the Division. However, Sosuke quickly realized the duties of the Division were not something he wanted to take part in and transferred.

    Sosuke transferred from the Second to the Fifth Division in the year 960. His first few years out of the Second Division weren't the best for him. There was a lot that bothered him about the Second Division, so he didn't feel ready to open up and talk to most people in the Fifth. He practiced quietly along side his fellow Division members and participated in the normal hollow missions. During his years in the Fifth Division, Sosuke became very familiar with Kidō and how to make his own. While practicing one of his many minor custom Kidō, he met a young woman by the name of Kokoro Erizawa.

    Kokoro was a healer in the Fourth Division, but that wasn't where she wanted to be. Sosuke helped her with a transfer to the Fifth and to show how grateful she was to him, he was rewarded with a small kiss. Sosuke had never been kissed before and it was never on his mind, so when this happened he began his first crush. Sosuke became shy around Kokoro for a few months. When she finally confronted him about it, he admitted his feelings and asked her on a date. To his surprise, Kokoro said yes and their relationship blossomed. They dated for ten years before Sosuke had the courage to propose.

    Kokoro happily said yes and they got married in the year 980. The two of them were extremely happy together for the entirety of their marriage. When Sosuke was badly hurt during a hollow attack in the Rukongai, Kokoro begged him to stop going out on missions. He had received injuries multiple times and she just could not take his severe injury. He agreed and soon transferred to the Thirteenth Division in 1316 to become their Third Seat. He joined the other members in teaching the newcomers of the Gotei and making sure they were ready for what the life of a Shinigami was going to be like.

    Sosuke quickly realized that he loved teaching because he was able to meet so many people and was able to see the potential of the Gotei 13 before anyone else could even understand it. For the next three hundred years his life was what he would have called perfect. He was Lieutenant  of the Thirteenth and had a beautiful wife who had found out she was pregnant, but that quickly came to a halt when he received word that Kokoro had been chased from the Soul Society. When he went to find out why, he was informed of a plot to assassinate the Captain Commander, but to this day he denies it.

    Destroyed over the love of his life being chased out of the Soul Society, Sosuke buried himself in his work and put all of his resources toward finding her and his child. Sosuke's motivations all seemed to shoot through the roof. He trained for his bankai, pushing himself to become more powerful and climb the ranks. Over the years though, Sosuke was able to mellow out and began leading a calmer life. Having gained his bankai, Sosuke took the place of his previous Captain who wanted to retire out to the country of the Rukongai. Sosuke gladly took the rank up and continued teaching.

    Sosuke keeps looking for his family to this day, but they can't be his concentration after centuries of no clues. He concentrates more on teaching the incoming Shinigami and befriending those around him in order to create a friendly and trusting environment that his previous Captain had a hard time creating. Sosuke has been a teacher in the Shino Academy for 699 years and the Captain of the Thirteenth Division for 399 years. He has become one of the Gotei's most eligible bachelors, no longer considering himself married and one of the more well-known Captains because of how friendly he is.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:

    All Shinigami Styles: Sosuke excels in Hohō over everything else. He is an absolute master of the style and all of the techniques within Hohō. However, this does not mean he's a slouch in anything else. Sosuke has always been a natural. He's good at just about everything and that includes Zanjutsu, Hakuda, and Kidō. He's sort of a jack-of-all-trades type of guy when it comes to the rest. The only reason he's better at Hohō is because of his need to be on time. He's a very punctual man. Being late is insulting to him, so he refuses to be late and often shows up to a meeting earlier than everyone else because of this. His Hohō technique is probably the best the Gotei currently has.

    Other Weapons: Fitting with his jack-of-all-trades theme, Sosuke has the ability to fight with just about every weapon in existence, including the bow and arrow that are more known to the Quincy than Shinigami. He prefers the katana or pole arm more than any other weapon type, but sees times and uses for any other weapon in his arsenal. Also note that he does not have an actual arsenal of weapons. Sosuke instead has many weapons because of the power of his Zanpakutō.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] Zan%20Spirit_zpsmcrzqe0i

    Sosuke Aizen [Approved, 1-1] Zan_zpsmjcoi9qh

    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Reform


    Shikai Name: 改質器 Kaishitsu-ki (The Reformer)
    Shikai Appearance: See Shikai Abilities
    Shikai Abilities: The Creator allows Sosuke to reform his Zanpakutō into any shape he could imagine. Most of the time, this takes the shape of a weapon while in battle, but he can make just about anything and his shikai can hold that form indefinitely. Sosuke turns his shikai off by placing it at the entrance to his sheath and it automatically reforms into its original katana shape as it's pushed in. The size of the item that Sosuke can create while in his shikai is equal to two times his own weight, so it can get pretty large at times. Sosuke's shikai can only take the form of a solid and it will be made of metal no matter the components of the actual item. If he choses to make a damn shirt, the shirt will be made of metal. If in the form of a weapon, the weapon can act as a conductor.

    • When acting as a conductor, it means that Sosuke's weapon can shoot out the Kidō he knows. The Kidō moves through the weapon and is fired through it. When this happened, the Kidō is much more concentrated and comes out smaller and/or thinner than it normally would. Because this occurs, the Kidō has twice the amount of pressure, speed, strength, and destructive power behind it.


    Bankai Name: 創作者 Sōsaku-sha (The Creator)
    Bankai Appearance: To activate his bankai, Sosuke holds his sword out in front of him, blade pointed toward the ground. He let's go and the blade drops into the ground and vanishes. There is no other visual effect beyond that. However, people can sense Sosuke around them if they are in his area. A very light layer of his reiryoku has spread throughout the ground around him in a 100ft diameter.

    Bankai Abilities: Sosuke's bankai takes his shikai to a whole different level. In shikai, he had to reform his weapon into an item that wasn't much larger than its original form. In bankai this limit is completely stripped because Sosuke is able to not only reform the world around him, but create something new out of it. He can take any solid or semi-solid material and bring it together to make something new. There are multiple techniques that go with this. Some of them take longer than the others because an ingredient may or may not need to be altered to fit the creation he's coming up with.

    To make things a little clearer, once Sosuke's bankai is active he can manipulate the world around him to bend to his will. He can either take what is already there and use it, reform it into something more useful, or completely transform it to fit his needs. When he's merely using what is already there, there is little explanation that needs to be done and it uses the least amount of reiryoku to pull off. It is also performed instantly, so he doesn't have to worry about timing. What he sees is what he gets. When he is reforming something, it means he's taking something like steal and turning it into a weapon, a wall, a car, a beam, or a lot of little bullets. The items are only making a change of form and staying the same type of material. This takes a second longer because of the of the form changing.

    When transforming something, he is changing form and material. The easiest example is turning sand into glass and that glass into the top of a round table, or changing rock to iron/steel and then into a weapon. For each change of form another second is added onto his ability to complete it. However, this does not mean that he can't stop half way through or do them in different orders. Usually he changes the material and then form, but he can do it opposite. It is possible for him to turn a rock into the shape of a sword and then turns it into steel if he wants to. So far, there is no known limit on how much he can use either. As long as something is in his line of sight, he can use it. He cannot manipulate the living and all of his transformations are done with his eyes, hands, and mental commands. Any item that he has chosen to alter he can maneuver it telekinetically.

    Want an easier explanation? Imagine the alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist and combine it with Jean Grey's telekinesis, except he can only control what he has used his 'alchemy' on.

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Bonuses incooooooooooming! +30 to Hohō, +20 to Zanjutsu, Kidō, and Hakuda. +10 Kaidō. +20 to Endurance
    Tier: 1-1
    Natural Skill Points: 250
    Racial Skill Points: 250

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