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    Character Creation Guidelines


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    Character Creation Guidelines

    Post by Serenity on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:16 pm

    Creating Your Character!

    Creating your character can be a little difficult if you're not sure what you need to do to get your character where you want them to be. Here on Broken Blade, we encourage you to have as much fun as possible, but we also encourage good writing, well thought out characters, and a fair environment for everyone, not just one or two people. Because we want things to be fair, we are giving you a bit of a guideline to understand what we are looking for in apps.

    Basic Information:

    To start, at the top of each app is the “basic information”. This is very straight forward, but always remember to pay attention to each races maximum ages (if they have one).


    After the basic information is a personality section that must be filled out. Everyone writes out personalities in different ways, but we prefer them to be in paragraph forms. No bullet points please.

    When describing someone's personality, if they are a nice person, it can become repetitive. “Character A is very kind and gentle” is something seen in a lot of apps. This is okay. There is nothing wrong with being able to create kind characters. A character is often about what twists and quirks you give them. Think of little habits that your character might have. For example, do they bite their nails? Do they smoke? Maybe they have a fear of something? There is a character on this site that cannot be grabbed by the wrists because it causes them to have instant defensive reactions that cause them to accidentally hurt someone. Weird and odd quirks such as this can often make or break a character.

    What do they do to relax? What do they do to have fun? Think real deep here because this is what is going to attract people to role playing with your character. Take into consideration what position in what organization you might be creating this character for. Are you making them a leader? What makes them good for that position? Are they loyal? Strict? Honest? Dutiful? Obedient?

    Other basic additions to characters that you might not think about: likes, dislikes, hates, fears, habits, allergies, health, and annoyances.


    In your character's personality, we concentrate on the what. In their history, we concentrate on the how part of them. If your character is scared of small places, in other words they're claustrophobic, was there an event in their past that made them that way? You describe that in their history. Are they going to be the leader of an organization? If so, you show us how they got there in their history.

    History is extremely important and can define a lot when it comes to the approval of your character. If you write a short history with little detail, you will probably not get the tier you wanted for them. You cannot say that your character is the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division, yet put nothing in their history about working toward that position and working strongly with Kidō. Why? Because no one is just handed a Lieutenant position and Kidō is what the Fifth Division concentrates on. You must take these things into consideration. If you want something, work and put forth effort that shows you deserve it.

    History Defines A Lot.


    Every application template will have a power section. If your character does not have any powers, please put “N/A”, not applicable, in this section. If your character does have powers, then this is where you will describe them. Depending on the race you chose, for your character, this section will look a little different. Please see: Racial Information for any details on the race itself.

    When describing your powers, you need to be clear and accurate. This is where the creativity can be put off to the side. Powers need to be explained in a manner that everyone can understand them.

    Powers need to show that they are 1) not over powered, 2) cannot be used in manners that make it unfair for other characters, and 3) able to be blocked, dodged, or survivable. There is absolutely no nuking of another person's character and no instant killing.

    Remember, we encourage fun and good writing. Do the best you can and be fair and considerate of other role players. If you're not someone who can abide by something this simple, then this might not be the place for you. If so, then good luck and have fun with your character.

    Finishing an Application:

    When you start your application, if you would like to, please take advantage of our Work In Progress (W.I.P.) section of the site. It will allow you to post your application so you can take your time and work on it when you want. It will also allow you to save information just in case something happens to your computer.

    Now, once an application is finished, you will need to post your characters "Skill Sheet". You can find those here: Click Here. Pick the skill sheet that belongs to your race. Once you've put this in the second post of your app, an admin will see that you've finished your application and will check it for approval. After such, the admin will give you a certain amount of points for your "Natural" and "Racial" skill sheets. You can then divide each set of points among your skill sheets.

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