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    Miki Hoshi [APPROVED, 5-1]

    Hiragi Yoshiya

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    Miki Hoshi [APPROVED, 5-1]

    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:50 am


    Basic Information

    Name:Miki Hoshi
    Nicknames: Bright star(given to her by a loved one)
    Appearance Age: 18
    True Age:18



    Character Information


    (Temporary place-holding personality technique: Activate! )

    An ever elusive fox, ignorant of commonplace morality, a trickster of a woman who can manipulate, lie, and use her hypnotic charm as a weapon of overwhelming might – such a damning description to confer to a person, yet wholly befitting of the maiden who calls herself Miki Hoshi. Without distinction, she prides herself on the ability to deceive others, manipulating an individual comes as naturally as breathing to her. That she acts in such a way can solely be attributed to her warped mindset, a reasoning built on the principles that, “so as long as no harm comes to anyone, why not utilize my skill to its full capacity?” She truly believes in that logic, as though it were a law branded upon her soul. Yet for all that she is as a passionate deceiver, she is no villain.

    Though never one to disclose her personal information, Miki is an individual who could certainly be deemed the life of the party, booming with exuberance that endears the hearts of many and exposes them to her spellbinding charms.

    Friendship, in spite of her immoral mindset towards preserving the truth, is easily afforded to her – after all, she has mastered an art of enthralling even the most hardened of souls. Hers is a false friendship; structured upon the very lies she built to foster it.

    Aware that she is bereft of true companionship, Miki can with maintained effort, truthfully express herself to those she loves without resorting to manipulation and trickery. It is not an impossible feat, for what she lacks is not kindness nor affection but someone who is willing to endure her as the nigh-irredeemable fabricator that she has become. Miki has never experienced true friendship, true love.

    Such a fact fills her with shame and yet she sees no easy path to obviate her from the path of a manipulator. She yearns for what may never come; companionship, love, loyalty, happiness….. And so as long as she remains firm in her ways…. she may never have that experience; an indistinguishable truth she will struggle against with all her might.

    Character Background:

    Even though I wrote this with the intention in mind of making it very vague, and though it may seem like she dies here in this specific part, what happens when everything fades to black is that Miki faints, and she is saved from being killed. Just wanted to clear that up.

    The sound of multiple gunshots reverberated throughout the air.  
    A moonlit sky that would seem to indicate tranquility and solemnity stood in stark contrast to the calamitous chaos transpired only moments ago.

    What followed were the screams of a maiden no older than eight years old.

    His blood colored the pristine marble floors; in the past, such floors reflected the beauty of her youth, her innocence, her vigor… and yet now, they reflected nothing but the expression of a girl shattered in both spirit and soul, innocent no longer.  Indeed… how could she cling to such lofty virtues such as innocence when this person beloved by all, worshiped her as an angel from brightest heaven, was led down this path to such a humiliating end, wrought by her own sins?  No beloved angel, not even meager humans possessing even a minimal ounce of moral repute would allow someone as kind as the individual who now lay dead at her feet to be slaughtered as though they were mere cattle.  

    If so, then perhaps this person misjudged her---or maybe she succeeded in deceiving this sacred human until death; however well the words phrased, with innocence no longer, though such a word had long since been lost on her, she had come to the conclusion that only a beast could conjure up this hellish fate…

    And to think…. This inconceivably gruesome scene all began with a lie.

    Where did she go wrong…?

    She was raised well with loving parents who doted over her every action.  Showered by her peers with reverent praise, Miki performed at an exceptional level as a child, far beyond all expectations.   She was a sacred gem, polished and pristine, perfect in almost every sense of the term, or at least that’s what she thought up until now.   Her dreams were right there before her, on a horizon that now seems inconceivably distant if not utterly unreachable.  

    She did everything exceptionally well; excelled at mastering the skills needed to become a upstanding human in this vast expanse known as earth---yet as she sees a the visage of the person  who murdered her beloved, with gun in hand, stepping towards, their intent no longer in doubt... a gunshot is heard, and as her vision becomes muddled, Miki sheepishly chuckles thinking of what she could have done to prevent it all from happening… realizing  that had she not strayed from who she was in the beginning, this tragedy would have never come to be… but it is far too late now… as everything fades to black.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills: N/A(As she mostly relies on the spiritual skill exclusive to her, she is not skilled anything other than what her age and personality indicates. If she is physically strong or gains any martial skill(which I will add here if she gains it without the help of her ability, otherwise all skills gained come through reality of the liar. )

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power :

    Realität des Lügners(lit. Reality of the Liar):   Divine deception given metaphysical form; an ultimate skill that invades the physical laws of nature, manipulating the cogs of reality – that is the summation of the ability that could only be said to be a mirror of Miki’s monstrous nature as a deceiver.  Through an utterance of these words the earth if but for a moment, will conform to her whim.  

    Her language is given a metaphysically magical quality, allowing for her words to defy the laws of nature; yet if her ambitions are overreaching she will be crushed under the weight of her own deceptions.  

    Through Reality of the liar, she is given a potentially limitless arsenal yet not completely so.  Reality will reaffirm itself, recognizing that all phenomenons brought about by this inhuman trickery shall be punished.  

    On spiritual ability alone, Miki can fight against this but it is ultimately an exercise in futility, as the laws of nature will correct themselves, fighting against it potentially results in Miki meeting an unfortunate end at the hands of her own divine tricks.

    As such, Miki must handle each word she utters with tact, any interruption can cause irregularity and if her lies truly reach an unfathomable nature, reality will not recognize it.  

    She can summon beasts; manipulate the elements, invoke destructive combinations of attacks all in the forms of her words allowing for a versatile offensive-to-defensive arsenal - a formidable foe indeed.  

    Major Drawback:  To go into detail without all the lofty words used, this ability is best summed up as saying Miki can lie so well, reality believes her. Meaning that the impossible can become possible through her words but all of it is limited through her own reservoir of energy.  Not to mention this isn't an ability to be used absent-mindedly or greedily, and as plot dictates, Miki will potentially be losing this ability the further she gets away from her nature as a deceitful individual.  

    If she possesses a suitable amount,  then for example, if she were to say that, “I can manipulate the wind with great skill”,  she is momentarily granted the ability to manipulate the wind,  and causing things to occur such as a tornado, gale, gust, and maintain each of them for a set number of posts(Tornadoes would conversely lessen the number of posts since a tornado would be the limit of “great manipulation” vs mastered manipulation(Hurricanes, squall, etc. ).

    However, once reality  recognizes that she possesses no such elements naturally? It reasserts itself and cancels whatever ability she chose to fool the world with. If Miki fights against it by repeating it,  the ability can backfire through erratic action(I.e: The tornado being uncontrolled,  potentially  killing her, ripping her apart, cutting her arms, body,  and lots of gory-not-so-fun stuff) and the same thing applies with how other elements are viewed, though it is very rare if she uses the earth as she is not familiar with it.  

    Fire, water, and wind.   As  far as summoning things through her magic-filled words, she wouldn’t summon hollows because she couldn’t understand their nature and well, it’d only be a fake form/make shift even if she did because hollows are still souls, and trying to create a soul would be extremely difficult for Miki.  

    Summoning beasts such as wild animals and perhaps even fantasy animals aren't impossible but similar rules still apply.. this is to say that while she’d be able to control the beast for a set number of posts, once the ability is cancelled out by reality,  and she tries to maintain the beast by saying that she can summon it and thus control it, well it will turn on her because it’s the universes way of saying it will not be fooled by her anymore or its fighting against her.  

    In conclusion,  while this ability is quite powerful,   the major drawback is that she cannot continuously repeat and or overextend her lies lest she risk fatal consequence.  

    Limit of posts until world reasserts itself and cancels Realität des Lügners:  

    For normal lies that aren’t theoretically inconceivable – 5-6 posts.    

    For large-scale/Elemental/Fantastical - 2-3

    for a truly extreme deception that would likely kill her – 1 post minimum

    Range - Potentially limitless but is lessened depending on the type of lie and what is the ability that lie allows for.  

    After the world recorrects itself, there is a cooldown period where Miki can't utilize the ability for a set number of posts.

    Normal - Cooldown: 1 Post before she can utilize her normal lies

    Large scale: Three before she can use another large scale lie, and or normal lie.

    Extreme: six, but she'd die after the six posts.  

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample:

    From the first day Miki entered Academy city, it was if she had fallen in love. When she was told that she would be given her own personal dormitory, Miki was skeptical regarding validity of her escort's words. After all, it sounded way too good to be true! Oh, but indeed it was! She was now in possession of her own personal room, outfitted with every item she could wish for. The city itself was even more grand. It was filled with life, as many students could be perceived traveling through the city, entering grocery shops to procure food or entering a state-of-the-art library to indulge in Shakespearean literature. In no uncertain terms, this was a paradise. Miki pondered on how Hephaestus was able to afford everything here, how they were able to maintain such a large number of students without arousing the suspicion of others. How could they manage to be so secretive and yet possess the funds to build such a heavenly location?

    As Miki took a small glance through the window, she smiled with joy as she stretched her body, releasing the tension from her muscles gained through sleeping in an unorthodox manner. She went through a few morning exercises. As she jogged, circling the room ten times, Miki brought herself to a halt before exiting her night clothes. She grinned momentarily as she found herself admiring her bare form.

    When said admiration was complete, she entered the shower. As she turned on the water, Miki started to hum a song. The sensation of hot, relaxing water made her feel giddy.  She brought soap across all the nooks and crannies of her body, washed herself off, and returned to the mirror once more. Instead of taking another gander at her body, however, she quickly placed a finger against the mirror, allowing it to fall back, granting her entrance to a closet full of clothes.  What was she to wear today? No matter what she wore, she knew she would be attracting looks, especially after the week she experienced with Krito. After all, the friendship she had forged with that Jinx, has already seen the two gaining an infamous reputation. There were even rumors that the two were going out. However, there was no evidence to prove that these rumors were true.  In truth, she was still astonished by what occurred in the gymnasium.  Who would've thought that he, of all people, would stand up to a bunch of lowlife thugs? Moreover, where had that new found gusto come from? She was amused, no doubt, as this was a sign that her efforts were bearing fruit. She wondered, for a small moment, If Krito happened to frequent Academy city. Miki sighed deeply before casually shrugging her shoulders.

    "He could very well be the type of guy who stays in his house.... "

    These burdensome thoughts would only dampen her mood if she ruminated on them any longer. And besides, she was more than satisfied with the path that their friendship was moving towards.  For now, it was time to get dressed and have fun. From one of her drawers, Miki grabbed a pair of necklaces. She quickly set them down on the counter.  From the closet, she pulled out a rather comfortable green striped shirt revealing her shoulders, a pair of short shorts with a rose colored symbol on the left,  and a pair of brown high heel boots. She motioned with a thumbs up to the closet, it automatically closed, and the mirror appeared once again.  From her dresser, she pulled out a pair of panties and a black bra. She put these goodies on with little hassle. And then, no sooner, she quickly dressed herself within the garments that she had chosen for today's festivities. Concluding her dress session, she placed the two long, black necklaces around her neck and wiggled her hips towards the mirror, winking with amusement. She looked damn good, she mused. She grabbed all the money she would need today, placed it within her pocket, and exited her dormitory, walking towards where the hustle and bustle of Academy city would meet her. Ahhh, today was going to be so fun!

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    Hiragi Yoshiya

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    Re: Miki Hoshi [APPROVED, 5-1]

    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Fri May 22, 2015 2:19 pm

    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility: 15
    • Durability: 10
    • Endurance: 10
    • Speed: 10
    • Strength: 5

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control: 21
    • Weapon Skill: 9
    • Unarmed Combat: 0

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    Better Red than Dead

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    Re: Miki Hoshi [APPROVED, 5-1]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri May 22, 2015 5:24 pm

    First Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]
    • RP Sample Present/Not in Third Person [×]
    • RP Sample is 15 sentences [×]

    Alright, her powers have a couple of things that need to be clarified.

    If she possesses a suitable amount,  then for example, if she were to say that, “I can manipulate the wind with great skill”,  she is momentarily granted the ability to manipulate the wind,  and causing things to occur such as a tornado, gale, gust, and maintain each of them for a set number of posts(Tornadoes would conversely lessen the number of posts since a tornado would be the limit of “great manipulation” vs mastered manipulation(Hurricanes, squall, etc. ).

    I've got to disagree with a tornado—EF-3 and above—being in "great manipulation." I've seen what those things can do firsthand, and they do more than some hurricanes. I would note that it only applies to certain levels of tornadoes.

    As  far as summoning things through her magic-filled words, she wouldn't summon hollows because she couldn't understand their nature and well, it’d only be a fake form/make shift even if she did because hollows are still souls, and trying to create a soul would be extremely difficult for Miki.

    It wouldn't be "extremely difficult," I'd say it's downright impossible for her to actually create a functioning soul. That's too much, even for a reality-bending power.

    Lastly, there needs to be some cooldown for those "lies." Otherwise, it reads that she could just spam them over and over and over in theory.

    Final thing: RP sample, man.

    Tier: 5-1
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    Re: Miki Hoshi [APPROVED, 5-1]

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