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    Destiny Aiba [Approved; 1-5]


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    Destiny Aiba [Approved; 1-5]

    Post by Snopy on Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:57 pm


    Basic Information

    Name:  Kichi Aiba  (Original name Destiny Young)
    Nicknames: Destiny
    Appearance Age: 23
    True Age:  32
    Gender:  Female
    Height:  5'7
    Weight:  149

    Character Information

    Personality: Destiny was once a fairly miserable person.  Now however she is a fairly happy, albeit calm person.  She is very mature.  She carries herself properly, walks properly, and is just generally mature.  She speaks in a calm refined manner, rarely raising her voice or yelling.  She tends to speak formally except with friends, though at the moment she doesn't have any particularly close friends.  It can be difficult to have a conversation with her if only because she's not an incredibly open person.  She tends to keep who she is and her feelings to herself.  She won't go out of her way to tell people about herself, and if a person doesn't give her a reason to she won't seek to interact with them again.  She can also seem stubborn to those she isn't close to.  If she doesn't consider someone a friend (or an expert on a subject) then the person has no right to even try to argue with her.  Even when she is friends with someone she doesn't like to admit she's wrong, not that she can't.  It just take a lot of work.  She will be more liable to admit she's wrong if she knows she seriously hurt someone she cared about.

    With friends and people she cares about, she is a lot warmer and more inviting.  Her demeanor and speech will lighten up.  The formality will lighten up, she'll actually show a smile more often, and she'll just be more willing to do a lot of things.  Conversations are no longer difficult to keep going, she might actually start them now too.  Admittedly she is still quiet, but that's because less formal speech is harder for her.  She can laugh, tell a joke, and just generally have a good time.  However, when she is with people she is incredibly close to, she is even capable of being visibly excited and elated.  Her speech becomes even more relaxed and she will even sound happy or excited with her tone if she is feeling that way.  It is with people that she will generally share any hopes or fears with, as she is usually too to herself to convey these things.

    Loss.  This is Destiny's greatest fear.  It is a pretty bad one too.  It may be a sort of PTSD reaction.  She doesn't like to lose things, it terrifies her to no end.  The thought of losing something important to her, or someone important to her, will cause her heart rate to rise, and she'll become incredibly anxious, nervous, and generally uncomfortable.  She begins to worry immensely even if it's stupid or silly.  Occasionally it gets to the point where she begins to panic and freak out.  Her breathing becomes incredibly heavy, her speaking choppy, and she'll go run and avoid anyone who she isn't particularly close to.  Sometimes she will even run from them.  She'll go to be alone as her panic attack continues.  During the freak outs, every single thing that she can think of to cause her to lose something plays out in her head.  Even if it would never happen, she has trouble rationalizing it.  If someone tries to calm her down, she is liable to shout "You don't understand" if they aren't close to her.  If they're close to her she might not shout that, but she is still insanely hard to convince otherwise.  These freak outs occasionally even happen without anything to trigger it, she just spontaneously freaks out over it.  She will calm down after awhile, but she might be a little out of it for a short while.

    Alcohol.  Destiny loves alcohol.  More specifically, she loves wine and a lot of it.  She does usually moderate herself, but when she is unusually upset, or just in some particular mood or situation, she WILL end up overdoing it.  Thankfully her powers make her immune to the damaging effects, but not the effects on her mind.  She is hilarious when she is drunk.  She will boss people around in the goofiest of ways, she will talk about random-ass subjects, and she will flirt like hell.  Sometimes she'd command people to bring her goofy things.  Sometimes it'll be as weird as "change that lightbulb, it is giving me a headache" when she is pointing at a candle.  Hell, she might even break into song.  On the subject of flirting, sometimes, she'd even order someone to kiss her (again, in a goofy fashion).  She'll get all touchy feely if she finds someone attractive, get all close and personal, and quite frankly try to extort all the hugs, kisses, and even try to get her to grope her.  It COULD go even further if she (and the other person) aren't careful.  She often also stays drunk if someone is there who will keep getting her more wine, because she will often demand more wine.  She'd probably have had liver failure by now if her immunity didn't completely protect it.

    Character Background: Destiny was actually born in New York in the United States.  However, the family she was born into was less than optimal.  They, quite simply, didn't want her.  When she was little she didn't get much love, no matter how much she blindly loved her parents and tried to get their attention.  She refused to get the hint, so they did what they had to.  Well, what a prick has to do.  They gave Destiny away because they didn't love their own child.  The family that took her was Japanese, and brought her back to Japan.  They changed her name to Kichi Aiba, Kichi being the name with the closest meaning to her original name of Destiny, in hopes of her having good luck in life from then on.  Aiba was simply their family name.  Little Destiny was completely heartbroken upon finding out she was being given away, especially when her original parents explained it as "You annoy the shit out of us so we're getting rid of you".  For awhile she thought it was because something was wrong with her, and she went from a happy little girl to a quiet one.  Slowly though, her new family, which loved her very much, convinced her nothing was wrong with her.  She was brought up by this new family traditionally and proper.  She learned everything she needed to be a proper Japanese woman, although her family was kind enough to stress that Kichi did not need to be the Yamato Nadeshiko, the personification of the ideal Japanese woman.  As such, while incredibly proper, she did have her unique qualities and was more adept at having a little fun.

    Eventually her new parents had a daughter, and thus Kichi had a little sister.  She had decided that both Destiny and Kichi were her name.  She usually used Kichi in official situations, but Destiny was also used when more casual.  Friends and family were the only ones who typically knew of the name Destiny and called her that.  She loved her family, and her little sister, but just as she became an adult things became awry.  Her little sister was about 12 at the time.  Her mother and father went to a formal party involving her dad's company.  All Destiny remembers specifically is getting the call that they think they found her parent's charred remains in the wreckage of the building.  Someone lit a candle, someone else knocked it over.  The fire exit was blocked.  Destiny was then forced to take care of her little sister, losing her parents at the same time.  She was absolutely devastated.  Still, she had a little sister to worry about, so she went and got a job asap for her sake.  It was fine for a year, her sister had a great life in spite of the loss, once Destiny helped cheer her up.  However, the government decided otherwise.  Apparently they didn't see Destiny as a stable enough provider for the young 13 year old.  Why this happened no one can explain.  Destiny worked hard and was giving up everything for this girl, and she was happy and healthy.  Childcare took her away, and Destiny somehow lost the appeal.  They had no right and she was taken away from Destiny forever.  The night before she cried and cried, and when her little sister came in, they both held each other and cried until they couldn't anymore.

    She had officially lost everything.  When she was a child she was given up, as an adult everything she loved was ripped away from her.  She had lost contact with her friends over the last year due to her attempts to provide for her sister.  She had no time to spend with them unfortunately.  She cried for days on end.  She cried at home, she cried on her breaks at work.  She just did nothing but cry.  For literally 2 years she spent most of it crying.  After awhile though, she finally got over the grief.  She would be forever scarred though.  Sometimes she still freaked out about losing something, and sometimes the freak outs came from no trigger at all.  She worked her way up and became a valued worker at her career in the office.  She gained a few light friends and acquaintances.  Still her life would never be the same.  She was lucky that except for when she had her freak outs, she gained contentment.  She did eventually discover she had spiritual powers, and perhaps to get her mind off of her family or maybe just to prevent history from repeating itself, she trained herself hard in her free time.  She knew of the negative stigma over powers, so she kept them hidden, but she became powerful in a desperate attempt to have some control in her life and to hold onto things.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:

    High Strength:  Destiny has obtained a high level of physical strength.  She can smash cars and punch through brick walls with her bare hands.  She thankfully has a lot of control over her strength, so unless she is trying to bust some heads (or gets really upset) she still manages to have a gentle touch.

    High Speed:  Destiny is also quite fast.  She can run faster than a normal human ever could, and can keep up with some incredibly speedy opponents.

    Office Supplies:  Yes, Destiny has training in office supplies.  What does this mean?  Destiny can through a pencil, pen, or other pointy object like a Kunai and impale people (thanks to her high strength).  She can throw measuring tools like a boomerang (though they likely won't come back).  Quite possibly her most debilitating ability is her ability to give a guaranteed paper cut when she tries (assuming the person doesn't have some enhanced durability or shield).  That shit stings!  If it is an office supply, she can use it as a weapon.

    High Heels:  High heels.  She is skilled with high heels.  She can run in them like normal shoes.  How?  No one knows, she finds it easy though.  She can run and actually be QUIET in high heels.  She just knows how to move her foot and quiet the sound of her feet.  She can run, high heels or otherwise, and be near or completely silent.  Also, high heels are a potent weapon.  She can legitimately use them as a weapon, and since she can walk in them in ways no one imagined being possible, do not get into a fight with her and let her kick you.  You do not want THAT to kick you.  You will be in immense pain...or worse depending on where you were kicked.

    Premonition:  Premonition allows her to have that gut feeling be correct.  If a sniper is about to snipe her, at the last moment she might suddenly have that 6th sense kick in and she can dodge and avoid a bullet to the brain.  In a close range fight, she can sometimes block a move that she could barely even keep up with by having a feeling of where they opponent would attempt to hit her.  They are nothing more than premonitions however, and while they make her quicker to react and less prone to mistakes, it is far from perfect.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:

    Alcohol Immunity:  She loves alcohol, thus her energy adapted and made her body immune to the damaging effects.

    Her energy collects into her eyes and empowers them, allowing for manipulation of the future through understanding the future.  This allows her to create an energy stamp for something to happen in the future.  As the stamp sits, it collects power covertly from Destiny.  The power is siphoning the energy from her itself, there is no conscious effort.  Upon collecting all energy required for the attack, it unleashes itself.  All effects can optionally be attuned to Destiny's position.  If she moves 3 feet to the left, the focal point for the effect will change by 3 feet.  If she rotates, it will rotate as well.  This allows her to keep it positioned to her and allow her to control where it will land.  While the effect collects power, the energy building is completely stealthed, unable to be detected by all but the most skilled.  However, the energy moving from Destiny to the effect can be detected, albeit it is highly masked.  When a effect is set to go off after a few seconds (thus it must collect power quickly to go off in time), the energy is more easily detectable.  When it is set to go off after several posts, it collects energy more slowly, thus it is quite difficult to detect, but there is a lot more time to detect it.  As Destiny is perfectly attuned to her own energy, there is no chance of her not noticing the effect is about to go off, so she will always know when and how it is going to go off.  Stamps set on targets can be dispelled by special magic, or by sheer force of the target's energy, granted targets similar to her in strength or weaker will have to use a decent amount of energy to use enough force.  Stamps placed on targets are obvious to the target if they have awareness of their own energy.

    Future Strike:  Destiny uses the collected power in her eyes to foresee an attack.  The stamp can be set for 3 seconds up to 3 posts.  The energy manifests as a beam or an orb of energy which fires off at high speeds.  2 post cooldown from the stamp's activation, 1 post if it was set to last 3 posts before going off.  Only one can be active at a time.

    Future Barrier:  Destiny foresees the creation of a barrier.  The stamp lasts 2 seconds to 2 posts, and upon activation a barrier forms wherever it was set.  It can be a square, a rectangle, or even curved.  It can withstand a medium amount of force, and all other future abilities will ignore the barrier and pass through it.  While usually not useful, certain situations may give this ability it's time to shine.  2 may be set at a time, 5 post cooldown after first stamp placement, if a second stamp is placed before the cooldown finishes, the cooldown resets to 5 posts.

    Future Trap:  Destiny foresees the placement of a trap.  A stamp is placed on the ground that activates after 1 to 3 posts.  Upon activation an invisible rune (3 feet in diameter) is placed on the ground that explodes if an entity hostile to Destiny steps on it or anywhere 5 feet above it, the rune detonates in an explosion of energy.  The explosion has a diameter 5 feet, and reaches up to 10 feet in the air.  This can cause a lot of damage to an unprepared opponent, but the rune takes half a second to effectively detonate, giving a small hissing noise for the duration as a warning.  Once activated, it is also a bit easier to detect than when it is being prepped, but still difficult.  5 post cooldown

    Future Daze:  Destiny foresees her enemy becoming dazed.  Destiny fires the stamp out like a glowing musket ball.  If it collides with an opponent, a stamp is placed for 2 to 10 of the targets posts.  Should the effect not be dispelled or resisted, the opponent becomes dazed for 3 of their posts.  Their senses are dimmed and they are a bit disoriented.  Naturally they can still fight, but it becomes harder.  The effect is stronger the longer the stamp was in place.  A 2 post stamp (the least time to try and dispel it or brace for its effects) will only cause a TINY amount of sense dimming and disorientation, while a 10 post stamp will create the full effects.  Targets who are much weaker or powerless will receive the full effects regardless of length, but the time constraint still stands (they still have time to get the effect dispelled if they can manage a way).  11 post cooldown

    Future Cage:  Destiny foresees the creation of a cage.  Destiny fires the stamp out like a glowing musket ball.  If it collides with an opponent, a stamp is placed that lasts from 1 post to 20 posts.  When the time is up, a cage is formed around the target.  It is made of Destiny's energy, and the longer the stamp is set to last the stronger the cage.  If the stamp is dispelled the effect is completely lost before it begins.  It traps an opponent, and immobilizes them.  At its weakest it takes strength similar to a powerless body builder to break, while the 20 post variant takes immense force to break, so much that even opponents slightly stronger than her would be pressed to smash it, but by the same token it is easier to stop.  15 post cooldown.

    Future Heaven:  Destiny's final technique, a transformation within a transformation.  This is the only one of Destiny's abilities with an instant cast time.  A massive surge of energy bursts forth from her body, likely sending most in the direct vicinity flying backwards.  A powerful almost cocoon-like barrier envelops her, with massive strength that can block massive amounts of force.  An incredibly bright light also envelops her, and the very color of her energy signature becomes a bright white.  Upon the end of the transformation, the cocoon opens up and vanishes.  Destiny's clothes all transform into an almost Angelic looking outfit for the duration of the heaven.  A beautiful bright white dress with white high heels.  On her back are large white angelic wings.  Her energy grants her an immense power boost and a new set of techniques to use.  Dark and evil energies within 100 feet are slightly weakened for the duration of the heaven.  Destiny foregoes the future and focuses on the present.  As a result, none of her future abilities can be set while in this form, however any strength they gather from her will be increased, making them stronger when they do go off.  After all, even when the present is focused on, the future will eventually come.  While she does have future hell, which has higher offense power, Future Heaven is her true final form and overall stronger and more versatile.

    • Premature Detonation:  Allows her to detonate any previously placed stamps at full power, as if the stamp had detonated on its own.  However, this is full power as if she wasn't in the heaven, any additional power gathered from the heaven is lost.
    • Divine Intervention:  Destiny forms an immensely powerful barrier around herself of another, blocking large amounts of force and damage.  It can be set to stay on a target for up to 3 posts if it is immobile, at which point it is a small sphere.  If it is set to move with the target, it takes the EXACT shape of the target and moves with them, and lasts up to 10 seconds.  5 post cooldown.
    • Divine Retribution:  Destiny charges up a massive blast of divine energy, her energy forming a bright white blast which fires off as a massive beam.  Can be fired once a post.
    • Divine Wrath:  Destiny calls upon the heaven and creates a storm around her.  This isn't a conventional storm, but a divine storm.  Bright white clouds circle in the sky and from the center a golden light can be seen shining down.  Powerful winds ravage through the area, and holy arrows rain down from the sky.  At the start of every one of Destiny's posts a hail of arrows will come down.  They are of moderate strength and can be deflected, the danger is that they must be dealt with in addition to Destiny's other actions.  Can be used once in the thread, lasts 3 of Destiny's posts.
    • Divine Entanglement: Destiny calls upon the heaven and creates white tendrils of energy that shoot up and attempt to immobilize the foe.  They can be broken with force or avoided.  The tendrils hold the opponent until the end of Destiny's NEXT post, or until they are broken out of.  5 post cooldown
    • Divine Blessing:  Destiny calls upon the heaven to mend the wounds of an ally.  As she focuses and prays, the selected target begins to heal and wounds begin to mend.  There is no limit to this or cooldown, but Destiny must be focusing on the target she is praying for.  If she is preoccupied she can't properly pray.
    • Heaven's Destiny:  Upon conclusion of the form, the heaven imbues itself into Destiny.  For 1 to 5 threads, Destiny takes on a much more pure personality.  She is still Destiny by all means, but her thoughts and actions are that of a much purer person.  The effect can be made semi-permanent, causing her to have a purer heart in general, though it is reversible.

    Future Hell:  An alternate to the Future Heaven, the Future Hell is a counterpart.  When activated, she enters a similar cocoon-like state, but the energy is black instead of white.  Demonic wings form on Destiny's back.  Her clothes become demonic, red high heels and an overall demonic, but sexy, uniform.  A succubus tail even forms.  She gains an immense power boost, and new techniques to use.  She loses access to Future Barrier and Future Cage, but all future spells are augmented.  Unlike Future Heaven, there are no defensive properties to Future Hell, it is all about the offense.  Sometimes the current good must be sacrificed for future good.

    • Planned Detonation:  All future spells can be triggered to go off at the exact moment Destiny fires off an offensive move from the hell.  If detonated in this way, the effect of damaging stamps are increased (granted the detonation is still premature, so it is weaker than if the planned detonation was done JUST as it would normally detonate), while Future Daze only effects the opponent for a brief moment and the effect is weakened (of course it is still just a daze, they can still dodge if they can muster it).  This allows for coordinated strikes or disorienting an opponent as an attack comes at them.  3 post cooldown
    • Demonic Requiem:  Destiny calls upon the hell and creates a powerful blast of demonic energy.  It fires off as an orb of swirling dark energy.  Can be used once per post.
    • Demonic Infestation:  Destiny calls upon the hell to summon dark tendrils that will lash out at the opponent, causing damage when they hit.  While a single lash won't break through the skin most of the time, they will cause damage and leave a nasty mark.  2 post cooldown
    • Demonic Influence:  Destiny calls upon the hell and creates a storm around the area.  The sun will be blotted out by clouds of pure black.  Fire will literally rain down from the sky every one of Destiny's posts, for three posts.  The fire can be blocked or dodged, as each ball of fire is about the size of a soccer ball.  Upon impacting a target, there will be concussive force as well as burning damage from the fire.
    • Hell's Corruption:  Destiny can imbue an ally with the power of the hell, making them slightly stronger, faster, and any energy they use will be stronger, but also tainted.  For the duration, the person might also have a slightly different personality, either darker or more lustful or something of the like.  The corruption can only affect someone who allows it to (it needs only be mental, Destiny can use the corruption and let the person decide to let it in or not.  All effects go away completely on the effects end.  Lasts 3 post, 6 post cooldown.
    • Hell's Destiny:  Upon conclusion of the form, the hell imbues itself into Destiny.  For 1 to 5 threads, Destiny takes on a much wilder personality.  She is still Destiny by all means, and she will still retain her moral values and opinions of people, just the way she expresses them is different.  The effect can be made semi-permanent, causing her to have a wilder heart in general, though it is reversible.

    Both of Destiny's final forms are extremely taxing due to the immense power they bring to the table.  They can last as long as Destiny has energy to muster, but upon conclusion they absorb energy in the area around her and use that to sustain her for a short while.  She will collapse and be incredibly weakened (possibly bedridden) for 1 whole thread, and be in a weakened and more vulnerable state for another 2.  After this point she is capable of using the forms again, but if it is done before another 2 threads go through she risks completely destroying herself beyond repair.

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    Re: Destiny Aiba [Approved; 1-5]

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    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility: 54
    • Durability: 25
    • Endurance: 25
    • Speed: 54
    • Strength: 52

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control: 42
    • Weapon Skill: 42
    • Unarmed Combat: 42

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    Re: Destiny Aiba [Approved; 1-5]

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    Re: Destiny Aiba [Approved; 1-5]

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