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    Akahana Reikozuki [Approved; 1-1]


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    Akahana Reikozuki [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:22 am


    Basic Information

    Name: Akahana Reikozuki
    Nicknames: Reika
    Appearance Age: 23
    True Age: 46
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 131


    Character Information

    Personality: Akahana never goes by her first name. Firstly, it's a comment on her power turning her hair red, at least she thinks it is. Secondly, it feels too long and choppy to be her name. Instead, she chose to be called Reika, a combination of her last and first name into a name she is actually okay with. Reika can be very pick about things like this. Something that might be small and insignificant to another will bother her. This can be compared to OCD since she is also very organized and the smallest detail being out of place can drive her nuts. Set a pencil down in front of her, she will lay it in a straight line. Reika even cuts her at the full moon every three months to keep it the same length. None of this bothers her, but it can become annoying for other people.

    In the presence of her family or anyone she works with, Reika keeps herself professional. Outside of that, Reika's actually a pretty cool person. She's outgoing and fun to be around. You'd never guess that she had the amount of power that she has or that she was a General of Alpha Protocol. She seems like this normal person who is able to make friends with just about anyone. Those Reika calls her friends, she protects. She has a bit of a code though; being her friend will not get you out of any trouble. Her loyalties are to Fallen and those who support the Fallen. If you go against them, you're screwed in her eyes. Beyond that, thing like getting in trouble with the law isn't something she'll save you from either. Own up to your crimes and deal with the punishment.

    In battle, Reika is a completely different person. She locks out all emotion and follows orders. She knows what her goal and mission are and that is what she will accomplish. Nothing is more important than making sure her mission is successful. She's lost friends and family because of this, but that is because they're stupid enough to actually stand against her. Reika is very proud of her power and will not back down from a challenge. At the same time, she enjoys keeping this air of mystery around her. She doesn't tell people what her true abilities are, so they all just take guesses or have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to see her in battle. She has no problem playfully messing with people's heads, so keeping herself a mystery to others is very fun for her.

    Character Background: Akahana, mostly known as Reika, was born to the Reikozuki clan of Fallen. The Reikozuki clan have a special kind of reishi that their bloodline seems to work off of. For years, the Reikozuki family has kept their status as Fallen completely secret. The Reikozuki clan is very strict with it's teachings. They're not traditional or anything that would hinder their progress as a family, but they are strict. They are strict because they do not want their family's secret to become public. If they were to be found out, the governments would likely attempt to capture them. The Reikozuki Clan is actually very wealthy and has stock in almost every major weapons and technology company across Japan, one in London, and three in the U.S.A.

    The Reikozuki are well versed in aspects of business, leadership, and progress. They always felt the need to keep a hand in every part of the world to make sure that actions against the "Fallen" are not taken. In fact, the Reikozuki have secretly been protecting the "Fallen" for decades. They often use their excess cash to mount "rescues" and "re-locations" of different Fallen to the Academy. This is all done in the shadows. Only with Reika has their secret become slightly more public, but the entire clan is not currently in the spotlight. Reika is the most advanced and skilled user in the aspect of the Reikozuki Reishi, so she has been looked on to become the next leader of the clan. Since she was young, her Reishi was always very powerful and her control over Reishi is great.

    When Reika turned eighteen, her first appearance came with what was covered up as a "bombing". A Fallen with a need for revenge attacked a government facility and was killing many soldiers in a Tokyo weapons manufacturing warehouse. When the Reikozuki found out about this, they sent in Reika through air drop. Her entrance was anything less than over dramatic. The rampaging Fallen stood on one end, the military stood at another. Reika fell with a loud crash in between the two sides, creating a large carter and facing the shocked Fallen with the dust finally cleared. Her hair glow with Reishi, it's color changed from brown to red. The look in her eyes, though it felt cold and uncaring, was so straight and piercing that the rampaging Fallen immediately felt they had lost the battle.

    In a panic, the Fallen began attacking, but everything that it threw at Reika was knocked away, did little to no damage, or missed completely. Reika walked toward the Fallen and grabbed her throat, forcing the woman harshly to the ground and causing a small dent in the concrete below. "Do you want to live?" Reika asked. The Fallen's body was broken, blood slipped out from the side of her mouth and she could not move. "Kill me or I'll come back and do it all over again." they said. Reika pulled on the edge of her glove to tighten it around her hand and made a fist. Leaning over, Reika raised her fist and then slammed it into the torso of the Fallen. The amount of power exerted caused the concrete all around to crack and shoot up around them. When the dust cleared, Reika was gone.

    Since she was so effective, the Reikozuki decided they would use Reika to stop Fallen or relocate them to the Academy so they wouldn't have to be treated differently and could learn to control their powers. Fighting, recruiting, rescuing, and relocating Fallen became Reika's every day life. One day, she was given the opportunity to work at the Academy and teach students to master their own power. Teaching was not something she was good at. They soon found her methods were a little to strict, impatient, and destructive to keep her around, so she instead found a seat in Alpha Protocol under the Division of War as a Lieutenant. It wasn't long after that when she was promoted and moved to be the Eurasion General and took over the Department of War, for obvious reasons.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:

    Martial Artist: Close combat and anything hand-to-hand is Reika's specialty. She may not be super fast, but she's strong. If she doesn't catch you, fine, have a nice time trying to do damage to her. Get in close and you're right where she wants you. There's nothing more satisfying to Reika, when it comes to battle, than having her opponent be right in front of her. Her skill in martial arts is between advanced and mastered, all trained by her family.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:

    The Reikozuki Clan's ability is the concentration or condensing, exertion, and control of Reishi. First comes exertion: Learning to exert your reishi and manifest it in a form that comes naturally to you as the user. The second is concentration: Learning to concentrate and/or condense your exerted reishi allows you to achieve hundred of different effects. And finally, control: Learning to control the reishi you have manifested prevents you from harming yourself or others that you do not mean to harm. Control is the hardest and most important step in realizing your true power. Funnily enough, this is very similar to how many "Fallen" are able to use their powers. The difference between all other Fallen and the Reikozuki is their "Final Form", or Saishū Keitai. (Explained Later)

    Reika's Normal Techniques:

    Shield: (Concentration, Condensing, Exertion, Control) Because it demands every aspect of training within the Reikozuki Clan, creating this shield is the most difficult of any of the techniques. Reika has mastered this. It creates a thick shield as strong as highly condensed steel around the user or around an object of their choice that is logical for their power range. Meaning, if they're not high enough in power, they can't shield much more than themselves. A person of higher ability can probably shield up to one hundred people at once. In Reika's case, her shield can reach up to an eighth of a mile wide. She can use this ability once per post and ten times per thread. If she uses larger one's, the shield counts as two or three, depending on how powerful.

    Beam: (Concentration, Exertion, Control) This is another preetty difficult technique that Reika knows. She concentrates reishi in one area and once she builds up enough, she fires it off toward the targets current location. The longer that she concentrates the reishi, the more powerful the beam becomes. She can charge it up to three posts. A three post charge has the ability to create a large crater where it strikes. The attack can also be released immediately upon creation, but will only do minor damage, send the person flying, and can only reach up to thirty feet away. The numbers and damages triple for every post that it charges. Reika can use this ability twelve times per thread, the number lowering depending on how many times she charged before. For every post she charges one of these up, the number of uses decreases by that amount.

    Force: (Concentration, Exertion) The simplest of techniques, Reika concentrates her reishi within a certain point on her body to obtain a desired effect. Concentrating her reishi on her back can cause someone's attack to deflect. Concentrating her reishi within her fist and then exerting it when punching someone can cause massive damage on impact. Effects with this are very different and can constantly be used. Moving the concentrated Reishi from one area to another takes time though. If she is concentrating reishi in her fist, moving it to her back takes one post. She has a one post cool down before she is able to move it again. This can be done an unlimited amount of times.

    Volley: (Condensing, Control) Reika condenses the Reishi around her, also using some from within her own body if needed, and creates two hundred thin needles that float around her. She then controls these needles through mental commands to strike at opponents. The needles fly straight ahead, shooting off as quickly as bullets. The volley of needles can be created in different positions too. This means that if she has the ability to, she can summon these to surround an opponent and then fire them all at once. She can only use this technique three times per thread and it has a two post cool down before it is able to be used again. This is because Reika often uses this ability in one way. When an opponent is charging her, she summons them and fires them off.

    Saishū Keitai:

    The Reikozuki Final Form is a massive concentration and condensing of Reishi within the body to allow the user to be "Indestructible". This does not mean they're actually indestructible; that's just a flavor thing. What it actually does is make it very hard to damage the character. For this technique, control is everything. Your control over reishi dictates exactly how long this form lasts. For every ten points into Reishi Control (AFTER 30), the user can gain the ability to use final form for 2 posts. Example: If they have a 60 in Reishi Control, they have 3 increments to deal with, so they have 6 posts for their final form. The first three increments (1-30 in Reishi Control) do not count.

    All numbers below are based off of what is in Reika's Skill Sheet. Anyone who becomes part of this clan and wants this form will have to speak to me about what they'll be able to do.

    This form has these effects: -20 speed, -20 Agility, +10 Endurance, +50 Durability, +50 Strength

    After Form Ends: -10 Speed, -10 Agility, -20 Endurance, -10 Durability, -10 Strength

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    Re: Akahana Reikozuki [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:23 am

    Natural Skill Sheet: 250

    • Agility: 50
    • Durability: 60
    • Endurance: 40
    • Speed: 60
    • Strength: 40

    Racial Skill Sheet: 150

    • Reishi Control: 80
    • Weapon Skill: 20
    • Unarmed Combat: 50

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    Re: Akahana Reikozuki [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Dai on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:53 am

    Application Checklist
    • Name [x]
    • Appropriate Age [x]
    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 15 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Powers are not in First Person [x]

    Comments/Notes: Fiery redhead, go!
    Tier: 1-1
    Natural Skill Points: 250
    Racial Skill Points: 150

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    Re: Akahana Reikozuki [Approved; 1-1]

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