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    Okitsugu Fujiki [APPROVED; 1-3]

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    Okitsugu Fujiki [APPROVED; 1-3]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:57 pm

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Okitsugu Fujiki
    Nicknames: Stardancer;
    Appearance Age: Mid-20s
    True Age: Somewhere between 300 and 400
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 188lbs

    Character Information

    Okitsugu has the habit of seeming too relaxed when it comes to dire situations. He never "suits up" like other Shinigami. Instead, he just casually walks onto the battlefield with a confident smile and gait. He waves to his opponents and slides his hands into his pockets soon after. He does what he can to make someone underestimate him as much as possible. When he does that,it isn't to insult the person. No, that would be rude. He just down feel like fighting. Even when he fights,he finds it boring. So he has fun with it. Meaning, you might see him dance or play hide-and-seek with his opponents. Granted,the dance is more of him building up power for his Shikai. He is one to use a battlefield to its fullest and is not afraid to retreat to gain a favorable terrain. Fighting him in close quarters is the worst idea,as he only uses his body as a weapon. If you are within arm's reach of him, you are in danger.

    Outside of battle, the guy is a little off. He has a standing permit to not wear the standard uniform, and he instead wears a nice grey suit. He shows up next-to-last when attending meetings, always. It doesn't matter if someone is running late because they tripped,he is always next to last. He speaks his opinions very clearly and openly and will not hesitate to criticize his allies.

    But even besides all that, the guy is nice. He waves to every Captain he comes across, and shakes the hands of anyone who wants to. If a Captain or Lieutenant wants to go out drinking, but doesn't want to be alone, he will try to join them. Need a wingman? Okitsugu might be your guy. He does ask people not to use him as a therapist, but if they really need someone to talk to, he will comply. It is common to set, or rather hear, him performing a solo piece with some sort of brass instrument. He is also prone to repay annoyances and practical jokes with a surprise tuba.

    But his job doesn't always allow him to be a nice guy.  You see he doesn't quite act as a "good guy." His job has him as a quote unquote "fixer," and it doesn't quite allow him to do the lawful thing from time to time. He has contacts in shadier parts of the world. This is a network that allows for him to keep up with events across dimensions.The extent of his networks is known only to Kaminari and himself. He may not agree with what they do, but he swears by their usefulness.

    Character Background:

    Okitsugu has a relatively boring early history. Born in the Rukongai, no real family to speak of, etc. But one thing caught his eye, or rather, his ear. He met a man at the crossroad of a street in the Rukongai. Okitsugu stood there, no shoes, and maybe a single kan to his name, in awe. The man was putting on a concert with a saxophone to no one. It was magnificent. The concert lasted for four hours, and Okitsugu was the only one to stand there the entire time. As he finished, the man smiled to the kid, and gave him the saxophone before walking away and disappearing.

    Okitsugu was no stand-out in the academy, nor was he anything of note in the 10th Division. The only time he was called out was late at night, when he wouldn't stop playing the saxophone. Because he was prone to annoying the other members of his Division with his playing non-stop, Okitsugu was almost permenantly in the World of the Living. He saw the musical changes through the ages, and he kept an eye in the underworld mainly. They had the music with the most "soul." The slums, the slaves, and the prisoners—they all had a "soul" to their music and dances that the uppity people never could copy.

    Because of him sticking to the lower parts of society, he gained trust over the years. As the lower echelons began to organize, they liked to have music. And there was one man who knew how to put on a show. He may not be the best performer, but he was able to find someone who could perform what that group wanted. He began to use these connections for information. He'd get some good performer for them, and they'd tell him what they knew about what went bump in the night.

    Eventually, his 'contacts' became shadier and shadier. Eventually, it was hard to be associated with them and keep his head. So Okitsugu had to keep a lower profile. He didn't just go out and socialize all the time, although his services were still offered. His ability to get the scoop on Hollows going on rampages, Shinigami abusing their power, and other things the Gotei may not get eventually caught the eye of the Captain-Commander. In 2006, Tsubine von Zarkonheinz offered Okitsugu a Captain's position. Well, he told him of one that would be opening soon and placed the guy at the top of list of potential candidates. Okitsugu performed the Captain's Proficiency Exam while impressing the judges. He still is in contact with his ne'er-do-well 'friends,' and will use them if the Captain-Commander so wills him to.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:
    Senkaimon Creation: Okitsugu is one of the few Shinigami capable of operating a Senkaimon masterfully. He has the ability to open one up almost anywhere, although he needs a door or door frame to do so.

    Daidenreishinki: Okitsugu's Daidenreishinki operates similar to a normal Denreishinki. The difference is that the Daidenreishinki can communicate via voice like a normal flip-type cellphone. He can call someone, and they can't trace his call back to a location. The number does not exist (1-800-DTH-GODS) on any carrier, but it works. It works like a Jigokuchō as well, allowing him to pass through the Dangai without the need of one. The Daidenreishinki allows him to mark the location of Shinigami in the area, and it also acts like a radar to spiritually-aware beings other than Hollows. It allows him to find Quincy, Arrancar, and even spiritually-active Humans in the immediate area. It also keeps a log of Senkaimon openings in the past 24 hours for the immediate area as well.

    Other Weapons: Okitsugu carries around a pair of steel knuckles (brass knuckles, but harder) in his pockets. And although not weapons, Okitsugu owns a tuba, a trumpet, a trombone, an alto saxophone, a baritone saxophone, and a polka suit.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World:

    Zanpakutō: Kyoukiranbu is an odd one. Most Zanpakutō take the form of a weapon, and theoretically, Kyoukiranbu is a weapon. The blade and handle both broke, but the Zanpakutō still worked. What was left after that stuff broke? Simple: the pointed hilt-guard. Okitsugu had it placed on the bottom of his right shoe. He has all of his shoes made with a removable area of that size, so all of his shoes could, in theory, carry Kyoukiranbu.

    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Let's Dance.


    Shikai Name: Kyoukiranbu (狂喜乱舞; boisterous dance)
    Shikai Appearance: No change physically, although there is an icy-cool air around him. Water he steps in freezes instantly.
    Shikai Abilities:
    The Song That Overrides Everything: When he activates his Shikai, Okitsugu plays music. It comes from him, but not from like a speaker or his throat. It just comes from around him. The music can change at will. Okitsugu's songs always are heard. If a song is being played over a speaker, the speaker's volume is turned down for it. Not physically, but that's what it sounds like. His songs always take forefront, and can be heard over even an orchestra. He is a one-man concert hall. Effects that depend on volume to cause damage are dampened while he is in his Shikai, although effects that just require being heard are not dampened.

    Dance If You Want To: Okitsugu's Shikai's main ability is that the more he moves by dancing, the more kinetic energy he has for his next strike. Doing a full tango or a breakdance gives him a wallop of a punch that can break concrete, but he rarely has time to build up that much energy.


    Bankai Name: Fuhen Ensoukai (不変 演奏会; Immutable Concert)
    Bankai Appearance: Okitsugu's clothing turns into a solid-white tuxedo. It has a black bow tie, black shoes, and a red flower on the left breast pocket. He may or may not have sunglasses. Upon release, he can also summon a glass of whiskey on the rocks.
    Bankai Abilities: Okitsugu retains his Shikai's abilities.

    Running in the 90s: Okitsugu's speed and agility are doubled while in Bankai. He is able to move in odd ways, such as a moonwalk-based Shunpo. He is also able to stand on things normally counted as unstandable. This means he can comfortably stand on a moving car, the top of a spire, and other difficult areas.

    Sevastopol Waltz: Okitsugu's hands and feet can cut like a sword when he swings them. Wherever his force is directed is where the 'blade' is. While released, his hands and feet can perform normal duties relegated to a Zanpakutō—namely that of a Konsou.

    Smooth Jazz for the Soul: Okitsugu can double the effects of any buff he has from an external source while in Bankai. He is also 50% resistant to effects that diminish his reaction time, speed, or agility physically. This means that he is only affected 50% by being in quicksand, but he is still affected normally by being in pitch-black darkness, as that only plays with his mind.

    It's On: Okitsugu can send a challenge to a single opponent per release. While he is in Bankai, abilities used by the opponent or Okitsugu can not affect anyone but Okitsugu and the opponent. The environment can still be harmed. Okitsugu's ability The Song That Overrides Everything applies still.

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    Re: Okitsugu Fujiki [APPROVED; 1-3]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:58 pm

    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

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    Re: Okitsugu Fujiki [APPROVED; 1-3]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:26 am

    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: Dance, damn it. Dance!
    Tier: 1-3
    Natural Skill Points: 230
    Racial Skill Points: 230

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    Re: Okitsugu Fujiki [APPROVED; 1-3]

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