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    Role Play Rules And Guidelines


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    Role Play Rules And Guidelines Empty Role Play Rules And Guidelines

    Post by Serenity on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:54 pm


    Read This Character Creation Guideline: Click Here

    1 ) For RP posts, there is a 15-sentence minimum. Do not post short little 4-word "filler" sentences.

    2 ) No Role Playing a character without it being approved.

    3 ) Make sure a person is comfortable with what's going on in the role play before just continuing.

    4 ) If a member has not posted within seven days of the previous post, the members of the thread have the right to skip that person and move on. This process continues until SOMEONE makes a post or the thread is closed. Those on extended temp leaves (15+ days) are skipped immediately.

    5 ) Unless it's a character trait, please refrain from excessive swearing.

    6 ) Subjects like rape and abuse are only to be done with the consent of all who are posting within a thread.

    7 ) No role play posting in first person. We use third person other than dialogue, of course.

    8 ) No coding/graphics-heavy templates for posts. Apps are okay, but posts are a no-go. A good rule of thumb is no images over 750 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall with a leeway of 10 pixels.

    9 ) Autoplay on any Youtube or any embedded code is not allowed in any post what so ever.

    10 ) Unless you lose function in one of your hands, never post in 'txt tlk' or use the “Homestuck” style of writing. Please also try to use correct grammar or at least make your posts legible.

    11 ) A user is considered inactive if there is no temporary leave and it has been two months or over since the last roleplay post, OR two months from their join date if they do not have a roleplay post. If a user is inactive, their threads and characters will be archived, and any reserves or claims will be removed. If the user appears in the chat, then that may count as activity. This case is only if their absence is explained. This ruling is left to Staff's discretion to determine.

    12 ) No Power, System, or Loophole Abusing!!!

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