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    New Years Celebration [Open]


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    New Years Celebration [Open] Empty New Years Celebration [Open]

    Post by Silim on Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:55 pm

    [Kirai Tsumagi]

    It was that time of the year again - the time when temperatures were low, there was rarely snow around when you actually wanted it, and people celebrated multiple different things in quick succession. Yes, it was late December, even here in Academy City! Quite a few students were spending their holidays with their families around the world, but there was still a sizable amount of spiritually aware humans left, with some already returning too, who would spend New Years here - and obviously also celebrate it here.

    Had he not been a member of Judgement, then Kirai would probably be enjoying himself quite a bit right now - but as he was exactly that, he was instead helping with setting everything up around Academy City. A rather big plaza was serving as the main hub for the celebration, with a stage built up for a band to play, multiple bars on the sidelines, and also multiple stands for some quick food. Besides floating around the equipment for the stage and berating the more clueless people working on the sound-setup, his ACTUAL job right now was to make sure all security checkpoints were built up correctly. In theory, Judgement was to also make sure that any underage students wouldn't get their hands on alcohol - in practice, though, Kirai already knew that all they could really do was make sure nobody got rowdy after getting drunk. There were simply not enough members of Judgement compared to the general student body, and even if there were... It was only New Years once each year. The telekinetic would just make sure nobody got hurt, especially once fireworks got involved. Surely most students would at worst get bruised by fireworks going off in their faces - one of the many perks of being a Fallen - but not ALL of the students had that kind of power.

    Now, preparations were virtually done, and the telekinetic floated up onto the roof of one of the many fast-food stands, sitting down on it and looking around with a slight grin on his face. Everything was going perfectly so far, and the first students arrived to start celebrating, too.

    [Feel free to join with any characters that have a connection to the Academy. We can split up into multiple smaller groups of characters if needed with their own posting orders and mingle after a few rounds of that, too, if needed. All in all, lets have some fun!]

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