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    Getting Started on Broken Blade

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    Getting Started on Broken Blade

    Post by Tsubine on Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:28 pm

    Welcome to Bleach: Realm Of The Broken Blade!

    First off, we would all like to welcome you to Broken Blade. This site is based on the anime/manga Bleach, but we are a little different. For one, all of the canon storyline and characters that you know from the anime do not exist on this site. This may sound a little odd, but we did this because it's very difficult to use custom characters while getting around the actual Bleach characters. That's what Broken Blade is: a custom site with Bleach terminology. Now, we have one question for ya!

    Is Broken Blade for you?

    This is an important question. We would love for you to stay, but not everyone likes the same thing. We recommend that you check out our site's history and see if it catches your attention: Site Histories. Remember that this is a custom site with the elements of Bleach to allow as much role play and development as possible.

    1) If that catches your eye, it's time to take a look at the rules. They are a little long, but once you understand how we work, you shouldn't have any problems: Site Rules.

    2) If you're okay with that, there's something else you should take a look at! Some of our races might be a little different than in the actual anime. They're altered to make things fairer and more interesting. Please see our Racial Information

    3) And if you're okay with that, Face Claims are very important. Not everyone can draw their character, so we quite often use the “faces” of other characters and “claim” them to represent our own character's appearance. To take a look at how we do this, see our Face Claims List.

    4) The fun part about role playing is creating your character! Read our character application section to know where you're supposed to post your character, please see our Character Application Section.
    And then read our Character Creation Guide.

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