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    Post by Hiragi Yoshiya on Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:19 pm


    Basic Information

    Name:Kusakabe Tomoya
    Nicknames: Tomo'
    Appearance Age: 17-18
    True Age:18

    Character Information

    Personality: On the surface, Tomoya appears to be a normal young man with goals and aspirations much like anyone else.  He is often very observant of everything around him, conscious of his surroundings at all times. To most observers who watch him, the collective agreement by everyone is that he's silent, difficult to excite and there are those who even claim that he is unsociable, as he frequently known to reply to others with snarky comments. Tomoya is indeed not one to strike up a conversation but that's mostly because anyone who talks to him rarely has anything of note to keep his interest.

    Even conversations of womanly flesh do nothing to rouse his fancy.  No, if one were to socialize with him, the mere mentioning of the supernatural is enough to arouse his excitement. From his youngest age, he had always possessed an interest in paranormal activity. He would read books, watch late night television, and would stop at nothing until his ever-gnawing thirst for the mysterious had been quenched.  

    As this side is brought out, Tomoya's true nature comes to surface more often than not. Charisma and confidence explodes from his body like a bolt of lightning.  At the mere mention of supernatural activity, Tomoya is a mad scientist who cannot help but learn more.  

    For those who do possess supernatural talents, Tomoya's obsession can get a bit over-the-top.  He might follow you around. Examine you when you're not paying attention and even challenge you to a fight.... he is THAT obsessed.

    Character Background: Tomoya was born in Tokyo, Japan, though that's all he would really be able to tell anyone of his humble beginnings. His parents were killers who had been tasked with the elimination of Fallen, humans possessing supernatural powers.  As murderers for hire, giving birth to a child was the last outcome they wanted, and raising one was out of the question. His mother, though regretful of the decision, decided to place him at the door of an adoption home in the deeper parts of Tokyo, away from all the flashing lights.

    If he was going to be raised, she had decided he would be raised to be a respectful young man... choosing a path of purity rather than the bloodstained trails she and her lover left behind. The two escaped from Tokyo and continued to execute Fallen or even those with the barest minimum trace of supernatural potential.  

    They were hired hands by those in the Japanese government who feared the idea of supernatural humans.

    They had heard of rumors and tales, and rather than bringing these underground operations to light, assassination was a more optimal strategy.  Of course, after that day, not even the government knew the whereabouts of their hired murderers. Most speculate that they died fighting against the fallen. And eventually, it was almost as if they never existed....

    A woman emerged from the door where Tomoya's mother set him down inside the basket. It felt almost like a movie where a fantasy hero is abandoned by his parents and adopted by another but it didn't necessarily play out that way, if at all. Tomoya was brought into her house where she had adopted homeless children(as she could no longer give birth to any herself). She was a mother to them all, and they treated her as such, revering her as if she were a hero. As he grew, he helped her around the house with anything she requested and would volunteer to make meals for the other orphans once he learned the nuances of cooking a meal. In fact, he was given the name Tomoya by that kind woman.

    In return, she would treat Tomoya to watching the television at very late nights, requesting only that he be woke to help her out the next day. Tomoya acquiesced and pretty soon he became amazed by late night television.

    Due to the increase in fallen and their rumored history, paranormal enthusiasts would speculate their whereabouts on television and discuss supernatural activity.

    Tomoya was amazed by the idea. What young man wouldn't be? As he grew older, he would constantly read up on paranormal events, on the possibility of humans developing special powers. His love for it would follow him well into his later years as a teenager. During his late night television session, Tomoya was disturbed by some noises of a little girl being teased.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills: (These are skills that do not require the use of reishi to use: Martial Arts, Weapon Usage, or something as simple as cooking.)

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:

    Roleplay Sample

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