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    Post by Genpaku on Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:20 pm

    Index will be here, eventually.

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    Post by Genpaku on Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:20 pm

    He had expected her to argue with him about staying down a resting; such conversations had an almost ritualistic quality to them of normality.  However, there was an uncharacteristic moment of quiet before she spoke.  He looked over at her as she started speaking.  He didn't respond to her initial comment, which was fitting since it hadn't really been a question or anything.  She continued, however, with questions.  He seemed to consider the questions for a few moments.
    “I've managed to slip some food in here and there since we got back,” he commented, not really specifying where or what food it was exactly.  Snack food was only food to so much of a degree.

    “Its been around twenty-four hours since the mess started and you were taken.  There's been a lot going on since then too; the Gotei has officially entered a state of war.  Seems we're playing catch-up on that front too, since the Arrancar appear to have been waging their end of the war for the last year or so.  There are a lot of concerns about how we're proceeding from here on out.  Guard shifts have been doubled in almost every section of the Seireitei and I've heard that regular patrols have been dispatched out into the Rukongai to watch for any potential Hollows slipping in there.  Those of ours out in the World have either been recalled or reinforced, and I'm working out how much of that is going to be panning out for the foreseeable future.  Can't be sending people out in groups of two or solo anymore with all of this going down.”

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    Post by Genpaku on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:28 pm

    Today had started out as a nice day.  Warm, calm, and quiet; exactly the perfect day for a relaxing nap out of the way of prying eyes or stern authority figures.

    Who cared that Joshua was supposed to be one of those stern authority figures?

    And let us pass over the fact that every day was perfect for napping.

    Indeed, as these things are neither relevant nor productive in this matter they shall be left aside.  Much as Joshua's duties had been left aside for the afternoon.  Even with his mind turned to concerning thoughts and worrying feelings, he could not pass up this opportunity.  It would be a crime no?  Truly this burden was a heavy one, but Joshua was just such a man to bear it.

    And so do we set the stage for how the day started off so nice, but soured quite quickly.

    Joshua had chosen a place no one would think to look for him, because who would actually choose to nap on top of the Divisional Barracks in the middle of the day?  Well, the answer to that question is a Vice Captain with a penchant for not getting caught napping on the job.  He'd taken up a position against one of the walls, placed his hat over his head, and proceeded to doze the afternoon away in the quiet grace the Seireitei held when it wasn't being the center of chaos.  All was right with the world.

    Then a coarse laugh broke the tranquility.  Joshua moved his hat off his face, judging he'd been out for maybe an hour or so.  He sat up, yawning and stretching as he peered over the lip of the building for the source of the noise.  Whatever he had expected, he did not find.  He saw a trio of Shinigami harassing another, not bothering to hide their words.  His eyes narrowed slightly, a look of annoyance uncharacteristically marring his features.  A few moments later the chase had begun as Erina sprinted from the courtyard, leaving one of them laying on the ground.  He thought that maybe that'd be the end of-and they were chasing her.

    Joshua rose, and it was as though the laughter had all been pressed out of him.  His mouth formed a thin line, his eyes watched the figures grow distant.  Then he was in motion, a mere shimmer as shunpo carried him along the rooftops of the Seireitei as he followed this line of action.  He ran through some memories in his head; he'd heard rumors of some strife with a Shinigami within the Sixth Division because of a difference in fighting style, a difference in weapon, a difference in skill or attitude.  Meaningless drivel.  He'd written off, hoping no one could really be that stupid.  Pity how often the stupidity of others manages to exceed one's expectations.  He arrived ahead of the other three as Erina was rubbing at her ankle, unseen on the rooftop across from our stage.  In short order the other three appeared and things began to devolve again.  It was obvious they were only about to get worse.

    But Joshua had seen enough.

    “Sai,” Joshua said in a crisp voice and the Bakudō took hold, pulling the arms of the three behind their backs.  Another Shunpo brought Josh squarely into sight of the four, and it was perhaps the first time any of them had seen anything other than a lazy look of indifference on his face.

    If anything, Joshua Jehanna looked like his Captain at that moment.  He didn't say anything; he let the silence press down onto the three like gravity and let them dig their own graves.

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