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    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Daigoro Ito
    Nicknames: Red Pepper, Official Dumbass
    Appearance Age: 23
    True Age: 162
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 126lb

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    Character Information
    "We live in a world that justifies strength above all else. I hope that mine is enough."

    Personality: A firm believer in equality and balance, he feels that if someone’s willing to do something to you, then they should be prepared to take what they gave. If one was to speak kindly to him, then he would speak kindly back - and vice versa. If someone was to attack him in a form of anger, then he would defend himself with some form of anger back, although most likely without the same strength and proper rage behind it - one who knows Daigoro personally knows him as a greatly benevolent individual, who rarely tries to harm others without very good reason. Upon meeting him for the first time, one’s first impressions can be quite good—Dai is easy to trust those he meets, but also quite quick to change his opinion on someone, depending on their actions. If he does not mind you, his face will be a kindly one. Anything else will bring forth a neutral expression.

    Daigoro has a rather crazy ideal. His ideal is that all life upon this planet, and within all the realms, is equal. All lives are to be saved, unless they have chosen to act in a way that doesn’t allow their existence; ‘evil’ people do not get the chance at retribution, unless they have proven that they will attempt to fix their ways. He defines 'evil' as someone who does harm to others for their own purposes, or for the sake of doing harm. He doesn't try to choose who lives and dies—he hates the idea of judging the fate of another being on the same level—however, he will always choose to protect those that he cares about with far more strength than he would, if he were attempting to protect someone that was not close to him. Innocents and the weak will always be an exception to that scale. He refuses to act upon menial accusations, finding them ‘petty’ and ‘worthless’. He will also not hesitate to strike down a Hollow, knowing that they do not choose to be this way. Arrancar are a different story, as they have gained the power to choose their path.

    It is unwise to call how Daigoro acts to be 'with honor'. Although he will refuse to be the first to strike down a man from the behind, it does not mean that he will treat all targets the same way. Everything that is an enemy, is an enemy. He belives in 'righteous retribution', and will treat his target the way that it chooses to treat him. One who will strike him from the rear will be given the same--and one who will bow before him and give him every respect needed before a fight will be treated with the respect that has been given. As a proponent of the Sun's radiance, he will grant those willing to surrender treatment that they are welcome to, rather than destroying their hearts and minds. He has known Hell and would rather not grant that to others, for it would bring him naught but pain. Orders are orders, yet he will be very resistant to orders that go against his morals, honor and duty to the Thirteen.

    The best kinds of dreams are the unattainable kind; and Dai’s dream is no exception. His dream, having being built up through his life, has grown to be a wish for peace. He wants to stop the wars, end the struggles, and attempt to have all life live in harmony with one-another, rather than attempting to kill each other. He believes that all beings have the power to do such a thing, and will often try and convince them as such if he feels like he can. He knows that some have a deep-seated evil, however. He is not naïve: he already knows that this dream is completely impossible. He already knows that justice will not prevail, and that they will have to become Demons to kill those Demons at their gates. He has already made this choice, but that dream is what lights up his battles.

    When he is researching something, be it a person or a phenomenon, he will follow any lead that he is given. He says that, instead of losing a good lead, he will always follow what he is given. Even if the lead was a wild goose chase for him, and he wasted his time doing it, it will always be worth it to him. He also likes to be alone with his thoughts a lot of the time, often avoiding large crowds to simply read a book underneath a tree, or even just meditate.

    Daigoro also has a hefty air of nonchalance, almost boredom, about him. It's not the same as this “arrogance”, but it's rather similar. If you take a first look at him, he doesn't appear to care. In fact, it almost always seems that way. However, it is not quite as simple as that. He tends to wear his emotions on his sleeves, but he has learned to control himself enough that he keeps calm when he has to. His face will almost always tell you everything that he’s feeling at the time, however. He is definitely very calm and deliberate, and difficult to anger. However, once he finally brings forth his anger, it will pour from him as a waterfall, catching all who deserve such a fate in its torrent. He is very, very good at bottling up his emotions--anger simply pours them all forth and destroys everything in his path.

    He is also generally sarcastic and joking, however he is never malicious towards someone unless he sees some side of them that he doesn't like. He automatically locks onto the good within people, no matter whom they are, and will reject somebody if he sees no retrievable good in their heart. His one dream is peace, as mentioned before, and he will do anything to make that goal possible - except for merciless or undeserved killing. Daigoro's mental and physical will is also at an amazing level; and if he was to be told that there were insurmountable odds against him... he'd still press on. He’d stand there, take whatever came at him, and yet he would make sure that he survived to live for another day. If he has something to live for, he will refuse to allow himself to die.

    When it comes to love, it's kind of difficult to pinpoint his stance on it. He doesn't know if there's anyone he'll be able to fall in love with. After spending sixty years with someone only to watch them die, he feels like he's not worthy of love--and has put himself into a pretty thick shell because of it. If someone can reach in far enough to bring him out of the shell, then he will definitely reach out the rest of the way. It's just a matter of getting him started.

    Small Things:

    • His favorite flower is the rose.
    • His favorite color is green.
    • He has a small tattoo of a fox under his left wrist.
    • He really likes sushi. Has a rather voracious appetite.
    • Is an idiot when it comes to technology.
    • Is a boobs and ass kinda guy.

    Character Background: "--no more! I will not stand for this any more!" His voice shouted out into the darkness at the invisible opponent, taunting them in an attempt to draw their ire. He had been standing on attention for hours, watching and waiting for them to come out of the fade and strike him down where he stands. Yet, they had done no such thing. It was as if they were just hiding away, waiting for him to make a mistake. He would, however, remain vigilant, even when in the face of an invisible enemy. His red locks flowed down his back and he stared deeply into the darkness, attempting to penetrate it and discover just what it was he was fighting.

    "Come! Take me if you can!" The sword in his right hand melded into the darkness, the steel a deep black shade. In his left hand was a shield of the opposite hues, shining from the lantern that sourced the only light he could see. Finally, as if only just realizing his calls, something attacked. In retaliation, the shield was brought up to heel and protected the man from the attack. Each attack attempted to further and further break through the man's defense, yet he simply stood his ground and shouted his cries of battle. The attacks relented momentarily, and he chose that moment to make his counter-attack.

    "Too late!" He pushed forwards with the shield just as another attack bore down upon it--the attack was powerful, but the thrust in return was stronger. Pushing the attack backwards and knocking the source out of balance, he bashed the shield to the side and swung with a just motion. The blade whistled through the still air and cleaved instantly, cutting the beast in two with little difficulty. It fell to the ground with a screech, and Daigoro returned the blade into its sheath, before reaching his sword hand up and bashing it against the shield with a grin.

    "Next time, try to leave a dent."

    Daigoro Ito has always been a warrior--raised to fight, even while a youth in the Rukongai. Yes, he was born in Soul Society, as a native spirit. From his childhood he has had to defend himself from those that would do he or his family harm. Trained to fight with whatever he could find on hand, he slowly became known as a brawler that would take on anybody who tried to get on the bad side of he or his parents--and unfortunately, there were plenty that would do so. Being in the lower districts meant that the fight for supplies was real and constant, so in order to keep himself and his family alive he would have to get to the best places before anyone else and fight to keep his share. However, as he aged, he realized something else--he hungered. Everyone else didn't need to eat, but he himself was consistently getting more and more hungry. At first he didn't really consider it, since hunger was something that nobody else seemed to understand--but when it finally became too much, someone came up to him and told him exactly what it was: he had a power within him that was growing, and he needed to eat to sustain it. Therefore, his fight became not just for supplies, but for the food he needed to live and continue growing with.

    As time went on, he also began to notice hostilities towards him and his family--apparently, this spiritual power was both a blessing and a curse. While it meant that he could progress outside of being a normal spirit in the Rukongai, it also gave the possibility of his growing into a monster and becoming a Hollow. That would be a threat to his family as well as those around him, which was something he wanted no part of. Therefore, his new goal was to train his body and his mind to become a force that would stop any Hollowfication from happening. He was already a warrior--he needed to become more of one to be able to survive.

    So while his training of the body continued, the training of the heart also began. He started by separating himself from his family, convincing himself that he could be away from them without them needing his help. If he didn't have to be scared of losing his family, then he would be able to focus completely on his own heart and soul. He sincerely believed that, hiding himself out in the forests and mediating for hours on end to be able to control himself. He ate sparsely but healthily, staying away for several weeks before finally deciding to return to the Rukongai. He expected to arrive home to a loving family, but things were never going to be as simple as that, were they?

    Walking through the streets, he noticed the eyes that were hungering for his blood, his body, his possibly death. He growled to himself as he continued to walk towards his home, knowing immediately how this was going to go. The door was broken down, and people had long since left the scene alone--it was the Rukongai, who cared? Stepping in, Daigoro's blood would run cold. Bodies were strewn around the floor. He recognized everyone and knew that it was because he wasn't there. A visceral howl escaped his throat and he burst into the street, weapon in hand, looking around for signs. Yet there was nothing. People he asked mentioned a couple of names, but nothing concrete. He couldn't exactly go on a murder spree of innocents, could he? Yet he felt angry enough to do so. All of the training that he'd had went out of the window, and his emotions completely overwhelmed him. His voice became louder, he dropped to his knees, and he felt his psyche slowly start to change on him.

    However, a pair of hands touched his shoulders, and a soft voice roused him from his tears. He wanted to kill. He wanted to murder. He wanted to cut the throats of the people who killed his family. He wanted to kill them. But those hands, and that voice, they didn't allow him to. He turned towards the source of the sound and was met with the kindly face of a young woman in black robes. Tears were streaming down his face, and his entire body slumped into her arms.

    When he finally awoke, he found himself somewhere that he didn't recognize. He slowly sat up and looked around, trying to understand exactly where he was--it appeared to be a medical centre of some kind, and the woman who had been there for him when he snapped was sitting over him with a kindly expression and inspecting his body for wounds. He let out a long breath of air and gave her his best possible smile, even if it was a little skewed. She introduced herself as Manae, and he couldn't help but be drawn to look over her face while she looked back at him. Still embarrassed from his failure to control himself, he turned away and asked where he was right now--apparently, this was the infirmary for the Shino Academy, and he was to start his training to become a Shinigami the next day. While most people would be at the very least resistant to this idea, Daigoro's reply was simply "Alright."

    And from then on, Daigoro Ito began his training as a Shinigami in the Shino Academy. Time went by at a rapid pace, and while he didn't really do too well with the Kidō side of things, it was when he started to deal with combat that he showed his training from outside of the Academy. One particular spar is what got him noticed, however.

    They both stepped into the ring with their practice weapons, both youths holding steady in preparation. Out of the corner of his eye, Daigoro noticed Manae standing and watching--he had to wonder what she was doing there, but tried not to let it get too deep into his mind. Instead, focussing on the battle, he started to trade blows and attacks with his opponent. Each successful trade caused his heart to soar slightly, while each bad hit he took made him dread looking back in Manae's direction. They continued their fight until Daigoro fumbled with his grip slightly. His opponent took notice of this and flicked the weapon out of his hand, disarming him and sending it flying out of the ring and aiming the weapon at his forehead. "You're done. Surrender." Dai's face curled up slightly into a sneer, and he honestly contemplated it for a moment, before noticing something on the ground behind his opponent. It was a wooden spoon. That was all. Nothing more than that, and yet it gave Daigoro hope. He stood up straight and looked his opponent in the eyes, grinning, "I refuse."

    They didn't like that and swung at his body. Blocking the strike with his left arm, wincing from the hard contact, Daigoro worked his way around the man and rolled on the ground, picking up the wooden spoon that had seemingly been dropped in the ring by a cook who had simply passed through to watch. Being unallowed to interfere in the fight, they couldn't step into the ring to pick it up; but Daigoro had it in a hand already and passed a quick glance over the adjudicator, who simply nodded in acceptance--it would be allowed. Howling, Daigoro lunged towards the opponent--who had great reach and power with his weapon--and promptly beat the shit out of him as skilfully as if he were wielding a sword of equal level. When the man finally yielded, Daigoro let him up and stepped out of the ring the victor. He looked up to see if she was still there... but Manae was gone.

    Apparently beating someone with a wooden spoon had given him a bit of infamy within the Shino Academy, and he started to receive daily challenges to see if they could best him. Each of these challengers gave him a specific thing to fight with--and every one of them lost. He tried not to get cocky, but he honestly couldn't go without feeling a bit of pride. At the same time, he started to become more reclusive--when one would only talk to him to challenge him to a fight, he had no choice but to curl up within his shell a little. He spent a lot of time in empty dojos and underneath out-of-the-way trees. That said, no matter how hard he tried to hide himself, she would always find him, with a drink and a smile. Daigoro felt himself falling for Manae, and eventually asked her why she spent so much time around him. She rolled over so that she was straddling him, their faces barely an inch apart, and smirked.

    "Isn't it obvious?" was the simple and abrupt reply, punctuated with a soft kiss upon his lips. He felt her lips press up against his, warm and soft, and the feeling of her breath brushed over his face and gave way to a redness on his cheeks. His eyes skirted the edges of the room that they were in--they were alone, and likely to stay that way for a while. Manae seemed to understand that as well, her hands moving up and down his body to find the hems of his clothes. He was made shirtless in a manner of moments, her hands hungrily searching every nook and cranny to find the warmth of his body and hold onto it. The kiss parted seconds later, blue eyes meeting green, Manae guiding his hands up her body and tugging at her own clothing. He pulled it apart with a simple motion and laid in awe at the beauty of her pale, naked flesh. The rest of their clothing wasn't long gone, and they were both just as ready as the other.

    She guided his manhood beneath herself, straddling his thighs with a lust-filled tightness and pushing herself down on top of him. She closed one eye and made a soft, slightly pained noise at the contact, a small amount of blood streaming down the shaft of his penis. "D-does it hurt?" She nodded, but made no signs of stopping, continuing to push herself down over him and take in as much as she could. He continued to watch her, holding her free hand in his and giving her his most comforting smile--and when she finally pushed him completely into her sex, he started to move his hips in return. It was slow, sloppy and a bit weird-looking, but Daigoro's heart and soul felt in unison for the first time in years. He sat up as they both moved, pressing their lips together and dancing with her tongue, using his fingers to explore her body--running them down her spine, exploring her thighs, teasing her clit, playing with her breasts--while she continued to moan in both pleasure and pain. This time would not last, for he felt something already beginning to rise up from within--and she seemed to have the same feeling. They broke apart from their kiss to simply watch each other's eyes, both knowing what was coming already--and when they came, they came in unison, laying down and resting, their bodies heaving and sweaty, simply watching each other with soft smiles.

    Time flew after that--Daigoro spent the last year or so of his time in the Shino Academy either studying, sparring, or spending quality time with Manae. It seemed that his days were filled to the brim, and he no longer felt worried walking down the halls--he no longer felt like some infamous, untouchable beast. And as he finally graduated from the Shino Academy, he found himself asked for specifically by the Seventh Division--where Manae herself was the fifth seat. He now had to recognize her as completely his superior, and followed her orders to the letter. Yet at night, they would live as lovers did--and this went on for years. thirty years, in fact--they remained together and in love for thirty years. They had their differences, of course. They had their arguments, their worries, their sorrows. However, they would always come back to each other in the end. Daigoro felt like nothing could come between them. And over time, he climbed the ranks--eventually, he would become the Third Seat of the Seventh Division, with Manae as the Vice-Captain. In this time, he had unlocked his Shikai--though for some reason, he felt more of a resonance with its defensive side than its offensive side. He had started his training towards Bankai, and was earnestly doing so by Manae's side. He was in the best days of his life--and this was where it finally went wrong.

    They were assigned to, as a pair, dispatch a few stray Hollow that were terrorizing a small town. It was nothing major, and certainly not enough of an issue to send both of them. It was rather confusing, but orders were orders after all. The Hollow were easy enough prey, yet they were told to remain there until further orders were given--and then the reasoning was discovered. Descending from the sky above was an Arrancar--one with the number 8 tattooed upon its cheek. It sneered, grinned and touched down upon the earth.  "So, this is what they send? A pair of punitive Shinigami--not even Captains?" It laughed and held its blade out towards them. "I create a distraction like this, and you are really all they send. I'm disappointed, but I guess a meal is a meal either way." Baring its teeth at them, it suddenly moved at a speed that neither of them had anticipated. It was just enough for Daigoro to manage to parry its strike, and yet still sent him flying into the distance. Manae fared a lot better, holding him off with her sword.

    Getting to his feet, Daigoro swung his blade down to his side and shouted out--"Grant me Strength, Taiyo no Zen'ei!" The singular blade became sword and shield, and he readied himself with the weapon at his side, shouting out and charging immediately at the Arrancar--if it was distracted by Manae, he could help her and get a few hits off on it to give her some breathing room. Despite this plan working in his head, it was foiled--a third arm branched out of the Arrancar's body and knocked him aside as if he were a plaything and then reaching around to grip Manae's throat. "You know, it's really a shame. I had hoped they'd send someone stronger. I really didn't want to kill fodder. Oh well. They've forced my hand." The hand tightened its grip and started to choke the air out of her, Daigoro trying to continue his assault on the Arrancar while he did so. Nothing was working. Every attack was being parried by more arms that seemed to branch out of the Arrancar's body, each arm then gripping another of Manae's appendages and further trying to pull her apart. Realizing this, he began to slow his attacks, but already knew that it was too late.

    "Manae!" His voice was edged with tears, crackling as he tried his hardest to catch her attention. Her gaze, while somewhat blurred, turned towards him, and her face turned upwards into a soft, weak smile. He could only barely hear her--but it was enough to awaken the rage within. "I... love you... Goodb--" Her voice was cut out by the sound of snapping, and Manae's body was dropped to the ground with a broken neck; a bloody mess. In that moment, it seemed that every exercise that Daigoro had ever undertaken to control his rage was undone; from the moment she had first laid hands upon his shoulders. "You... bastard..."

    From here until the next marker, Daigoro has zero memories and will remain to have none.
    The shield was thrown aside, Daigoro holding the single blade in both hands with a contorted expression. "Isn't the shield an integral part of your Shikai, child? Or are you finally surrendering to me?" The Arrancar's voice, his face, his presence was taunting Daigoro, and he was now finally sick of it. His entire body seethed over to boiling point, and the sword suddenly vanished into nothingness. The taunting grin grew wider, and then fell as a quiet word was spoken by the red-headed Shinigami--"Bankai." His entire body exploded with power and he spread out his arms, laughing loudly into the sky as rage finally completely overtook his usual sense of self. Reaching out for the nearest object, Daigoro's palm touched up against a broom, and he brought it in beside his body. "Asahi." The energy that rushed throughout his body extended itself into the broom, and the Arrancar sensed a sharpness in it that scared it to death. It wanted to escape, but couldn't move. Instead, Daigoro moved first--striking him down with one cut of the wooden handle. Every cut afterwards was the release of seventy years--love that had been found, loved and lost. People who he had protected and saved watching the ones he couldn't save. Everything that he had done. Everything he had lived for. It was now on the ground beneath his feet. A wild howl escaped his throat as he sent the last cut through the Arrancar's throat, dropping it to the ground. The energy that had been rushing through his body dissipated as well, and the world faded into black.

    Memories begin once more.
    When he finally awoke, his first question was of Manae--and the answer was the one he had not wanted. There was nothing they could've done. She was gone. He could've raged there as well, but all of it had been spent on the Arrancar, one week ago. He was left with a clean slate. They offered him Manae's old position, but he refused. He didn't want to besmirch her place with his own name. He asked them what had happened, and they told him that a Captain had chanced upon them as the Arrancar was preparing to land the death blow on the unconscious Daigoro. He wanted to feel angry there, too, but couldn't. He simply felt... empty, and nothing has appeared to fill that place.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities: N/A
    Other Weapons: N/A


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World:

    (Ignore the modern fixtures.)

    Zanpakutō: When unreleased, Daigoro's Zanpakutō takes on the appearance of the bo staff he always carries.

    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: "Grant me strength/discipline." (This depends on which aspect he wants to default into.)


    Shikai Name: Taiyō no Zen'ei (Vanguard of the Sun)
    Shikai Appearance: Taiyō no Zen'ei appears as a paired sword and shield, without any real interesting features.

    Defensive Stance: The Defensive Stance is one of the modes of the Taiyo no Zen'ei, granting Daigoro increased defensive prowess and ally support in exchange for mobility and attack power. When in this mode, the shield that he carries increases in size, making his sword unreliable for frontal attack and rarely used. The sigil on the shield glows as well, creating a soft aura of light that envelops allies within a certain distance of the shield face. While in the Defensive Stance, Daigoro has access to a certain group of abilities that augment both his defences and the defences of his allies. The release phrase to go into Defensive Stance on activation is "Grant me discipline."

    Defensive Stance Abilities:

    Shield Wall (Innate): While in the Defensive Stance, Daigoro's shield grants him increased defences from all sides, but moreso from the direction the shield is facing.

    Immobile (Innate): While in the Defensive Stance, Daigoro cannot use Shunpo.

    Stand Behind Me!: While this form itself lacks proper mobility, even going so far as to reduce Daigoro's movement speed while it's active, this ability is the one thing that allows him to move around a battlefield. Once every post, he is capable of leaping a great distance to the aid of an ally that he feels is in peril, positioning himself between them upon arrival.

    Hit Me!: Daigoro releases a challenging shout that can be heard at a long distance. Upon hearing this shout, anything at least a tier group below Daigoro's is compelled to attack him instead of whatever else they're attacking. This taunt lasts for a round, and can be used once every five rounds.

    I'll cover you!: Once every six rounds, Daigoro releases a pulse of light from his shield. This light grants increased defensive power to all allies within fifteen feet of the shield, for two rounds. While they're under the effects of this buff, approximately 20% of any damage they take is redirected to Daigoro and damages him instead.

    Hold your ground!: By giving up all mobility for one round, Daigoro gains a near absolute defence from one side. By entrenching himself into the ground and increasing the size and density of the shield temporarily, Daigoro can do two things. Firstly, he can intercept any projectiles aimed at his allies. Secondly, he can completely negate the damage (but not additional effects) from those attacks. This can only happen for one round every ten rounds. By Additional Effects I mean things such as bleeds, poisons, and the like. Effects that aren't a part of the main damage burst.

    Save Yourselves!: This command causes all negative effects on Daigoro's allies within 15 yards of him to be drawn into his body. For every negative effect he takes on, he gains a buff in return. The gained buffs have nothing to do with the negative effects Daigoro takes into his body, and are instead consistent with every fight. They are also granted in the same order. Stronger buffs add on to weaker ones, rather than cancelling them out. This can only be used once per thread, and the buffs persist until their associated negative effect disappears, and then for one round afterwards. They do not cancel out in order.

    • Pain Dismissal (allows Daigoro to ignore a small amount of damage/pain)
    • Hardened Skin (grants a small bonus to defence)
    • Flash Shield (enables the use of Shunpo in this Shikai form)
    • Regeneration (grants some wound regeneration)
    • Might (increases the damage Daigoro deals with his attacks)
    • Double-Up (allows Daigoro to use [Stand Behind Me!] twice every round.
    • Every negative effect from now on simply grants Daigoro more bonuses to his Hardened Skin effect.

    Aggressive Stance: The Aggressive Stance is one of the modes of the Taiyo no Zen'ei, granting Daigoro increased combat potential and mobility in exchange for lesser defences and support strength. When in this mode, the shield is at a size more capable of being used in a fight, hooked around his left forearm and locked in place. The sigil on the sword glows brightly, coating the weapon in a soft aura of light that appears to sharpen it as you look over it. While in the Aggressive Stance, Daigoro has access to a certain group of abilities that augment both his attacking potential and mobility. The release phrase to go into Aggressive Stance on activation is "Grant me strength."

    Aggressive Stance Abilities:

    Aggressor (Innate): While in the Aggressive Stance, Daigoro is best suited for single combat. As such, any enemy he attacks is marked with something that only he can see. Some abilities can only be used against a marked target. He can only have one marked target. The mark persists until he switches target, but there must be a full round of combat before the mark switches over.

    Reckless Fighter (Innate): When in the Aggressive Stance, Daigoro fights with less care than normal--as such, he takes a small amount of additional damage from attacks from his marked target. All other targets deal slightly decreased damage against him.

    Shield Bash (unmarked): Daigoro can use the [Shield Bash] only against unmarked targets. It deals some damage and knocks back unsteadied opponents. Can be used once every four rounds.

    Zenith: Can only be used against a marked target. If Daigoro is some distance from this target (i.e they use a mobility skill to get away from him) he can throw his sword at them, dealing damage based upon the distance travelled. The sword deals more damage the further it flies, and if it hits them he can then choose to close the gap. Can only be used once every two rounds.

    Vicious Strikes: Can only be used against a marked target. Upon activation, Daigoro's attacks are faster and deal additional damage, the more damaged Daigoro is. This effect persists for a single round and can be activated once every five rounds.

    Due to his personality, he hasn't completely explored the Aggressive Stance, and more abilities may be discovered.


    Bankai Name: Asahi
    Bankai Appearance:


    Bankai Abilities:

    Changing Formes: The Asahi is capable of switching between forms as Daigoro pleases. Each primary form has its own special attack, but at this point in time Daigoro has only unlocked one of the attacks. Each special attack has a two post cooldown.

    Sunder (Polearm) - By striking against the ground or the body of a target, Daigoro can attempt to split it in half with superior force.

    Rain of Vengeance (Bow) - Firing into the air, Dai causes arrows to constantly rain over an area of about 20 feet for a round. He can act after he has fired these arrows, but is liable to take damage if he spends too much time within the AoE.

    Improvisation: If Daigoro doesn't end up using one of the formes of the Asahi or all special attacks are on cooldown, he can basically pick up mundane objects and turn them into another, temporary, piece of his Bankai. The object is reinforced to be as strong as his Zanpakutō, and has a single-use 'special' that is determined by the properties of the object itself.

    Bankai Name: Yuhi
    Bankai Appearance:
    Bankai Abilities:

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: "..." You'd think that time had stopped. Every little thought in his mind had slowed down, and he felt that life was just trying to push him to the Earth. All that he could hear, besides the wind in the air, was the beating of his heart in his skull. "I'm sorry... I t-tried to get here f-faster..." He leaned forwards, reaching out with his hand and running his fingers softly against her cheek. Tears bridged his eyes, and he fell to his knees knee as he watched her. "No, you were fine. You didn't need to come." His body shook, and his mouth was slightly open as he watched her. "Dai, I-I... l-lo-..." The skin under his fingers vanished as Midori was thrown to the side. "...M..." His entire form froze, Dai watching the air in front of him clear. "...I..." His heart was beating hard, and the sounds of crunching footsteps on the sand approached him. "Manae..." The Hollow stepped before him, only a foot away, "Your friend is not here to save you this time..." He could not see the other two Hollow approaching from behind the first. That did not matter. Two faces appeared upon his vision, the first of Manae, the second of Midori.

    "Do I... just lose another here?" Kneeling down on the ground, he looked up with tear-streaked cheeks, up at the reaper of his demise. He could just give up there. No more Daigoro meant that Kaminari would be let free. No more Daigoro meant that nobody had to hurt at his expense. But... "Midori, I..." "Now... Die!" Gladly. Gladly. Gladly. Gladly.

    "No." The scythe blade slammed into the ground beside the male, seemingly missed by the Hollow who had swung down at him. The Hollow stared at his weapon with a scared demeanor, almost confused as to what had just occurred. "You..." His breathing was still heavy, however it was not what had been before. The male raised his head up to meet the Hollow's gaze, staring at him with a blank expression, giving off no emotion whatsoever. "How?" "I refuse to lose another love to scum." His voice was cold, rigid, and yet as he got to his feet, the creature would see that he had tears rolling down his face. "I... love her." Without warning, Daigoro Ito shunpo'd into the air, aiming his knee directly at the face of the creature. It collided with a resounding crunch, knocking it back slightly and causing it to scream. "You no longer get mercy." In the middle of the air he would continue to pummel away at the beast's face, eventually knocking it back into its partners and sending them into the distance. He quickly looked over in Midori's direction, before landing on his feet and growling.


    I am thou, and thou art I.


    Borrow my power, smite those who have wronged you.


    An immediate surge of energy escaped from the body of the Shinigami, causing the three who were standing in preparation for the kill to reel back somewhat. The sword and shield in his hands vanished into the aether, and instead Daigoro was left unarmed. "Asahi." His entire body continued to shake, while tears rolled down his cheeks. The creatures would normally have laughed at what had occurred, but as the Scythe from their fallen ally was pulled from the ground, they started to give a slight wonder as to what was about to happen. Without warning, the Shinigami was in the air again, rushing down one of them and slashing at its mask with its ally's blade. The cut was clean, the death quick. As the Hollow screamed and vanished, Dai threw aside the scythe and landed in front of the other cronie, materializing what seemed to be some kind of great-axe polearm from out of nowhere. He stepped forwards and swung it around, aiming to hit with as much force as possible. Each hit rocked the internals of the creature, causing blood to leak from its mouth as it screamed in pain. The last hit cut it straight in twain, and Daigoro then split its mask in mid-air. He then turned to stare at the beast, entire body still shaking as he gripped the weapon as tightly as possible. It was laughing, crying, scared and yet hysterical. "What... are you?" He growled and turned his whole figure towards it, pushing off of the ground and launching himself at the monster, preparing a large swing up behind him as he aimed to bring the weapon down on its face. The weapon streaked through the air, the blade glowing red-hot as it came slamming down, cleaving the skull of the beast with pure unbridled force. Landing on the ground and watching the creature vanish into nothingness, Dai allowed the weapon to dissipate and let out a long breath.

    "I'm in love, that's what I am." He took in a deep breath and coughed loudly, looking around to see where Midori had been thrown. "Midori? MIDORI?" He rushed through the sands, seeing her body slumped and laying down. He knelt down beside her and placed his fingers on her throat, checking for a pulse. It was faint... but it was there. "Midori... Midori... Midori..." He took in a deep breath and attempted to channel his energies. He had not needed to do this in a real situation before, but maybe he could do it here. His hands glowed with energy, slowly trying to refill some of the energy in Midori's body, and at the same time close some of the more superficial wounds. He wasn't sure how much he could do, but it seemed to at least be enough to make her a bit more comfortable. He slid his arms underneath and got to his feet, looking around to see if he could recall the direction he'd come in. Sure enough, one or two landmarks ended up seeming familiar. He would trudge off in that direction, hoping that he'd find where he could get them back to Soul Society.

    "ARE YOU AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING DUMBASS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS?!" The voice of the eyepatched Captain rang out inside the Fourth Division. "NOT ONLY DID YOU DIRECTLY DISOBEY THE ORDERS OF A CAPTAIN, YOU ENDANGERED THE LIFE OF ANOTHER GODDAMN CAPTAIN JUST TO FULFIL YOUR OWN STUPIDITY? AND THEN YOU HAVE THE GALL TO DO THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT? GIVE ME ONE GOOD FUCKING REASON AS TO WHY YOUR ASS SHOULDN'T BE ARRESTED, EXILED AND/OR KILLED." His head was lowered towards the ground as he was chewed out further. He had nothing to say, and nothing to give back. She was right, and she had every reason to be angry. Yet... His head raised up and he looked her in the eye, tilting his head with a confused expression.

    "She's a Captain?"

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    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Durability: 45
    • Endurance: 50
    • Speed: 45
    • Strength: 45
    • Agility: 45

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Hakuda/Hand-to-Hand: 80
    • Hohō: 50
    • Kaidō: 0
    • Kidō: 20
    • Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill: 80

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    First Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]
    • RP Sample Present/Not in Third Person [-]
    • RP Sample is 15 sentences [-]

    Natural Skill Points: 230
    Racial Skill Points: 230

    Comments/Notes: First Completed And Approved Application on Broken Blade. Congratulations and nice job on all the hard work!
    Tier: 1-3

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