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    Yuri Yukawa [APPROVED, 3-5]


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    Yuri Yukawa [APPROVED, 3-5]

    Post by Snopy on Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:19 am


    Basic Information

    Name:  Yuri Yukawa
    Nicknames: (Optional)
    Appearance Age: 17
    True Age:17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 115 lbs




    Character Information

    Personality: Yuri is risque.  Yuri is a pervert.  Yuri is sexual.  All of these words are words some people would use to describe her.  That is because, quite frankly, they all describe her very well.  Yuri is a very sexual person.  When it comes to clothing she wears, she wants it to be attractive and revealing.  She will always wear skirts, and if something shows off her body, she'll wear it.  Naturally she still clothes herself properly, just what she wears will show off her body.  She'll take a normal outfit and find ways to make it attractive and revealing.  Yuri is a flirt, and a huge tease.  She doesn't care if they are male or female, she is bisexual.  She'll flirt with whomever she feels like. With many people, she will tease them. Sometimes she will move in a way that gives them a good angle to see her chest. Sometimes, she will purposely drop something so she can bend over and give them a look at her underwear. Sometimes she will get extremely close to someone, close enough her warmth is easily felt, and place her face less than an inch from theirs. Even placing her hand on their body in alluring ways, before quickly pulling off and acting like nothing happened, while simultaneously continuing to tease them.  The list goes on and on, but the point is she's a very sexual person.  She stops it at teasing for the most part, not going further 99% of the time.  Many people do call her a slut, but she doesn't actually go having sex with whomever catches her eye, so slut is not an accurate term.  She's still a pervert though, she absolutely loooooves the human body, and one might not want to look under her mattress if they are of weak mind.  If she actually ever did have sex, she'd relish in it.

    Still, she doesn't go around making out and doing everyone she finds attractive.  Why is this?  Quite simply, it's because Yuri has a brain.  She has intelligence.  She's not genius grade A student level smart, but she is smart enough to know having sex with a bunch of people is dangerous.  She could get hurt if she ended up with the wrong person, STD's could be spread, etc.  Her intelligence is about average level, at least as far as school is concerned, but she is smart in other ways.  She's got a great fashion sense, and knows how to tastefully apply make up, so she can take almost any girl and make them into a knockout if she put a little effort into it.  She was also a cheerleader, and a damned good one.  Again though, she is no ditz.  She can do other things too.  She's surprisingly good at Lacrosse, and is amazing on ice skates.  She is also a great cook, and can make surprisingly elegant meals.  Though there are things she is bad at.  She's surprisingly terrible at video games, partially because she doesn't play them much.  She's also a terrible artist, if she draws a picture it looks like a 3 year old drew it.  Don't tell her she's bad though, otherwise she'll just get mad and more determined to win...and then continue losing, escalating the problem.  She has a powerful fear of snakes, she sees anything that looks like a snake she'll squeal and run.  She also has a rather random fear of crickets, having a similar reaction to seeing them as snakes.  If one is chirping particularly loudly, she'll feel uneasy.  She also believes crows to be bad luck, and acts cautious if she sees a large number of them.  People have told her she's being silly and that there is nothing bad about crows, but she refuses to listen.  She also secretly wants to learn to play the violin.

    Something that people don't understand about Yuri's behavior isn't actually her being wanting sex or loving rejecting people.  Quite the opposite, she's scared of being rejected.  She wants to be accepted by people.  Therefore, she plays to a power that few humans can say they don't have.  The sex drive.  Almost any person she comes across is going to have a sex drive, and therefore she teases them, flirts with them, and makes them "want" her.  She wants to feel wanted.  When someone swoons at the thought of her, she feels wanted.  The problem is it isn't the true "wanting" that her heart of hearts truly desires.  Yes, she enjoys flirting and teasing, and possibly more.  She's been doing it so long it is a part of her.  It's a piece of who she is.  However, part of her remains yearning for true acceptance.  Someone to accept her for more than her body.  In another sense, she is always making people want her body, but she wants someone to want 'her' specifically rather than just someone who happens to be hot.  Should Yuri actually fall in love, she wouldn't know what to do.  She's been what she is now for long enough that just stopping isn't easy, and she doesn't have much experience in the love department.

    Character Background: Yuri is an orphan.  She got adopted into a new family, but that is a later part of the story.  Yuri was born to a mother and father, as many are.  They didn't have much, but her parents loved their new child dearly.  They gave her everything they could for as long as they could.  They were poor, and this was how Yuri spent the first 7 years of her life.  She was a happy child, that is until it happened.  Her parents went out one day and never came back.  It was a car accident, a hit and run to be exact.  As they were walking together, a car slammed into both of them, before promptly flooring it and driving off.  They both died on the way to the hospital.  They relayed to a paramedic before their death to give their daughter something important.  A silver bracelet that her mother wore.  That night Yuri had to hear from the paramedic that her parents were dead and that she was an orphan, before giving her the bracelet.  Being a little girl, she still didn't quite comprehend what it meant when told her parents were gone.  Soon she'd find out, as she was put into foster care.

    She didn't stay there for long though, as she was quickly adopted into a rather prestigious family.  No one was quite sure why they picked her, and why they did it so quickly.  As it turned out, the family's only daughter was handicapped, and would be incapable of taking over their business, at least they thought so.  So they found a little girl who looked like she would grow up capable of continuing the business.  Yuri's parents often talked about how beautiful and talented she was, and while there was a little bit of parental love in those statements, she did look that way.  Thus she was adopted, but life with this new family was very different than life with her old one.  Where her old one was full of love, and her parents wanted her to do what she wanted most, in this family she had a duty to perform.  That duty was to live up to her new parent's expectations.

    Her new sister did not take well to her however.  She actually hated Yuri.  She would do whatever she could to make Yuri's life difficult and remind her she was just adopted.  Her sister was in a wheelchair, she couldn't walk.  One day she managed to grab the bracelet Yuri's parents gave her, and refused to give it back.  Yuri didn't have it in her to fight back and take it.  The girl was her sister, and in a wheelchair.  To force her to give it back didn't seem like a good option.  Her parents didn't do anything about it, so the most important possession Yuri owned had been stolen by her sister.  She avoided her to the best of her ability, every time she went near her she only heard hurtful and cold things.  She had no idea the of the real reason why her sister disliked her so much.  Overall the experience made Yuri feel like she wasn't being accepted.  She didn't have many friends, the whole situation put her in an awkward spot.  She began to wonder what she had to do to make friends.  It was here she began to notice how people reacted to others.  People would flock to and adore the beautiful and friendly ones.  A beautiful girl could make all the guys swoon over her, and all the girls would like to be with her.  Honestly, she was fully aware that she was just as fond of girls as she was guys.  If she could get everyone to swoon over her, they'd all accept her.  It was at this moment that the spiritual energy that had been building up within her manifested, and she gained her aura.  People began to find her a lot hotter, and she began to enjoy this new life.

    It turns out this is what her parents were hoping for.  It turns out that the entire family had spiritual powers.  This family's prestige and wealth came from the fact that they were renowned detectives.  The head of the family would run the agency, and their talent came from their secret use of their spiritual powers during their cases, usually taking cases they suspect were commited by a powered being.  Whether the power helped them find the criminal, or they simply allowed them to easily apprehend them, it caused them to flourish.  Even if a head of the family wasn't a great detective, they had plenty of people to aid them and teach them.  The main point was that their spiritual powers would help with the cases in some way.  This is why they picked her out so quickly, she had a surprising amount of spiritual energy within herself.  This is also how she learned why their real daughter "couldn't" take over the business, she was handicapped.  Part of the point was being able to personally apprehend the criminals, and if she couldn't do that she would just get in the way.  Soon after, they discovered the existence of a school meant for honing spiritual powers, and decided they'd send Yuri there.  Yuri didn't know what to think, but she figured she'd gain acceptance there the same way she did in her home school.  The night before Yuri left, her sister came in with an almost dead look in her eyes.  She handed Yuri back the bracelet she had stolen.  Fighting back the tears in her eyes, she turned and told Yuri "I hate you" and promptly left.  That was how she left her home for this new school.  Upon arriving at the school, she intended to do what she always did.  Flirt, tease, and enjoy the attention she got.  Though she always looked back and wondered about her adopted family, and her sister.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:

    Flirting and Teasing:  Self-taught and a self proclaimed master in the art of driving people into a lust induced frenzy, but then not giving them an outlet for it.  She is very good at making people desire her, despite her never having indulged in "desire" herself.

    Cooking:  Yuri is a really good cook.  She can take almost anything and find a way to make it taste good, likely since she's had to cook for herself for awhile.

    Ice Skating:  Yes, Yuri is an amazing ice skater.  Why?  She just is.  She thinks it's fun.

    Art:  Look!  She drew a horse!  Wait...that was supposed to be a bowl of fruit?  Why does it have legs?

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:  Lust

    Quite simply, Yuri's powers are to manipulate the desires of others.  She doesn't brainwash people or anything like that.  No, rather she attempts to use the 'desires' of others as a sort of energy source from which she draws power for other abilities.  Some of her abilities are focused on gathering said energy or creating it, while the rest are what use it.  Her abilities become much stronger when she is surrounded by people who find her attractive, therefore fighting her in a populated area is a foolish idea.  Also the stronger the said desire is, the more energy it grants her.

    The Aura:  The most basic form of this power is what is known as the aura.  Yuri is already an incredibly attractive girl.  This aura effectively makes her seem more attractive to anyone in the area.  It's sort of like how pheromones work.  She doesn't actually look different to people, but she gives off this energy that people just find incredibly attractive.  While most are affected to at least some degree, not all are affected by the aura, and not all affected are affected so much they show any major difference in attitude or actions.  Effectively this is just a form of "magnetism" given form.  Since this is as much a part of her as anything else, it isn't playing her off as something she isn't.  After all, if someone can't stand her, they can still walk away, and if they don't that is their fault.  Fact of the matter is 95% of people who see her will find her attractive to some degree, which means that 95% of people will at least increase her strength a little bit.

    Altered Vision - Lust:  The second method of coming up with a source of energy.  Altered vision does just that, alters a target's perception.  Yuri creates a little heart with her hands, and a pink energy forms in that shape.  She then shoots it off, with it traveling at a fairly quick speed.  Should it impact a target, they become affected.  The effect is simple, it temporarily changes the target's perception to find Yuri much more attractive.  Those who are heavily affected by the aura will find the effect quite powerful, and temporarily Yuri will look like the sexiest girl in the world (which on the weak minded or those who can't get their mind off of sex this will have a serious effect).  Those whose mindset isn't really touched by the aura will still be affected, only more mildly.  For example, if someone initially found Yuri unattractive, they'd find her a little attractive after being struck.  If they found her a little attractive, they'd find her very attractive.  This is not actually meant to be used to disorient an enemy, rather it is just meant to create energy from the 'desire' for Yuri to use.  After all being attractive is the desire, but a person has the freedom to not give in to desire.  And since this is just base attractiveness, not love, this should have minimal negative effect on people who can control such urges.  Lasts 5 of Yuri's posts or until end of thread, whichever comes first.  5 post cooldown

    Heart Beam:  Yuri's only actual offense ability that she's learned.  Yuri puts her hands in the shape of a heart, similar to Altered Vision, except this time energy begins to charge in her hands.  After a couple of seconds, a pink beam of energy shoots off straight ahead, able to cause moderate damage and create a small explosion on impact, with little hearts shooting off from the explosion.

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    Re: Yuri Yukawa [APPROVED, 3-5]

    Post by Snopy on Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:42 pm

    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility:  32
    • Durability: 20
    • Endurance: 28
    • Speed: 15
    • Strength: 15

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control:  26
    • Weapon Skill:  18
    • Unarmed Combat:22

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    Re: Yuri Yukawa [APPROVED, 3-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:38 am

    Application Checklist

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    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 3-5
    Natural Skill Points: 110
    Racial Skill Points: 66

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    Re: Yuri Yukawa [APPROVED, 3-5]

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