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    Jinx: The Loose Cannon [APPROVED; 2-5]


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    Jinx: The Loose Cannon [APPROVED; 2-5]

    Post by Snopy on Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:28 am


    "Let's just behave... said no one, ever."

    Basic Information
    "Guns don't kill people. I mean, until you shoot them. Then they kill everything!"

    Name:  Jinx?  Stands for Jinx.  Durr.
    Appearance Age: (How old do they look?)
    True Age:  Unknown (mid to late teens though)
    Gender: Female

    "I'm wearing lots of belts! For no reason at all."


    Character Information

    Personality: "I'm crazy! Got a doctor's note."

    Jinx is nothing short of mentally insane.  Wherever she goes she leaves a path of destruction. She seems someplace that has law?  Somewhere that is calm?   That's boring to her.  What Jinx loves is panic, she loves to hear people scream, and she loves to make a joke out of everything that civilized society is based off of.  None of it matters to her.  The world is just her own personal playground of destruction.   And while she does it, she gets a kick out of it.  She finds it all hilarious.  Destruction and panic are hilarious to her.  As she does it, it always has the same insane laugh.  She'd probably blow up a preschool and then lie on the ground, holding her stomach as she rolls around laughing like she just got hit by some sick laughing based super weapon.  She must care about something though right?  Yes, destruction is what she cares about.  There doesn't seem to be anything she holds dear.  There isn't anyone she really cares that they stay alive.  The only time she will keep someone alive is to use them for her own amusement.  After all, destruction is a lot less fun without someone to panic.

    Jinx is the type to take traditional crimes and twist them to make them more amusing to her.  She'll break into someone's house and steal a pencil.  She'll put up fake wanted posters of herself just to agitate the police and the fact that they can't catch her.  She'd even go an challenge an officer of the law, give the exact time and date she'd attack a bank vault, and then show up just like she said.  All just so she can taunt the cop, and then escape, but not before blowing up the bank vault.  To add insult to injury, she wouldn't even take a single piece of money from the bank.  All of these things aren't to say that she can't be around someone and actually talk to them like a person.  If someone had the same love for destruction and mayhem, then she might actually keep them around, if only so she can use them to augment her own destructive path.  Could she actually consider another a friend?  Besides her weapons, it is a stretch, and it is hard to say for sure if she can make a friend, or just an accomplice in her antics.  Overall, Jinx might just be destruction and panic personified.

    "Rules are made to be broken... like buildings! Or people!"

    Character Background: It is unknown where Jinx really came from.  Her tech seemed highly advanced, while her clothes appeared to be from a land where laws and morals were forgone over other aspects of life.  She most certainly wasn't a sane child even when she was little.  She loved building things and then watching them crumble down when she smashed them.  Her parents didn't discourage the destruction of that which she worked so hard to create.  No, they encouraged it.  Her parents may have been as sick and twisted as she was, but they weren't as efficient.  After all, when Jinx found their prized minigun and unloaded it into both of them, they didn't see it coming.  She was maybe 10 at that point, but ever since then she had been wandering on her own.  With no one attempting to guide her, her twisted machinations merely became more pronounced.  At one point, she even discovered she had powers...powers that could cause panic!  Eventually though, she became bored.  The home she lived in was indeed a twisted place, and her destruction didn't cause panic...panic, a sensation she missed ever since her parents exhibited it at their own demise.  She needed that panic.  She needed somewhere where her destruction would get a reaction, where it would cure her boredom.  The day she heard about a city in the outside world, a city of law and order, she jumped at the chance to go there.  

    When she arrived in that city, there is only one thing that came to mind.  Boring.  It was peaceful, there was law, people were going about their normal lives.  Well that's no fun!  Jinx wanted everybody to scream!  She wanted to cause paranoia!  No one in the city saw it coming.  It was nothing less than a trail of destruction.  Jinx unloaded her mini-gun, Pow-Pow, into every window she could find.  She unloaded her rocket launcher, Fishbones, into the most fortified walls she could find.  She pumped lead into buildings and people alike.  Just like that, she vanished. Jinx didn't vanish though.  Paranoia can't thrive unless there are calms between crimes after all.  Murder, unprovoked assault, and more murder.  Horrific crimes ravaged the city.  Yet alongside, she did silly things like impersonate an officer (unflattering) and petty larceny. It was simple chaos.  Jinx popped up often, and even sometimes gave people warning of where and when the attacks would happen, but even the best of law enforcement couldn't catch her.  She finally got it, the sensation she craved.  This town reacted to her twisted machinations.  It didn't like them, it tried to stop them.  It made the thrill of each twisted success worth it even more.  This town was her new home.  This town was her new playground.  Jinx would terrorize this city until it just wasn't fun to do so anymore, and quite frankly, that's just what she did.  She laid absolute ravage to the town until she realized that if she focused on one city, it'd just turn to rubble.  Rubble is a fun result, but it is not fun!  It was then that she decided, there was a world out there, an entire world that needed her brand of Mayhem.  That was exactly what she'd give it.

    Trained Abilities

    Trained Skills:

    "I feel like I forgot to shoot something..."

    Light of foot - Jinx is incredibly light on her feet.  She runs fast and is extremely agile, able to escape in ways that a human body shouldn't be able to use.  She can twist herself into odd positions, and get a surprising amount of forward momentum due to her speed.  Whats worse is when she destroys something or kills someone, or causes panic in general, she gets excited and her already quick body moves at a ludicrous speed.

    Strong - No, Jinx isn't that good in a physical fight.  However, considering she is carrying several heavy weapons with her at all times and still manages to be flexible and speedy shows that she has to have some muscle strength in order to easily haul those weapons.

    Weapons expert - If it is a ranged weapon, and it can cause destruction, she can probably use it.  She loves guns and any type of firearm, so she knows how to use quite a bit.  She is the type who could have perfect accuracy while unloading a Gatling gun into a speeding target, unfortunately for the target.  If it is a gun, she will be able to use it properly, to reload it, maintain it, etc. etc.  Odds are though she won't maintain it.  If it breaks it can't cause mayhem, so it is useless!  Find another one!

    Racial Abilities

    "You're my favorite waste of bullets."

    Spiritual Power:  All of Jinx's weapons are made from her spiritual energy, so she can materialize and de-materialize them at will.  Can't slip through tiny holes with a rocket launcher right?  I mean, she could and will just blow open a bigger hole, but hey...shut up!

    Get Excited! - When Jinx blows something big up, causes mass panic, or kills someone, the energy in her body surges and she becomes much faster.  Destroying something gives a 50% boost, causing panic causes a 100% boost, and killing someone causes a 175% boost.  Fighting Jinx in a city around people is never a good idea, catching her where she can cause minimum damage is the best way to deal with her.

    Switcheroo! - Jinx has two main weapons she switches between and can switch between ridiculously fast.  After all, they are made of her energy.
    POW POW: The Minigun: This is Jinx's minigun.  As she fires it, it's rate of fire increases more and more up until a certain point where bullets are flying out in ridiculous numbers.  These are also both armor and flesh piercing rounds, though spiritual defenses can block the bullets assuming they are strong enough, as the bullets' strength is determined by how strong Jinx is.  It takes 5 seconds of continuous fire to fully rev up, and she can do minor movement during the revving process, but she will be forced to stop if she needs to make any major moves.  Once it stops firing, it loses 1 second of revving each second.
    FISHBONES: The Rocket Launcher - Jinx's rocket launcher.  These are rockets that cause large explosions, and they cause more damage and destruction the stronger Jinx is.  The rev up of Pow Pow applies to this weapon assuming that while the minigun was revved that the Switcheroo happened, and once the rocket launcher is out the rate of fire will drop to being lower.  Still, the average rate of fire is  a bit fast for a rocket launcher (try 1 every 5-10 seconds), but for a short time this weapon revved up can fire 1-1.5 rockets a second.  There is a reason that it is smart to not give Jinx a chance to get her minigun fully revved (which isn't hard because a weapon like that can't be consistently fired while in motion).  It will slow back down to normal fire within 7 seconds while using the rocket launcher (assuming the minigun was completely revved).

    Zap! - This is Jinx's shock gun that she has on her waist at most time.  Like all her weapons, she can dematerialize it at will.  She can use it to fire a blast of electricity that travels fast and in a straight line for a long distance.  Once it hits a target, assuming they boast no resistance to electricity, it will usually slow them down slightly for 1 post and the special type of shock will cause them to light up.  Jinx's energy will be on their body, and it makes it so Jinx can sense their exact location for one post (the effect wears off at the end of Jinx's next post).  It does take half a second for her to charge it, but her aim is good so dodging isn't necessarily a simple task.

    Flame Chompers! - Jinx learned that a certain officer of the law uses snap traps to deal with certain people and threats.  But they don't hurt them and just let go after a second.  That is boring!  Jinx created her flame chompers.  They are pieces of metal that look like steroid boosted bear traps that chomp like those teeth you see in cartoons.  If someone steps on it, it will likely lock them in place, while it keeps chomping away and causing damage to their leg.  After a second and a half, it will let go and after 5 seconds, any that hasn't triggered will explode in a moderate sized explosion.  They are a very good escape tool for people who can't fly or cling to walls or something.  She can create 3 at a time, essentially having 3 charges, and upon use each charge takes 3 posts to recharge.  The chompers explode during the cycle of posts succeeding Jinx's (basically it will explode before Jinx's next post).

    Super Mega Death Rocket! - Jinx prepares her greatest weapon, the Super Mega Death Rocket!  This large rocket takes a second to charge up before being launched in a straight line ahead.  The rocket travels quickly, and over the first second the contents become more volatile, making the rocket's explosion stronger, up to twice as strong, over that second.  At point blank range, the damage is actually only moderate, but at longer ranges it becomes a very dangerous projectile.  Even worse, is that the shrapnel from the rocket is great at causing damage to wounded bodies, causing injured targets to likely suffer greater effects of the explosion.  Essentially, a point blank hit on an uninjured target isn't too much, but a ranged hit on an injured target causes devastating results.  Jinx must switch to Fishbones to fire this rocket, and it has a 5 post cooldown.

    Banshee's Veil:  "That was almost not close at all!"

    If one is to go up against the law then one must be able to escape the law.  There is likely some amount of spiritual presence that won't like Jinx's mayhem, and they won't hesitate to launch an arsenal of spiritual power at Jinx.  Fact is, she actually has this device to stop sneak attacks from spiritually powered beings from stopping her getaway, it has happened in the past.  This can be activated on a dime, and it is an absorption device.  Upon activation, massive amounts of energy coming at Jinx with a certain threshold of speed and power can be absorbed.  She doesn't want them to get her, after all.  This isn't guaranteed to absorb all the energy of an ability, but usually it will get close enough that the ability really hurt...her feelings.  And fact is, this has such a hair trigger, that with how many times Jinx has needed to use it in the past, it would take a pretty swift scout, or some inter-dimensional monster that evolves as it kills things, in order to catch her off guard.  She can use this only twice per thread, but there is no cool down, other than using it twice in a single post will cause it to malfunction and not work for one whole thread afterwards.  Best part, it is actually made from her spiritual energy, so it can't be replicated with technology.  Well it can, but it would have to be made from scratch.

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    Re: Jinx: The Loose Cannon [APPROVED; 2-5]

    Post by Snopy on Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:07 pm

    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility: 50
    • Durability: 20
    • Endurance: 31
    • Speed: 44
    • Strength: 15

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control: 35
    • Weapon Skill: 50
    • Unarmed Combat: 11

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    Better Red than Dead

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    Re: Jinx: The Loose Cannon [APPROVED; 2-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:47 am

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    Tier: 2-5
    Natural Skill Points: 160
    Racial Skill Points: 96

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    Re: Jinx: The Loose Cannon [APPROVED; 2-5]

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