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    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Solas Foiche
    Nicknames: Aren't you all little and cute? I could crush you with my left--OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK WHY ARE MY GUTS ON THE OUTSIDE
    Appearance Age: Early 20s
    True Age: 136
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 42kg


    Character Information

    "I do so hope you don't plan on underestimating me, dearies."

    Personality: The first thing that one needs to know about Solas Foiche is that she is, at the best of times, an extremely childish individual. On her better days, she is generally seen as someone who is dancing around, playing with things, fiddling, giggling, and generally just showing off this sheer childishness that she has within her mind. When she’s around these parts, she is one of the kindest people you could meet, following in line with that childishness that she has, being as a child would, simply greeting with a kind smile and going with the flow from there. She’ll attempt to naively assist anyone that she can, no matter the look on their face or how scary they seem to it. Of course, she can get quite pushy when she’s attempting to help others as well; which can often lead to her being punished in various ways for her misdeeds, or just making a choice that doesn’t tend to go down well with others. She has one of these “Ah, fuck it” attitudes, where she’ll think about something for a half-second, before simply choosing to go ahead with it and do so without actually thinking it through. This sort of decision can generally lead to her getting in even more trouble, and even lead to the pains of others at times. She’ll usually apologize... usually.

    And, like a child, one should be very worried about when things don’t go Solas’ way. If one gets into that situation with her, they will find that Solas can be... extremely scary. Not just creepy scary, but to the point of one shitting their underwear from the pure rage that Solas emits. It’s not just a temper tantrum; it’s pure, unbridled, rage. Because that’s Solas’ prerogative. If she gets annoyed with you, she will most likely bite your head off in anger. This anger can vary, of course, depending on the way you’ve treated her; it can vary from simple “RAWR I AM ANGRY”, to things such as actually turning around and cutting the thing off that men use to reproduce. She’s only done that once, and that was because he touched her in a place that she didn’t want to be touched. You know, you shouldn’t ever try and do that to the childish ones; especially not Solas. It can turn out very painful for one’s testicles. However, she herself understands that she has a habit of being wrong, and quite often so.

    Now, Solas does have a rather bad problem. This woman is, and will always be, a narcoleptic. Narcolepsy is a pretty common disorder, where the body just randomly decides that it’s going to fall asleep. Sadly, this happens rather often with poor Solas, who has generally started to take it in her stride. If she feels that she is about to fall asleep on the spot, she’ll turn around and call out to the nearest ally of hers, in an attempt to get them to catch her and stop her from injuring herself by landing roughly on the ground. Of course, this does have the problem of affecting her duties, at times, so she tends to let those working with her know; she’s quite open about it as a matter of fact.

    Yes, that is another one of Solas’ traits. She is exceptionally open to those around her, and unfortunately, it can be her own downfall at times. This openness leads her to tell things to others that most people do not need to know; her weaknesses, her strengths, her loves, her losses, her fears, anything that defines her, Solas will most likely tell those she trusts. While that may be well and true, her trust is, unfortunately, extremely easy to gain, especially if you manage to prove yourself to her. Of course, it’s also very easy to lose. Solas has issues with trust, at times, and if someone seems to fall short of these expectations of trust that she’s put on them, she can very easily, and very coldly, cut them off from herself. Sadly, she’s also extremely forgiving, so cutting someone off from betrayal... doesn’t always last that long.

    Despite all of her traits; her childish naivety, her uneasiness around men, her annoyingly frequent tantrums, Solas is a good person to have as a friend. She’s loyal to her friends, and she’s friendly; as well as being happy to mix with those that are lower than her. If you’re down, she’ll be happy to give you a nice hug, if she’s happy, she’ll share that happiness with everyone. Solas is, quite certainly, a very childish and cheerful Shinigami, even with all the negative traits that she has. It is really quite interesting to see how this woman develops, and it will be interesting to see how she reacts to other situations.

    As for her stature on sexuality, well it’s quite plain and simple to say that Solas Foiche is completely and totally, 100% homosexual. She has said it many times, especially to humorous effect. She doesn’t hate men, but she seems to find a lot of them rather vulgar, preferring the touch of the fairer sex. It seems to be a rather strange preference, but a preference nonetheless.

    Character Background:

    Long History:
    The early life of the woman known as the 'Anti-Mage' was an interesting, if brief spectacle. Her parents were a pair of wealthy landowners living in Ireland, that chose to move into a home that seemed too good to be true. They had purchased this home for a price that most men would kill to get on a property this large, and they were going to dedicate themselves to fixing up this property and selling it on with a renovated home on top of it. They were going to make a killing, they told themselves. Of course, they did not count on what was living in the house with them.

    From an early age, Solas was capable of seeing spirits. At first, they were merely hazy spots in the background--at the age of three, you never really understood exactly what it was that you were seeing, whether it was a person in the background, or something completely different. She asked her parents a couple of times, but her mother Eowyn told her each time that it was nothing. She, unlike her husband, was perfectly capable of recognizing spiritual power when she saw it--having recognized her own mother's for her whole life. She would choose to wait, however, and see where Solas would go with this power. She was only three years old, after all.

    Her father, on the other hand, was far more strict and commanding. He wanted his daughter to have a proper education, leaving the coddling to her mother and making certain that everything she did was under proper control. He loved her dearly, but wanted her to not turn out like her uncle, his brother. Unlike Gamleil, his brother was a bit of a problem child. He had never been disciplined, and grown up to reach a point of no return. Addicted to drugs and strapped for cash constantly, Gamleil and Eowyn found themselves consistently being asked for small loans from this man. Loans that continued to add up.

    With this, there would be two triggers that caused the death of Solas. First, the brother finally broke. He entered the house in a drug-addled rage, breaking down the door with a feral yell. This, of course, woke up the entire household. Gamleil was the first down the stairs, with shotgun in hands. He was followed by Eowyn, while Solas remained in her room, cowering under her blankets. She could only hear a shot being fired, and then screams. She recognized the screams of her mother, followed by the shouts of her father. Two more shots would occur, and all would fall silent. As it had happened, Gamleil's brother had been shot at, managed to wrest control of the rifle off of his own brother and then shot the two in cold blood. He then moved upstairs to hunt for money to fuel his addictions, coming across little six-year old Solas, huddled up in her bed and crying her little heart out. "Don't be afraid." was all that he said as he ripped away her clothing. Apparently, he hadn't felt the touch of a woman in a long time. Solas remembers more of this event than she'd like.

    However, he left her alive and traumatized. He guessed that she'd be too scared to say anything to make anyone come after him, and he wanted to get out as quickly as possible--despite his desperation for sex, killing a child didn't seem to be something he wanted to do. So she was left in this pool of her own fluids, crying and waiting to be found. While she was found by the authorities not too much later, something else managed to find her parents--something that Eowyn's mother had warned her of. Eowyn had not managed to discover it--mostly because Solas' own burgeoning power was stifling, and the spirit itself was weak.

    But this spirit was not so weak that it could not corrupt the souls of two parents wanting revenge.  Their powers would combine, forging a malevolence that sought only destruction--a Hollow was born of the melded wills of these beings. Gorgon, as it was known, would seek out its first target--Gamleil's brother was found dead two weeks after he had killed his own brother and sister-in-law. This did not sate its hunger, however. Despite the fact that the Hollow had the wills of both of Solas' parents, there was something more sinister in the mix--the malevolent spirit that had combined them both would seek only destruction, and so it sought out the thing that smelled of Gamleil's brother: Solas.

    It could not kill her, at least not for the first ten years it chased her. Over these years Solas had been thrown from family to family, trying desperately to find her a home. For some reason, however, these families would all die under mysterious circumstances. In order to get rid of Solas, the home that she was staying at would not reveal this little fact, instead simply saying that bad luck had befallen each of the families--and that they were not involved. Interestingly enough, the orphanage had already realized that someone--or something--was hunting down Solas. Understanding this to be profitable for them, they made haste to loot each of the homes that contained the dead families, making more money off of Solas being carted around than they'd originally considered.

    As you would expect, this was not to last. Gorgon found the home, and routinely murdered everyone inside--as their associations with Solas left them smelling of her power, and the beast itself had eventually started chasing Solas with a single-minded instinct. Solas was in her room when she first heard the screams, and realized immediately what was to come of it. She charged out of her bedroom in an attempt to escape... but it was too late. She fell to the ground as her vision turned red, and heard a voice in her head: "Don't be afraid." She was screaming as she died.

    And then there was a flash of white light, and a being stood between her and the monster. She looked down and recognized her body on the ground--she then looked up and saw the figure enrobed in black, holding up a sword between her and the creature. The being swung at the beast, but it vanished before the blade would make contact. Taking this as a sign of retreat, the person turned to look at her and smiled kindly: "Ah, I see that you have survived--well, as well as anyone could survive a Hollow attack. My name is Himegato, and I'm a Shinigami. Here, I'm going to take you somewhere safe." He leaned in and planted the hilt of his sword against her forehead, and the world around her vanished into bright light.

    Usually, one would be placed into one of the various districts of Rukongai, in order to live out their lives as spirits. Solas had this happen to her as well, going straight to the 15th District. This one was not too bad, but not exactly amazing, either. She still had to fight somewhat to survive, but it wasn't so difficult that she couldn't completely do it. Over the next fifteen years, she found that her own small amount of power was definitely growing. First, it was the hunger. The hunger that panged her and made her seek out meals. That hunger was the most difficult part--as most spirits had no need to eat, so she couldn't always find something nutritious. She was stuck asking passing Shinigami for something to eat. This tipped them off to her power, but it wasn't enough just yet.

    Eventually, however, someone came across her begging for scraps of food. This man, Himegato, took her straight to the Shino Academy, getting her in with minimal issue. It was during this time that she met a young prodigy named Arishima. Originally, she felt quite standoffish where he was concerned. She'd always make it her duty to be near him, feeling that maybe some of his prodigy-ness would  rub off on her, and she'd be able to do better at things like Zanjutsu.

    However, things would change when she took her first Kidō class. Raising her hand up and preparing the incantation, Solas felt the surge of power... and that surge of power felt so right. On her first try, she let out an almost-perfect Byakurai, astounding most of her teachers with this unexpected talent. Even better things happened when she started taking hand-to-hand lessons. Although it was a rocky start, she was capable of taking down students twice her size with half the effort. Eventually, she would be placed against Arishima in a spar.

    Let's begin this by stating that Arishima was a lot quicker than Solas. He would continue to move around her, throwing hits at her from different directions, and basically just trying to wear her down. Being unable to use Kidō, Solas wondered if this was going to be a good idea--the kid was still definitely something of a prodigy, and she was worried that this was going to be all that it took to completely defeat her. She understood that he was going to beat her. Why wouldn't he? He was better than her in every way. She should just give up here and now, and let him beat her down. However, she heard something: "Don't be afraid."

    With a yell and almost completely renewed confidence, Solas let out one punch. This one punch could have missed. This one punch could have hit. However, it was simply one punch--what would one punch do to some prodigy? Why would a punch like this do anything? And yet it did. It collided with Arishima, who was moving too much and focussing too hard on Solas herself to realize the difference. It hit hard and knocked him back, causing him to slide out of the ring and lose the match-up. While the rest of the students stood there in awe--some of them jeering at either party--Solas walked up to Arishima and simply held out her hand with a smile.

    "Good fight."

    From then on, the two of them became friends. Solas marvelled at the level of skill that Arishima had already put out despite having been in the Academy for a very short time, and Arishima was, to say the least, kind of impressed with Solas' skill in Kidō. Solas felt happy to know that there were chinks in the armor of the prodigy, especially ones that she was capable of doing better. It made her feel a lot better about herself as a trainee, and she used this to her advantage. She performed better and better, even getting the eyes of a group of people that were looking to bolster their ranks.

    However, about a year after their little fight, Arishima graduated. Solas was unhappy, but not surprised. Unlike the old Solas, though, she would not let this stop her from continuing to prepare herself. She would take this as a lesson to be learned, and continue to improve so that she would leave the academy faster. It took her another year-and-a-half to do so, but she graduated, getting placed in the First Division, under Yamamoto and Arishima.

    Determined to not be shown up, she would immediately begin training for her Shikai. She had heard all of the stories, and was sure that she would have some awesome sword--it was imperative that she did. She needed to look the part. Every day, when not in her duties, Solas could be found in the outer forests of the Rukongai with her sword on her lap, attempting to communicate with her Zanpakutō. It seemed pointless, as the weeks passed by with no communication in sight.

    Her movements were noticed by a group of bandits, who realized that she could be easy prey when meditating. They decided to try this, about two months into her Shikai training. She would awake from meditation with a blade at her throat, and a hand on one of her breasts. Her eyes opened to meet with those of a drooling bastard, looking at her like a piece of meat. She scowled at him, and he simply grinned, attempting to push her down onto her back. "Don't be afraid." Her eyes widened and she thrust upwards, knocking the bandit off of her body, though definitely taking a cut to her neck from the blade. She got to her feet and turned around, pointing her sword at them with a scowl and blood dripping down her chest. She knew that, if she didn't get medical attention soon, she would be done for--so her first instinct was to defeat them as quickly as possible.

    "Don't be afraid." Her eyes widened, and she finally realized where the voice was coming from. Confidence and power renewed, she stepped forwards and gripped the blade of the Zanpakutō itself, cutting slightly into her fingers and swinging it downwards. "Soul of the Fluttering Magus!" She shouted out and finished the swing, holding onto a staff at the end. The bandits, of course, laughed. They were more convinced that she was weaker than before, and most certainly not a battle type. Their burning corpses proved that much to be wrong.

    Try as she would, she could never return her Zanpakutō to its original state. Apparently, it was surmised, she had far too much density of Reishi in her body to be able to actually put it back. This wasn't to say she had lots of Reishi--it was just a lot less controlled and far more dense than most others. It also made it really difficult for her to hide her presence, and more often than not it was joked that she would make it really easy to find your way back to camp if you got lost. You just had to feel for the beacon.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:

    Magic Absorption: Solas' body is like a large spiritual sponge. If she gets hit with any energy attack, Solas' body does two things. First, it takes the damage that it would normally take, however that is not all. The second part of this is that Solas' body also absorbs the energy that she has been hit with, refreshing her own energy stocks as it does. Solas does have a limit, however. If this limit is reached, Solas can take in a small amount of energy more, before she simply breaks apart.

    Magic Discharge: A failsafe, of sorts. With this, Solas can simply discharge all of her energy in a large blast of Reiatsu spreading out, retaining simply what she needs to hold a Shinigami form. This tends to not really have much of a use except for when Solas needs to stop herself from overloading.

    Hakido: Although she is not prominent with Shunko, and has never had the chance, nor the skill to learn it, Solas has seen and heard of the skill, and decided that she would wish to develop something similar. So, through time and practice, Solas developed her own technique, known as a cross between Hakuda and Kidō, Hakidou. With this technique, Solas is able to take the Kidō knowledge that she has, and combine it with her own skills in Hakuda; thereby manipulating the flow of Reiatsu in her body and forcing it out through different parts of her body as the specific Kidō. This is generally done using physical motions within martial arts, such as punches, kicks and the like. It can be especially powerful depending on the spells used; however there lies the risk that Solas may not be able to condition her body for proper use of these attacks, it is extremely taxing at the best of times.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: The appearance of this Zanpakutō spirit matches the appearance of the Shinigami, though we are not sure if it's because Solas took on the appearance of her Zanpakutō, or if her Zanpakutō took on her appearance. It is generally understood, however, that the Zanpakutō spirit took on the appearance of the thing Solas wishes to be the most in the world.

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Majutsu-Chūna Biku Tamashī's inner world is a simple plain. It's as flat as flat can be, and you can see infinite distances either way. That's not to say it is infinite, it just appears that way, and Solas has never bothered to go that far. Anything she wants in this area can be created with a single thought, and destroyed with the same amount of effort. Solas has, in her spare time, built a castle, grander than the ones that used to exist within the realms of England. But once she has left, it returns to dust.


    Solas Foiche [Approved; 0-5] L5GugWa

    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: It was 'Don't be afraid', but now that her Zanpakutō is permanent-release, this doesn't really apply.


    Shikai Name: Majutsu-Chūna Biku Tamashī (Fluttering Soul of the Magus)
    Shikai Appearance:

    Solas Foiche [Approved; 0-5] L5GugWa

    Shikai Abilities:

    First, it should be known that Solas' Shikai is a permanent-release type--therefore, there is no sealed form and no need to call a release phrase.

    The basic concept behind this Zanpakutō is it's ability to modify Kidō that Solas uses. In fact, the Zanpakutō itself has no use in the matter; it is a catalyst. one that must be there in order to be used. Quite strange, really, but that is how it is. When in battle, her Zanpakutō is hooked onto her back.

    Magic Strength: When in Shikai, all of Solas' Kidō are increased by a single level, with no change to the required energy used. i.e: Byakurai is strengthened to 5.

    Loss of Words: In Shikai, Solas is not required to speak the chants for Kidō; they will always perform at full strength without them.

    Silenced Magic: With this technique, Solas has the chance of performing a Kidō without announcing the name, however this will be as if she didn't chant the spiritual chant, therefore making the Kidō weaker.

    Ever-Changing Magic: This is where Solas' power is really shown. The properties of her Zanpakutō allow her to change the attributes of the Kidō that she uses, even down the the color of the energy in the attack. Every little detail can be changed, making the Kidō something completely different to it's original form. Take the example of a Hadō 4: Byakurai. Instead of firing a "bolt of lightning in a direct line", she could fire a "bolt of fire in a curving path at a different target". The Kidō retains it's original strength level, and won't be upgraded or downgraded from this change.

    Magical Fusion: The name is really quite the obvious definition for this ability. The Magical Fusion ability allows Solas to take two Kidō, and fuse their attributes together, firing a new Kidō at the average level between the two. Solas must be able to perform both Kidō first. For example: Fusing a Bakudō 62 (Hyapporankan) and a Hadō 4 (Byakurai), would create a Kidō of level 33, which would pin the target into the surroundings, while constantly shocking them with electricity.


    Bankai Name: Sengoku Kenja-chū Akutai - Curse of the Warring Magi
    Bankai Appearance: When she activates her bankai, a large pair of wings immediately burst out of her back, spreading out over twenty feet. These 'wings' shine in multiple colors, and can get even brighter depending on the light level.
    Bankai Abilities: Uku/Float: By using manipulated Reishi currents around her body, Solas is able to give off the appearance of flight, going freely through the air.

    Boosted Magic Strength: An upgraded form of the ability from Shikai, Solas is now able to cast any Kidō at a strength of five levels above it's usual, without any increase in used energy.

    Boosted Silenced Magic: An upgraded form of the ability from Shikai, Solas is now able to choose to cast Kidō without calling the name, and with no loss in strength. She may still choose to call the name, however this does not change anything.

    Ever-Changing Magic and Magical Fusion are retained, with no change.

    Absorption Array: A strengthened form of her original Mahō Kyūshū, Solas is now able to absorb all energy-based attacks while taking only 15% damage from them. This is then stored in her wings, which are themselves a small pocket dimension, devoted simply to be used as an energy store. However, any energy that Solas has remaining in here when she leaves bankai is violently discharged.

    Rain of Death: This is the true power of Solas' bankai, the ability to literally rain "death" onto the opponents. Taking any Kidō that she knows, Solas is able to use the energy stored within the shroud around her body and replicate this Kidō innumerable times within the confines of this small pocket dimension. By doing this, she is effectively able to fire these Kidō out of this place, and down onto an area in front of her, which can be of any size, although the coverage is reduced with the area increased.

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    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Durability: 40
    • Endurance: 60
    • Speed: 30
    • Strength: 75
    • Agility: 30

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Hakuda/Hand-to-Hand: 80
    • Hohō: 30
    • Kaidō: 40
    • Kidō: 80
    • Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill: 30

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: No Changes Needed
    Tier: 0-5
    Natural Skill Points: 260
    Racial Skill Points: 260

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