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    Malachi Galloway [Approved; 1-3]

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    Malachi Galloway [Approved; 1-3]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:16 pm

    Arrancar Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Malachi Galloway
    Nicknames: Angel Eyes
    Appearance Age: Mid-20s
    True Age: 150
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 160 lbs

    Character Information

    Personality: Malachi is a man of chance. He'll gamble on what he can, and he's rarely one to lose. He has a keen intellect, and can judge people accurately. He's someone who sees fate as the closest enemy one can have. It is the thing you keep closest to you, but you constantly fight against it. That is one reason Malachi has joined up with the Espada. They seem to be going against fate by challenging the Gotei 13. They seemed to want a gamble, so he'll go for it.

    Malachi is a smooth-talking sonnuvabitch as well. The fact he has this "mysterious" look about him just makes a normal woman go nuts over him. Unfortunately, romance isn't at the top of his list of priorities right now. He's currently trying to warm up to the people above him in the Espada, as not only are they both fine as hell, but they're also both really good gambles. They're almost a loaded deck against the Gotei as far as he can tell, and he wishes to stay on their good side, and would like to get even more on their good side as well.

    Malachi spends most of his time playing solitaire or trying to visit the World of the Living. When he does go there, it's always to clean out a casino. Malachi has about three or four bank accounts just full of money waiting to be spent. He doesn't let the other Espada know about these funds, as they are his private earnings. He's generally laid-back, and he isn't one for direct confrontation with the Gotei 13. He might have the power for it, but he'd rather not fight one of them head-on.

    Character Background: There exists within everyone a demon. Some little thing, just waiting to get out. Everyone has their secrets, and there are some that people will carry to their grave. Malachi Galloway was born out of wedlock on a wagon train heading somewhere in the West, to the town of Fort Temperance. Fort Temperance was not an actual fort, nor was there ever a fort there. It was called such because it was wedged in a valley, making it nigh-impenetrable except from the two entrances.

    From an early age, Malachi had good luck. Some god had smiled on him. He'd fall from a window, and a hay cart would whisk by and catch him. He'd go to pick a card in a game of Old Maid, and he'd always just know which card was the jester. He took his skill to the saloon, where he'd clear out every man, woman, and child who dared come across him in a game of chance. Chance was his world, and boy, he was king. Eventually, people stopped playing with him. They began to shun him, and were it not for the fact that he owned his own house from a young age, he'd've been kicked out.

    One day, a stranger rode into town. He had heard the stories of the man who had never lost a game of chance. Malachi walked out, proclaimed "It is I, fair stranger, who have always won." The stranger laughed and smiled, "Well I challenge you then, son." And with a swing of his arm, the man's gun shone in the sun. The stranger removed all but one bullet, and the cylinder did spin. Malachi only thought "This game, I must win." For two hours, the men did duel. Their lucks fought against one another, pride was their fuel. With each click of the hammer, the cylinder spun. "I say to you now, boy," the stranger spoke, "This game, I have won." Malachi sneered, and chanced his luck. "Then shoot me, you bastard, for I don't give a fuck." And then with a roar, a gun did bark. And Malachi Galloway's vision went dark.

    Malachi's vision burst into brightness soon after he passed. He awoke to see the stranger harassed. They accused him of cheating, but no one did see. It was not the stranger, but the Old Man Johnson in the fig tree. He had pulled the trigger from his new Winchester, as no one would suspect the local pastor. The stranger fled the town, proclaiming "This town will die! I will bury it under sand!" And over a decade, the desert crept in—the town of Fort Temperance was soon a wasteland.

    Malachi could not leave, his luck was bound to the town. He changed over the years, eventually his garb changed to a skin-like black gown. His face was covered with a mask, and his voice echoed. He began to question his luck as his mind began to erode. He ate what came to him, be it scorpion or man. One time, he even ate a ten-man caravan. All that did was grow his hunger.  And so he ate and ate, through fall, winter, spring, and summer.

    After years of eating, Malachi grew bored. He still could not leave, as he had amassed a horde. Moving the bones and possessions would be such a chore. Be he did not have a chance, as he was soon awoke by a major uproar. Something was poaching on his land. He came in to see a single woman. She smiled at him, and beckoned him near. Her voice rang like a siren, but it was too late. For now, Malachi Galloway was about to lose to fate. Or so he thought, before the siren grabbed his face. She held him close, and began to caress his cheek. "What you want is power," she said with a sneer. "That I can give you, if you wish the gamble." "Lady," Malachi lied, "when it comes to a gamble, I have no equal."

    And with a laugh, the siren ripped off his face. He did not bleed, nor did he scream, as a change he was not ready for began to take place. For two nights, he howled, wondering if he would die. Was this really, really worth a try? On the third sunrise, did he finally see. Malachi Galloway, was back with his beard—his features never changing for an entire century. He wandered into a desert which he had not seen. Thanks to the siren, he was now freed. And now Malachi Galloway stalks the night, going on his chances. Who knows, maybe you will be the one with whom his fate next dances.

    Racial  Abilities and Traits

    Mask Fragment: Although it's never shown as his hat conceals it, Malachi's hollow mask is a crown-like covering on his forehead.
    Hollow Hole: A 2-inch hole where his left nipple would be.
    Hollow Level: Adjuchas
    Unreleased Abilities:
    Luck: Malachi has unnaturally good luck. He doesn't have the ability to dodge a bullet or anything (anymore). However, his good luck is mainly for chance. In a game of Russian Roulette? He'll never get the chamber with the bullet. In a game of poker? He'll never end up losing the entire game.
    Cero: Cero is Malachi's best skill. He is very skilled with it, and can even change the color of his Cero at whim.

    • Cero Baraja: Cero Baraja is a special kind of Cero that only Malachi can use. Cero Baraja looks like playing cards when thrown out. It takes one of three abilities: Trampa (Snare), Ráfaga (Blast), or Hender (Cleave). When Trampa is used, it locks an opponent in place for 2 posts upon impact. When Ráfaga is used, it has a shockwave and a 3-yard-wide explosion radius. When Hender is used, it travels for 300 yards if there is no barrier to block it. Bodies, buildings, etc. don't stop it. He can use three of these per post

    Regeneration: Malachi doesn't have Hierro, but instead, he is able to regnerate quite easily.
    Sonido: Malachi is average with Sonido.
    Weapon Skill: Malachi never got much training with an actual weapon, and he prefers to use his cards more than anything as weapons.
    Unarmed Combat: Malachi can't do much while unarmed.

    Other Weapons:


    Original Zanpakutō Appearance: Malachi's Zanpakutō takes the form of a deck of cards, the jokers included. The actual design of the cards changes sometimes. There are times where it looks like a standard Bicycle deck. Other times, it might look like some avant-garde design. Others, it might just have pictures, and sometimes, it might just have numbers. It really depends on his mood. The other part of his Zanpakutō is a pair of 6-sided dice. They are marble with a burnt ivory inlay for the black spots on each side.
    Resurrección Name: N/A
    Resurrección Release: N/A
    Resurrección Appearance: N/A
    Resurrección Abilities: It should be first noted that Malachi's Resurrección is a constant-release type. It makes his energy unstable, giving his abilities a chance of backfiring and damaging him in turn. His abilities are broken down between Cards and Dice. The fact it is a constant-release type makes him unable to gain a Segunda Etapa

    Cards: Malachi draws five cards from his deck. What they consist of creates an ability. He has to throw the cards to use the ability, and only one card has to hit for the ability to go off. After they are used, they immediately reform in his deck. The deck is immediately re-shuffled. He can draw one hand per post. Once affected by one effect, they can not be affected by the same effect until the first wears off.

    • High Card: The cards explode in Malachi's hand, rendering him unable to use that hand for the duration equal to the number of the lowest card in his hand. For example, Malachi's hand is a 4, 6, 7, 10, K. He can not use that hand for 4 rounds.
    • Pair: Simple explosion, slightly stronger than a Cero.
    • Two Pair: Creates two explosions like the explosion from Pair.
    • Three of a Kind: Creates three explosions like the explosion from Pair.
    • Straight: Each card cuts through shields and armor like they were not there. They are still blocked by weapons, and can be dodged.
    • Flush: Upon contact, any buffs the target has are also given to Malachi, although at half strength. These buffs last for a duration equal to the number of the lowest card in his hand.
    • Full House: Upon contact, it makes the affected see 3 Malachis for 2 rounds. Each Malachi acts independently.
    • Four of a Kind: Upon contact, the affected is unable to see Malachi for four rounds.
    • Straight Flush: Upon contact, any abilities currently in use by the affected are stopped. If a Zanpakutō is released, it reverts to its sealed state for the duration of rounds equal to the number of the lowest card in his hand.
    • Royal Flush: This is a strong ability, and if Malachi uses it more than once per five posts, he is out of energy. Royal Flush is all abilities mentioned above, save for High Card, at once.

    Dice: Malachi rolls his dice. Depending on their result, he gets a buff or a debuff or other random effect.

    • 2: Malachi is unable to use any ability save for Regeneration for 1d4 rounds.
    • 3: Malachi is unable to use any of his Zanpakutō abilities for 2d4 rounds.
    • 4: Malachi's hat becomes stuck to his head and can not be removed by any means for 1d4 rounds
    • 5: Malachi's beard falls off. It returns after 1d4 rounds.
    • 6: Malachi becomes able to survive harsh climates as if they were normal for 2d4 rounds.
    • 7: Malachi gains the ability to use double the number of abilities he normally can in one post (e.g. an ability reads "three per post," Malachi can now go six per post.) for 1d4 rounds.
    • 8: Malachi can breathe underwater for 2d4 rounds.
    • 9: Malachi's voice changes to a caricature of an Al Capone-style mobster.
    • 10: Malachi can now walk on uneven surfaces (read: walls, ceilings, etc.) normally for 2d4 rounds.
    • 11: Malachi gets a +80 to all ability scores for 1d6 rounds.
    • 12: Malachi gets a -25 (to a minimum of 10) to all ability scores for 1d6 rounds.

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    Re: Malachi Galloway [Approved; 1-3]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:18 pm

    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal
    Weapon Skill:403070
    Unarmed Combat:103040

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    Re: Malachi Galloway [Approved; 1-3]

    Post by Dai on Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:18 am

    Application Checklist
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    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 15 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Powers are not in First Person [x]

    Tier: 1-3
    Natural Skill Points: 230
    Racial Skill Points: 230

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    Re: Malachi Galloway [Approved; 1-3]

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