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    Minami Shimada [Approved; 4-3]

    Post by Snopy on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:51 pm


    Basic Information

    Name:  Minami Shimada
    Appearance Age: 16
    True Age:16
    Gender:  Female
    Height:  5'0
    Weight: 105 lbs



    Character Information

    Personality: Minami's personality can be summed up in a very simple way, sweet.  With her family being one of the richest families in existence, you'd think that she'd be a spoiled rich kid.  Thing is, that is most certainly not what she is.  While they weren't there often, her parents did go out of their way to prevent her from achieving the spoiled kid mindset.  She is actually one of the sweetest little things you'll ever meet.  She almost never dislikes someone (even rarer is her hating someone), she is friendly as can be, and she tends to have a smile on her face.  She can make even some of the most heartless people falter a bit at her cuteness.  She'll do goofy things at times, and react to things in a silly, sometimes border lining air headed, manner.  She is a hyper person, it is rare for her to say "I'm tired".  She is fully capable of being full of energy even at 12 in the morning.  She likes doing fun things at times because, well, she has energy.  Granted most of her hobbies are things like reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games.  But that doesn't mean she won't hop around while doing them, kick her legs happily, or just bounce all over town just because.  At her core there isn't even the slightest bit of ill intent within her.  She is slightly impressionable, so if someone who was a bad person got close to her and she got attached bad things could happen, but considering she seems to have powerful friends whom are good people, good luck.

    In her adorableness she doesn't like causing people problems.  If she does the slightest of inconveniences she'll probably end up apologizing a bunch of times.  She also tries to pay people back when she inconveniences someone.  She knocked you over and broke your glasses?  She'll offer to buy you a meal or money to fix your glasses or something.  You say no?  If she owned a gun, she'd probably hold you at gunpoint and say "You're gonna let me pay you back."  I mean, that is a grade A thread.  It's like "I'm gonna pay you extra for some grade A glasses whether you like it or not."  She doesn't kick herself repeatedly like "I'm such an idiot" when she does something small like knock someone on the ground by accident or anything.  She just doesn't like inconveniencing people.  Granted I'm sure if you got on her bad side...or rather created a bad side and proceeded to become the king/queen of that side, she wouldn't jump to help as quickly.  Actually she probably would apologize regardless, doesn't change the fact that she won't be paying you extra for some grade A glasses, whether you like it or not.

    Despite her cute demeanor, and lighthearted, silly, and occasionally air headed manner of acting, Minami is actually really smart.  She had private tutors most of her life, and she actually understands a lot about the world.  She learns things really easily, and has pretty good memory.  She can figure a lot of things our really easy through common sense.  Problem (if you want to call it a problem) is that her personality causes her to act in a way in which her intelligence often doesn't shine through.  She doesn't seem stupid by any means. She just seems a tad like a ditz with how she acts.  She'll say and act in ways that don't make sense.  Calculus does have a point (at least some people SWEAR it does), but she defiantly goes on about how useless it is.  She is often innocently trusting of people, even if she shouldn't be.  Just often rather than using common sense, she uses Minami sense, and while endearing, she doesn't always look the smartest.  When she really needs it though, she is still smart.  On top of that she has determination.  She smiles despite being alone through determination, she is actually able to be happy through determination.  If she sets her mind to something, she can do it.  Perhaps one day she'll muster up the determination to tell Kirino how she really feels.

    Minami is extremely trusting of people.  When she sees someone, she doesn't think "What if they are a murderer, what if they are evil, what if they are mean."  Not once does she think of any of that.  Instead she is her friendly bubbly self if she gets into an interaction with them.  The person could even be giving off hints that'd make others suspicious, she probably won't pick up on them.  No, they wouldn't hurt her.  She notices the exceedingly obvious, and there ARE people who just make her uneasy on looking at them, so she isn't completely blindly trusting.  If she meets someone, she will be fine with hanging out with them.  She'll befriend them unless they give her a REAL reason to feel otherwise.  Still, if someone manages to become close to her she is extremely loyal to them.

    It needs to be understood, that Minami deep down is lonely.  She could be surrounded by people who care for her, and that will still be a part of her.  No, she won't feel lonely when they're all around.  Thing is, when she is by herself she is how she was for so much of her life.  Her parents were never there for her.  Her friends laughed at overactive imagination and belief in the fantastical.  She hasn't had a real friend in years, all of these things created a pit of emptiness within her.  She didn't have someone who truly know her around ever.  A true friend, true family.  Someone who was there when she needed them, who understood how she felt.  This adds shyness to her bubbliness, a very strange contrast.  While she will happily converse with someone, if they actually show caring for her or she begins to feel some attachment to them, be it romantically or as a friend, she'll get a little nervous.  She will get shy, she will stutter on her words.  She doesn't exactly know how to deal with any of it, so a part of her wants to retreat like a little turtle into its shell.  She won't actually run away from a person usually, that is unless it becomes too much for the moment.  It is almost impossible for her to admit romantic feelings toward someone, and it'd have to be coaxed out of her, either that or the sentiment would have to be given before she'd finally come out of her shell.  Whichever one came forth.

    Minami is a lesbian.  She still hasn't fully come to terms with it yet, but she is.  She's never felt much when looking at guys, but for the last year or so when she sees an attractive woman, she notices.  If she is at the beach, she notices all the swimsuits of females.  When she interacts with someone, Kirino being the only example, whom she feels a genuine attraction to she gets all stuttery and has no idea why she keeps noticing all of the curves on her body.  Never ONCE does she wonder why she often smiles just thinking of Kirino.  She has all of the signs of a genuine attraction, but she herself doesn't notice it, and it doesn't help Kirino likely doesn't either.  She enjoys being around Kirino, but she doesn't have the slightest clue if Kirino has feelings back or not.  She assumes she doesn't, which also means that she doesn't take that possibility into account when dealing with OTHER people.  Still, she really does care about her and would likely take a bullet for Kirino...not that Kirino would let her do such a stupid thing.

    Character Background: Minami was born in Tokyo Japan to one of the richest families in the country.  Her parents run one of the richest electronics manufacturing companies in the world.  As such, there was almost nothing they couldn't afford, and Minami lived a cushy life.  If she wanted something, she could get it.  It sounds like a dream come true, until you realize Minami's parents were never there.  They were too busy with their work running the company, so they left little Minami on her own.  Despite being able to get whatever she wanted, her parents did raise her right when they were around.  She was by no means a spoiled child.  She was actually a very sweet girl, but with her parents around so little, she was also a lonely one.  She did go to school, but she also had a tutor, so her grades were top notch.  While she did have friends, they tended to be a little distant, her money putting a sizable rift between them.  As a result, she often went to manga, video games, and the like for solace.  Them, and her imagination.

    Being alone so much, her imagination flourished.  It was forced to, to help drown out the loneliness.  She acted out all kinds of fantasies when she was alone, she imagined herself triumphing over some great challenge and everyone applauding her and cheering.  Her strength of imagination allowed something else to flourish in her mind, possibilities.  When she was 13, she began to seriously wonder what might exist that she knows nothing about.  Ghosts, faeries, spirits, all kinds of things that might be out there.  Most people she mentioned this to simply laughed at her or told her to grow up.  Humanity often feared the unknown, and rather than acknowledge the possibilities, shut it out.  "It doesn't exist; There's no way that could happen; If it was there we'd have seen it already."  This made Minami feel even more isolated.  No one believed her, and even more, they chastised her for believing those things.  Yet still, even if she was alone, she continued to believe.  Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  Even as small doubts formed in her mind, she clung to that notion desperately.

    One day though, things all changed.  She was almost 16 at the time.  It was one of the few instances where her parents were home.  They had been out shopping when a man in a suit came up to them.  He was a recruiter for Hephaestus Academy.  He showed Minami and her parents all kinds of information about the boarding school, and offered to have Minami go there.  Minami had no way of knowing this encounter was a mistake, especially since when the recruiter personally addressed Minami alone, he merely explained the whimsical aspects, prompting Minami to instantly want to go.  Hephaestus was actually a recently founded school for the "Fallen" to train and improve upon their powers.  Minami had no powers.  She had no more Reiryoku than the average human.  There was nothing for her to train.  Rather, the recruiter had mistaken another person's energy to be hers, and then didn't properly explain anything that said she needed powers to go there.  Either way, her parents were thrilled at what was offered and allowed her to go.

    When Minami got to the Academy though, it wasn't easy.  A lot of things were taught there, but some of the mandatory classes for new students involved learning how to harness their energy.  People figured she was brought because she had energy, she just hadn't had powers manifest yet.  Unfortunately, her complete lack of energy made her the runt of the school.  She actually got picked on by a few of the assholes because they knew they were stronger than her.  One day, they got really out of control, and just before she got gravely injured, they were stopped.  Her name was Kirino Aozaki.  She kicked the bullies to the curb, and forced them to flee, quite possibly saving Minami's life.  Minami was immediately choked up for some reason upon seeing this girl, for reason's she didn't quite comprehend.  Either way, what she was the girl do was amazing.  She began to talk to the girl, and ended up becoming quite attached to her, resulting in the two being friends.

    Finally having someone she could call a friend, Minami was immediately a much happier person.  Granted, she never seemed miserable before, but now she was much less lonely.  They were very different, Minami having "book" smarts and coming from a rich family, while Kirino had "street smarts" and came from a poor family.  Still in a way they sort of balanced each other, helping each other out in their own ways.  She began to worry if she didn't get powers she'd be forced to leave the Academy, and thus not be able to see Kirino, her only friend, anymore.  She began mentally training herself hoping that'd spark something within her.  Time and time again, however, she kept getting caught in danger, and Kirino had to rescue her.  This only increased Minami's admiration of her, but also increased her guilt.  She kept making Kirino have to save her, and put herself at risk.

    At the same time she also met another person,, Krito.  He was the total opposite of her.  He was introverted and awkward, and didn't seem very fond of people.  He didn't take to Minami too well, but as she had accidentally broken his glasses by bumping into him, she insisted she compensate him.  He tried to reject the help and move on several times, not wanting anything to do with her.  However, due to her sweetness, Minami somehow managed to befriend him.  It was a very odd friendship, but for some reason she has the utmost faith in him.

    Then it happened, her life changed forever.  There was a trip to London that Minami and Kirino had unwillingly been made to go on.  Them and some classmates got on a plane and flew halfway across the world to England.  During the trip, while they spent a little time together, they were in groups on opposite ends of the city.  Towards the end, they were allowed to roam freely, and Minami immediately got food, cookies, and then went out clothes shopping.  Minami was out shopping as the trip was nearing it's end.  As she left the store she was in to head back to the airport, it was strangely quiet out on the street.  She felt very uneasy, and decided to quicken her pace.  She had no idea she was being followed.  As it got a little later though, and the streets became emptier, it happened.

    "You think you're so much better because you have money, well you aren't!"  Minami heard a voice and as she turned around she took a fist right into the gut.  Minami didn't know what was going on at first.  "Wh-wha?"  She was in pain and so scared that tears had already formed on her face.  She had no idea what this man wanted at first, but it quickly became clear.  He could tell Minami was rich, and he seemed to abhor those who were rich.  He seemed down on his luck, but was obviously taking it out on her.  Minami dropped what she had purchased and began to run as fast as she could, but the man was running behind her in chase, cursing her out.  Minami pulled out her cell phone and dialed Kirino's number, and the moment there was an answer she begged for help.  She kept running, but eventually the man disappeared.  Minami turned and couldn't find him...but something was VERY wrong.  He was right behind her, how did he just vanish.  Then the man's voice came from behind, and somehow he had gotten in front of her.  He ended up slamming her into the ground and began the beating, Minami was bleeding and in pain.  Somehow she didn't have any broken bones, but that might have been the man holding back to cause her maximum pain.  He finally though began charging up some kind of energy in his hand.  Just when all seemed lost, and her end had come, Kirino jumped in front of Minami and ended up taking the energy enhanced punch head on.

    Minami soon found herself picked up as Kirino began to take her to safety.  Tears streamed down her face from fear as she looked up at Kirino and let out a soft "You came".  Unfortunately the man gave chase, and ended up knocking Kirino over, and Minami falling to the ground.  As the man went to kill Minami, again, Kirino continued to protect her, and began fighting the man head on.  Kirino was strong, so Minami was sure she'd win.  However, it turned out it wasn't that simple.  The man was strong, too strong, and he began causing massive damage to Kirino as he somehow overpowered her.  Minami could barely tell what was going on, but she did see Kirino deal one last massive blow to the man, sending him flying and either killing him or rendering him unconscious.  Minami rushed over to Kirino, but Kirino was gravely injured.  She was bleeding profusely, and from the way she was talking, it seemed she didn't think she'd make it.  Minami couldn't accept it.  "Kirino, you can't die."  She repeated over and over.  "You can't die, no, you can't."  The tears kept coming.  "I don't want you to go..."  That's when Minami saw Kirino was definitely losing the fight for life, even giving Minami a goodbye.  "No. No.  No no no no no NOOOOO!"  Minami shouted as suddenly energy surged around her.  Within her heart, she desperately wished with all her heart she could borrow some of Kirino's power and use it to save her.  All the time she had spent around Kirino had apparently given her the potential for spiritual powers.  As the energy surged forth, Kirino was engulfed in a bright light.  When the light faded, Minami was unconscious and Kirino's wounds were healed.

    When she came to, she was at the infirmary back at the Academy.  She immediately asked what happened to Kirino, before seeing, to her pleasant surprise, Kirino was alive, healthy, and had stayed to make sure Minami was okay.  Minami was no longer a normal human.  She was one of the "Fallen".  Minami did not like that name though, so when she learned a bit about what her power was, she decided to refer to herself simply as a healer.  She quickly found out that she also had a lot of vampiric qualities, such as her eyes which had turned red and the need to feed.  On top of that, her body's self preservation mechanisms were touchy and she had a hard time controlling herself if she didn't feed for sustenance for awhile.  She knew a whole new world had opened up to her, and she was determined from that point on to make the best of it.

    Racial Abilities

    Spiritual Power:  共生 Kyōsei (Symbiosis)

    Primary Theme:  Healing/Support
    Secondary Theme:  Symbiosis

    Minami's power is that of symbiosis.  The concept of a mutually beneficial relationship where one relies on the other, and vice versa.  In effect, Minami's powers are of the sole intent on aiding another being.  She is battle support, if she faces another being of equal power and training in a 1 on 1, she's liable to lose.  Her strength lies in her ability to support and protect another.  However, her ability comes at a price.  Her body has a bit of an energy leak.  When she is on her own, she will slowly lose her energy over a long span of time from the leak.  While it won't kill her, if he reserves hit 0 and her life-force takes a hit from the leak directly, she can suffer from the "illness".  The illness is simply a severe illness-like state (think Pneumonia) that can and likely will kill her if she isn't taken care of.  Once the illness sets in, it is guaranteed to last at least three days, but potentially longer (and potentially infinite if the lack of energy isn't dealt with).

    She can draw energy from anything, but those without spiritual power will only slow down the drain of her own energy, even if she actively collects the ambient energy around them.  To truly survive, she needs to find either those with a powerful spark of life (a normal human whose will and vigor are strong enough actually manage to provide ample amounts) or someone who has spiritual power.  The higher the tier, the faster she can collect the energy given off.  They need to be 4 tier or higher to make a net profit.  Theoretically, she could also collect incredibly small amounts directly from normal people, but she'd have to get permission from a lot to make a profit in her energy stores.

    The solution to this, is Minami absorbs and converts the energy of nearby people in order to basically replenish her own supply.  She isn't able to simply take it out of their body, though when granted permission by the person she can take a small chunk of energy directly out of their body like a siphon.  No rather, she survives in the "presence" of other people, namely spiritually powered entities.  Unless an entity is actively working to stealth it's presence, they will give off energy in all directions.  Minami merely needs to collect the energy, draining it from the atmosphere and taking it into her body.  Effectively, Minami harnesses the energy of life without oppressing or stealing from other entities.  The strength of her powers directly correlates to how much life energy she holds in her body at any given time.

    Immunity:  So long as Minami remains above 50% energy storage, Minami is immune to disease, foreign agents simply cannot survive within her body.  She also boasts a small (approximately 20%) resistance to all poisons, rendering the effects smaller and less debilitating.  While she can survive the typical "fatal" dose, the effects of poisons are merely reduced, not negated.  Increasing the dosage enough past the fatal level WILL still risk killing her if someone else does not somehow save her.  Inbetween 50-20% energy both effects are halved, and they are negated if she is below 20% energy.

    Regeneration:  Minami possess's a useful regeneration.  Any part of her body can be restored, so long as her energy stores remain intact and she is able to do so in enough time.  Her heart, the core at which her internal web of energy is based around, is her weak point, and destroying this prevents her regeneration, effectively ensuring death unless somehow another being was able to restore it before she died.  Other fatal strikes ARE still fatal if they deal enough damage that she couldn't possibly regenerate before she died.  Should her body be brought to a "fatal" point, she has approximately half an hour for her regeneration to restore her to a "survivable" state before her soul leaves her body and the chain of fate breaks.

    Minami is also able to make a sort of "contract" with a single person. Whenever this person allows her to take energy directly from them, the regeneration strengthens for 15 minutes by 25% (125% efficiency).  This could save her life, but she can only contract one person, and she cannot contract another unless the first either dies or she manually removes the contract.

    At current her regeneration is fairly weak, and a blow has to barely be fatal for her to survive it without quick assistance from a healer.  Her contracted regeneration, is only slightly strongerand only damage on the border of fatal and non-fatal is small enough it could reliably save her life.

    Detect Life:  Minami, being reliant on being around others to survive, has gained the ability to sense "life".  Yes life.  Any creature that is alive, not dead or a spirit, can be detected.  Doesn't matter if it's a squirrel or a sprouting acorn being brutally stalked by the squirrel.  Minami effectively applies a "filter" over her vision, all non-living objects darken while she can directly see the energy of all living creatures.  She can see this energy through walls and blockage as well, the only way to avoid it is to be dead, or to completely conceal your energy, but to conceal it to where a life detecting power can't see it does require a rather effective method.  She does have no way of understanding which piece of energy is what unless she approaches and can see physically what is giving off the energy, otherwise she just sees the energy in an approximate shape of what she is looking at (like a human's might look like a tall oval).  She can detect any living creature for up to 750 feet, and can filter out certain ranges within to avoid interference.

    Below 50% energy the range drops to 500 feet, and below 20% it drops to 250 feet.

    Detect Dead:  While technically, as far as Minami's powers are usually concerned, creatures like Plus's, Shinigami, Hollow and the like have "life" energy, it is in a slightly "tainted" form.  It lacks qualities of true life, and thus Minami can't detect them with detect life.  Minami is capable of doing the same thing as with detect life, except all living things and inanimate objects are dark while dead (but still "alive" in a sense) things have a read aura around them.  It is much the same, except it's range is only 200 feet as she is far more in tune with the essence of life.

    Below 50% energy the range drops to 133 feet, and below 20% energy it drops to 66 feet.

    Enhanced Speed and Agility:  Minami's a small little thing, and she's always been quick.  Thanks to her new powers, she's a bit quicker and more agile.  She's actually much more agile than she is fast though, which is probably better for a bow anyway.

    The bonuses drop gradually as Minami's energy stores drop, down to 25% when she hits 10% energy.

    Enhanced Endurance:  Her endurance is also pretty good.  She tires from powers easily, but that is more difficulty of controlling them than lack of endurance.  Could be better, but she doesn't tire out instantly.

    Most of Minami's powers up until this point were personal and meant to keep her alive and healthy.  However, this is only the secondary aspect of Minami's powers.  The main aspect is to keep others alive and healthy.  This is accomplished by preventing dangers from being able to deal the damage, and once the damage is dealt, healing her friends and comrades.  Her fighting style involved conjuring forth a bow using her spiritual powers.  She has an infinite supply of arrows, so long as she has the energy to continue conjuring them.  What little combat potential her powers themselves hold is ranged support from the bow.


    Lasers:  This is Minami's ONLY offensive ability besides firing off arrows at people, she fires a laser.  Minami slowly draws back her bow and energy surges through the bow to the string, all collecting where the notch of an arrow would go.  Upon releasing her hand, the energy fires off as a laser with the same diameter as a half dollar coin.  It is aptly named lasers.  Nothing else, lasers.  It fires a laser, what about this ability don't you understand?  Can be used once per post.

    80% Special:  Oddly enough, efficiency makes the lasers use 10% less energy when Minami has over 70% of her energy store left.

    Paralyzing Shot:  Minami draws back an arrow and places energy within it.  This energy enhances it to cause local paralysis to wherever it strikes.  She hits an arm, it goes limp.  She hits a leg, it'll go limp.  It can be resisted, but odds are that body part is out of commission for at least a post.  If it hits in any way that might be normally fatal, like the arrow penetrates a person's heart, it will not kill them.  Merely render them unconscious, or make it near impossible to move enough to fight.  This ability can be resisted, as stated before.  Any blow that normally would have been proven fatal or near fatal, however, will have the effect of knocking them out or at least making fighting impossible.  Lasts 1 to 5 posts when successful, based on how much is resisted.  This arrow cannot, and I mean CANNOT, kill a target.  It will fail to cause fatal damage every time, in fact if the arrow was pulled out of their body there wouldn't even be a wound.  3 post cooldown.

    80% Special:  10% stronger effect, making it hard to resist.

    Blinding shot:  Minami charges energy into an arrow that dims senses.  Unless resisted by force or otherwise, this ability causes a 50% impairment to all senses (except sight which gets an 80% impairment).  Sheer force of energy or will can resist or remove this effect.  Otherwise, it is best to dodge.  It's success is based on how much energy the person's body holds, as well as how much they can use.  Someone several tiers above Minami will either resist it completely, or only have the effect for a post.  People several tiers below Minami will almost never resist the effects of a direct hit.  Also, if a target is several tiers below Minami but has an extreme mastery over their energy, they may resist it or get a short effect, while someone several tiers above Minami with no control over their energy might only partially resist it.  Lasts 1-5 posts based on resistance, 4 post cooldown.

    80% special:  The effect in hearing is boosted up to 80% so long as Minami has over 80% of her energy stores.

    Healing arrow:  This is straight forward.  Rather than generate her usual arrows, she generates one with a golden color and glow.  When fired, it heals whatever target it strikes.  It is small, but it is also quick.  Within 5 seconds minor injuries will either heal up or become smaller.  Larger ones will just become slightly less severe.  2 post cooldown.

    80% special:  Gains friend detection, only healing people Minami consciously wishes the arrow to hit.  This prevents the arrow from being intercepted and healing the opponent.

    Poison Removal:  Minami creates a small incision on a person's body, and begins to have a web of energy go into the incision and into the bloodstream of the target.  The energy has the special effect of detecting all substances toxic to the body of the target, using the target's body as a reference to what is and isn't toxic, and literally draws in all toxic substances to it.  The substances then get caught in the web of energy, sticking to it as if it were a solid object (though it isn't, as all non toxic substances pass harmlessly through it) and when sufficient poison has been caught, Minami pulls the web out through the incision.  It will feel strange to the person being healed, especially if there were many toxins to be removed, as they may feel the toxins themselves coming out.  This can remove any poison, so long as sufficient effort and time is put into the ability to remove the amount of poison in the body.  3 post cooldown from finishing the spell.

    80% special:  A pat on the back and some words of encouragement for being so brave.

    Healing hands:  The most basic, but arguably the most effective, of Minami's healing abilities.  She holds her hands over a person and has her energy envelop and cover up a wound.  As Minami holds her hands over the wound, it will slowly heal the wound.  This takes time, and naturally if she can't keep the spell up she can't continue to heal someone.  The effect is slow but steady, in fact the slowest effect of all her healing spells.  However, it is also the most efficient.

    80% special: Energy efficiency improved even further, reducing the cost by 20%

    Healing burst:  A very quick burst of healing energy done on a target.  Rather than a constant stream of energy, the energy in her hands spikes repeatedly, in more of a burst.  It fluctuates like an alternating current, but this spell invariable heals 5 times faster than healing hands.  Problem is, it costs 5 times the energy.

    80% special:  Energy efficiency improved by 10%

    Healing spark:  This is an even quicker burst of healing than the healing burst.  The spell itself seems to almost spark when it is used.  It isn't fluctuating like healing burst, but it is one flat charge of energy discharged into the target's body.  This heals the target a whopping 30x the speed of healing hands, thing is it costs 40x the energy, and a single cast only does 10 seconds worth of the healing (meaning the energy costs are 60x what 10 seconds of healing hands would cost).  The advantage to this spell is it heals the target a lot over those 10 seconds, which could save their lives.  The downside is how inefficient it is, it can only be used once in a short period and until the cooldown is completed all healing spells are 50% as effective, with the exception of Medic's Sacrifice.  5 post cooldown

    80% special:  Healing over duration improved by 10%

    Medic's Sacrifice:  This is a spell based off the concept of causing oneself a great deal of suffering if it means lessening the suffering of another.  Minami literally rips off a part of her body and gives it as an offering in order to heal her target.  The more of her body offered, the greater the power.  Once she rips off the part of her body, she makes a connection of energy between the body part and the target.  Every ounce of energy contained within that body part will be broken down and converted into an energy of life, and be transferred directly to the target.  This causes all physical parts of the offering to break down into ash, and the target to get a massive amount of healing and regeneration for a time.  Their wounds will begin to rapidly heal, and even lost parts of their body may begin to regenerate.  If Minami sacrificed a limb, someone whose lost their hand would end up regenerating it.  If Minami sacrificed two limbs, she could even cause a person to regenerate an entire limb.  The downside is not so much the energy cost, but where this energy is drawn from.  All energy once contained in the sacrificed part, both physical energy and spiritual energy, is all transferred into her target.  She cannot recover it for herself.  Using Medic's Sacrifice is a gamble, it WILL likely save the life of whomever it is used on (unless they are just too far gone), but Minami's life will be put in extreme danger.  There is no guarantee she will survive this spell's use.

    While there is no required amount of energy to use, using it at low energy is more likely to be fatal than using it at full strength.  Once per thread.

    80% special:  If Minami sacrificed the exact same part of the body, she could restore that part of someone else's body guranteed

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    Re: Minami Shimada [Approved; 4-3]

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    Natural Skill Sheet:

    • Agility: 22
    • Durability: 12
    • Endurance: 18
    • Speed: 18
    • Strength: 10

    Racial Skill Sheet:

    • Reishi Control: 19
    • Weapon Skill: 21
    • Unarmed Combat: 8

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    Re: Minami Shimada [Approved; 4-3]

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Tier: 4-3
    Natural Skill Points: 80
    Racial Skill Points: 48

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    Re: Minami Shimada [Approved; 4-3]

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