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    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Erina Oimikado
    Nicknames: Eri, "Quincy Chick"
    Appearance Age: 18
    True Age: 120
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130

    Erina Oimikado [Approved; 2-4] AP1_zpsfta8imv6

    Erina Oimikado [Approved; 2-4] AP2_zps1yp4agsl
    Erina Oimikado [Approved; 2-4] AP3_zps4qquqhpg

    Character Information

    Personality: Erina has always been a cheerful person with an optimistic look on life. Her positive outlook can often be contageous, but that doesn't happen as often as it used to. She used to be able to inspire people and cheer them up. Her shikai's nature has caused her to become an outsider. She's even embarrassed to show her face anywhere near her Division, so unless she's called on she doesn't. Erina has suffered quite a bit of mental and emotional abuse from her peers and has become some what of a recluse because of it. She doesn't want to let it get her down or let them think that she's effected by their insults, so she does her best to hold her head high when she's out in public.

    This way of deflecting has caused them to assume that she thinks she is better than them, which makes things worse. Erina has always had a confident demeanor and naturally looks like a noble of some sort. Her general appearance seems high-class, so when she ignores people, brushes them off, or tells them to go away, it comes off wrong. She's being defensive and trying to protect herself from their ridicule, but they take it like she's insulting them. There have been times that this has caused her to get into fights. She's always out numbered and refuses to use her shikai because of what she fears will happen. For one, releasing your shikai is illegal, but defeating your peers with a bow?

    Erina is a Third Seat only because her Captain put her in that position. She wanted to stay out of the light after things went bad, but he insisted and would not take no for an answer. Still, Erina has done her best to not have to use her shikai on any mission she's gone on since then. She has been very lucky because it hasn't gotten anyone hurt or killed, but she fears that day that occurs. Erina trains alone and when no one else is on the grounds. She has also left the Seireitei completely and taken a couple of weeks to train out in the forests and valleys beyond the Rukongai. She will continue jumping through hoops to avoid the her Division, but advancement in her training has suffered for it.

    Erina isn't just picked on by those in her Division. They are the ones that do the most damage because they actually recognize her, but those outside of her Division, especially those within the Eleventh, that end up recognizing her or realizing who she is have done so as well. She has contemplated dying her hair and wearing contacts just to disguise herself after transferring to another squad, but doubts that will help. She's even thought of asking the Captains or Lieutenants for help, but snitcing on her own Division-mates isn't the best. There are only so many upper Shinigami that could help her. Erina has just accepted the fact that she's the "wannabe Quincy chick" that everyone calls her.

    Character Background: Often quiet and timid, the once joyful Erina has become the laughing stock of her own Division and somewhat of an embarrassment. Thirteen years ago, Erina was able to successfully gain her shikai, but wasn't praised by her peers the way she thought she would be. At first, they were excited for her and wanted her to advance in the ranks. Her friends cheered on and asked her to show them. After getting permission, Erina showed her Division and Captain what her shikai could do. They were all stunned at its form, though her Captain said nothing. Erina's shikai took the form of a bow, a weapon known to the Quincy, the race the Shinigami are known to despise.

    Though her Captain showed no different behavior toward her (It's J Saionji, what do you expect?), the rest of her Division seemed to be disgusted in her. Those who were once friends shunned her like they didn't know her. Those who she got to talk to her were always embarrassed about it and asked her to stay away. Others were just cruel. They laughed at her, humiliated her in secret, and then threatened to hurt her if she ever told. In fear of her life and not wanting to rat out her fellow Division members, she heeded their warnings and fell into a dark corner. Erina had no friends and didn't know where to go to find them. She decided it was safer to leave people alone and avoid everyone else.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:
    Hohō: Erina is pretty advanced in Hohō. She practices this because of her need to keep a distance when using her shikai or Kidō and because she sucks at close combat.
    Kidō: Erina is also pretty advanced in Kidō. Since she is horrible at close combat, she's practiced her Kidō to allow herself to keep up in battle the only real way she can.
    Hakuda: No. Erina doesn't do this. She can try to do something like this, but she would probably get herself killed unless the enemy is a kitten, rabbit, or a damn butterfly.
    Zanjutsu: It's a bow. Her shikai is a bow. Zanjutsu no work with her bow. However, when she's not using her shikai, she's alright in this aspect, but yeah... It's a bow.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: This thing is six times her size and obviously can speak like normal.

    Erina Oimikado [Approved; 2-4] Zan%20Spirit_zps6sho5idw
    Zanpakutō: A normal katana with a golden colored hilt.
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Soar


    Shikai Name: Kin Iro Tori (Golden Bird)
    Shikai Appearance:

    Erina Oimikado [Approved; 2-4] Shikai_zps86bvo6sp

    Shikai Abilities: Kin Iro Tori is a basic Zanpakutō that grants Erina a few buffs beyond her weapon being turned into a bow. The buffs allow Erina to take flight for varying short amounts of time. It also grants her a small +15 buff to speed, agility, and Hohō. The final buff is an increase to her vision, allowing to see twice as far as she normally can. The bow she is given is able to shoot arrows at both long and short ranges. She does not have a limited amount of ammo and the arrows spawn as she pulls the bow back, like a Quincy. The arrows are made up of Erina's Reiryoku and do take solid form. Upon impact, Kin Iro Tori's arrows explode in a five foot radius of a bright golden light that both blinds nearby targets (10ft) for .5 seconds and burns anything the light touches.


    Bankai Name:
    Bankai Appearance:
    Bankai Abilities:  


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    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 2-4
    Natural Skill Points: 170
    Racial Skill Points: 170

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