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    Arrancar Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Sarzano Deldora
    Nicknames: Priest of Fear
    Appearance Age: Mid-twenties to early-thirties
    True Age: 1422
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Sarzano Deldora [APPROVED, 0-4] Appearance

    Character Information

    Sarzano is a very manipulative person. He almost instinctively knows what people want, what they fear, and more importantly—who they fear. Sarzano does not care too much about giving people what they want. He just likes giving people hope. Then crushing it. Hard. There isn't too much he can do otherwise. Sarzano knows against the other Espada, he would not win a one-on-one fight—except against Kuro. So he never allows there to be a fair fight. One-on-one duels are old-fashioned and stupid. Victory is far, far more important.

    Sarzano respects power in the same way an advisor respects his king. The kings holds power, but the advisor knows best. The advisor, however, cannot show that. He must make the king think an idea is his own, else the advisor's intelligence is known. Sarzano is a man who pledges alleigance only to the person he feels that has the best chance of victory. Of course, that only includes Arrancar. Sarzano has a thing against Shinigami and their ilk. This is something that he and Malachi Galloway do not agree on. Malachi simply goes with who he thinks will win. He just knows for a fact™ that Kurai will win. Sarzano knows that Malachi is simply too afraid to disobey Kurai. He holds this above his bearded fellow Arrancar to keep him in line.

    Sarzano takes a hands-off approach on ideas and plans that he feels have a minimum chance of success. While the plans themselves may be quite good, he is a better judge of people than most realize. Astrephia is about two incidents away from being beheaded, Malachi has conflicted feelings on Arachne, and Kurai is far too obsessed with killing the Captain-Commander. Those are just some of the basic things he knows. Someone of Sarzano's caliber knows far more than that. One of those things is that because of the information gathered by Kuro's bugs, he knew this plan would backfire in one way or another. Sure, she was an easy way to get a lot of people infected. But did he ever think that her socializing would backfire? He should have taken more tips from Arachne—stalk your prey first. Don't just wallop on the first thing you see.

    Character Background: There are really no explanations as to why Sarzano Deldora did not get sent to Hell instead of becoming an Arrancar. Sarzano was a priest of sorts long ago in western Europe. He was a man who enjoyed terror, fear, and chaos. He would poison entire crop fields just to see families starve and eat one another. He would sacrifice to the gods for relief of the famine that he created. He was never found out, oddly. His protogé burned all evidence of his crimes upon his death. Sarzano was not done though. He was bound to his small village. He would tirelessly destroy crops and cause mayhem whilst being unseen. When his Encroachment finally ended, Sarzano screamed in pain for the first time in his life.

    Sarzano took the form of an odd Hollow. His body was incomplete like a wraith. He had legs, but they did not end in feet. No, they ended in mist. Sarzano became the god that his people once worshipped. He would poison the crops and wait for a sacrifice. When it occured, Sarzano immediately ate the soul and vanished. He would return eventually to that same place. The Soul Society had a hard time pinning it down on one Hollow. They would kill a Hollow near where the sacrifice took place and the attacks stopped. He was simply moving too fast for the pitiful Shinigami to keep up.

    When Sarzano finally had his fill in the World of the Living, he was dragged into Hueco Mundo. There, already more powerful than most Hollows, he devoured and hunted. That is what he relished in—the hunt. He sank into the Forest of Menos and that became his hunting ground for many years. Hollows and weak Arrancar both fell to Sarzano as he grew in power. It was common knowledge that there was a stalker beyond all others within the Forest of Menos. Three eyes became something to fear, and Hollows would mob any they saw with three eyes. Sarzano simply watched from above as it, too, descended into a chaotic storm of fright.

    Sarzano was an apex predator when his mask broke. Oh, he screamed out in pain for a second time. The trees of the forest quaked as he barely withstood the pain. When he emerged, a group of Hollows thought him to be easy, weak prey for he was humanoid. Sarzano did not kill them. Instead, they were left curled in balls, crying for him to stop. He had already left them when they had finally broken that much. Sarzano made the Forest of Menos his playground without many knowing of it. When he felt the Reiatsu of two quite strong Arrancar above him, Sarzano decided it was time to make friends. Why? Because they were perhaps the only ones who could stop him.

    Racial Abilities and Traits

    Mask Fragment: It takes the form of what appears to be eyeliner at the corner of his eyes.
    Hollow Hole: Where his stomach used to be
    Hollow Level: Vasto Lorde
    Unreleased Abilities:
    Cero: Sarzano excels at controlling his energy. This applies to Cero and Bala especially. Sarzano's Cero are quite odd as they seem to be words wrapped around a central point. These are written in the ancient Basque language. Sarzano has been known to simply create cero and "hold" them above his fingers. He'll spin them around like some people would drum their fingers or spin a pen.

    Hand-to-Hand: Sarzano is nowhere near Kurai's level at this. In fact, he tries to stand a bit away from Kurai just so she can't slap him and break his jaw. Sarzano is deceptively physically strong though. He can easily push over one of the trees in the Forest of Menos.

    Weapon Skill: Sarzano is quite skilled when it comes to using a weapon. His preferred weapon is his bone-like guandao—a Chinese version of the European glaive or fauchard. It keeps opponents at a distance rather than right next to him.

    Reiatsu: Like his boss, Sarzano has a lot of Reiryoku and Reiatsu. He may not be as strong as his boss, but that doesn't mean he isn't a slouch either. Sarzano's Reiatsu feels like a chilly breeze in a fog-filled forest at night. It makes the hair one one's neck stand up or other similarly eerie things happen.

    Alarabi's Eye: This takes the form of a third eye on Sarzano's forehead. He keeps it closed most of the time. All of the Espada know it exists. The eye does not give him any precognition or anything of that sort. No, it has only two abilities—neither of which are associated with a traditional third eye.
    Amets Ikusmena (Dream Sight) : Amets Ikusmena allows him to see the last nightmare and the last dream of whoever it looks at. They do not have to remember it at all, but he does see it. The eye has to be wide open for it to get that information. The eye remembers all dreams it looks at with perfect clarity. If it looks at the same person at a later date, the previous dream and nightmare are overwritten.

    Amets Jateko (Dream Eating) : If Sarzano is actively watching a person dream, he can manipulate the dream as he sees fit. This does have the ability to startle the person awake, but it is something subtle that he enjoys doing.

    Other Weapons: Sarzano has a large collection of sacrificial knives and daggers, some of which are made of human bone.


    Original Zanpakutō Appearance:
    Sarzano Deldora [APPROVED, 0-4] Zan
    Resurrección Name: Beldur Beldurra (Fear of Dread)
    Resurrección Release: Darken the skies
    Resurrección Appearance: Beldu Beldurra changes Sarzano's appearance drastically. He seems to take on the appearance of a knight in a broken suit of armor, carrying a sword as tall as he is. But that's not him. No, that's just his shell. Sarzano becomes a figure of mist. The mist can not interact with anything other than the armor, so it uses the armor to interact with things and people.
    Sarzano Deldora [APPROVED, 0-4] Ress
    Resurrección Abilities:
    While Beldur Beldurra is active, Sarzano is noticably harder to kill. Beldur Beldurra makes Sarzano impervious to physical attacks. A sword swing can not kill him. A punch can not kill him. You can't kill mist by punching it, even if you roll three natural 20s in a row. Just won't happen. However, energy and elemental attacks do 2x damage to him. He can quite easily get burned away during his ressurreccion, which is why he wears the armor. The armor does not regenerate with him and is capable of being harmed by physical attacks. The best way to kill him is to completely overwhelm him with an energy or elemental attack. Sarzano also loses access to Alarabi's eye while in Beldur Beldurra.

    Amesgaizto Errealitate: (Nightmare Reality) Sarzano is not the real threat of Beldur Beldurra. No, it is what he creates. Upon release, Sarzano recieves one physical fear from every person within 200 yards. This usually equates to a specific person or animal. If someone is afraid of fire or water, then that too is applicable. However, things such as fear of heights, crowded spaces, flying, commitment, etc are not counted. Sarzano then combines those fears into a horrific shape and creates up to twenty of them per release. These Terrors, as they are hereby referred to, are completely loyal to Sarzano and only listen to him or someone he gives command to. They act independently of one another and are almost like separate entities altogether. Terrors have a maximum stat of Sarzano's -30, and a base stat of 10 in each category. Certain features give some small boons compared to others. For example, if the Terrors had the legs of a spider, they would gain a speed and agility increase over the base. Terrors do not have special attacks such as Cero and the like.

    Segunda Etapa

    Segunda Etapa Name: Gaueko Amesgaizto (Gaueko's Nightmare)
    Segunda Etapa Release: The night for the one of the night, the day for the one of the day, the dream for the one of terror.
    Segunda Etapa Appearance: Upon release, Sarzano's armor dissipates and the mist becomes a liquid that puddles on the ground. The liquid and puddle are ultrablack, meaning they are almost painful to look at. Then, Sarzano's new form pulls itself out of the puddle like a demon breaking out of hell. Sarzano's new body looks like it is made of a horrible combination of muscle, bone, and chitin. It bulges unnaturally with spur-like growths sprouting from his joints. He stands at an imposing eight-and-a-half feet tall now as well, furthering his stature as a creature of nightmare.
    Sarzano Deldora [APPROVED, 0-4] Segunda
    Segunda Etapa Powers: Sarzano gains a +40 to strength while in Gaueko Amesgaizto. This is only relegated to his arms, as he now has four more. Alarabi's eye is permanently open during Gaueko Amesgaizto. In fact, it becomes his primary eye. Although they do not take real shape and are translucent, fragments of both dreams and nightmares begin to appear around Sarzano within a 100-yard radius. Truly, the closest thing to physical that appears are the sounds that one might hear.

    Terror Index: Sarzano is stronger the more people fear within 250 yards of him. There are many different things that will add to his index. For every 100 in his Fear Index, Sarzano gains a +5 to all natural stats. There are ways to lessen the fear index. If there is only one person within 250 yards of him, these numbers are doubled.
    Heightened breathing+heartbeat+5
    Loss of bladder/bowel control+25
    Successful Haustura+100
    Damaging him-5
    Charging towards-10
    Genuine laughter-50
    Cutting off a limb-100
    Requiema Argitan: (Light of the Requiem) This is a large energy attack fired from Sarzano's wide-open maw. The attack is a channelled beam fired usually at long range. It has a range of 1000 yards. The beam looks like a mass of screaming faces and skulls surrounded by blackness. It requires a Terror Index of 500 to fire. It will deplete 500 from the Terror Index when it fires. The beam acts like a Quincy's arrow. It just destroys. Requiema Argitan has a delay of five seconds before it fires. If someone strikes the glowing orb at the back of Sarzano's throat during this, he is locked out of Requiema Argitan for seven days as the orb regenerates. He can fire it once per release.

    Haustura: (The Breaking) If Sarzano can stare at one person in the eyes for one full minute without interruption (interruption includes blinking and things of that nature), that person's mind will break. They will not become a mindless servant usually, but that is one coping mechanism. Simply put, the gaze Sarzano now puts out is one of cosmic horrors, something that the human mind is not capable of truly understanding. Note this is a plot power.

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    Natural Skill

    Racial Skill
    Unarmed Combat103040
    Weapon Skill8030110

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 15 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Powers are not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: Creepy Mother Fucker.......... +40 Strength,  +20 Cero, +20 Regeneration
    Tier: 0-4
    Natural Skill Points: 270
    Racial Skill Points: 270

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