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    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] Empty Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:49 am

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Lilith Antonovich
    Nicknames: Lil', Lilly
    Appearance Age: 24
    True Age: 540
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 138

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] AP%201_zpsjukvgwkp

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] AP%202_zpsid22412t
    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] AP%203_zpszhighduk

    Character Information

    Personality: Lilith is a woman of many faces, and some of those faces may shock the living shit out of some people. Lilith can be a friend. She can be that person that you talk to when you need advice or just need to share a secret. Lilith can be that person that takes you out on the town when you need a break from your every day life. She'll have some fun spending a little bit of money, having a few drinks, or even heading down to the beach. She loves getting in the water and wearing a bikini, so she's someone that people can have some fun with as well. She can be that person whose shoulder you cry into because something in your life just went wrong. She's a good listener, good adviser, and an even better person to have a little party with. Lilith is just all around a good person to have around.

    Lilith can have the face of wife; she'll be supportive, loving, and loyal to the man she decides is hers. Yes, Lilith decides he is hers. There is no "I'm your woman". It's an "You are mine, so I suggest you get ready to commit". There are no second chances with Lilith either. If you are stupid enough to betray her, then you are shit out of luck, if not absolutely destroyed. Lilith has no problem playing the sweet wife that waits for you to come home, but there are things that her lover will have to accept. The moment she puts on her Shihakusho and grabs her Zanpakutō, Lilith was called out. There's nothing you can do to stop her from going, so don't try to. Trying to stop her from going out to have a good fight is stupid, unless you really are trying to piss her off and are ready for those consequences.

    Then there is the face of a killer. Lilith has a side of her that isn't shown often. This side of Lilith is a brutal, unforgiving ball of destruction. This happens while she is in a battle that seems more like a challenge than when she's up against normal hollow. Lilith loves a challenge. She loves the feeling of being up against someone that will make her work for the victory. Minor hollow and some even above that don't make her feel a rush. It feels more like a chore to even deal with those kinds of battles. It's a waste of her time and very boring for her to take part in. Sure, she understands the need for taking out minor hollow and will follow the obligation in doing so, but she just can't get the rush she likes from it. Lilith gets very excited when being challenged. It's not every day she can use full power.

    Character Background: There are only so many memories that Lilith likes keeping. Living for as long as she has, certain things just don't matter anymore. Was she born in the Soul Society or did she come here after dying in the world of the living? That's a question she can answer, but does she remember the details of it? No. Lilith did die in the world of the living. She got sick and at the time medicine was not exactly fantastic. She was poor and not exactly a high priority for the doctors of that time. When she died, she eventually was brought to the Soul Society in the same manner that all other souls are brought. From a very early time, Lilith had a large amount of Reiryoku. When people would show off the small bits that they could produce, Lilith joined in and learned about the subject of Shinigami. Among those she was with, Lilith seemed to be the more powerful and skilled with Reiryoku control.

    Needless to say, a few years down the line, after fights, hollow attacks, and other unfortunate events, Lilith found herself alone. She was able to defend herself from other people and learned to fight rather well. When a young Shinigami saw her potential, he was able to convince her to go to Shino Academy. He used the argument of getting stronger to fight harder, which seemed to catch her attention over all of the 'honorable' aspects of being a Shinigami. After enrolling, Lilith took the full time in the Academy to learn what she needed to learn. She wasn't some prodigy, but the woman was a natural. If she wanted to, she could have finished at the Academy quickly, but Lilith had a lazy streak. There were things that she didn't feel like doing, so she didn't. It was easier for her just to say "I'll do it later" or "Maybe next time", over completing her work, training, or doing as her instructor asked.

    Depending on who you ask, this woman should have been the Captain of the Eleventh Division. With their reputation on loving battle, immense strength, and pretty much being the 'strongest squad in the Gotei', this is a place that many believe Lilith would have gotten along great, but things didn't exactly go out that way. Lilith's Zanpakutō is an elemental type, so she ended up being the Captain of Squad Ten for the full two hundred years. After the woman reached her final year, she had to think really hard on who exactly was going to take her place. The choice fell on a young man named Genpaku Arishima. At the time, he was someone with great promise and Lilith trusted him. The only thing that Lilith asked was to be let in on the more difficult missions. Lilith didn't want to retire, she was required to do so. After two hundred years as Captain, there was nothing more she could do, except help.

    Everything here was the basic overview of Lilith Antonovich's life, but there is something else there that not many know about. Lilith was once engaged. She was deeply in love with a man named Sanzo Akamine and she thought he loved her as well. When a mission in Hueco Mundo went horribly wrong, Lilith awoke in the Fourth Division. She was told her injuries were horrible enough that they almost weren't able to save her. She was also told that because of a deep stab wound they couldn't fully heal, she was no longer able to have children. When her fiance found out about this, he abandoned her at one of the worst times in her life. Lilith had only wanted to be a Mother and now it wasn't possible. This is when Lilith's love for battle came forward. She used her anger and took it out on the hollows that took her future away from her. The "Mother of the Gotei" can't ever be a Mom.

    Racial  Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities:

    Hakuda: Lilith is a master at hand-to-hand combat and any aspects of the actual Shinigami tool called "Hakuda". This is where Lilith's full strength lies. Her ability to fight in close quarters is extremely high.

    Zanjutsu Lilith being a master of close quarters, is also a master swordswoman and the Shinigami skill of "Zanjutsu". Although not as clean as her Hakuda, her skill with Zanjutsu is just as good.

    Hohō: Shunpo isn't Lilith's thing.  Hohō as a whole really isn't her thing. She can preform the tasks, but she doesn't concentrate very much on it. Why? Because she's naturally just fast.

    Kidō: Lilith prefers not to throw spells into the mix, but if she needs to, her skill with Kidō is enough to allow her to defend herself. She's not perfect, but nothing blows up in her face.

    Cold Resistance: Obviously her own ice doesn't effect her whatsoever, but Lilith also has a high resistance to cold period. This woman can stand out in a blizzard and not be effected by it. In counter to this, she hates the heat. Normal heat doesn't harm her, but higher pressures make her very uncomfortable.

    Cold Absorbtion: To keep herself cool in odd situations, Lilith has the ability to absorb cold from anything around her. Doing so causes the item she's pulling from to heat up temporarily, but it is able to cool her body off. She can do this to other people, but the subject has to be willing.


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] Zan%20Spirit_zpszzdtxcft

    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: See Bankai Picture
    Zanpakutō: See Appearance Pictures
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Kori ni (Ice Over)


    Shikai Name: Urayukihime
    Shikai Appearance:

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] Zan%20Shikai_zpsmsfhw7bb

    Shikai Abilities:

    Icy Burst: This is a move that happens upon the activation of her shikai. The water in the air gathers around her rapidly and suddenly bursts outwards in all directions, reaching up to three hundred feet from Lilith's location. This burst is made up of wind and ice particles that create freezing temperatures all around. Those within range will have their body slowed by 50% for one round of posting after the activation. The initial burst may only reach three hundred feet, but the longer her shikai is activated, the larger the area becomes. It increases by twenty feet every post after activation.

    Starting Distance: 300 ft
    Increase/post: 20 ft
    Maximum distance: 2000 ft.

    Ice Manipulation: Lilith has the ability to mentally control any of the ice she creates. She cannot control someone else's ice or normal frozen water; It's only the stuff she has created through her Zanpakutō. This allows her to save a bit of energy if she feels the battle might last a bit longer than originally assumed.

    Iced Blade: Anything that Lilith cuts with her Zanpakutō will cover over in ice. Although this prevents bleeding, the ice slowly moves into the veins of the person it's on by going through the open wound and starts slowing them down. The person takes a -3 penalty to speed every round of posting after the initial cut. If cut again, this penalty is increased by 2 for each cut.

    Ice Spikes:This attack can come in a couple of ways. The fact is, it's extremely cliche with ice users, but you'd also be an idiot to not have an attack like this. It is the creation of icicles of different sizes and then having them thrown towards a target to have them impaled. Or it is the sudden creation of icicles, usually coming from the walls, ceiling, or floor, to shoot outwards towards a target. With this, she can create up to 20 to attack at once, but can only use this once per post.

    Icy Barrage: This ability shoots thousands of icicles in a continuous stream for up to two rounds of posting toward a target. The same way a hose shoots water, this ice shoots from the tip of Lilith's blade and can be aimed and re-aimed as necessary. These icicles are small (5 inches) and thin (like a pencil), but shoot out as quickly as water comes from a high pressure hose.

    Iced Wall: The cliche creation of a wall of ice, but there are countless ways this ability is useful. This wall is always twelve inches thick, but can be made thicker. It is always at least ten feet tall, but can be made taller. And it is always at least five feet wide, but can be made wider. This basic wall, with these firstly stated measurements can be summoned within the blink of an eye. When the wall is increased in size, one inch increases all factors of measurement: height, width, thickness. For every inch added, there is a .2 second delay for the summoning of this wall.

    Mirrored Ice Prison: This ability is the 'final form' of Lilith's shikai. This ability creates a structure around herself and up to three opponents, completely impenetrable from the outside. The ice is very dense and strong, creating a mirrored maze around them. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all iced over. At first, the entire group will be separated. No one person will be left with the other. They have to find each other again and hope Lilith doesn't get to them first. Because it is her ice prison, Lilith can tell everyone's location within the maze as well. While in this, Lilith can travel through the ice. While she is in the ice, her reflection is on every separate mirror, though it seems she is just staring at those within the maze. Lilith cannot attack while inside the ice. She must step out to do so.


    Bankai Name: Gyokuza
    Bankai Appearance:

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED, 0-5] Bankai_zpsvehth0fe

    Bankai Abilities: It is smarter for Lilith to use this soon after the activating shikai. You know that "Icy Burst" in Lilith's shikai? And the measurements that go with it? The measurement that has upon the activation of her bankai dictates exactly how large this room is going to be and how many people she's going to take with her. The wider it is, the bigger the room. The wider it is, the more people likely to be brought into the pocket dimension that is created in bankai. The area is suddenly enveloped by thick and dense ice that is completely impenetrable from the outside. On the outside of her bankai, it looks like a massive box of ice, but it only looks half the size it is on the inside. On the inside, it's a throne room made completely of ice and obviously Lilith is the "Queen". While inside of this throne room, there are two effects that can happen. All shikai abilities can be used in bankai.

    The first is the rarest of the effects. If Lilith is not wanting to fight and activated her bankai with different intentions, she gets a +100 to her durability. This means she is completely avoiding all battle. The moment she goes on the offensive and isn't just defending herself, this effect drops completely.

    The second effect is the common one. She has pretty much told the people she's locked within here that she is going to destroy them. That doesn't mean she's going to kill them, but she is going to destroy them in some way if killing isn't part of the equation. With this effect, Lilith gains a +60 to all Natural Stats. If Lilith suddenly changes her mind and doesn't want to kill them, this effect can instantly change to the First effect, but it's on her true intentions. There is no faking her soul out.

    Now, as one might have guessed, Lilith isn't just bringing people into a pocket dimension. She is bringing them into her own inner world. When they enter this world, there will always be someone there, her Zanpakutō Spirit Yukihime. This woman will sit on the throne at all times, unless one of two things happen. One, if they are foolish enough to attack her, they've brought her into this battle and she will get up and aid Lilith. She has all powers that Lilith has and her link with Lilith will give them both a huge advantage. They will know what the other is thinking. The second thing that can happen is if Lilith is beaten up enough that she actually asks for help. Yukihime will not fight along side Lilith for any other reasons, but hints and advice can be given if Lilith is having a hard time.

    If Lilith dies within her bankai, the pocket dimension releases everyone within and ends up leaving Lilith's body somewhere near where they appear back on the original battlefield.

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    Natural Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

    Racial Skill SheetSkill Sheet PointsOther/Ability ModifiersTotal

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 15 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Powers are not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Considering her a special case because Red Division.
    Tier: 0-5
    Natural Skill Points: 260
    Racial Skill Points: 260

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